tagIncest/TabooDeal 'Em!!

Deal 'Em!!


"So, what are you doing this weekend sis?" Ralph asked with an innocent look on his face.

"You know damned well what I'm doing! I'm doing nothing due to the fact that your latest idiotic maneuver got us both grounded!" Shirley angrily answered.

"Aw, now, twins shouldn't hold grudges against each other. I was only trying to brighten your day. Can't we kiss and make up?"

"Fat chance! In the eighteen years since we were born, you have consistently screwed things up. I'm surprised you didn't try to dick something up while we were still in mom."

"Well, I can't change things now. We are grounded for sure. Mom and dad are playing a golf tournament tomorrow so we'll be home alone. I'll try to be good to you."

"You better be, brother dear, or I'll kick your ass."

Ralph and Shirley retired to their respective bedrooms for the night. At breakfast the next day, mom said, "Okay you two. You are on your own until the tournament is over. Ralph, if you screw anything up and I mean anything, I'll ground you for a year and take your TV away."

"I'll be okay mom," he assured her.

"If I hear about you getting into any kind of trouble, you can kiss your new car goodbye," his dad told him. Mom and dad were out the door and gone.

"Well, stupid, you've got us on the edge of having no transportation for college. Are you happy now?" Shirley asked with a smirk.

"We'll have to figure out some way to amuse ourselves. How about a game of cards? We can't get into any trouble playing cards."

"Cards sound good, but if there is a way to screw it up, I'm sure you'll find it."

The twins sat in the living room playing cards on the coffee table for about an hour.

"Playing for matchsticks isn't that much fun," declared Ralph.

"Yeah, it does kind of suck," agreed Shirley. "Maybe we could up the stakes just to make it more exciting."

"Sounds good to me," Ralph agreed enthusiastically. "What'll we play for?"

"We could play strip poker as long as we set limits on the betting," Shirley said.

"Okay, what kind of limits?"

"How about when we get down to underwear, we call it quits?"

"Okay, deal 'em."

The game started with Shirley taking the early lead. Soon she had Ralph down to his t-shirt and boxers. Then Ralph started to win. Shirley was reduced to her socks, bra and panties.

"We better quit now," Shirley suggested.

"No, no, you've still got your socks."

"Okay, one more hand."

About that time Ralph shifted his position on the couch and Shirley get a good look at his cock up the leg of his boxer shorts. She wasn't paying much attention as Ralph dealt the cards.

"My t-shirt against one of your socks," Ralph declared.

Shirley looked at her cards. Three Queens! She quickly called the bet. "Give me one," she said. Ralph dealt her a jack to go with the other jack she held as a kicker. That gave her a full house! "I'll bet all of what I've got on against everything you've got on," she confidently stated.

"I'll call that bet!" Ralph replied with excitement in his voice.

She smiled as she spread her full house out on the coffee table.

Her eyes bugged out when Ralph rolled over four twos. "Take 'em off sis," he cried triumphantly.

Shirley stood up, not quite sure of whether she should or not. "I'll do it, but we've got to play one more hand after I take it all off so I can get it back."

"What are you going to cover your bets with? I've got all your clothes. You have nothing left to bet."

She glanced at his dick again. "I'll let you suck on my tits against your t-shirt and shorts."

"Well I don't know if that's quite right. What if I win? Are you sure you'll let me suck 'em?"

"Yes, yes, I promise! But your not gonna win, I can feel it."

"Deal 'em," he said.

She picked up her cards. She was one card away from a small outside straight. Ralph took two cards, she took one. When she picked them up she found that she had indeed filled her straight.

"I've got you now! Prepare to strip!" she cried as she laid down her straight.

Ralph rolled his cards over revealing the spade flush. Shirley gasped. She had lost again and this time Ralph would get to suck on her nipples! Damn!

Ralph leaned back on the sofa. "Bring those titties over here," he commanded.

Shirley, now completely nude, sat next to him. Ralph dipped his head to her offerings and sucked gently on her nipples. She felt her pussy juice starting to leak. She knew he could smell it. His lips on her nipples felt so good! She should have let him do this long ago. She wrapped her fingers around his semi hard cock through his boxers. "Take the rest of your clothes off," she groaned.

Ralph quickly stripped off his shirt and boxers. His cock was flopped over against his thigh. Shirley's hand slid up his legs and grasped the thickening member. Ralph abandoned her tits and kissed her lips. His tongue slipped into her mouth. She rubbed it with her tongue. Both of them were breathing heavily.

His hand found her slit and he gently rubbed the moist valley. His finger encircled her clit. She moaned her appreciation.

"Where is this going?" he asked her.

"It's going into my bedroom," she moaned. "Let's go!"

She led him by the hand to her bed. He held her tightly and nibbled on her neck. He sucked on her ear lobes. Shirley had no idea that her brother was so adept at pleasing a woman. She felt him sliding down her body, kissing and sucking. He swirled both of her nipples and sucked hard on her tits. He reamed her belly button and jabbed it with his tongue. Finally he reached her pussy.

He tenderly kissed her mound and licked her slit from bottom to top. His tongue plunged into her vagina as she squealed and humped up off the mattress. He found her engorged clit and while he sucked it and licked it he slid a finger into her and rubbed her G spot.

She went completely wild. She screamed and her legs slammed shut around his head. Her hands drove his lips into her wet pussy. He licked and sucked on the fragrant juices pouring from within her. Damn! She tasted good. She came like a freight train on his face and he happily licked up all of her sweet offering.

He slid back up her body and got between her thighs. "I've only done this twice, so please be easy with me," she whispered.

"The last thing on my mind is hurting you. You know I love you. I'll be as gentle as I can until you want more."

"I love you too. Put it in me. I can't wait any longer."

Ralph slid his iron hard cock into her pussy. She was wet and tight. As soon as he got it all in, he said, "Let me know when you want to really fuck."

"How about right now?" she panted. She could feel his big hard cock sliding in and out of her. She had never dreamed that sex could be this good. "Faster, harder," she demanded.

She reached between them and gently squeezed his nuts. That caused him to slam into her harder and as deep as he could get. He was grunting from the effort of screwing her to the bed. He was big enough to bottom out inside her. She could feel him starting to quiver as his climax approached.

"Don't cum in me," she gasped, "I'm not protected."

She came again, screaming her pleasure and wiggling uncontrollably on his cock.

Ralph held on until just seconds before he started to explode. Then he pulled out of her. She grabbed his cock and jacked it rapidly. When she felt the fluid start to shoot out of it she clamped her lips around the head and sucked as hard as she could.

I love the taste of cum, she thought as Ralph emptied his balls into her greedy mouth. She didn't spill a drop.

"I thought you had only done this twice," Ralph panted.

"I said I had been fucked twice. I've given lots of head. I love the taste pf cum!"

"Let's get a shower," he suggested.

The strolled naked into the bathroom. Under the roar of the water they washed each other completely. "This is fun! We should have tried this before." Shirley sighed.

"Yeah, I really like it," Ralph replied.

They wandered back to the living room and got dressed. Mom and dad would be home soon.

"Mom and dad are going to the cabin tomorrow. What are we going to do?" Ralph asked.

"Deal 'em," she answered.

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