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Days Like Today


Days like today were often thought about, but through one thing or another they ended up getting changed around or moved onto another day and sadly sometimes forgotten about all together. It was never intentional on either of our parts, after all we do enjoy these times greatly and both get a great deal of pleasure from them, so today I decided we were going to enjoy ourselves and nothing was going to stop us.

Having already made sure we had enough oils and candles, the candles were nothing special, it was just nice to have them going and with the lights off and just the candles going, it added not only to the mood but changed the ambiance as well as the light and silhouettes just nicely, we were sat on the couch just relaxing after a long day, leaning over I gently nibbled her ear.

Then whispered, "I'm going to the bedroom give me ten minutes, then come in and come in naked," her face flushed, then she giggled, nodded her head and just sat there.

I kissed her on the cheek feeling there warmth on my lips and walked to the bedroom. I took the cover off the bed set up the candles up lit them and then got undressed just in time to hear the door open, Bailey stood in the doorway her naked body a sharp contrast to the light coming from the hallway.

My eyes drank in the exquisite curves of her body for a moment before saying "Step inside close the door and stand in the middle of the room with your eyes closed."

She did just that, I walked over to her with both bottles of massage oil in my hands and placed them just under her nose, "which one would you like?"

Bailey sniffed them both and settled on one of them, then opened her eyes. Before handing her the bottle, I had put some of the oil in my hand and now standing in front of her gently rubbing it into the back of her neck, she moaned gently as I rubbed it in then worked along both shoulders, Bailey was working her oil into my chest, the touch of her hand making the oil feel warm. We just stood in the middle of the room for sometime just rubbing oil into each others bodies, there was no rush, indeed we looked on this as part of the evening my body had already given itself away as she would rub oil into my very erect penis and on more than one occasion would wrap her hand around it and masturbate me for a minute or two while trying not to look at the false look of disapproval on my face.

Of course I would retaliate by massaging her ample breasts and pinching her beautifully thick and erect nipples between my fingers and watching them as they grew even harder. Her black skin aglow now as the light from the candles would bounce off of her oil covered body, I held her hand and we walked to the bed, at first we both knelt on the bed and continued to massage oil into each other until finally she laid down and moving closer I started to add oil to the lower part of her body, her eyes were closed and she laid there enjoying the sensations her body were now giving her. The mixture of oils and the massage electrifying her skin, feeding all sorts of sensations to her brain. Her bottle of oil was now on the cabinet by the bed, her hand was again rapped around my penis, an occasional squeeze or a gentle rub up and down when the mood took her....

There are times, like this one as a matter of fact when I would think back, I looked down at Bailey and there she was, her eyes closed a smile on her lips. Such a sharp contrast to the person many of her friends see now and the woman I knew she was, the self confidence exuded her body, almost taunting others. I believed she had something others had yet to realize; she knew her mind and was now comfortable with her body and not afraid to show that confidence unlike when I met her. This is the woman who when we first met was incredibly shy though that woman was still there, she still regarded herself as vulnerable in many ways.

That thirst was still there as well, the need to continue to challenge herself and her body, every time I thought up a task for her, she would attack it with such enthusiasm and keep attacking it until she had become comfortable with the knowledge that she had indeed mastered that challenge and looked forward to the next one, there was also times like these, our times, when we shut the world out and kept them out until we were satisfied....

Almost all of her body was now covered in oil, sensing me watching her, she opened her eyes and smiled, her face was aglow and I didn't believe it was from the oils, she was on fire now and trying to suppress some instincts and realize others, she moved back onto her knees and looked directly into my eyes. A gentle moan would occasionally escape her when I touched an erogenous part of her body, her legs parted and I could see her blood bloated vaginal lips, the whole room smelt of her sex and massage oil, to me she was sex on legs and I knew I could spend a lifetime with her and together we could only scratch the surface of her true sexuality. .

Her black eyes burning with lust and raw energy "lay down" she said. I did and she straddled me, lowered herself onto my rock hard penis. Bailey wriggled about to adjust her position and with a sigh stopped what she was doing.

She looked at me and giggled, "sorry but I couldn't waste it could I?"

Every now and then I could feel the walls of her vagina grip my penis as she went about rubbing more oil into my chest, occasionally she would lean forward and we would passionately kiss, and then she would move back onto me. I smiled knowing what she was up to. She was having a sly fuck, I went about distracting her by rubbing more oil onto her breasts and gently rubbing it in, this time I stopped at her nipples.

Gently I pulled on them both, "hay," came her only reply.

I then pointed out the rules we had agreed on and that she was cheating.

She giggled and said "I hoped you hadn't noticed, can we stop playing by the rules, I need to fuck you now?"

Rolling her off and onto her back, "no, but I will help you a little."

She whimpered in frustration as I withdrew from inside her. I smiled and thought to myself, you won't be whimpering in a minute young lady. So I simply told her to relax and then started in with my normal massage routine, which started at her feet then I worked my way up her legs, to her thighs and onwards to her stomach. Except today this women totally surprised me, when I began to run oil back into her thighs she started to moan, the air around her seemed to ooze sex, she spread her legs wide open, grabbed my hand and move it to her clit she was soaking wet and asked me to skip the massage and work her vagina over good.

I then used one of my favorite techniques and had her arching her back and writhing around the bed within minutes. She came so hard and fast now that I was just amazed, I was rock hard and my penis ached watching her cum she could see my excitement, this women I had first come to know as a shy innocent woman yet, was really a vibrant sexual animal and she was really into the whole experience. Bailey grabbed my penis I wanted to see what other fun we could have but she was having none of it, she spun herself round, got herself onto all fours looked around at me.

Without any subtlety said "I need this inside me, I need to be fucked now."

Staying on her knees I positioned myself behind her; I took my very stiff member and aligned it with her womanhood. She looked at me one more time and with a push I began to slide my penis into her, Bailey moaned loudly as she engulfed my penis. I placed my oiled hands on her lower back and massaged it as I started to slowly take her from behind, it felt so good to be buried as deep as I could be in her and began to slide in and out with a slowly increasing speed, until she began to buck her hips in perfect time with my thrusts.

Those thrusts were coming with a fast and steady pace now, almost machine like in their rhythm, I couldn't help but watch her magnificent breasts sway back and fourth with the force of my pounding. I continued this relentless rhythmic movement, this position that took me from the very outside of her to deep within her over and over again. Yet it felt different as well, I felt I was harder than usual and full of a lust fueled passion I had never felt anything so good as that night, I could feel my orgasm build. Knowing I couldn't last long like this, I moved my hands to her hips. My hips started to shake. She knew what was coming; my mind began to short circuit.

Every muscle in my body stiffened, forcing myself as deep as I could into her. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensational feelings of a powerful orgasm. I felt my hot cum begin to shoot deep inside her she buried her face into a pillow and screamed and bucked her way to another orgasm. As my body began to relax and as I began to recover, I opened my eyes to see Bailey looking back at me, her body , a sheen of sweat and oils, her breathing coming in gasps and she tried so hard to pull oxygen into her lungs. She watched me with those dark eyes of hers, filled with so much lust, the eyes are the windows to the soul and Bailey's soul was on fire that evening.

I stopped and sat back on my knees. "Can you roll over again?" I asked.

She quickly obeyed, resuming the position we had earlier enjoyed, I held myself off the bed above her with one hand, and with the other took my still stiff penis and began to move myself into position, preparing to insert it into her. She never took her eyes off mine, to both of us it was a spell that couldn't be broken, as I placed the head of my penis at her opening.

"You want more?" I asked. "Yes." She said in a breathless lust filled almost husky voice.

I placed my hands beside her and slid myself into her and began to move in and out of her again, her body rippling in perfect motion with mine. As time went by my pace increased, faster and faster soon I began to slam myself in and out of her. Her moaning took on new pleasure; Bailey unhooked her arms and threw them around me, locking her legs around me at the same time.

In a breathless voice I whispered in her ear "I need to cum inside you again" "Ohh yesss!" she replied, her voice shaking with our rhythm. "Are you going to cum now?" She asked her words coming out between thrusts. "Soon" I breathed out and she said "Hold on then."

I stopped mid rhythm, Bailey released her python like entanglement from me, smiling, she guided me onto my back, sat up on her knees between us and slid one leg over me. Straddling me now, she lifted herself up slightly and reached down and took my penis and guided back into her, I watched as her juices run down her hand and onto my already soaked penis, Bailey sat straight up sliding herself down onto me and leaned back. With one hand she balanced herself and with the other hand she began to toy with my ball sack as she bucked her hips grinding herself onto me.

Her pace hastened. She rode me like that, looking down at my face, smiling, enjoying the pleasure she could see she was giving me. Her hips bucked back and fourth with quickening force and speed, her breast bouncing freely. From my position I could see in her eyes, they where on fire her one goal now only to make us both cum. Watching her eyes grow wide then begin to flutter I realized that there was something more there. She herself had a longing, a need to totally extract every sensation, to do everything her own body would allow to totally enjoy every aspect of this evening.

She stopped massaging my sack and placed her hands on my chest for added support her fingernails beginning to scratch into my chest. Throwing her head back and opening her mouth in a silent scream of ecstasy, her body shook and in one final motion she come down hard on me and clamped my penis in the now vice like grip that Bailey's vaginal walls now had on my penis, trying so hard to extract every ounce of sensation that it could translate into pleasure and extracting every drop of cum from me sending it all to the deepest recesses that her bodies orgasm would let it.

As her orgasm subsided the energy within her seemed to disappear from her and she collapsed onto me, her thick nipples hard against my chest, our sweat soaked oiled bodies mingling the different smells of the oils and both our sex adding to the scene, her gasping body laying on mine, in that one moment I knew it could never get any better than this. I wrapped my arms around her so that I could prolong that moment as long as I could.. suddenly I realized that this woman truly was sex on legs and I could ask nothing more from her as she had that night freely given me, her all.

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