tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Sir, I Love Your....

Dear Sir, I Love Your....


Dear Sir, I Love Your…….

I love your cock.

I love the sight of it.

I love the call of it.

I love everything about it.

I love to watch your cock as it appears slowly over the band of your underwear. I love the smell of your musk as it drifts towards my nose like a warm, wafting breeze. The sight of the little slit at the top begging me to kiss, to lightly lick.

I love to kiss it. I love to taste all of it.

I love to admire all of it.

I love to watch the soft sway of your balls as you bend to remove your underwear, and how your cock bobs up and down like a lure on the water of my desire for you. Your tender dark curls framing the object of my most devoted worship, curls that beg for my fingers to entwine.

I love to rub it. I love to rub all of it against my lips.

I love to touch your cock, caress it with my lips closed feeling the silky heat of the skin. I breath your scent deeply, loving the way my head is spinning with intoxication. I run my fingertips up the length of your cock from base to tip, slowly, oh so slowly, rubbing my lips and nose into your sweet curls. I look at that smooth, long shaft admiring the deepening pinks and reds as the head begins to blush, bluish veins running the surface like tributaries pulsing with life. I gently kiss the tip with moist, yielding lips. I hear your sharp intake of breath.

I love to kiss it. I love to kiss all of it. To wrap my small, warm hand around it and stroke your velvet skin, to tease you, to play with you, to twirl my fingertips around the head like I twirl a wayward curl out of my eyes. I love to hold your cock when it's soft, only to be thrilled to feel it grow in my palm like a blade of grass that rises to the loving sun. I press my cheek to your balls, feeling your throbbing pulse, the hot skin drawing up slightly at the feel of my warm, moist breath upon those two precious jewels. I love to run my thumb up the underside of your delicious cock, rubbing lightly against the split in the head and traveling still higher to feel the first of your sweet nectar rising to the tip.

I love your cock.

I love everything about it.

I love to push you down onto the bed to get you comfortable for my worship. Your cock bounces against your thigh, igniting my passion as I watch you shift into a comfortable position, one with pillows propping you high to look into my lust-heavy eyes. I love your bell shaped head, the heavy weight of your balls between your legs, the way you stomach twitches as I run my fingernails lightly up those wonderfully furred thighs. I love the ever increasing blush of your skin, swelling as if it entice my lips to envelope you.

I love you cock.

I love the very look of it.

I love to make your pulsing flesh the center of our secret world, where you can be freely unashamed to be nude and vulnerable before me. Where I can be supple before you, throwing aside feminine pride to the need to feel your desirable flesh sliding into my mouth, to taste you, to pleasure you, like this……..

My tongue, flat, wide and full grazes the top of your cock ever so lightly as I settle my body down between your warm thighs, my breasts resting ever so close to your balls, soft and hot against your skin. I slowly drag the ultra-smooth underside that same tongue back over the top of your sensitive head and down the underside of the shaft to your ever-tightening testicles. I place wet, gentle kisses first on your right testicle then your left, switching between the two, right, left, then right again, nuzzling them with my cheeks and my soft, wavy hair. I rub your balls with my hair, wrapping your cock with the length and slowly raising my head way so that you can feel the silky pull of those soft strands around your flesh. I do this again and again, reveling in your pleasured moans, the sweetest music to my ears.

I dip back down to your balls and begin to lap at them like a sweet popsicle on a summers day, long dragging passes over your hot, salty skin. I love the feel of your skin tightening as you feel the little bumps on my tongue tickling you to new heights of pleasure. Your fingers wind into my hair, tugging very lightly as you feels my fingertip graze over that space between your tight pucker and your balls. I nudge your heavy aching jewels out of the way and place small, soft kisses on that little area of skin; I feel your legs tremble slightly. The tip of my tongue flicks out quickly to touch that tender skin, little fluttering licks to tease gasping breaths out of you.

I lick my way back up to your jewels very lightly nibbling on your soft skin, then taking one then the other; I suck those hot orbs into my mouth, massaging them with my lips, tongue and cheeks. Your legs shake a little more now and much to my pleasure I feel moisture running down my thigh. Your moans are making me dizzy. I know that you love my teasing as much as I do, but I know that I can't go another minute without your long, penetrating flesh in my mouth, and with your fingers pulling a little more firmly at my hair I know that you can't wait much longer either.

You push up eagerly with your hips and I know that your need to feel my warm, wet mouth is very great. I submit my tongue to your will by trailing it full and flat back up your shaft, swirling its spongy wetness around your now purple head, around and around, faster, faster, and tasting your sweet and salty juices, moaning deeply in the back of my throat. You can't take it any longer as you grasp both sides of my head and pushing your hips up your delicious cock sides full into my waiting mouth. We both moan loudly as my wetness envelopes your throbbing heat. I can feel your heartbeat on my tongue.

I slide your cock back out of my mouth, lips tugging at your skin, till you are almost out of my wet haven. I suck the head with my soft lips for a second then slide them back down the shaft, moving my tongue from side to side as I go. On the second pass up I very, very lightly run my teeth over your hyper-sensitive skin, suck again, and then glide back down, wiggling my tongue against the underside of your shaft yet again. Your body is positively shaking now as I repeat my loving attention over and over, sometimes twisting my head slowly on the down stroke, sometimes sucking you on the up stroke, alternating between sucking your mushroom head and running my tongue around it in quick circles. You want to come, you absolutely have to come.

Your fingertips are barely touching my hair as you are carried on the waves of pleasure rioting through your body, I can feel your concentration against my lips as your cock gets harder then even I thought it could get, your balls tight against your body. You rock your hips faster in time as my mouth delves down your hard flesh. I moan for your release, my body on fire, my thighs soaked to the knees. I cup your tight jewels in one of my palms and rub your quivering pucker with two of the fingers of my other hand. I massage those tight orbs lightly, tapping your squeezing anus with my fingertips as I drive my hot, wet mouth down your rock hard cock, over and over. For just a second I raise my mouth from your aching rod and looking you right in the eyes I ask, "Please?" This proves to be your undoing, between my word, soft lips and tongue, massaging palm, and gently tapping fingers you unravel into my eagerly waiting mouth. Your sweet and salty juices flood my senses, coating my tongue and throat with your pleasure, you're growling groan filling my ears, your body jerking and shaking in the throes of your spurting explosion of lust.

Your cock, my tongue, my hands, your surrender. You come and come and come.

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