Dear Denise


Dear Denise,

I wanted to write this to you to tell you something I have told you dozens of times before and yet still feel the need to tell you again and again. You know I find you an attractive and sexy woman and I enjoy looking at you naked, in real life or when I can't do that, in pictures. Of course one of the things I enjoy most, outside of having sex with you is watching you as you touch yourself.

Of course I am speaking about the video I have of you masturbating... that word sounds so clinical for what I see you doing in the video. The gentle way you prepare yourself, the way you reach down and touch your most sensitive parts has to be described in a better way than just masturbating. Touching yourself, pleasing yourself, perhaps loving yourself, I don't know, it's just that when I watch it I can't help but do the same to myself.

I've watched it so many times I have it memorized, how when the video first starts, you lean back, open your legs and pause a moment, a moment I always find myself gazing at your pussy, the lips, still tightly closed but with the promise of opening as you get more and more excited. Then you reach down, touch three fingers to your lips and move them back and forth, gently opening the lips, letting your fingers slip between and touch your clit.

At this point I can't see your clit, but I know you're touching it and as it swells in excitement I'll get a peek as your fingers move. Once you've worked your fingers between your lips I see you slowly begin the circular motion that will moment by moment bring you closer and close to ecstasy. After your fingers begin to move a bit and I've seen the lips of your pussy moving in unison, opening a bit, I glance upward.

I see your breasts, flattened some because you are on your back, but your nipples are firm as they move a bit, following the gently motion of your breasts. While I watch I will normally reach up and begin to touch my own nipples, toying with them, feeling the sensation run down to my cock. Your head looks forward and I see your face for a moment, relaxed, but not yet showing the ecstasy you will soon be feeling.

When your head drops back to the pillow I can no longer see your face, this is the only disappointment in the video, not begin able to see your expression as you bring yourself closer and closer to coming. Not able to watch your face, I look down between your legs again as your fingers continue their circular motion.

I notice your pussy lips have opened a bit more and I can see the first hint of your clit from between your fingers. Your hips begin to move, lifting slightly off the bed for the first time, seemingly as if you are pushing yourself to me, against me as you wish for my cock to go deeper inside you. My mind wanders, wondering what you are thinking, wondering if you are thinking of my cock entering you.

Usually when you first begin raising your hips I begin stroking my cock, slowly at first, trying to match your rhythm, lifting my hips as you lift yours, hoping to hold out long enough so we can come together. Sometimes I can, other times I can't, especially as you move your hips faster and faster and then I hear it, your first moan. It is soft, just barely audible, but hearing that, I know you are enjoying it, the sensations are beginning to take you, the feeling is carrying you closer and closer to that divine moment when you come.

It his hard for me now as I try to distract myself, try to hold off coming until you are further along. As I said, sometimes I can, other times I can't. I breathe deeply, noticing how your breath had quickened, how your breasts now move up and down as you breathe and your fingers, how quickly they circle your clit. You moan again, louder this time, and I know you are close, if I haven't come yet, I can quicken my stroke, feeling the sensation in my cock, wondering how the beautiful sensations feel for you.

You moan again and yes you lift your hips, I can see it now, you are coming, it's in the way you move, the way you sound, the way you look and I release, coming all over myself in spurt after spurt. You slip your fingers from your pussy, from your clit, wipe them quickly off on your legs and then close your legs enjoying the ecstatic sensation running through your body. My cock throbs in my hand, the last droplets of cum dripping from its head as I catch my breath wishing I were with you.

I turn off the video and reach for the phone. I just have to call you and tell you how wonderful you just made me feel and to say that I love you.

With all my love,


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