tagErotic CouplingsDavy's On The Road Again Ch. 03

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 03


Wherein our hero, Davy, continues his vagabond RV adventure on the road through America and ventures into scenes and scenery one only dreams about.

This chapter is more expository than then first two. There's is some sex but it occurs toward the end. Hey, I'm just relating what happened on my trip!

A correction: In Part 2, I should not have written "In Ohio, well south of Cincinnati." I should have said, "In Kentucky,..." I stand corrected. Sorry Cincinnatians, Ohioans and Kentuckyites.

----------------------------- ----------------------

"Into The Great Wide Open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open
A rebel without a clue"

Yup, that was me, alright. Here I was, on the road, and singing at the top of my lungs. I think you could say that I felt free.

While always a middling Tom Petty fan, I love his live stuff. It's great driving music. As I headed west from Jefferson City, the music added an extra couple of miles to the gallon. I'd stopped a couple of times to let Santo do his business but now, after a steady rocking two hours, I was getting hungry. I saw a sign along the road touting "the best bbq this side of Kansas City" - 10 miles ahead" and I knew I had to have some.

In no time, I pulled in to scarfe down some ribs and yes, they were mighty fine. The brisket was also super and I shared that with Santo, who was mighty happy about that. Now when it comes to barbeque, I prefer Memphis. I'd say that the Rendezvous is about the best there is but there was no denying the fact that this chow was mighty tasty.

Just up the road from the barbeque joint was an Indian casino and on this day, in fact throughout this trip, I was feeling lucky so I pulled in to see just how lucky I was. Walking up to the first old-fashioned slot machine I saw, I fed it a twenty dollar bill and pulled the arm. Nothing. I maxxed out the three lines and pulled again. Again nothing. I did the same thing again but this time, three "super bars" came up and bells and lights began to flash. The machine credited me with $3600.00. I quickly closed the machine out, walked to the cashier, took my cash and walked out the door. In my head, a voice said, "Feelin' lucky, punk?" and I smiled wide.

Santo and I drove away giddy and slaphappy. I was shaking at the wheel. I saw a sign for a state park campgrounds located near the town of Goodlands and headed that way. Sure, I could have added more miles to my day but I felt weary (probably from the past few days) and I was tired of the flatlands and the prairie. It would be good to pull over and sleep.

I gassed up in Goodlands and pulled into the campgrounds. After walking Santo again, I set up the RV and plugged in my laptop to check my email and surf the web for a while. I had a bunch of emails from friends. I'd told some of them of my travel plans and now had a fistful of invitations to visit. Colorado was on my itinerary, I figured I'd visit Fort Collins and Aspen where some family and some old friends lived. Then I figured I might travel down to Grand Canyon which I'd never seen.

Another email was from Shelley and Linda. It was a sweet note telling me how much they enjoyed riding with me, how much fun they had, and how I had to see them on my return trip. Hmmm, not a bad idea, at all.

I pulled out my stash and lit a bowl savoring the smoke that stunk up my traveling metal shoe box of a trailer. I felt my first rush within a couple of minutes. And, since I was on a lucky roll with a fat wad of benjamins in my pocket, I decided to check my finances and investments.

I think a little background is in order here. I'd always made a good buck and lived pretty well but all that changed after my divorce. My wife of 28 years literally took my for my last dime. During the Discovery part of the divorce, I learned that she'd been having an affair with my estate lawyer. They'd forged my name on a Power of Attorney and all my assets had disappeared. Then, for reasons I never could comprehend, the judge issued a summary judgement granting the divorce and leaving me nearly impoverished. She walked away with several million dollars and I was left with barely my pride. There was little I could do about it because I didn't even have enough money to pay my lawyer to appeal, which in divorce proceedings is usually a lose/lose anyway. The next seven years were dreadful for me and I barely made enough to survive. My business fell apart after 9/11 and I floundered. From living by the ocean to living in a small rented house in a seedy part of town, I became very depressed. So when I won the lottery, I felt a sense of redemption. I took some of the money and bought stock in Apple and Ford. I also invested in precious metals. I was never going to allow myself to crash and burn again.

Much to my joy, Apple and Ford were zooming. I sent an email to my broker authorizing him to buy some stock in Google and Facebook. Then I looked at my metals investment and it was literally exploding. The gold market had earned me a five figure profit. I moved a good bit of it into my bank account. I took a long hit from my pipe...I earned it. Today was indeed a lucky day. I lay down on my bed and began to dream of the house by the water that I would buy when I returned and then I fell asleep for a few hours.

I woke up hungry. Santo was hungry, too. I fixed us some dinner and smoked some more pot. I began to read the brochure that Tammy gave me and was very surprised to see that there were so many nudist resorts, especially along the road I was on. While I had never really considered myself a nudist, I began to realize how often I enjoy being naked out of doors whether it be on a beach or in the backyard. I've always loved to skinny dip and there were several places in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico I knew I'd have to dip into. The thought of dipping into a hot springs took on a widescreen image in my brain. There were also two adult sex resorts, one near Aspen and one near Palm Springs that looked inviting. Both were expensive but I suddenly had plenty of money and lots of time so, what the hell, right?

Santo needed a walk so I grabbed the leash and we took off. I was very dark out with no moon but lots of stars. I made sure I had a flashlight, a poop bag and allowed Santo to lead the way after I locked the camper. The campgrounds appeared to be empty as we strolled. At one point, the trail opened onto a meadow and the silence within the bowl of stars was humbling. I think that Santo felt the same as he sat down and gazed, too.

I heard some voices drifting in the air from behind us and while it broke the mood, my curiosity took over as I had seen no other campers around. Santo heard them, too, and the two of us began to head back but toward the voices. As we approached the area where our trailer was parked, I saw some people struggling to set up a tent. We must have frightened them as we approached.

"Don't come any closer! I have a gun."

We froze. "It's ok, don't be frightened. I'm from the trailer off to your right."

"We didn't see anyone in that camper. It was all locked up."

"Yes. I've been walking my dog. Do you need any help? Can we approach?"

"Ok, you can come...come into the light."

I waved my flashlight as we approached their campsite. There were two women in a Ford 150 huddled together as the watched me. Two burly young guys (I estimated them in their mid-twenties) were standing around a crumpled up tent. It was obvious from the state of things that they were having problems putting it up and they seemed frustrated.

"No weapons," I said as I showed my hands. One of the boys held a rifle.

"Put the rifle away," I said, "I'm no threat. I'm here to help you if you need any."

The boy put the gun into the rack on the back window of the truck and the girls came out to see me.

"Now what seems to be the problem? The tent?"

"Were having trouble setting it up. We've never done this before," said the blond-haired, muscular guy.

"And we have to go the bathroom. Is there another bathroom around here? That one stinks!" one of the girls whined.

"Yeah, it really stinks. It's disgusting!" the other whined in.

The guys witheringly looked at me. I could see that nobody was happy here.

"Ok. Here's what we are going to do. All of you come with me to my trailer. Ladies, you can use my bathroom. Gentleman, we're going to look up directions for this tent. Take the cover with the model number and follow me. And you...you grab some beer."

The trailer was about 20 yards away and as they trudged behind me, they griped and complained.

"I knew I shouldn't have taken this tent from my brother. It sucks." "Why did we agree to this?" and blah blah blah.

I stopped and turned to them. "Ok, enough of the bitching and moaning. Turn your heads around and start thinking of having a good time. Once you all crawl into your sleeping bags, you'll all get happy so just relax and chill out."

I unlocked the trailer and pointed out the bathroom. I pointed to the table and we sat down around my computer. I was hooked into cable so the connection was superfast. The tent was a Cabela Quad Pole and the web site showed how easy it was to erect. We read the directions while the girls popped open some beers and joined us at the table.

"This RV is totally awesome. This is how we should be camping, boys. Oh, by the way, I'm Sharon."

"I'm Susie. I'm with Daniel here," she said tugging the blond.

"And I'm with Ricky."

"And I'm Davy and thanks for the beer," I said taking a deep slurp on the can. I reached over into my stash drawer and pulled out one of my bags of pot and my pipe, "Anyone care to join me?"

"Here, do this one." Ricky pulled out a fat doobie from his back pocket. He lit it and passed it to me. I toked it and commented on what good herb it was.

"Hydroponic Vancouver," he said in a sort of bragging way.

The pot hit me quickly and within a few minutes, we were all laughing and getting goofy. I suggested that the guys hit the john and then we should set up the tent before we were too crippled.

As we walked back to their campsite, we were nearly tripping. Putting the tent up was a scream but somehow we got it done. The guys placed the sleeping bags and their gear in the tent while the girls fixed a snack. Lighting the Coleman lamp and heading into the tent was a triumphal parade. Santo and I were invited in for another joint and as we sat around shooting the breeze and getting stupid, Santo was sniffing around.

"So what made you all want to camp out tonight?"

Susie scowled, "They think we're going to have an orgy tonight. Fat fucking chance at that. They can orgy with each other."

"I'd pay to see that," laughed Sharon.

"Yeah, me too." I added as I pulled out some cash from my pocket.

"Put your money away," Daniel said grinning, "I'd blow myself before I'd do that."

"I'd pay to see that," laughed Sharon.

"Yeah, me too." I added as we all collapsed in laughter. Santo was still sniffing around the tent until he discovered Susie's crotch and then began to sniff that. She tried to shoo him away but apparently he liked her scent.

"Looks like Santo wants to play, too," said Ricky, "he has good taste as well as a great sense of smell!"

"...and a long tongue." I added.

Sharon mock slapped me, "Oh, you guys are disgusting!" as more laughter ensued.

Susie cuddled up to Daniel and I felt my presence was no longer required. "Santo, want to go for a walk? There's a beautiful meadow just down the trail and I want to check out the stars. Have a good night and remember to wrap those rascals." I said, pointing to their dicks.

"How 'bout we join you and then we'll turn in. You guys wanna check it out some nature?" asked Ricky.

"Ok, but one more toke." Susie lit the joint and passed it around.

I took Santo's leash and, with my flashlight, led the way as five bumbling stoners headed toward the meadow. We got to it in a few minutes and I turned off the flashlight. Just then, a shower of meteors crossed the sky and everyone oohed and aahed. It was a magnificent site. Moments later, another shower crossed the sky and was just as magnificent. All of us stood in silent wonder but Santo had completed his business and was pulling me so I lit the flashlight to head back.

"Wait. I gotta pee." said Ricky.

"Yeah, me too. Wanna cross swords? Davy, you in on this?" asked Dan.

I handed Susie the flashlight and the three of us proceeded to relieve ourselves. Suddenly, Susie lit us up and the girls started to laugh at the sight of three dicks pissing into the grass. Santo lifted his leg and joined the party.

"Wow! Three big cocks and Ricky, you're uncut! Look at that!" Susie leaned closer for a better look, "omigod, I've never that. Look at that!"

I zipped myself up and took the flashlight, "Enough fun, you crazy kids. Go back to your tent and fuck yourselves silly. Santo and I are heading back."

Sharon looked at Susie and giggled, "Maybe we will swap tonight, Suze. You can taste his foreskin and I'll sit on Dan's monster!"

The boys were beaming as bright as my flashlight as we walked back. There was a lot of bantering going on, too. When we got to their tent, I wished them luck and started back.

"Can I use your john again, Davy? I gotta go?", Susie said as she ran alongside.

"Sure, empty yourself out. You're going to need to be empty tonight."

"Can I take a fast shower, too?"

"Sure, why not. I leave the door unlocked if you guys need to go during the night. Just don't wake me up or trip over Santo."

We entered the trailer and I headed toward my bedroom. I started to get undressed and turned on the TV. Flipping through the cable channels, I came across some softcore porn and watched it for a few minutes. It bored me so I turned it off and got my pipe and my crossword puzzle. As I passed the shower, I heard Susie call out to me.

"Davy, how do you do this?"

She opened the door clad in just her red bra and red panties. I marveled at her young flesh and asked her to step out while I flipped the waterline and pulled out the trap. I turned to walk out and took a long gander at her tits.

"Stop looking at me like that, you horny bastard."

"Actually, I'm not horny at all. I've had more sex in the last few days than I can remember. I'm just taking in the view.You have a great body. Now go shower so you smell like roses for the boys, and for Sharon."

"You're such a wise ass...you're dick is giving you away."

I handed her a towel as I looked down at the bulge in my underwear. I smiled at her and went back to my bedroom.

I smoked the pipe which still held some hydro and immediately felt a good buzz. I listened as the shower ran and imagined her washing her pussy. Soon she was done and she walked out of the shower in her t-shirt and shorts.

"Thanks, Davy."

"My pleasure. Enjoy yourself and remember, the door is unlocked."

Susie left and I dimmed all the lights. I stumbled into the john to brush my teeth and found her red panties under the towel. I put the towel on the bar and put her panties to my nose. Oh, it smelled ripe It was damp and fairly reeked of twat juice. I took it into the bedroom with me and laid down. I turned off the light and placed the panties over my face. I lay there inhaling until I was dizzy. I closed my eyes and kept inhaling until I fell asleep.

Sometime around five a.m., I was awakened by the sound of someone entering the trailer. I listened as the boys peed and joked with other with a considerable amount of bravado. Soon, they left and a few minutes later, I heard one of the girls come in and relieve herself. She then took a quick shower and left a few minutes later. I got up to take a leak and when I walked out of the bathroom, I walked into Susie.

"So, Susie, did you have fun?"

"Not really, Davy."

"Why not? What happened?"

"Well, boys will be boys and they both came in about ten seconds flat. Danny took care of Sharon but they left me high and dry. They didn't even seem to care. Ricky fell right to sleep and Daniel couldn't get it up again."

"Oh I'm sorry."

"I really didn't get into Ricky's foreskin either. It felt weird in my mouth and I didn't like the taste, either."

"Didn't he at least go down on you?"

"To be honest, neither of them are very good at that."

"Hmmm, too bad. I'm sorry. Next time you should have an experienced and mature man."

"You mean, like you, right?"

I smiled or maybe it was a leer.

"I thought so. Well, you'll have to excuse me."

She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I got back into bed and noticed her red panties on my pillow.

The bathroom door opened, "Hey Davy, you see my red panties?" She walked into my room and I was holding them in my hand.

"You didn't cum in them, did you?"

"No, I just inhaled them and they smelled wonderful. You have a sweet scent. I'll bet your pussy tastes just as sweet. Thank you for leaving them for me."

"I did, you know. I felt naughty," she had a very sexy look in her eyes. "May I have them back. please."

"Sure, but first, have a toke." I took the pipe and lit it. She took a deep drag and held it in. I held up the panties and took another whiff. "May I?"

"May you what?"

"May I put them back on for you?" My hand was fondling her butt

"Sure. I mean, why not? I'm so horny, I'd love to get off. Do me, Davy. But please, be quick about it."

She looked at me as I slowly slipped off her shorts and let them drop to the floor. I heard no complaint. I lifted her onto the bed, spread her legs and looked at her sweet little cunt, crowned by short, silky black hair. I leaned in and took a long slurp, burrowing my tongue into her. I was right, her pussy was very sweet. I flattened my tongue and slid it up to her love button. She exhaled and lay back.

I buried my face in her muff and concentrated on giving her the best orgasm she ever had. I rolled her clit in slow circles and slipped a finger into her. I snaked it along the upper part of her canal until I felt a rough area, her g-spot. I rubbed it with the tip of my finger and I increased the speed and pressure on her clit. I licked and sucked on her inner lips. She started to wiggle and writhe. My tongue increased speed as I ran circles around her clit. I flicked at it and nipped it between my teeth.

"Yes, Yessss...there, yesssss." She slowly rocked back and forth. My other hand reached up under her shirt and squeezed a tit. Her nipple popped into my palm.

I could tell that she was getting close as she rocked up and down against my face. My nose smelled that same scent I sniffed earlier and it was heavenly. I rubbed her g-spot and pushed up on it. I place another finger at her pucker and ran the fingertip around it. She began to buck and push her cunt into me. "Oh yessss...oh yesss." My finger was awash in her lubricating twat and she came hard with a deep sigh. I licked a her clit gently until she pushed me away. I slowly slid her panties on and I let her lay there until she recovered.

"Now, that's how you eat pussy," I said, "you should teach Danny."

"That was wonderful, Davy. I really needed that."

"Good. Now go back and go to sleep."

She kissed me and licked her juice from around my lips. As she got off the bed, she took a feel of my cock and squeezed it. I watched as she took her flashlight and walked out of the trailer. Her ass moved with a little lilt and again found myself smiling (and/or leering, I'm not too sure).

My moustache held her dew and I slowly breathed it in. I lay down on my bed and began to jerk off. With the scent of her pussy and the vision of just having eaten it, I came quickly, shooting into some tissues. I closed my eyes and satisfied, drifted back to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke having overslept. It was nearly 10 a.m. and I had to be on my way. I dragged my sorry ass out of bed, put up coffee and took a quick shower. I dressed and took Santo for a walk. It was sunny and warm and the day looked promising. I noticed that all was quiet in the tent as we made our way to the meadow. Off in the distance, a deer herd fed on the grass. It was peaceful and quiet and idyllic. My mind was singing "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" from "Oklahoma." I mean, where else would I sing this?

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