tagGroup SexDebbie gets Halloween'd

Debbie gets Halloween'd


Daryl was excited. He had invited his dream girl to a Halloween party and she had said yes. When he had asked, he wasn't sure what she'd say as they had never actually met. They had begun talking online and had learned they had a lot of things in common, especially a perverted mindset, and a crush on the same 2 female celebrities, Britney Spears and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The more they talked, the more he started to like her. He looked forward to talking to her whenever he had the chance. Finally he took a chance and asked her to be his date for a party. Not only did she say yes, but she asked if she could bring another girl along. He never hesitated telling her yes right away.

They had decided to wear matching costumes, so he went as Aladdin and she agreed to go as Princess Jasmine. He wasn't sure what her friend would be going as, but was sure it would be pretty sexy. They agreed to meet somewhere so that if things didn't go right, neither one knew where the other lived. They met at the local liquor store so they could buy some alcohol for the party.

When he saw the girls his eyes dropped. His dream girl looked incredibly sexy in her Princess Jasmine costume. Her name was Debbie and the blue bra like top hugged her incredible 34DD breasts like it was painted in her chest. The pants were see thru except the small blue panties that hugged her ass perfectly. Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail in top of her head. The outfit fit her short 5 foot tall frame perfectly. In contrast her friend, Lisa was 5'7 and was dressed as a sexy cop. Her blue top just barely covered her nipples on her 34C chest. Her matching skirt was so short if she bent over to far everyone would know if she was wearing panties. The skirt made her long legs look even longer as did the open toe heels she was wearing showing if her pink toe nails. Just looking at these two was making Daryl hard already and in the outfit he was wearing, it was impossible to hide, and it was noticed by the girls. They giggled to themselves as they headed to the party.

Several hours later the party had pretty much wound down, and there was only 6 people left. Daryl, Debbie, Lisa and 3 other guys. There was a pirate, a cowboy and a guy dressed like Robin Hood. They were all already starting to feel pretty buzzed and decided to play a drinking game. They played "Apples to Apples" where one player drew a category card and everyone else had to lay a card face down that they thought went with that category. The person who drew the category card turned all the cards over and chose the winner. The rest of the players then had to take a shot. After a couple rounds of the game, Daryl felt something on his crotch. He stifled the urge to jump in surprise as he looked down and saw Lisa's foot rubbing his cock thru his pants. He looked at up at her and she give him a wink that said to not say anything. She hooked her pretty pink toenails in the top of his pants to try release his cock, and after a short struggle got the job done. She then rubbed his bare cock wrapping her toes around his shaft. He softly moaned enjoying the sensation of this amazing foot job. He had never experienced anything like this ever. She rubbed up and down and side to side until he couldn't take it anymore and shot his cum all over her foot. It was then that Debbie, who was sitting beside Daryl, realized what had happened and "accidently" dropped her card on the floor. She bent down to pick it and quickly started licking Daryl's jizz off Lisa's foot.

Daryl quickly stuffed his cock back in his pants and excused himself to use the restroom. He couldn't believe what had just happened. It was amazing. There was a knock on the bathroom door and when he opened it there stood Debbie smiling at him.

"Did you enjoy that? It looked amazing and your cum tasted so good on her foot. Now it's my turn to get some action form you." Debbie said.

She then closed the door and got on her knees. Debbie pulled his cock out of his pants and gave the purple head a small lick before sucking it into her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down his hardening shaft, she wrapped her hand around the base and jerked his cock into her mouth. She then lifted his rock hard meat and licked his balls. She jerked his dick, twisting her hand as it went up and down his shaft. Daryl's eyes practically rolled back into his head, enjoying every single thing she did. While she sucked his hard flesh rocket back into her mouth, she pulled her top up to reveal her big tits. She pushed him down to sit on the toilet as she wrapped her beautiful breasts around his cock and started massing it with them. He moaned loudly as she titty fucked him. Every time she brought her knockers down she licked the head. She titty fucked him for several minutes before he couldn't take it anymore and exploded all over her gorgeous ta-tas. She pulled her top back down without bothering to clean the jizz off her tits and walked back out to rejoin the game.

When Daryl walked back out to rejoin the game, both girls were whispering to each other and giggling. The guys all cheered as they knew what had just happened since the evidence was still all over Debbie's chest. Lisa waited to Daryl sat down before going over to Debbie and licking every bit of his cum off of Debbie's tits.

Lisa then said, "Instead of playing this game, let's have some real fun. I think Debbie I can give you guys a real show."

Lisa went over to the radio, turned on some dance music and pulled Debbie to her feet. They started dancing seductively together alternating rubbing their asses into each other crotches. Lisa pressed her smaller tits into her friend's back, reached around and grabbed Debbie's huge boobs. She massaged them thru her blue top. She turned her friend towards the guys and pulled her top up revealing her humungous tits to the boys. She then massaged them while pinching and pulling her pink nipples. Lisa then grabbed the shorter girl's pants and wanked them down revealing her shaved cunt to everyone. With one hand she teased Debbie's nipples and with the other she massaged her sensitive clit. With all this stimulation it didn't take long for Debbie to have an intense orgasm that sent chills throughout her body. Lisa spun Debbie around and started sucking on her eraser sized nipples. She alternated between each nipple going back and forth biting and sucking each of them as Debbie moaned with pleasure. Lisa reached down to play with Debbie's clit as she bit and sucked on the shorter girl's perky nipples. Debbie reached for the zipper on the taller girl's tight police top. Her smaller breasts came into view for all the gentlemen to see. Debbie stuck her face between the other girl's boobs and rubbed her face between them. She then sucked and bit the taller girl leaving bite marks all over her tits. Debbie then lightly pushed Lisa to the floor and grabbed the tall blonde's feet and started to kiss them. She licked each individual toe starting with the big toe on the right foot and ending with the little toe on the left foot. She then licked the top of each foot from the toes to the ankle. As she licked up Lisa's right leg she raised the short blue skirt up over her ass before sticking her tongue in between the folds over her shaved cunt. She licked at Lisa's pussy trying to taste every bit of her warm, wet and juicy twat. She ate Lisa's pink taco like it was her last meal. She licked her to the brink of orgasm and just as she could feel Lisa trembling, Debbie shoved her tongue deep inside her hairless love hole and drank every bit of Lisa's girl juice right from the source. When she came out from between Lisa's legs, Debbie's face glistened with the taller girl's cum all over her face.

Lisa then stood up and bent the shorter girl over the arm of the couch and kneeled behind her. She pressed her tongue into Debbie's soaking wet hole. She licked all around Debbie's sex, tasting every bit of her making her squirm at the touch of Lisa's tongue. Lisa continued to tongue fuck Debbie's snatch until she felt Debbie tense up. As Debbie came in Lisa's mouth, Lisa reached down and got her handcuffs. She grabbed both of Debbie's hands and handcuffed her to the railing of the steps. Lisa grabbed the night stick that came with her costume and rubbed it along the handcuffed girl's clit. She rubbed it up and down between Debbie's engorged lips as it rubbed against her clit as well. She then stuck the end of the night stick in her wet hole using it like a cock to fuck Debbie. She pulled the night stick out of Debbie's pussy and pressed the tip against her puckered asshole. Lisa pushed the stick into Debbie's brown-eye making her scream out, both in pain and pleasure. The taller girl probed the shorter blonde's ass in and out, pushing it deeper and deeper into the stick bottomed out in Debbie's rectum. Lisa pulled it out. She then took the stick and stuck it into Debbie's mouth as she sucked it like it was a cock. Lisa forced it into her throat making her gag, and her eyes water. Debbie's mascara started running down her cheeks and saliva dribbled out of her mouth. She was smiling the whole time enjoying be used like this.

Lisa turned to the 4 guys and noticed how hard their cocks they were. They all had pulled out their penises and had started jacking them off. "I think those cocks need some attention. And I think this little whore here needs to service them. Daryl, you should be first since you brought her here."

Daryl walked over to her and plunged his cock deep in her throat. Lisa grabbed Debbie's hair and shoved her head until she gagged on his hard shaft. She forced Debbie's head back and forth on his rod making her gag and saliva pour out of Debbie's mouth. Tears were streaming from Debbie's eyes as she continually gagged on Daryl's rod. He then pulled out of her mouth and dropped his nut sack into her mouth. She licked and sucked his balls in his mouth as he smacked his cock all over her face and jerked off until he shot his load all over her pretty face. He then pushed his cock back in her mouth for her to clean his salty substance off it. She sucked his pecker making him hard again. He was rock hard again and plunged his hardness into her wet snatch. He rammed his cock deep inside, punishing her wet box with each thrust. In and out he thrusts before releasing his sperm into her hard pounded pussy. He pulled out as his jizz flowed out of her cunt. Lisa placed her foot under Debbie's ass and let the cum flow on it. She then had Debbie lick the mixture of girl juice and cum off her foot. Debbie greedily licked up every drop.

"I think the rest of you guys need to come fuck this little whore girl. She needs to be covered in cum. Daryl why don't you sit and relax her being used like the little wanton slut she is." Lisa told the guys.

The pirate, cowboy and Robin Hood all quickly pulled off the rest of their clothes and came over and stuck their cocks in Debbie's face. She alternated between all 3 cocks, sucking and stroking them all at the same time. Each time she put a different cock in her mouth, Lisa used Debbie's hair as leverage to pull her mouth deeper on each cock. Debbie lost count on how many times she gagged on these cocks, but she knew that her mascara and makeup must be all over face with the amount of saliva and tears that she had flowing from her. The pirate straddled her chest and stuck his cock between her two mounds and started fucking her huge tits. The cowboy and Robin Hood kept alternating between fucking her mouth and smacking their cocks all over her face. They continued this way until Robin Hood pointed his cock at her face and blew his jizz all over face. The cowboy followed suit and unloaded his cum on her face as well. The pirate then step to her face added his seed to the mess on her face.

"That was awesome guys but I think this whore needs some double penetration. Cowboy fuck her tight ass, Robin Hood fuck this slut's cunt and pirate skull fuck her. I'm gonna to fuck Daryl while we watch you guys use every orifice on my slutty little whore friend." Lisa told them.

The guys high fived each other and quickly got themselves hard again so they could oblige with what Lisa had told them. Since she was still handcuffed to the steps, Robin Hood and the pirate held up her legs so the cowboy could get under her. They then lowered her back down so that the cowboy could work his throbbing cock into Debbie's puckered asshole. Robin Hood pushed his pulsating cock deep into her still leaking cunt, and Debbie gulfed down the pirate's rock hard member. He grabbed her hair and roughly fucked her face. Robin Hood and the cowboy got a good rhythm going between them sawing in and out of both her ass and pussy. Debbie's body tensed up being used like this and her orgasm exploded out of her. The guys then switched places with the pirate moving to fuck her well used cunt, Robin Hood moved to her gaping asshole, while the cowboy went from her ass to her mouth. Every time Debbie raised and came down on Robin's cock, he raised up to slam in deep into her ass. The pirate matched that be slamming into her used twat on the way down making her convulse with every thrust. While this was going on the cowboy rammed his cock deep into her throat over and over again. Once again they switched with each guy going to the hole they hadn't used yet, Robin Hood in her mouth, the cowboy in her pussy, and the pirate in her ass. They continued to pound away at her like this was the last time they'd ever get laid again. Robin Hood pulled his cock out of her mouth and deposited another load on Debbie's face. The cowboy pulled out and shot his load all over her spread cunt lips. The pirate got out from under her and aim his cock at her huge tits and unloaded the rest of his cum all over her massive tits.

Meanwhile, while Debbie was getting pounded in every hole, Lisa started blowing Daryl as he watched the shorter girl get fucked. Daryl grabbed the tall blonde's face and shoved her head down slamming his cock down her throat. She gagged before he released her head and she lifted her head up to catch her breath. She grabbed the base of his shaft and jerked it into her mouth. As she jerked him up and down, she twisted her wrist so that her hand went around his cock as it went up and down. Her mouth matched his hand movement as she lowered her hand and moved her lips so they twisted around his shaft. She then took his balls into her mouth as she jerked him off. She licked and sucked his sack loving the taste of his sweaty balls. Lisa stood up and turned, facing the other three guys having their way with the handcuffed girl, and lowered herself onto his hard cock. She rode his cock as they watched the way each guy took turns with Debbie. She rubbed her clit as she rose and fell on Daryl's hard rod. Her pink hole contracted to hug his schlong with every moment of her hips. She felt her orgasm building and building. She shuddered as she came all over Daryl's hard cock. She dropped to her knees licking her juices off his cock. Lisa then walked over to a handcuffed Debbie and straddled her chest.

"Fuck me from behind while I sit on this cumslut's chest." She told Daryl.

Daryl didn't waste any time and straddled Lisa's stomach as he stuffed his hardness into Lisa's wet pussy. He pounded her twat in and out as she rammed her firm ass back to meet every thrust. Lisa looked into Debbie's eyes as she got fucked from behind moaning in her friend's cum soaked ears. Lisa met every thrust by Daryl as he rammed her hot cunt bringing her to orgasm as she exploded on his cock again. As the walls of her cunt clamped down on his rod, he shot his load into her hot hole. Lisa then stood up and sat on Debbie's face and made her eat cum out her cream pie. Debbie ate Lisa's pussy drinking up the girl juice and cum from the taller girl's snatch. Lisa un-handcuffed Debbie and gave her a deep kiss. They both laughed, knowing they would be hanging out with Daryl real soon.

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