tagInterracial LoveDebbie at a College house party

Debbie at a College house party


This is a story as told to me by my wife Debbie, about one of her college experiences. A little background Debbie grew up in a small western town where everybody knows everybody and nothing is a secret. Debbie was cute girl of average looks and above average body, standing all of 5 feet 7 inches and weighting a petite 125, her 36c breast made her body have curves to die for.

However physically gifted Debbie was far from a fast girl in high school even after she turned 18 and worked a year at her father's store before going to off to a out of state college. Debbie never went wild or stayed out all night as some guys and gals do when they reach their early adult years. Debbie wasn't a virgin when she arrived at her medium sized California University; she'd had sex with her long time boyfriend all of two times and those times combined may have lasted 3 minutes.

Debbie arrived to campus in her little red V.W. Jetta, allowing her long blond hair to blow in the wind as she drove with the windows down enjoying the warm August day. She was a little home sick and missed her boyfriend, who decided not to go off to college instead to wait on her and work on his family's farm. But the home sick feeling would soon fade fast away as Debbie settled in with her new roommate Jenny an 18 year old just as hott party girl from Los Angles. Jenny helped Debbie open up and enjoy being away from home, which she really liked. But the most noticeable change was the clothes Jenny introduced Debbie to and bought her as a gift with her daddy's credit cards. Soon Debbie was strolling around campus is short little skirts, tight short, low cut jeans and equally sexy tops to match.

This particular night Debbie had gotten out of class early and was in the mood to party, it was Thursday so the school was in its prep rally mode for the next night's football game. Debbie was getting dressed and it was only 930pm, Jenny told Debbie that it would be at least an hour and half before they could leave, she had to finish up a paper. Debbie was already dressed wearing a very short loose fitting black mini skirt with fairly tight black and white top just low cut with enough cleavage was nicely on display, due to the California heat Debbie didn't wear a bra but did wear a cute almost shiny thong. Her hair was slightly curled laying on her shoulders, complimented by a smooth coat of soft red lipstick on her full lips and all this sexiness the was set up high on a cute pair of 3 inch black heels with little wraps around the ankle.

After hearing Jenny's statement Debbie pouted she wanted to go now. Jenny stated she had to do the work why don't go down the hall and chat with some of the girls for a little while till she was done. Debbie stated that she heard of this off the hook house party going on at the big house and wanted to go. Jenny just replied whatever I have to study. Debbie took that as her queue and stated to Jenny she'd see her there, she was going ahead and off she went.

Debbie arrived at the big house about 1015pm after stopping and trying to pick up another girl who had work to do also, so Debbie was solo for a while. Once at the house party she had a couple shots to catch up with the party and started dancing right away. Debbie really didn't notice she was only like one of 5 or 6 girls is this house party of like 15 or 20 guys, but she knew she was by far the hottest. Debbie continued dancing with no shortage of will partners bumping grinding, shaking her assets occasionally making her skirt flip up a little revealing her sexy smoothing lightly tanned thighs and if positioned just right a nice view of her sexy black thong. Debbie danced and continued drinking for about a solid hour gaining the particular interest of a football player looking young black guy about 6' 2'' 230lbs thick and solid with muscle, he would dance with Debbie then wonder off and return, during one of his returns while another guy grinding against her ass this caused her to stumble and almost fall, only to be caught by the young football player. He picked Debbie up and spoke in her ear lets go some place more quiet and get you a drink so this guys can cool off you have them too hot. Debbie giggled smiled and said ok; he got two more drinks and escorted her down a set of stairs to a fairly dim lit but nicely finished basement. The music could still be heard but much softer and it was a cooler place.

He introduced himself as Damon a junior at the college studying art and playing football. Debbie introduced herself as a 19 and half year old freshman from a small farm town, Damon smiled Debbie and was enjoying the drinks still dancing swaying and up on rubbing Damon. Damon danced with Debbie a bit slower than earlier holding on to her close feeling her firm ass. Damon then picked Debbie up and placed on top of a counter starting kissing her which Debbie willing returned. Debbie had hardly even known any black guys let alone make out with one as hot as him. He kissed a rubbed Debbie's shoulders, breast and ass slowly sliding one hand up her thigh. Debbie enjoyed his seduction a lot. Damon hands slid further up her thighs until he was softly rubbing on her smooth pussy through her thong, this caused Debbie to moan and kiss and suck on Damon's tongue a little more passion. After rubbing on her thong a while Debbie's pussy grew extremely went and he could easily feel this on his fingers. Debbie enjoying her buzzing alcohol and horny fever lay back causing her skirt to ride up higher and to give Damon's hand easier access to her now wet pussy. Damon moved Debbie's thong over to slide a finger into her causing her to moan and bite her lips enjoying every movement. Damon using Debbie's lying back as his chance to really enjoy her pussy.

A chance which started this chain of actions, Debbie said she felt this thick warm spongy feeling at the lips of her pussy, then a pressure, followed by a full filling feeling in her pussy like she never had before. Debbie moaned loudly not sure what exactly happened but enjoying the painful pressure she was having. Debbie opened her eyes to see Damon completely between her legs with his hands on her hips pushing his pelvis into hers. Debbie knew she was getting fucked by this almost stranger, she didn't want this but was in ecstasy as he stretched her tightness to accommodate his large thick member.

Debbie just moaned as he slowly stroked in and out of her she wanted to tell him to stop, but Debbie started having a shuttering orgasm hard, the first real orgasm she ever had not caused by her fingers. This covered his cock with her juices and made Debbie even hornier. Debbie moaned for him to fuck her, but easy she moaned. Damon done just as she said and but only he increased his pace filling her pussy with his hard cock harder and harder till she was moaning loudly as he fucked her in a way she had never been, stretching her pussy sending her over the edge cumin again. Damon started moaning too. Debbie told him to pull out of her and not to cum in her cause she wasn't on the pill or anything. He loudly moaned as she felt his head swell and he banged into her. She felt his cock pulsate in her tightness; he said he was cumming and then held himself in her pussy. Damon told Debbie, her cunt was too tight to pull out, and then he throbbed several hard times as he came filling her cunt with cum.

Debbie started to get mad despite still being orgasmic, Damon just laughed and removed his thick still semi hard cock as he then pulled off a nicely filled condom and tossed it between Debbie's legs beside her still gaping pussy. Debbie not sure what to think she just looked at him. Damon laughed told her thanks for the fun maybe he'd she her around and went back up stairs. Debbie just sat there hot and sweaty, wet from her own juices.

Debbie got down off the counter leaving the used condom; she adjusted her thong, skirt and hair as much as possible before doing the walk of shame up the stairs. She stayed at the party walking around with a very sore and freshly used pussy wearing a wet thong, till she found Jenny who just arrived, telling her she didn't feel well and went back to her dorm.

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