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Decent into Darkness


The following is a work of fiction depicting graphic lesbian sex and erotic horror. If you are offended by these things or they are prohibited in your area then leave now.

Thanks once again to Vella_MS for all her work as my editor.

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Holly's foot falls tapped out a steady cadence on the brick sidewalk as she walked along the dark, narrow street. The old red bricks of the sidewalk were worn smooth by the long years of weather and countless feet. Still wet from the day's rain and covered with the autumn leaves they were treacherously slippery and she had to be careful not to slip. The light mist was all that remained of the constant rain that had been falling for the last two days, it hung in the air, softening the sounds of the city and somehow seemed to make the darkness closer and more oppressive.

Normally Holly loved her walk home from her job at the University. She loved living on the East Side of Providence, she enjoyed the quiet, picturesque old neighborhood, with its narrow winding streets and late nineteenth century houses. With several colleges and universities in the area, the neighborhood was a very hip and trendy place to live. But even after living here for three years, sometimes when walking home after dark the area still made her nervous.

She didn't normally walk home alone this late but she had been in her office much later than was her norm. She had been trying to get through an enormous stack of papers that her students had submitted a few days before and had lost track of time. She had promised her students she would get the papers returned as quickly as possible so they would know where their grades stood before going into the midterms.

As her footfalls continued to tap out their steady rhythm, a growing sense of unease settled over Holly. She glanced up and down the street, looking for something but not knowing what. Nothing seemed out of place but the feeling wouldn't go away, in fact it continued to grow. She pulled her long coat tighter around herself and quickened her pace.

As she passed one of the old houses she glanced at the broad stone steps she noticed three pumpkins sitting by the door. The largest had been carved into a Jack-O-Lantern with an absurdly lopsided face that must have been carved by a child. She smiled a little and decided that must be why she was feeling so uneasy, tommorow was Halloween after all. The season must be getting to her. She tied to shake off the uneasy feeling as just her imagination running wild.

Several minutes and one block passed by but Holly didn't feel any better, in fact she was on the verge of panic. She knew that she was being irrational and foolish but she couldn't shake the feeling. She couldn't tell what was wrong but she knew that something was. It wasn't just Halloween causing her imagination to conjure up ghouls and ghosts, something was out there in the dark, and it was getting closer. The steady tap, tap, tap of her shoes on the bricks echoed off the buildings lining the street and seemed incredibly loud to her. She looked down at her shoes and toyed with the idea of taking them off to stop the incessant noise.

"'Ello Sweets." A deep voice said from the dark in front of her.

Her heart suddenly racing, Holly looked up and immediately wished she hadn't. In front of her a man was blocking the sidewalk about fifteen feet away. She hadn't seen him there a moment before and realized he must have stepped out from between two of the buildings. As she studied him, her terror only increased. He was a huge, beast of a man, maybe six and a half feet tall and probably over three hundred pounds. The heavy overcoat he wore only served to make him look that much larger. His shaved head was supported by a neck that Holly guessed was almost as big around as her waist. Small dark eyes that were to close together looked out over a broad flat nose that seemed to have been broken at least once if not many times.

Holly took one slow step back, then another. The big man didn't make a move to stop her, but his cruel smile broadened. She turned to make a break for it and her heart sank. There were two more men standing behind her. Not as massive as the man in front of her, but it didn't really matter. She couldn't fight even one of them, never mind all three of them.

She turned back to face the big man. "W...w...what do... do you ...w...want?" She finally managed to stammer out.

Big man smiled and pointed at Holly's commuter bag, "Hand ova yo' bag sweets, and yous can go along on yo merry way."

She thought about what was in the bag, her wallet full of credit cards, not to mention all her personal ID cards as well as her laptop, cell phone and the papers she was grading. No, it was too much, she couldn't give it up. She thought frantically, trying to figure out a way to get away from these men.

As she thought, Holly suddenly became aware of something else, footsteps approaching. The men had noticed also, she could see them warily watching up and down the dark street. Her hope soared for a moment as she thought that the men might leave her alone if there was a witness around. Then about fifty feet up the street in the pool of light created by the streetlight she had just passed under, Holly saw the approaching figure. Her heart sank as she realized it was a lone woman.

The two men behind moved aside as the lone woman passed between them, hardly even taking notice of them as she walked up and stopped right beside Holly. Despite the danger Holly was in, she had a hard time taking her eyes off of the woman. She was one of the most striking women Holly had ever seen, but at the same time she was a little frightening in some way that she couldn't quite put her finger on. Long, straight black hair framed a face that was breathtakingly lovely. Her deep red lipstick made the rest of her perfectly smooth, pale skin and light gray eyes seem all the more pale. She was dressed in what appeared to be expensive business attire, tall, black stiletto heels, a short, tight black skirt, sheer black blouse and a black blazer of a very feminine cut. The blouse had a high neckline that was held closed by a round broach made of some dark metal. In its center was a huge blood red ruby.

But it wasn't just the woman's striking beauty that captivated Holly it was the aura of complete power and control that emanated from the mysterious woman. Holly hadn't experienced anything like it before. The power the woman gave off was almost a palpable force. Holly could swear she felt that force make her skin tingle. She tried to dismiss it as her imagination and her overloaded brain but then the woman turned her raptor gaze on her. Holly almost yelped as the eyes locked on her and seemed to bore straight into her soul. She was sure that the woman was looking at much more than other people could see. What exactly it was that those eyes saw Holly wasn't sure but she somehow knew that her mind was being read in some way. Those light gray eyes conveyed a cool mastery and wisdom that belied the woman's young age and also something that made Holly more nervous, a wry amusement. Weather it was at Holly, the muggers, the whole situation, or life in general Holly couldn't tell but she was sure it was there.

As if to confirm Holly's thoughts, one corner of the woman's mouth twitched up slightly in a small grin and one delicately slender eyebrow arched upward. But almost before it was there, the smile was gone again and the woman spoke. "I thought I told you never to work this area again?" The voice was cold with a slight Slovak accent but it only confirmed the feeling of power that Holly had felt before. The words seemed to sear the damp air of the street and to burn into Holly's soul. Holly didn't understand the question but felt that she had to answer this woman somehow. Before she could speak, the woman turned her gaze on the big man and quirked her eyebrow. "Well?"

The big man forced a smile as he spoke, "I decided dat me and me boys ova' dare needed a bit mo' room to operate in." He shrugged, "Sorry Love but da' deals off. Dis is owa' territory now."

The eyebrow quirked again and one corner of the bright red lips curled up into a half sneer as the woman stared at the man, "You're a fool."

"Three on one? I'd say yous is da fool, love." As he spoke the man's eyes flicked over the woman's shoulder for and instant.

Holly turned just in time to see on of the men behind take a running leap at the woman's back. Holly didn't even have time to shout out a warning before the man was on this mysterious woman.

With a move quicker than the eye and without even turning around, the woman neatly sidestepped the attacker allowing him to sail past her. Before he had completely passed she had grabbed a hold of one of his outstretched arms and used his own momentum against him. She wrenched his arm around backward and using the arm as a lever she forced him forward as one of her feet caught his leg, then with a vicious twist of his arm, she sent him down. The loud pop of his shoulder being wrenched from its socket and his brief scream of surprise and pain were cut off abruptly with a solid thud as his head hit the ground and he lay still.

Before his partner had even hit the ground, the second man was charging, hand's balled into fists, ready to strike the woman down. When he got close enough he screamed in rage and took a vicious swing at the her head.

With a single smooth move she raised her hand a caught the attacker's fist in her hand and stopped him cold.

The attacker starred in shock for a moment at his fist held in the viselike grip of the woman. The shock turned to horror and he screamed in pain and fright as the woman started to squeeze his fist. Over the sound of his screams could be heard a popping, crunching sound of the bones in his hand breaking. He tried desperately to pull his hand away but couldn't break free. "You cursed Bitch!" he screamed as he shook with the horrendous pain. As he fell to his knees he managed to spit at the woman.

The woman's eyes glanced briefly down at the drops of spit on her skirt and her eyes flared with a sudden rage and hatred. With a sneer of contempt she dragged the man back to his feet and with a seemingly inhuman, strength flung him towards the front steps of the building beside them. His head struck the massive stone banister of the handrail with a loud crack. After hanging there for several seconds he slowly crumpled to the damp sidewalk in a loose pile.

Holly starred at the bright splash of blood that covered the banister, dripping slowly down to the sidewalk. She looked down and watched with a strange mix of horror and fascination at the pool of blood that was spreading under her former attacker as he lay motionless on the ground.

With an icy calm the woman turned to face the big man again. She starred at him for several seconds without speaking or making a move. Finally her eyebrow quirked up again.

The big man hadn't moved a muscle but seemed noticeably paler that he had a minute earlier as he looked at the woman, down to his fallen companions and back to the woman again. "Da lads said I shoulda left yous alone. Looks like dey was right." He turned as if to leave. "Guess I'll be goin'"

In a move faster than Holly thought the big man would be capable of, he wiped around and snapped his arm in the direction of the woman.

Holly saw the woman's hand snap up in a blink and stop a scant inch from her face. Gripped in her fist was a large, cruel looking knife. She slowly lowered the knife without breaking eye contact with the man. The eyebrow quirked again and a small, mocking grin spread on her lips.

Now very pale, the big man turned and bolted. His arms and legs pumping, great coat flapping the man abandoned his partners to save himself.

With a casual grace the woman flipped the knife around and caught it by the tip. Watching the man run for several more seconds she smiled slightly. Finally she whipped her arm around in a smooth movement that sent the knife flying.

Holly could hear the air whistle as the knife streaked towards the big man who was now over a block away. As she watched the big man's retreating back he suddenly dropped heavily onto the sidewalk and rolled into a crumpled heap in the gutter. Holly starred at him wondering if he was going to get up. After a few seconds she realized he wouldn't be getting up ever again.

Somewhere between relief and dread, Holly turned to look at her savior. As she looked at the woman her hands began to shake and she felt light headed. She knew now, without a doubt, that this woman was far more than she appeared to be. This woman was responsible for the feeling of dread that Holly had, not the three men.

With purposeful, deliberate movements the woman pushed back her long hair and smoothed out her clothes. Holly got the impression that every move this woman made had a purpose; there were no pointless gestures or actions. When she looked up at Holly she was completely unruffled and composed as if the actions of the previous minute were an everyday occurrence. She looked more like a woman about to order a drink at an expensive restaurant rather than someone who had just presided over a massacre.

"Well, that was an entertaining little diversion." She gave Holly a quick once over. "Are you ok, my dear?"

"I... I... I..." Holly stammered.

"Excellent." She turned and stepped over the first fallen attacker and stopped by the banister that was now stained a bright crimson. "I would hate to think that a creature as beautiful as you would be damaged by low born gutter trash like these fellows." She gestured at the crumpled body at her feet. "But even gutter trash occasionally has its uses." Turning back to the banister she ran one finger through the blood smeared on the cold stone.

Holly was frozen in place. She wanted to run, to hide, to scream, do anything but she couldn't make her body respond. It was as if she had been turned into a marble statue. She stood helplessly, her arms crossed, clutching her bag over her chest and watched.

The woman's eyes seemed to glaze as she lifted the finger covered with blood to her face. She seemed to study the crimson wetness for a moment before bringing it to her lips and with a sensual slowness, licked it off.

Holly gapped in horror at the display. She tried to scream but her lungs and mouth wouldn't obey, she was still frozen.

Almost as soon as the woman's mouth closed her eyes snapped open and she spat. With a disgusted look she bent down and wiped the remaining blood on the jacket of the fallen attacker and stood. She looked down at the man with a look of contempt for a moment before uttering a single, sharp word. Holly didn't understand the language but by the way it was delivered she was sure it was an insult of some kind.

The woman turned back to Holly and the look of contempt melted away, replaced with a cool smile.

Holly finally managed to find her voice. "What... what..." she stammered as she looked back and forth between the woman and the man on the ground.

"What was wrong with him?" The woman glanced at the body with a sneer. "Everything. Meth, cigarettes, alcohol... a little bit of everything. He was killing himself just as surely as I killed him, only more slowly, more painfully." She looked back up, "But he is of little consequence, he was low born and no one will mourn his passing into the underworld." She took a step closer to Holly. "But you, my dear, are another story."

"Me?" Holly croaked in a terrified little voice. She knew this woman wanted something from her but she had no idea what. With an intense effort of will she managed to take a step backwards.

The woman's smile broadened. "Very good my dear, not many have the strength of will to back away from me when I don't wish it." She seemed to be studying Holly, waiting for her next move.

Holly's muscles trembled as she fought to take another step backwards. Her eyes remained locked on the strange woman's cold, gray eyes as she struggled. Those eyes seemed to be studying her with some odd combination of intense concentration and a growing need. Holly couldn't spare the energy to figure out what the woman would need from her, she just wanted to get away.

Finally after an exhausting battle she managed to take another step back.

"Excellent." The woman's perfect, white teeth gleamed under the streetlights as her smile broadened again. "You are a strong one my dear. Very strong indeed." Walking slowly she closed the distance between them, stopping when her face was just a few inches from Holly's. She placed one perfectly manicured fingertip under Holly's chin and pushed her head up gently so they were staring directly into each other's eyes.

Holly fought with herself, tried to run, to scream, even to turn her head but she was frozen, completely helpless before this woman.

"What's your name, my dear?"

She didn't want to answer but her mouth moved without her even willing it to, "Holly."

"Holly. That such a... sweet... name." She smirked slightly. "And you may call me Anastasia."

The hand slipped around the back of her head and with effortless strength she pulled Holly closer until their noses almost touched. Staring up into the Anastasia's pale gray eyes, Holly suddenly felt as if she was looking into a bottomless pit. The gray irises seemed to be swirling around her like a storm, sucking her in, dragging her deeper. She was falling, down into an unknown darkness; she tried to scream but couldn't make a sound.

She heard Anastasia's voice echoing in her head, "Now my dear, what shall we talk about..."

* * *

With a scream, Holly tried to beat off the horrible things that were covering her, holding her, suffocating her. She thrashed franticly, pulling, kicking, and biting She got her hand free and felt cool air wash over her face as she pulled herself up, pushing away the horrible thing.

She blinked in surprise as the morning sunlight streaming in the window of her bedroom. Disoriented, she looked around, eyes wide, heart pounding. Her bathrobe lay draped over the back of the chair under the window, the book she had been reading sat on the corner of the dresser where she had set it before she climbed into bed; everything was just as it should be. She was sitting in her own bed with her bed sheets tangled around her. It had all been a dream. She breathed a relieved sigh as she sank back into her pillows, trying to calm her racing heart.

Just a dream, but it had seemed so real. She thought of the men surrounding her, her fear and then Anastasia coming and saving her. But then... what? She couldn't remember. She tried to concentrate, to recall the dream but parts of it were already slipping away. With a final shudder she climbed out of bed and headed for the shower.

Forty minutes later she was sitting at the dining room table, working on her laptop while eating a breakfast of toast and orange juice. She opened up the local news website, hoping to find out what the weather was going to be but when the main page opened she stopped. The news on the front page had her stunned and confused.

Three men killed in brutal overnight attack in East Side

With a prickling horror creeping up her spine, she read on.

Police are investigating the brutal slaying of three men overnight. The killings happened on Greensboro Street at sometime shortly after ten P.M. Police were alerted to the killings when a passing driver spotted a man lying on the side of the road. When police arrived they found two additional bodies nearby. Police are not releasing any more details at this point but they have said that all three men do have previous records and are well know to the Police. We will publish updates when they are available.

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