Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

I haven’t written to you in a while. Well, years actually. It’s not because I didn’t think about you but I thought you’d be busy with all the children in the world. As an adult, I didn’t want to bother you.... Oh and by the way, thank you for the doll when I was five. It was just what I wanted.

Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling a little neglected. I know you’re busy and I know you probably don’t think adults need you as much, but, well, Santa, I do. For a long time now, there has been something that I really want. Something important enough that I’ve finally sat down and decided to write my Christmas letter to you. I hope you can get this. It’s not a doll. It’s not a bike. Nothing your elves can probably help you with. No, Santa, what I want is special.

Here goes... Santa, I want a lover. A hot, fucking lover who will make love to me all night long, never get tired and be concerned about my pleasure first and his second. I know this is an unusual request, so I’m prepared to give you an example.

Santa, I want my lover to be tall. He doesn’t have to be NBA tall, just maybe an inch or so taller than me. Hair, well I’d prefer dark but I’m not picky. Short. His hair has to be short. His eyes... well, I’m partial to green eyes. He doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder but I don’t want some skin and bones thing that looks unhealthy. I want a man, not a boy. My lover has to be able to laugh and smile, but I may want him to be aggressive from time to time so let’s give him a temper. One I can handle with a smile. I don’t care what he does for a living. I want him in bed, not in a business suit.

My lover has to have stamina. That’s a definite requirement. My lover has to be able to undress me slowly. Gently unbuttoning my blouse and sliding his hands under to caress my skin. His hands can be a little rough, showing that he knows how to use them. As he slides my blouse off from behind me, he’ll nip my neck with his lips. Santa, listen carefully. This isn’t negotiable. My lover has to be able to kiss. He has to have the best mouth in the world and know how to use it, in more ways than one. That’s important, Santa. Very important.

Anyway.... as my lover stands behind me and slides my blouse off, he has to be able to love me with his eyes. Gently his hands will caress my shoulders as he slides my bra straps down over them. Slowly, he’ll unhook my bra, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. Since my lover is a little taller than me, he’ll be able to see over my shoulders, see my breasts from above. My lover will reach around my waist and raise his hands to cup my breasts, kneading them gently. As I lean back, my lover will hold me, loving me. His fingers will tease over my nipples, growing hard from his touch. He’ll make me moan as he squeezes them gently and then pulls a little roughly on the nubs. He’ll push my breasts together, rubbing them against one another and tenderly massage the firm mounds. My lover will make me moan.

Next, my lover will reach down and slowly unzip my skirt. It’ll slide to the floor as he pushes it down over my legs. As the skirt drops to the floor, so will he. From behind me, he’ll kiss the back of my thighs, gently, slowly. His tongue will make small circles over my skin. As he rises, he’ll kiss my bottom, a kiss on each side. His hands will never leave my body, caressing and skimming over me. Pulling me back against him, his hands will glide over my stomach, down towards my navel. His finger will dip in my bellybutton, making me giggle and wiggle against him. His hands will slide lower, down inside the front of my panties. I’ll take a quick breath as I feel my lover’s fingertips on me.

Reaching up and behind me, I’ll wrap my arm around my lover’s neck as his hands move deeper down in my panties. My pussy is wet, waiting. Just as his fingers slip across my nether lips, his mouth will kiss my bare neck. I’ll shiver, goosebumps covering my body. With a gentleness, he’ll ease his finger inside my pussy lips, sliding slowly between my lips. In just an inch or so, then he’ll withdraw his finger, only to slide it in again. My lover will slowly finger me, making me writhe against him, rubbing my bottom over his body. He’ll still be fully clothed. My lover will bring his wet fingers to his mouth, sucking them clean next to my ear so I can hear him moan when he first tastes me.

Stepping around in front of me, my lover will hold my chin with his finger as his lips touch mine. His kiss will start slow, building to a steady burn. When he pushes his tongue between to my lips, I’ll moan into his mouth. His lips will smile against mine. When my lover pulls back from the kiss, he’ll kiss my neck, just under my ear. I love this spot, Santa. My lover has to know that. His lips will nip at my skin, sending shivers down my back. His mouth will move lower, his hands drifting upwards to cup my breasts again. Smiling at me wickedly, he’ll lower his head and lick my nipple. As the nub hardens from his attention, I’ll lean my head back, moaning. My lover will take my nipple in his mouth, closing his lips tight around it and suck. Oh Santa! The wicked pleasure this will cause me!

As my lover’s mouth teases and torments my nipples, I’ll caress his hair with my fingers, stroking his head gently. His teeth will playfully bite at my nipples, pulling them into his mouth deeper, stretching me. When he’s done torturing my breasts, he’ll move down my body, kissing my stomach. You know what comes next, Santa, don’t you? As he moves lower, he’ll kneel in front of me. I’ll hold my breath as he slowly lowers my panties to the floor. Naked, I’ll stand in front of my lover, waiting.

Another important detail that can’t be overlooked, Santa.... my lover has to love to eat pussy. Again, this is not optional. My lover must want to devote himself to licking and sucking on my pussy. Staring intently at my naked pussy, my lover will slowly stroke a finger up my thigh towards my patch of soft curls. With anticipation, I’ll hold my breath, waiting for his touch. Smiling up at me, my lover will press the tip of his finger against the top of my slit and slowly slide his finger down, pushing between my lips. Oh Santa! This will be just the beginning of sheer heaven!

As my lover’s fingers slowly dip inside me, my eyes will close and I’ll moan. Looking down, I’ll watch my lover slide his finger deeper inside me, my tight pussy closing around him. Oh it will feel so good, Santa! My lover’s fingers will thrust in and out of my pussy slowly, so slowly. My wetness will coat his fingers, his hand. Moaning, I’ll grab hold of his shoulders, holding on tight. Just as his fingers are bringing me to an agonizing orgasm, my lover will lean forward and touch his firm lips to my wet pussy, kissing me gently. Merry fucking christmas, Santa! Opening my legs wider, my lover will slide his tongue up and down my wet lips, slipping inside me just enough to tease me. My pussy will tingle with excitement.

Grabbing harder onto his shoulders, I’ll hold on for dear life as my lover covers my pussy with his mouth, sucking all my sweet juices into his mouth. Oh Santa! This is what I want. A lover who will eat and lick and suck my pussy until I can’t stand up any more. My lover’s fingers will spread my pussy lips wide and then he’ll thrust his tongue inside, licking and fucking me with his mouth. Oh God! Oh Santa! My pussy will throb and beg for more. My lover will slide two fingers deep inside my pussy as his lips close around my ignored clit, sucking it into his mouth. My moaning will be loud, nearly screaming, as his tongue works back and forth across my hard little clit. My orgasm will shake me to the core. But, Santa, that’s not all I want. Are you ready for the rest?

Santa, after my lover savors my pussy with his mouth, it will be time to worship my body with his cock. My lover will stand and strip slowly from his clothes, letting me see his body. His cock will be hard and thick. I don’t need a long cock, Santa. Just one that’s hard and can last. My lover will stand, looking at me, as his hand slowly glides up and down his stiff member. I love to watch a man stroke his own cock. There’s something so wicked about it.

My lover will lay me back on the bed, opening my legs wide. Standing between my legs, he will run his hand up and down his cock again, making himself hard and ready for me. Laying on the bed, my lover will slowly push the tip of his cock against my still throbbing pussy. Oh Santa! The feeling! As my lover pushes his cock inside me, stretching me, I’ll moan and arch up to meet him. My lover will fuck me slowly, pulling his cock all the way out and then thrusting back in. I’ll moan and buck under him. My lover will take my legs, holding them high, and fuck my pussy hard and slow. A quick orgasm will hit me, making me tighten around his buried cock.

Do you know what I want next, Santa? I want my lover to pull out and flip me over onto all fours. I love this position, to be the bitch in heat I know I am. Grabbing my ass with his hands, my lover will thrust his hard, thick cock deep inside my pussy, fucking me hard. Reaching around me with one hand, my lover will cup my swinging breasts, stroking them as his cock strokes my tight pussy. Santa, it will feel so amazing. As he buries his cock deep inside my pussy, his fingers will pull on my nipple. I’ll push back against him, begging for him to fuck me harder and harder. My lover will pull his cock all the way out of my pussy, then dive right back in, drilling my hole hard. Bucking back against him, I’ll cum all over his cock, coating him with my cream.

My lover will pull out and I’ll turn over. Because I love to watch, my lover will kneel above me, stroking his swollen cock with his fingers. Telling him how much I want him, I’ll beg my lover to shoot his cum all over my body. My lover’s fingers will stroke his cock, pulling and pushing on the tip. With a grunt, my lover will moan and his cock will erupt, shooting his warm cum all over my breasts, my stomach, my pussy. Coated in his cream, I’ll rub it into my skin, loving the way it feels. My lover will collapse next to me, petting my soft, wet pussy with his fingers, promising to love me again later.

Santa, that’s what I really, really want for Christmas. A perfect lover. Someone who will fuck me into a coma. My body is alive just thinking about it. So, Santa, as I finish this letter, I’ll sign it in love.... and a little cum. Please come down my chimney soon, Santa.

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