tagNonHumanDaybreak Ch. 08

Daybreak Ch. 08


"I really need a break." Charisma rested her hands on her knees as she panted for breath. Shortly after the discussion she had with Jameson in the solarium, Alexis told her that she had ten minutes to prepare for training. One thing she learned very quickly was that when Alexis said something, it got done.

Liam and Jameson decided to help since Alexis banned the twins because of their tendency to run off and do their own thing. As usual, Euan was gone. Slade went to 'lay down some serious pipe', and Charisma was sure that Nadia and Andrae were in their room doing the exact same thing. Charisma would have preferred it if Liam had found something else to do but decided that he should be present in the event that she accidentally hurt someone while she trained. He complained to high heaven before agreeing to help, and even went so far as to call her 'the reject of the paranormal world' because of her lack of control.

Damaged past or no, she was seriously beginning to dislike the man.

"We need to get your body stressed enough to freak you out into using your powers," Alexis said. He understood how she felt; Nadia said the same thing during her first session - right before she had a vision of a small ambush that was focused on Euan. After a few more training sessions, she learned to control her abilities enough to keep from having a vision every time she touched someone. Though she had random slips, she had control. "You're almost there."

"Where? Dead? Because that's where I feel like I'm headed." Charisma glared up at Alexis, the evil leader of this torturous operation. His second in command was Liam; the monstrous redhead pushed her hard; if she was set to run on the treadmill for five minutes, he'd increase the speed to dangerous levels. When Jameson sought to teach her the fundamentals of self defense, Liam launched into an aggressive attack to test her skills.

Yes, she was really learning to dislike him, down to the ground he walked on.

"Let's give her a break." Jameson placed his hand on her back and felt a small wave of guilt at the extremely tense conditions of her muscles. She'd be more than sore in the morning. In the back of his head, he worried about her absently taking his powers and quickly tested his skills to make sure that he still had them.

"You think Zaide'll give her a break?"

Jameson glared at Liam as he said, "We're not going to make it possible for him to get to her."

"Of course not," Alexis interrupted, "but she needs to know what to do in every scenario."

Charisma immediately felt bad for causing an argument. "It's fine," she said as she straightened, "I'm better now."

"Why are you lying?" Jameson asked.

The was no way she was going to say that she didn't want to get between him and his brothers in front of Liam. Luckily, she didn't have to; words couldn't form when Euan sauntered into the room in his cougar form before he shifted to human. Naturally, he was nude, and didn't care in the least.

Jameson felt his hands ball into fists at the approving look Charisma gave his undressed brother. "Cover it up, animal boy."

Euan only quirked an eyebrow before he moved to stand behind the weight rack. "We were wrong about Zaide."

"What do you mean?" Alexis asked.

"I came across two Forkai hunting a friend of mine and they spoke of Zaide not being able to absorb her powers if they didn't bring her to him."

"Are you saying he'd be able to accept the powers Charisma gave him?" Liam asked.

"That's impossible," Jameson said, "Mordecai don't have those capabilities."

"Zaide apparently does." Euan shrugged as he stared at Charisma. Her fear was slowly mounting, which meant that he had five minutes to leave before he took on the characteristics of a frightened animal. "Something about the full moon, which is soon, by the way, will help him."

"Of course," Alexis said," The full moon is a proverbial grab bag of power. All he needs are the right incantations and he'd be able to do anything, especially since it's clear that he is unlike any other Mordecai out there." He cursed himself for his absentmindedness. "Why didn't I remember that before?"

Jameson spared a glance at Charisma and frowned at her pale face. "I won't let them take you."

She was only able to nod; speaking was pretty much impossible. Now that she knew the exact role she was supposed to play in Zaide's plan, she had to do everything she could to make sure that he wasn't captured. Even if it meant... No, she wouldn't consider that option. Not yet.

Charisma cried out in fear and surprise when the manor shook violently enough to knock everyone in the room off their feet. A scant second later, a blood-curdling scream pierced her ears. She only had time to take a breath before she was hauled to her feet.

"Are you all right?"

She looked up into Jameson's concerned eyes and nodded slowly. "What..."

"Stay behind me." Jameson followed his brothers out of the room, his senses alert. He didn't know what just happened, but he knew that Charisma wasn't leaving his side.

The sight of Draco and Roman running to the solarium prompted everyone to follow. There, they found Andraemalek crouched in front of Nadia, who sat as still as a statue. Her eyes were glowing brightly and her face was pinched in concentration.

"She wanted to get some water, but she kept walking." Andraemalek cupped Nadia's face in his hand, both worried and expectant. "Something hit me hard when I followed her. Then she screamed when I touched her."

That certainly explained what happened in the training room, Jameson mused. "Is she all right?"

"I don't-"

"Two will be taken. Only on will return."

Jameson moved to crouch in front of Nadia as well and found himself entranced by the searing look in her glowing eyes. It was almost as if she was able to see straight into his soul.

"You're crowding her," Liam warned.

Jameson ignored his brother and instead asked Nadia, "Who will be taken? Can you tell us when?"

"All that is asked of you is that you remember two things. First, forgiveness and understanding are the key." Bright eyes shifted to Andraemalek. "Second, always remember that your bond as brothers is stronger than any other bond you have now."

"Looks like shit is going past the fan and headed straight for the roof," Draco said on a breath. He watched as Nadia returned to normal. "Do you remember what just happened?"

"Some of it," Nadia replied as she took deep shuddering breaths. Suddenly she was exhausted.

"Suit up. We're going hunting," Jameson announced. He stood up and waited for his brothers' approval before he pulled Charisma from the room.

"Come on, baby. I'll take you to bed."

Nadia pushed Andraemalek's hands away as she said, "Actually, I need to talk to Alexis for a minute." She watched the two men share a look before they both nodded in approval. "Alone," she added when no one made a move to leave.

Alexis waited until the room was clear before he took Andraemalek's place in front of her. "What is it?"

"I lied when I said that I only remembered some of it. I always remember everything."

He waited for her to continue. When she remained silent, he asked, "Why didn't you say that?"

"I'm not allowed to say everything clearly." Nadia sighed at his confused look. "The Council said that I can only give warnings and veiled words of advice. Because what I see can't be changed, I can't tell people exactly what I see."


"I told him to take Liam hunting because I knew she would get hurt. Had I told them why I sent them, they probably would have left it to the Nariko."

"I understand."

"Good. I need you to do something for me." When Alexis began to speak, she shook her head as a signal for him to remain silent. "I can't tell you why or give you any indication as to how or when, but this will save your brothers."

For that very reason, he would have agreed to walk to the fires of hell. There was also the fact that he'd grown to view Nadia as a sister, and naturally felt that it was his duty to help her any way he could. "I'm listening." Alexis remained silent as Nadia explained the situation to him. He was shocked, he was appalled, and he was incredibly humbled. What she asked of him was unlike any favor he'd ever heard of. And that she asked it of him... "Are you sure about this?"

Nadia nodded slowly, relieved that he agreed. "No one can know about this. Ever."

It was his turn to nod in agreement. "When?"

"Tonight, after you get back."

"What about-"

"Don't worry about Andrae. I'll handle him." Nadia watched as Alexis nodded before he stood and abruptly walked out of the room. She sighed tiredly, hoping that she was right to do what she planned. Andrae; she as doing this to save his life, and the lives of his brothers. As long as she continued to tell herself that, she'd have the courage to follow through.

She hoped no one hated her after this.

* * * * *

Zaide steepled his fingers together and rested his chin on his fingertips as he tried to remain clam. "What do you mean dead? I sent them out during daylight hours to avoid suspicion." He looked down at Evangeline, the petite blonde he was quickly learning to hate. She was only sent to him when there was bad news.

"I do not know, my lord," she replied shakily, "Others were dispatched to find them and the woman."

"These imbeciles have cost me two women now. Two!" He bolted out of his chair, nearly toppling it over in his rage. This had all been planned for years. Years! He'd paid the corrupt oracle handsomely to tell him how to gain the power he needed to rule. From her, he'd received worlds of information. Because of the oracle, he knew that his body was capable of accepting abilities and that he only needed a medium with which he could absorb them. And then he learned of a woman who would be vital to his cause. He'd gone through great lengths to achieve his goal, even went so far as to manipulate her life to get her where he wanted her. He refused to fail. Not again. This woman he would have. "Stand, Evangeline."

She stood slowly, waiting for the moment he would strike. Zaide was beyond angry and it was twice now that she was sent to play messenger. "My lord?"

"Bring Sherlaine to me." He watched as she nodded and waited until she looked at him before adding, "The next time I see you, you'd better have good news."

* * * * *

Charisma waited exactly one hour after the men returned to find Jameson. Actually, she didn't have to look for him; she knew that he went straight to his room. And he hadn't left. Instinct told her that he most likely received information that would upset her if she knew. But she didn't want to talk about her safety or Zaide.

She wanted him. To be with him.

Watching Nadia with Andrae only served to show her what an idiot she was. Jameson had somehow wiggled his way into her soul and she'd reacted by punishing him for the sneak attack. All that accomplished was delaying the inevitable. It was like Nadia said; fate brought a man to a woman. If Jameson was really her fate...

Charisma quietly left her room and padded toward Jameson's. She didn't hesitate, nor did she bother to knock; she marched into his room proudly, set to hear his objections.

What she saw surprised her. Jameson lay on his back, quietly staring at her. He rested his head on his hands and the sheet that covered him only went to his waist. The corded muscles of his chest and abs made her breath catch in her throat. She knew that he was nude; the sheet rested low on his hips, giving her a glimpse of his dark pubic hairs. The sight of him alone was enough to make her mouth water. How was she so stupid to deny herself the pleasures of his body, his heart? As she mentally kicked herself for her stupidity, she closed then locked the door. Then she climbed into bed with him.

"Charisma-" Jameson stopped when she placed a delicate finger against his lips. He stared at her in curious amazement; the last thing he ever expected was to have her walk into his room and climb into bed with him. Charisma's beautiful face was soft and her eyes were tender as they stared into his.

"All or nothing, right?"

It took him a minute to understand what she really asked him but when he did, he nodded slowly. He found himself groaning when she leaned down to lick his lips. Instinct told him to take control, to roll them over and bury himself between her long legs, but he knew that she needed to control this. Jameson succumbed to the pressure of her soft lips on his and felt his body tighten as she slowly ran a hand over his chest. In response, he deepened their kiss, sliding his eager tongue into the sweet cavern of her mouth.

Charisma took his large hands in hers and brought them to the hem of her tank top. She whimpered as he slowly pulled the thin material up and over her head. He did not touch her suddenly aching breasts; Jameson simply looked at them as he slid his hand over her smooth thighs. He reached her shorts, feeling the outline of her center through them. She knew that the fabric between them was wet and incredibly hot.

Jameson felt his turgid member throb at the feel of her heat. He'd barely touched her and she was ready to receive him. He edged his fingers beneath the heated fabric and groaned at the sensation of her curls brushing against his fingertips. Charisma's wet core made him shudder with desire and he did not hesitate to slip a finger into her depths.

"Oh God," Charisma moaned. She watched his face as he pleasured her, held captive by the erotic furrow of his brow. She was on fire for him! As she looked down at his body, she pulled at the sheet that covered him and felt her breath catch at the hard rod desperate for her attention. The sight of it was too much for her to take. "I need you now, Jameson." His name came out on a harsh gasp when his finger increased pressure within her. Moving his hand out of the way, she quickly pulled her shorts down and off. The heated look in his eyes made her forget to savor the moment. Charisma breathed heavily in her passion then groaned when his lips took hot possession of hers. As his tongue slipped into her mouth, she mounted him and gasped at the feel of his heated body beneath her. He was so pliant, so ready for her to do to him as she wished. Instead of taking what she wanted from him, she simply held his face in her hands and deepened their kiss. His hand returned to her center in response and she aggressively moved her hips against him for more. Charisma couldn't decide if she wanted to slow down or speed up; every touch made her want more from him while at the same time, made her need to savor every moment of their lovemaking. "Don't stop," was all she was able to say as he touched her.

"I won't." Jameson eased two fingers into her depths and slowly moved them within her. The way she ground her hips allowed him the freedom to concentrate on other parts of her flushed body. He sucked a taut nipple into his mouth and groaned at the sweet taste of her skin. As Charisma continued to move against him, he thumbed the secret button hidden between her slick folds. He groaned when he felt her core flex in response. She was close, and he knew that he would die if he didn't wrap himself in her passion. Removing his fingers from her, Jameson took hold of his aching member and placed it at her opening. The heat permeating from her forced him to close his eyes in surrender. He knew he wouldn't last very long once they joined, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't get her there first.

Taking the lead, Charisma eased herself down onto his length. Her jaw slowly dropped as he filled her and her back instinctively arched to take him in deeper. "Oh yes," she moaned. She closed her eyes at the intense pleasure coursing through her. Jameson pulsed hotly within her, matching the reflexive throb of her depths. Charisma took her lower lip into her mouth as she began to move. She rode him slowly, enjoying the feel of his filling her over and over again. The hands on her hips gripped her firmly, both leading and following her pace. Jameson's guttural gasps and moans inflamed her with passion, pushing her to take more from him. She moved faster, letting the mating ritual take over, feeding the desperate needs of her body.

Her hiss of pleasure forced Jameson to lift his hips for more. When she leaned forward and pressed her heaving chest against his face, he pulled a pebbled nipple into his mouth.

He suckled hard, running his tongue over the hard tip before he laved at the dusty pink peak. Jameson continued his play, feasting on her nipples as she pushed him closer to the inevitable end. In response, she rode him faster, grinding her hips against his. The lazy circles she drew with her hips made him grunt in ecstasy. "Yeah, like that, baby." Jameson gripped her firm bottom and she increased her pace of her movements. "Just like that."

Charisma leaned down and fisted her hands in his hair as she kissed him again. As she felt her body begin to tighten, she moved even faster, moaning against his mouth as he nibbled on her lower lip. The way he lifted his hips against hers sent bolts of pleasure through every inch of her body, making her tingle and shudder. On the brink of release, Charisma gripped the headboard and moved over Jameson as fast and as hard as she could. She felt his hand on her center again and at the first flick of his finger against her sweetest spot, she lost control. With a loud cry, she shook over him as her orgasm gripped her. She pushed her hips down onto his and remained still, allowing him to move beneath her.

Jameson groaned when he felt the first contraction of her center. Losing control, he thrust his hips upwards and groaned her name as he filled her with his seed. He held onto her hips tightly as his body erupted. He faintly felt her place kisses all over his face but he was too caught up in the force of his orgasm. He moaned, kissing her back as his hips jerked beneath hers.

For long minutes, they remained as they were, both too weak to move. The sounds of their frantic breathing and pulsing heartbeats filled their ears. Neither wanted to move. Charisma exhaled lazily when Jameson slowly kissed the length of her neck. Their encounter wasn't what she'd envisioned for their first time, but it was still better than she could have ever imagined. "Are you ok?"

He had to laugh at her question. Jameson rolled them over and braced his weight on his elbows so that he wouldn't crush her. Her eyes were still glazed with passion and the sensual tilt of her lips told him that she wasn't ready to stop. The sight alone had him hard and aching within her in mere seconds. The pleasantly surprised look on her face prompted him to kiss her again. Jameson used his tongue to tease her, to give her an example of what he was going to do to her. As she began to writhe beneath him, he brought his hand down to strum the swollen button of pleasure hidden between her silken folds. He dared not move while he touched her; if he did, he'd forget about finesse and take her roughly. Instead, he allowed her to lift her hips against him for more. He loved the small sounds in the back of her throat and the way she nipped at his bottom lip. Waves of heat and desire coursed through him as he fought to remain still. He wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Charisma was lightheaded from the intense pleasure shooting through her body. The way Jameson touched her was like magic, unlike anything she'd ever experienced. He remained torturously still within her while he used his hands to touch her in ways that should have been illegal. Her body began to shudder beneath him; she was so close already. She threaded her fingers in his hair as she commanded, "Move." Charisma could only moan in ecstasy as he complied; Jameson made slow, torturous love to her, not once bothering to remove his hand from between them. It was too much for her to take. "Faster."

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