tagBDSMDear Lalah

Dear Lalah


Your story and stories are very intriguing to me. I too am an exhibitionist and I love being in submissive nakedness at the feet of a femme dom. I wrote the story below, which is true by the way, because your story of "My Public Humiliation" was such a turn on! I jerk myself off to that story at least once a week...wish I'd been there and wish I could experience something like it. I thrill at the thought of being told what to do by a dominating woman. To stand before you and obey when told to strip, to comply as you watch remove every last article of clothing to stand humbly and completely naked before you while I await your direction is too thrilling. I have had one somewhat similar experience that I would like to describe to you at this time. Please indulge me and hopefully enjoy my true tale.

When I was younger and in the US Army stationed in Germany I had a beautiful German girlfriend. Her parents hated the fact that their daughter was dating an American GI. We had to sneak around to be together but her Mother found out soon enough. One day the Mother, a great looking woman in her own right left me a message to come to their house that night. Unbeknownst to me the daughter and her Father were away for three or four days for some seminar.

When I arrived at the house I still didn't know that Mom & I were the only ones there. She had me sit and brought me a beer while she explained the unacceptable nature of my relationship with their daughter. I tried to explain my feelings but was quickly hushed as Mom got up and walked over to me. Smiling all the while she leaned over and looked me right in the eyes. We were locked like this, eye to eye when she suddenly slapped me across the face. To say the least I was stunned!

As I gathered my wits Mom stood up and moved back to her chair. I asked her if I should leave as I sensed this was what she wanted and I was thinking that this was her way of dismissing me and ending my dating her daughter. Boy oh boy! Was I in for a shock!

She replied that she did not want me to leave, just yet. She then asked me if I had fucked their daughter. Truth be told I had not and answered her honestly and sincerely. She commented that this was a good thing but she wanted to see what I would have been using if I had fucked the daughter. I was at once confused & a little taken aback. Seeing my situation and assessing it accurately she told me as she was sitting back into her chair that she wanted to see me naked.

More surprised I guess I stammered something unintelligible and she took on a more austere tone in her voice. She fairly barked at me to stand and position myself about three feet in front of her chair and to slowly commence removing all of my clothes. I was hesitant and didn't move to obey soon enough and she flew out of her chair and smacked me upside my head again, hard! "Strip I say!" She fairly spat the words at me.

As I slowly began to unbutton my shirt she revealed to me that we were absolutely alone and would not be bothered at all any time soon...for a couple of days since the hubby & daughter were away.

Sitting back down and calming herself a bit she watched me intensely as I slowly pulled off my shirt. Next I unbuckled my pants and standing on one foot removed each shoe and sock before sliding out of my jeans. I stood before her in that chilly German house clad only in my white boxer shorts. Despite my unease and yes, a wee bit of fear my cock was throbbing and aching for release from my undershorts.

Seeing my hesitation she sternly ordered me to turn away from her and bend over while peeling off my shorts. I did so and held that position without being told. I felt rather foolish and definitely exposed bent over with my underwear around my ankles. She rose from her chair and approached me, slowly running her hands over my ass from behind. Ordering me to stand up and turn to face her, my cock was throbbing and bobbing with every movement. Even as I stood naked before this completely dressed, beautiful German cougar my cock bobbed around as if it had a mind of its own. She eyed me with an intensity I had not seen in a woman before and my mind was racing, curious with a thousand thoughts and questions.

"You will learn that your American cock is not worthy of my daughter but, I am more experienced with what you American boys really need from a woman and perfectly willing to give it to you." She said. "Ask no questions and say nothing unless spoken to, she commanded. If you cannot abide by my rules I will call the Polizei and tell them you've broken into my home. Can you handle this arrangement?" She asked. Holy smokes! I'm thinking. But, being young and now scared I could only mumble "Yes Ma'am."

She replied "Gut!" which today makes me smile when thinking back on it all but at that time I was pretty damned nervous. She grabbed my throbbing cock and began walking away saying only "Come with me."

She led me to the attic which was locked. Opening the door she led me up the stairs to the summit where there was a door on either side. She explained that one room was a storage room and the other room was for moments such as the one I found myself in at that time.

She unlocked the door on the left and led me in, closing the door behind us and locking it securely. She turned on a rather dim light and I could see several pieces of furniture that I knew didn't come from IKEA! Although I wasn't familiar with this device at that time I was informed that the one device that caught my eye was known as a St. Andrew's cross positioned against a wall. "X" shaped with foot and wrist restraints she led me over to it. I don't know if she had planned to use it all along or simply realized that I was staring at it but she silently fixed me onto it, arms stretched wide, up and out while I was standing on two wooden blocks about 6 inches from the floor, my legs as wide apart as they would comfortably go and stepped back to admire the scene.

Wow! I was thinking, this night has certainly taken a strange turn and again she seemed to realize my silent thoughts. She laughed and said that she was going to do things to me that would change my life but first she went to a drawer and pulled out a camera. Now I was really scared and lost my erection. Oh no, this won't do. She said and began lightly dragging her finger nails under my balls, tickling and scratching them. The lustful nature of youth took over and soon I was throbbing and bobbing all over again. She stepped back and took a couple of full body shots of me naked, stretched up on tippy toes, with my cock waving around. "Insurance, these photos will be my insurance. Do you understand me?" She asked. I guess I had surrendered because I dropped my head and simply said, "Yes Ma'am." " Gut!" She replied, "Very gut!"

She went over to a desk like piece with several drawers and began searching for something. She returned with two clips and began stroking and pulling my nipples. They were already stiff from the cold but she got them even harder and when satisfied placed the clips on each nipple. She then took a small chain, clipped each end to a clip and put the chain into my mouth between my teeth. She instructed me that if that chain fell from my mouth I would be severely punished. Despite the rather intense discomfort of the clips on my nipples and my wariness over the unknown I was forced to nod my head in understanding of her directive.

She went back to the desk drawer and returned with leather straps which she proceeded to attach around the base of my cock and balls and place the middle strap up between my balls, lifting and separating them, snapping the strap into place. My cock swelled even more with this device attached and that erection stayed hard for the rest of the night. She the snapped a few more pictures, for insurance, of course!

Returning from her trip to the far corner of the room she had a whip with many tassles on it. I cannot say with certainty what material they were but rather than actually cause pain, as she flogged me from just under my chin down to my feet I started to feel a very warm sensation. It wasn't exactly pleasant but it was completely tolerable. She flogged me for at least ten minutes and I had to be careful not to let the nipple chain fall out of my mouth as she lashed my rock hard cock with her whip. She was getting into it and beginning to perspire despite the cold in the room. I thought she would tire and go on to some new activity because of her sweating but I was wrong, way wrong!

She only paused to take more photos of my reddened body before she put down the camera and employed an aspect of the cross I had not been aware of. It was attached to the wall on one side by strong hinges that when the other side was released allowed her to swing the cross out and move around to flog my back side. She swung me out and moved right up into my face. Smiling a wicked smile she kissed me quickly on the cheek before stepping back and removing her blouse revealing a very stunning black leather bra. Her stomach was in great shape, flat with a tight belly button and her breasts were spilling out of the sexy bra!

Smiling all the while she moved behind me and methodically flogged me starting with my sensitive ass. I was jumping as though being shot through with electricity as each lash stroke landed and left its mark. She moved up my back and down again lashing my already worn out ass before continuing down and beating my legs. As cold as it was I was still hard as a rock and sweating profusely. More pictures followed, of course.

When she was done she swung the cross back and secured it to its original position flat against the wall. She released my bindings and I almost fell off of the two little steps I'd been standing on my toes the entire time. I was unsteady on my feet as she led me over to a kneeling device.

With reasonably soft padding for my knees I was positioned onto this thing, kneeling but leaning slightly forward and down about a foot off the floor with my chin resting on a similarly padded ledge. I waited patiently as she secured my ankles in restraints about three feet apart, it was not unbearable but it was uncomfortable and I was keenly aware that my ass was wide open! And, I still had that damn nipple chain on as I hadn't released my grip throughout the flogging! She then placed my wrists in restraints on the same ledge as my chin about arms-length away from my body. She stepped back again to admire her work and moved around right in front of me. In this position I could not look up very well but I think that was the point.

She kicked off her shoes to show two beautifully pampered feet with bright red toenail polish. I have had a fetish for pretty feet ever since that moment and my cock felt like it was going to burst! She put her right foot up and commanded me to worship it. She admonished me to be tender and not spare my tongue. Then she finally took that damnable nipple chain out of my mouth but not before giving it several sharp tugs which really strained my aching nipples.

To make me even more uncomfortable she held her foot up and away from me so I would really have to work at pleasing her this way. I lovingly licked and kissed her beautiful toes. She moved her feet to allow me access to her soles, ankles and I licked and kissed softly yet absolutely willingly. I think there was a moment when we both realized that I was enjoying this as much as her, and that was alright!

After lovingly worshipping her feet I was given a cool drink of water and as I drank she caressed my aching cock and balls with cool fingers and sharp nails. I was in heaven!

Apparently I moaned or did something that caused her to grab the water glass away and retrieve the whip she'd used on me earlier. Standing behind me she beat my ass without a break for a good five minutes, the occasional tassles licking at my balls and exposed asshole. She was tiring and her breathing was growing heavier. When she stopped she gently allowed her cool hands to roam all over my beet rad ass and tease my straining cock and balls with those fingers and nails. "Ah, what's this?" She asked as she rubbed her fingers over my sensitive cockhead. Moving around to my front she squatted before me rubbing her thumb and two fingers together. They were wet with my pre-cum and she pushed them into my mouth telling me to lick them clean. I had never tasted my own cum or pre-cum before but it wasn't a bad experience at all and I eagerly complied. After she was satisfied she withdrew her fingers, tugged sharply at the nipple chain and placed it back between my teeth.

She ordered me to look up at her as she moved away from me and assumed a position about six feet away. Without a word she deftly stripped off the black bra and her excellent tits fell free. Despite her age which I guess was around her early forties, her tits were firm and full with nipples that were the perfect crowning touch. And, those great nipples were rock hard as well!

She stood there in her glory, beautiful bare feet, great legs and tits with just her knee length skirt on. "Do you want to see more?" She asked." Would you like your naked body to be further used by a naked woman? Would that excite you even more?" " Yes! Yes! Yes!" Was all I could enthusiastically respond. "If you see me naked," she went on"... it will cost you dearly. Are you prepared to pay to see me naked?" I was stupidly confused and thought for a moment she was referring to money! "Let me show you what it will cost you to see me naked." She said turning toward the desk and drawers again. She turned back to me holding three rather large dildos.

"You may be the one who chooses which of these will help you pay to see me naked, you see?" They were all really similar and I understood her drift at long last. I chose a flesh colored toy about nine inches long with a large head although it was smaller or at least seemed to be slightly smaller than the others. She smiled and returned the other two rubber cocks to the drawer while pulling out what I soon realized was a strap-on belt! I was in a fix but there was no turning back, a deal was a deal and besides, I sure as hell didn't want her calling the Polizei on me and I was desperate to see her naked!

Making certain I watched her every move she unzipped her skirt at the side and let it fall to the floor. She stood there for a moment allowing me the great satisfaction of gradually watching her strip her clothes off, to both of our pleasure I'm sure! She turned her back to me and moved just in front of my face, the material of her black panties rubbing my nose. She slowly peeled off those panties and once they were down past her ass cheeks she ground her musky ass onto my nose and face and I loved every bit of it. Grinding my face with her naked ass for a few moments she peeled them off and stepped out of them. Turning to face me she exposed a beautifully manicured bush of thick, red hair. She stood legs akimbo, smiled a wicked smile and placed her hands on her hips saying, "You do not deserve this, seeing me naked. But, you will make it worth my while!"

She then went about the business of preparing her equipment and attached the dildo to the straps. The rubber cock bobbed just like a real cock as she walked to me and moved it right up to my mouth. Taking the nipple chain out of my teeth she blithely commanded me to service her "cock". I had never even thought of something like this but cast aside all thoughts that were deemed counter-productive and surrendered to her as she gently but relentlessly parted my lips with her "cock." I honestly don't know what came over me but I began licking and sucking on the strangely appealing soft rubber cockhead. I willingly allowed her to slide deep into my mouth while wrapping my tongue around that realistic 9 inch dido trying to capture it with my tongue as she slowly drew it back out of my mouth. She allowed me to experiment and I released all my inhibitions as I eagerly sucked that thing back, deep into my mouth. Soon I was drooling and actually moaning as I slavishly and lovingly sucked her "cock" to perfection.

After about five minutes of slobbering all over her rubber dick she announced that it was "Showtime!" She put on quite a show sliding a condom over her strap-on cock and moved around behind me again. Taking my hips in her hands she began probing my virgin asshole with the soft, spongy head. I was in ecstacy and had really let myself go completely, I was absolutely hers. However, she decided that my ass wasn't red enough and took about five minutes to flog me severely enough to achieve the desired shade of crimson.

When she finished she once again allowed her cool hands to caress and roam all over my red hot ass. Before long she was working on my tight little anus, tickling, stroking and teasing it. Then another sensation hit me, she was lubing my ass with a very cooling ointment. She lubed me up generously and slipped a finger inside my tight asshole just up to the first knuckle. She rotated the invading finger while gently pushing outward from within my very tight ass ring. It was thrilling, no one had ever played with my ass before and the sensation was heightened as she gently scratched & tickled my trussed up balls. She never uttered a word either of encouragement or otherwise. She simply and amply lubed me up and was soon poised and ready behind me, once again seeking entry with that relentless soft rubber cockhead. I felt a bit of pressure and I could sense my tight butt hole was slowly surrendering to the force at its entrance. As she slipped the head into my gradually yielding butt, she paused for a moment and allowed my clinging ass ring to clasp around the shaft just behind the soft rubber head of her cock, giving me just a brief respite to get my breath before she resumed her assault. Then she slapped my ass cheek and resumed feeding that big rubber dick, inch by inch into my widening bung hole. I could easily feel it sliding in, deeper and deeper. There was no pain surprisingly but I felt like I was completely stuffed! She leaned over to whisper devilishly into my ear that she was now "balls deep" into me. Leaning back up into the driving position she slowly began withdrawing her cock as slowly as she had slid it in. She withdrew until just the head was implanted in my ass. Then she eased back in deep a wee bit faster than the first time and slowly withdrew once again leaving only the head inside.

As when I was sucking that big rubber cock, now that it was in my ass I imagined I could actually feel the very life like veins, bumps and other irregularities that made it seem so real. I do know for a fact that my asshole was clinging to that cock like a lifeline and I could feel my sphincter yielding as she drove into me and every bit as well when she slid back. After the third down stroke she began to pick up the pace and was soon pounding my ass, in and out, in and out. Never pulling completely out but always leaving just the head inside. I was trying to adjust my breathing to keep up with her but it was no use. She alternated strokes and speed but never stopped fucking me harder and harder as she felt I could take it. Just when I was getting used to her various strokes, she let go of the reins so to speak. She had been holding me by the hips but she freed her hands and started slapping my ass with one hand while caressing my swollen balls with the other all the while steadily fucking my well- oiled ass.

Here I was, a young 23 year old soldier in Germany up in some German woman's attic, absolutely naked, locked into a device with my ass up in the air, my nipples clamped and this same great looking German Mom was riding me for all I was worth. I am not kidding a bit when I say she fucked my ass for a solid half an hour because she later told me so. I was soaked in sweat and my cock & balls simply ached for attention and release. Finally, she tired and unceremoniously backed her prick completely out of my well worn asshole with an audible Plop!

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