tagRomanceDazzled by December: Lakeside Lover

Dazzled by December: Lakeside Lover


Author's Note: I apologize for the length of time between this chapter and the last, plus the title is different than what I wanted, but the original title idea wouldn't fit. Life has a way of continuing when you don't want it to interfere with writing, but it does, as it did with mine. For those new to the Dazzled series; December's life followed the path of George Straight's song, She Let Herself Go. Please enjoy this final chapter and leave a comment if you wish; as is my policy, only comments done respectfully stay. Even negative comments can be done with class. ~ Thanks ~ Red.


December's feet crunched down the snow that lay in small drifts along the sidewalk. She wondered what she'd been thinking when she accepted the invitation to the little cottage in the woods. The lake was as frozen as she felt and she sighed as she imagined shoveling snow from the walkway. "Whoever you are," she muttered, "I hope your worth it."

She took the key, that had come with the letter and the plane ticket, and slid it into the lock on the door. Her hand gripped the brass knob and she pushed her way over the threshold. The smell of coffee filled her senses and she stopped short of closing the door all the way. Her gaze focused on a man standing inside a small kitchen, his back toward her as he stared out the window that faced the east side of the woods.

"I was hoping you'd come," the man's voice broke the silence. He turned and December swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Ridge?" she whispered, dropping the small suitcase she'd packed. "How? When? Why?" The questions rolled off her lips as she watched him approach.

"I kept waiting for you to take another singles cruise, but you never did. I went on more cruises in the last two years than I care to count, not to mention you weren't on any of them. It wasn't until I was at my college reunion that I was able to pinpoint your location."

December's face showed her confusion and Ridge continued. "Bill, remember him?"

She nodded her head, blushing as she recalled the events that had transpired on her table. She chewed her lower lip and breathed in the cologne Ridge had put on that morning. "You two know each other?" she whispered.

"Yeah; small world. Isn't it."

Again she nodded her head wanting him to continue, but also wanting to simply fall into his arms. She'd thought often of Ridge, wanting to call him, write him, find someway to contact him. She and Bill had ended their brief fling when she told him she wasn't comfortable playing a submissive slave twenty-four hours a day. She liked the spice that was added to her sex life, but she wasn't willing to give up everything and that was what he'd wanted. In the end she'd learned a lot about herself. Every fantasy she'd had since then as well as many before had always had Ridge's chiseled features playing across her mind.

"So," Ridge's voice brought her back to the present, "Bill starts rattling off about the ladies he's been training and one name. . .a very unique name fell out of his mouth. I won't tell you how much I wanted to hug him and punch him at the same time. One for giving me the information I needed to find you, but the other for discussing his time with you in a public setting."

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. I sent the letter and the ticket after confessing to Bill how desperately in love with you I was. . .am."

His fingers reached out to brush across her cool cheek. "December, when we left each other I had no intention of looking for you. I figured we'd meet again on a cruise, have some wild nights and then depart, but the first week I was home you were on my mind all the time. The first month I thought I was going nuts. You were everywhere. In my head, my fantasies; damn woman, I was even talking to you and asking your opinion on things."

"Ridge. . .I have thought of you often too, but I dated others and . . ."

"I did too. I'm not asking you to love me back. I just needed to see you. I needed to get you out of my system or at least find out if there was something between us that we hadn't yet explored." He pushed a few strands of her hair back behind her ear and cupped the back of her head. "December, you don't have to confess your undying devotion." His lips brushed against hers and he felt them part.

"There's something there," she whispered and let her tongue slip across his mouth. "I won't deny my attraction for you, or the fact that you've played in my mind for a long time now." Her fingers slid up his shirt, and she toyed with the collar of the flannel cloth, before sliding her fingers in his dark curls.

Ridge angled his head, opening his mouth fully and let his tongue separate her lips even more. He moaned as she pressed herself into him, returning his kiss with her own dance of exploration. She felt his fingers move across the locks of soft curls. His other hand slipped free the buttons of her long wool coat and soon it was pushed from her shoulders and she was wrapped in his arms.

They parted and their eyes met. December chewed on her lower lip before releasing the buttons on his shirt and exposing the coarse hairs of his chest. She ran her nails across the tight curls and then kissed each nipple as she exposed it to her gentle and hungry gaze.

"Dee," he whispered, his gaze looking down on the top of her head. He gripped her chin and lifted her face so their eyes held. "I've imagined this moment for so long." He took her hand and led her to the cabin's bedroom, passing the roaring fire that filled the home with heat as well as beauty. Its flames flickered shadows against the walls.

December followed him. Her thoughts full of what had transpired on the cruise ship so long ago. Two weeks of pleasure. Inhibitions were broken as well as doubts she had about herself. She'd been a newly divorced woman. Now she was still single, but she was not the innocent woman she'd been before. She knew what she wanted sexually as well as professionally. Her gaze focused on the bedroom where Ridge had led her and she squeezed his fingers.

"Let's do this together," she told him, pulling her hand free and returning to the buttons that were still keeping his shirt closed around his navel.

Ridge watched her fingers and then he followed her lead, opening hers and letting his nails graze the warm skin that lay under the expensive satin. "You're just as beautiful as I remembered." He trailed his thumbs across the top of her lace bra and then down to the dark pink areolas that seemed to glow under the soft material.

December's breath caught in her throat; her nipples hardened and scratched the cloth that covered her. Ridges fingers continued to tease the feminine bumps that were forming and she leaned into his touch. She pushed his shirt from his shoulders and then felt his hands move up her chest to press circles into her collarbone as he nudged her blouse from her body.

She licked her lips and then stepped in. Her mouth pressed a kiss to the dent where his collarbones met and her tongue pushed against the warm pulse that flickered under his skin. She turned her head to one side, exposing her neck to Ridge's lips. He hungrily took the invitation and she shivered when she felt his teeth slide lightly up toward her ear. He nipped at the soft lobe; another wave of thrilling heat washed over her. His hands moved from her shoulders, down her arms and then to her wrists.

December breathed in the musky scent of his cologne. Her sex tightened as she recalled his scent. The fragrance was one she had always associated with Ridge, but it was at this moment that she realized that she had always been searching for him. Whether it was in the crowded casinos of Vegas or the soft sandy beaches of Hawaii, underneath it all she'd been searching for the man that now was sliding his hands over her stomach.

"Oh God," she whispered and stepped back. "Ridge, please. . ."

His gaze held hers and he watched as she slipped her shoes off, pushing them away and then she began to disrobe. Her gaze never left his face. As he moved his eyes down her body, she relished in the look of pleasure that was reflected in his smile.

"Beautiful," Ridge told her and then quickly removed what he'd been wearing for the last few hours. His boots hit the floor with a thud. His jeans and shirt joined the pile of clothes on the floor and his socks were soon tossed over his shoulder. He reached out for December at the same time she reached for him. Their arms wrapped around each other and their fingers skated up and down spines that tingled with lust, passion, desire and what soon each were discovering in themselves. . .love.

Ridge claimed her neck and December angled her head to the side, as trembles ran up and down her body. The hair on the back of her neck rose up and she shifted nervously on her toes when Ridge began to place kisses on the tops of her breasts. He alternated from one to the other, licking, biting, sucking. She felt the tip of his tongue connect the freckles on her skin with an invisible line of warm moisture. Her fingers sifted through the dark curls that covered his scalp and she pressed him further down her lithe form.

A growl, low and deep came from Ridge's throat. He bent down, his hands coming up from her hips to cup both her breasts and once more feel the weight of them in his palms. The pads of his thumbs brushed her nipples. The ridges ached to be kneaded and the tips begged to be held in firm tight grips. Ridge gave each patch of her skin exactly what they wanted. His fingers moved to twist the twin peaks and tease the rose-colored areolas.

December whimpered. The juices of her sex gathered on the swollen lips of her pussy and she flexed the muscles, enjoying the tingling that ran through her engorged sex. A hint of her arousal mingled with his cologne and her perfume. They both breathed it in and both groaned with desire. Ridge squeezed her tits and she arched her back. Her fingers dug into his scalp and she pushed his head closer to her hard nubs.

Ridge wasted no time in his pursuit and her demand. He continued to massage one breast while lifting the other high, closing the short distance with a loud moan. His mouth opened wide and he captured the sweet bead. Ridge sucked hard on the warm, soft flesh. He pulled it deep into his mouth. His tongue toyed with the top and sides, before flicking relentlessly over the tip. Over and over he drank her flesh, pulling it in, releasing, and then reclaiming it. Soon her hands were pushing him further into her chest as if she were trying to make him become one with her. Ridge stopped his torment and bit down hard on her tender nipple.

"Fuck yes!" December shouted and twisted her fingers in his hair. "Again," she yelled. She heard the roar from his throat as he repeated the action, biting and pulling the morsel away, letting it pop back and forcing her breast to sway from the force. She begged him to continue the assault and Ridge did.

Each nipple was treated to the torture. Each one left red, hot, and tender to the touch, but December didn't care, she needed more of his touch. His caress. His mouth upon her inflamed skin. She pushed him to his knees, her fingers digging into his shoulders and leaving crescent moons in his tanned flesh.

Ridge breathed in the scent of her sex, licked his lips in anticipation and then cupped both round ass cheeks in his large hands. He dragged her forward, feeling her stumble slightly. The force of his movements caused her to increase her hold on him, but Ridge didn't care about that. What he wanted to happen had and his face collided with her moist pussy. He breathed deep her natural fragrance. His face nuzzled back and forth and he smiled as he recalled the night on the cruise where he shaved her mound and then drank her come.

December felt the warm breath of Ridge sweep over her. Her knees grew weak, but she bit her inner cheek, forced herself to regain the use of her legs and remained standing. "Ridge," she whispered when she felt his tongue flick at the juice that had seeped from her pussy. Her fingers never let up on the pressure she inflicted on him as she anchored herself to his face. She felt the tender nips of his teeth after his fingers parted her lips and opened her fully up to his inspection. He held her clit in his mouth, swept his tongue across it and then moved his jaw so her clit was forced to rub against the sharp edges of his teeth. Her hips began to rock back and forth as Ridge worked his way up and down the hardened strip of flesh, always licking and sucking the honey that continued to blanket it.

"Wonderful," he gasped when he released her and settled on his knees so he could concentrate on the meal laid out before him.

December looked down the length of her body. Her gaze fell on the pink lips of her lover and his darting tongue. She watched in awe as he made love to her pussy. His fingers held the engorged lips open. His tongue darted in and out of the black hole that lay hidden from her steady gaze. She felt the invasion, welcomed it with tiny thrusts of her own as her body answered him with drops of nectar and soft pushes of her hips. "Ridge," she moaned. Her eyes fluttered shut just before he pushed two fingers into her sex.

Ridge worked his long digits into her slick home. He scrapped his nails along the sides, coaxing fresh liquid to spill out onto his hand and into his mouth as he rested his open lips under her sweet opening. Deeper his fingers went; more honey escaped. Ridge suckled and lapped until he heard her scream and felt her tighten. Her come erupted, coating his face. He drank as much as he could capture, licking his lips and fighting for more. Again she came, once more crying out his name and digging into his skin; his flesh became further bruised by her nails.

Her eyes fluttered back open and she ran her fingers over his slippery lips, gathering a drop or two of her passion. She meant to drink it up, but Ridge took the tips of her fingers and sucked them clean, before rising up to stand in front of her. December made no attempt to hide her hunger. She wrapped her arms around Ridge's neck and pulled her down to him, lifting her head and pushing her lips against his. Her tongue slid along his, drinking herself from him and then diving back in for more, wanting to capture the taste of his tongue covered in her honey.

Pulling away, December's eyes ran swiftly over her lover's body. She took in every rippling muscle that seemed to jerk when she rested her gaze on them. Ridge felt his pulse jump and his blood start to boil as she began to run her palms over his skin. Sweat broke out in small beads and were trailed down his pectorals and down his abs, her fingertips were the devices that left moist trails in their wake. Her lips lifted in a wicked smile as she sank her teeth into his right nipple, making him groan.

"December," Ridge whispered, his hands now toying with her hair, twisting and stroking the tender locks as she flicked her tongue across his aroused nub. "I love that," he told her and felt her bite him again.

She tugged on the tip, licked the ridges that surrounded it and then winked as she made a path similar to the one he'd made on her body. She licked the sweat and settled herself on her knees, her hands working their way up and down his thighs. December cupped his ass, dragged her nails across the hard cheeks and then scratched the inner muscles of his legs. Her mouth pressed hot kisses along the bones of his hips, before she kissed her way to the curly hairs of his sex. She pressed her nose into the thick strands, breathed deep his scent and then scratched the sensitive skin under his balls.

Ridge opened his legs, petted her hair and tried to remain calm as she teased his body, making it respond to every tender caress, or quick tug. He watched her; a mixture of agony and delight filled his face as her tongue snaked out and licked across the velvet sack. "Baby." Her breath blanketed his balls. "I'm gonna suck your balls. . .then suck your cock. . .then suck your balls again. Over and over I'm going to fuck you with my mouth."

"December," he muttered, his fingers tightening around her long silken strands. "I want that so much, baby. I want to feel your lips all over me. Your tongue. Your teeth. Fuck me Dee."

"My pleasure baby," she said and opened her mouth, gathered his balls in her hand and then enveloped them within a warm nest of tongue, teeth and slippery moisture.

Ridge held her head, pushed his hips forward, bent his knees and tossed his head back. He enjoyed the ride she took on his balls. He felt the grazing of her teeth as she worked the spheres to the left and then to the right. He trembled when the softness of her cheeks pressed against the hard marbles that lay nestled in a sheet of silk. When she sucked, he felt as if his testicles were being massaged, every bit of his skin became washed in her maneuvers.

December dropped the wet package and drew herself up. Her hand guided his cock into her mouth and she embraced the hot poker, while her other lifted and toyed with his family jewels. She did what she told him she would do. She planted herself on his cock, took it to the base, returned to the tip, nipped it and rolled her tongue across the slit, before gliding it to the back of her throat. When she was had decided he was close to coming she stopped and returned to his balls, once more treating them to all the attention she felt he could stand, before deep-throating his meat again.

Back and forth she went, bringing his fluids to the ready and then abandoning them to focus on his ever-tightening sack. In time Ridge could take no more and he grabbed her head, held her down to his the base of his dick and exploded down her tight throat. He growled out her name, and shuddered as her nails dragged down his ass cheeks, leaving trails of heat that he barely felt. He shot three full streams of white pearls into her eager mouth, before he felt himself ready to come back to the Heaven that was December.

"God, you've . . ." He said nothing more, just shook his head in amazement.

"I've learned how to please a man," she whispered, kissing his inner thigh and then rising to stand in front of him. "I hope. . ."

Ridge's finger moved to stop her words. He pressed them gently against the soft petals, still warm from his seed. "I don't care who you've been with. You're here with me now. . .and that is all that matters."

His hand dropped to her hips and he kissed her lips. His tongue swept her mouth clean and then he eased her a few steps backwards until the bed collided with her legs. "I'm still hard."

"I know," she answered, her fingers toyed with his cock. "I'm wet."

He smirked and cupped her mound. "I know."

December sat down on the bed and scooted up to the thick downy pillows. She lay back, enjoying the coolness of the comforter and the softness of the mattress that lay under her. Most of all she enjoyed the site of the man crawling toward her. She watched him lick her thighs, pause at her sex and sample the nectar that was still hot and wet. He made his way up to her breasts, once more tasted them and teased the hard nipples that ached with need.

Her hands ran up and down his arms and when she felt his cock press against her pussy, her hips rose up to greet him. Ridge pushed one hand between them, gripped his cock and pressed it against her slick entrance. In one push he was buried inside her. He watched her eyes light up, her lips rise in a smile and then he saw them close as she went to a place where only she could go.

He moved in and out of her; his tempo slow and frustrating to them both, but he never increased his movements. Each one was calculated. Each one scrapped along the sides of her pussy. On occasion, he'd pause and bring the head almost out of her, hold himself still and then wait for her face to contort in a wave of hunger. Only then would he plunge his cock fully to the hilt.

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