Vicki had worked late again that evening. It seemed to her that she spent more time at work than anywhere else. Truth is, she probably did. She like the organization of the piles of completed paperwork, the satisfaction of filing and writing reports. These were safe things.

Tonight however her mind wandered to the unsafe, the passion that lay inside her hidden by a quiet, professional exterior. She had been with him in her imagination and in her dreams hundreds of times. It would wonderful if she could relax in his arms now. She could rest against him and forget the world for a little while.

She closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair, propping up her feet on a pulled out desk drawer. She had already removed her sandals leaving her legs bare. She opened up the left desk drawer and retrieved her skin lotion. Opening the bottle she squeezed a small bit of lotion into the palm of her hand. She began at her ankle and smoothed the lotion onto her legs. In her mind he was gently running his hands over her legs. Stroking the calves, teasing each thigh until she felt her heat beginning.

She put the cap back on the lotion and replaced the bottle in her desk drawer. She leaned her head back against the chair and closed her eyes for awhile. The spirit of her imagination and desire took her mind on a side trip. No more was she thinking about reports and paperwork but rather how his hands and lips would feel as they touched her neck, shoulder and face. She could smell the man scent of his body as it pressed close to hers. They shared deep long kisses that sought out the others soul.

Her dream world continued as she thought about his hands removing her blouse and bra. His mouth and tongue tracing a line around her breasts, while his hand cupped her breasts, and his fingers rolled her nipples to a hard pink peek.

He slid his hand up her skirt and found her warm moist center. When he touched her there he found that she was more than ready for him. He pulled off her panties as he unzipped his pants, freeing himself to be with her.

Her thoughts had him standing in front of her while she sat on a table with her back against the wall. His hands behind her hips he pulled her body to the edge of the table and she wrapped her legs around his waist. In a swift motion he moved his hips forward entering her. They moved together in the timeless dance of longing. She could feel that her orgasm wasn't far away and told him so. He pumped himself into her time and again until they both found the release they so needed. He held her for a minute, saying nothing as their bodies had already spoken volumes to each other.

The custodian opened the door as Vicki released her daydream and came back to the real world.

"Aren't you ever going home tonight?" the custodian asked.

Vicki answered with a smile, "I think I was just there."

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