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Deeper Into Cuckoldry


I knelt at the door waiting for my wife to get home from her date with Tom, I had completed my chores; cleaned the house, the car and the garden as well as prepare some drinks for Sarah and her lover. I also made the bed, lit some candles and laid out some lube (even though she never needed it). I was wearing my collar and tight black shorts, with nothing else. My cock was semi erect with excitement and I was a tad nervous, after 5 years into our marriage she found some Cuckold videos on my computer and although initially very upset that I was watching things like that, she quickly took to the idea and began having sex with other guys, despite me telling her it was just a fantasy.

I jolted to attention as I heard keys in the door, it swung open and I glanced up to see them kissing passionately. She was starting to get more daring, what if the neighbours saw? Tom was around 6"2, with a muscular build highlighted by his tight t-shirt, combined with well fitting jeans, an ex football player I think. My wife was wearing a short red dress which accentuated her fantastic figure, ever since she started cuckolding me she worked out more than ever and was in the best shape of her life.

Seeing them together still made my insides sink a bit, I still wasn't used to seeing my wife with other men, but my cock was now fully erect and bulged in my shorts. Sarah lifted her right foot backwards in an effeminate manner, she was wearing large strappy high heels knowing full well that they drove me crazy. I acknowledged the gesture and begun to unstrap her heels whilst Tom's hands wandered over my wife's body, grabbing her perfectly shaped ass. She didn't make it easy for me by moving around but I managed the first and started on the second.

"I can't wait to have your cock inside me." She said seductively.

My stomach knotted further, it still hurt so much to hear her say this to another man, but my cock bulged even harder in my shorts. I managed to untie the second heel and leaned down to plant a kiss on her foot, but she pushed my face away with her sole and lead Tom, by hand, to the sofa across the other side of the living room.

"Fetch us some drinks, quickly, we've been making out for ages and my mouth is dry," she said nonchalantly over her shoulder.

I rushed into the kitchen to bring her favourite freshly squeezed pineapple martini, along with a beer for Tom. Fetching my wife's lover a drink was majorly humiliating and my mind was telling me to call this whole cuckold thing off, to try and restore our marriage to the way it was, but glancing down at my hard cock, i just couldn't do it, despite the pit in my stomach, I was simply too horny.

By the time I returned Sarah had already sat him down on the sofa and pulled off his t-shirt, revealing a very athletic upper body, I thought I was in good shape but he was fantastic, a very large chest and very visible 6-pack. Sarah flashed her head towards me:

"Turn around, Tom doesn't want another man seeing his erect cock, he's a real man you see."

I obliged, turning on my knees to face the wall, although only a metre away from the sofa. I heard my wife planting loud kisses on his body, being very obvious that she wanted me to hear. I heard a zipper, and the removal of his jeans.

"Fuck, your cock his huge!" She giggled

My stomach knotted again, my cock bulged even harder.

I heard more kisses, and judging by the quiet moan that Tom released, she was almost definitely placing them on his cock. The noises she begun to make were incredibly arousing, I heard her licking up and down the shaft, moaning gently in pleasure, I heard her flick her tongue around the tip, almost giggling as she teased him, I heard her start to suck on his head, the soft popping sound driving me crazy. I finally heard her take his cock in her mouth and suck it hungrily, the wet, sloppy sounds and the moans of them both.

After several minutes, she stood, and let her dress fall the ground, revealing her naked body, I could tell by the soft noise of the dress hitting the floor, and then, unmistakably:

"Get that sexy naked body over here right now, I'm going to fuck that sweet, married pussy."

Sarah immediately straddled his cock, and I swore I could hear it slide inside her, she must have been incredibly wet. Her moans were loud and long as he completely filled her, they progressed to shorter sharper moans as she began to ride his cock. I could hear the 'shlick, shlick shlick' of his cock sliding in and out, and then the beautiful sounds of passionate kissing.

Not being able to look was killing me, my favourite part about this was seeing her sexy naked body, of course Sarah knew this, and the teasing was fantastic. I very gently placed my hand against the bulge in my tight shorts and caressed my cock slowly, I was already close to coming so I had to be careful, but I just couldn't resist. I stopped myself just before letting out a moan, I didn't want to interrupt.

"Oh yes, oh yes, it feels so fucking good, I fucking love your cock, fuck me harder, oh god, yes!"

I heard his balls now slapping against Sarah's ass as he penetrated her even harder, even faster, I hardly ever heard her swear, not even during our honeymoon when we used to have sex twice a day.

Not being able to look was just too much, so, suddenly very nervous, I very slowly turned my head, hands shaking in anticipation, still pressed gently against my cock. I nearly came straight away as I saw his hands digging deeply into Sarah's amazing ass, slamming his hips up to meet hers, his face buried in her breasts. Sarah had her eyes closed and her back arched whilst holding onto Toms muscled thighs for support. Her body started to shake...

"I'm coming, oh my god, keep going, keep going, I'm coming!" Her voice almost ended up in a scream as she convulsed and had the biggest orgasm of her life, the sight was amazing and I simply could not take my eyes off her as she dug her nails into his back, slammed her mouth into his, and continued shaking with pleasure.

Eventually her screams slowly grew quieter and she melted in his arms, and after a minute of catching their breath, she glanced across and looked me straight in the eyes, caching me red handed, her face turning into an instant frown. I panicked and quickly turned back around, hearing Sarah get up from the sofa.

"Crawl over here, now." Her voice was very stern, and my stomach was still churning and panicking.

I obliged and crawled towards her, face to the ground, until I was looking at her toes whilst she stood over me.

"I thought I told you not to watch?" She sounded so angry, I'd never witnessed her being like this before, she sounded so different, so dominant, all I could think was how terrible it was for me to disobey her.The past few encounters with different bulls hadn't really involved ordering me around, just watching. I felt like something had changed right at that moment.

"I'm sorry." Came my quiet, meek reply.

She pushed me with her foot, "Lie on your back, you wanted to watch, now you can get a proper view."

I fell to my back and Sarah kneeled over me in the 69 position, her face was so close to my erection, but I knew it wasn't going to be touched. Her soaking wet pussy was only inches away from my face as she gestured to Tom, I couldn't really make out what was happening, until Toms cock completely filled my vision as it pressed against my wife's soaking pussy lips. He was kneeling behind her, in doggy position, with my wife kneeling over me in a 69. My entire vision was filled with the huge, thick head of his cock, now glistening with her juices as it slowly slid inside her.

"Tom your dick feels so amazing inside of me, please fuck me on top of my wimp husband." Sarah moaned loudly and I felt her warm breath on my cock, I would've given anything in the world for her to take my cock out and suck it dry, but just having her there, humiliating my like this, making me feel like a complete bitch, with a stranger fucking my wife inches from my face, it was truly amazing.

I watched her lips spread wide to accommodate his girth, as it did a thick drop of her juice dropped onto my lip and I licked it hungrily, god I loved the taste of her. Before I could think, Tom started thrusting faster and faster, grabbing her ass and fucking her from behind, more and more drips of her wetness splashed across my face and I had to work hard not to come.

"Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!" She was almost whimpering in pleasure with the relentless thrusting, the guy was a goddam stallion. At long last Sarah began to shake and scream once more, bucking off his cock as she had another hugely intense orgasm, her pussy dribbled a thin stream onto my accepting face before he slammed his cock back inside and fucked her even harder, Sarahs moans redoubled, not dying down after the orgasm. I head a sharp 'thwack' as Tom slapped her ass passionately, receiving a cry of pleasure from Sarah.

After several more minutes of this animalistic session, Tom finally reached orgasm, he thrust completely inside her, balls pressing against her and released a loud, deep groan. I saw his cock convulse 8 or 9 times as he pumped a huge load into her pussy. It was truly one of the most wonderful sights I had seen. Sarah's moans subsided slowly and she kept the cock inside as they both caught their breath. To my instant excitement sarah pulled down my shorts, still in the same position and released my desperately hard cock, much smaller than Toms, especially from the angle I was looking.

"Now, my bitch-hubby, this time you will do exactly as I say, open your mouth and keep it open."

Slightly confused, I complied and opened wide, Tom pulled out and Sarah lowered her pussy onto my face, on the way down something warm, sticky and salty was dripping into my mouth. It took me a moment to realise, it was Tom's cum! My heart almost stopped and I panicked, there's no way I was going to do this, but abruptly interrupting my mental protests, her soaking pussy pressed against my mouth and Sarah simultaneously grabbed my cock and pumped furiously. My mouth instinctively opened wider to release a muffled groan as an intoxicating mixture of my wife and lovers juices filled my mouth, I couldn't believe what a huge amount of cum was filling my mouth, at one point it overflowed and some dribbled out of the edges of my lips.

After only around 10 seconds of pumping my body started to shake and I had the best orgasm of my entire life, I was firing shot after shot onto my chest, and in the excitement I began to lick, lap and hungrily suck the remaining thick load, the mixture of tastes, humiliation and pleasure almost sent me dizzy, I felt truly exhilarated.

As the orgasm died down I was still licking and sucking at Sarah's pussy, and felt a pang as she lifted herself from me to sit back on the sofa with Tom, place her head in his lap and gently kissed and licked his now semi-erect cock.

"I can't believe I ever had sex with that little cock." She said to Tom, in between the licks and kisses. "Yours is just so much bigger, so much wider, so much tastier."

The words still hurt a bit, but I could tell after the previous moment, something had changed, this was the third man she had fucked since finding my cuckold porn stash, but we were still having sex often. Now though, something about her demeanor told me that was going to change. She continued to lick, kiss and adore his cock whilst I simply lay there, chest covered in my own cum. Sarah glanced down towards me;

"You know that your cock, or your cum is never going to get close to my lips again, ever. And, considering you were such a little cuckold bitch and enjoyed slurping up my boyfriends' cum so much, I'm sure you'd enjoy a little more..."

My confusion was answered as she dangled her leg from the sofa and pressed a foot into the pools of cum on my chest, smothering it around, before lifting her now glistening sole above my face

"Lick, cum slut."

I could no longer even think, I just did exactly as she ordered, it just felt so right to be doing everything Sarah said, being her cuckold slave was my destiny. So I stuck out my tongue and lapped the sticky, salty cum from her feet. It didn't taste as nice as Toms', I caught myself thinking. She proceeded to rub her feet over my chest and forced me to lick the cum from her soles, which I was now doing happily. I ignored Tom's voice in the background, he must've been on the phone or something, and continued to swallow my entire load. Of course, my cock was now rock hard again.

Sarah got off the sofa and knelt between Tom's widely spread legs and resumed her worshipping, I couldn't believe how much she was enjoying his cock, although it did look pretty magnificent, a full 8 inches, thick, and coated with a mixture of saliva and pussy juice.

"Make yourself useful, and start llicking my ass, I want it nice and lubed for this giant cock."

I of course obeyed immediately and knelt behind Sarah, burying my face into her perfect behind, I only faintly registered that I was 'lubing it up', I often licked her ass when going down on her, but we never even broached the idea of anal. My tongued flicked around her hole and bathed it in my saliva, although all I could hear was Sarah giving one hell of a sloppy blowjob, of course he was now fully erect. She reached around to me with a spare hand and pressed my face deeper into her asshole, the slightly musky scent mixed with the humiliation sent my cock throbbing once again.

We spent around 10 minutes like this until I heard a knock at the door, my insides started to twist and I panicked internally, as much as I was enjoying this experience, I still didn't want anyone to know. Sarah jumped up and almost skipped towards the door in excitement, I glanced across and saw her open the door and wrap her arms around another guy who I recognised, he was around 6"3, very muscular and black, it was our neighbour Karl! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Sarah lead him across to the sofa and sat him down.

"Thanks for calling me up Tom." Karl said. "I always suspected she would be a slutwife."

"You just wait, she's one hell of a horny slut." Tom replied.

Confirming the comment, Sarah was ripping off Karl's clothes, until he was very quickly naked, his body was incredible, massive muscles and a major 6-pack. His cock already looked around 8 inches long and it wasn't fully hard yet! She knelt between Karls legs and almost devoured his cock, sending it deep into her throat, she then spat on her hand and started to jerk off Tom a the same time.

Before long she was kneeling on the sofa, deepthroating Tom's cock with Karl fucking her doggy style, a true double teaming. The noises she was making were primal moans of pleasure, mixed with the slight gargling due to having a mouth full.

"Oh my god, I've never been fucked so good in my life, fill my holes, fuck me harder, please, oh god, I'm coming already, I'm coming!" Her body started shaking as she almost screamed into Toms cock, mine was rock hard and pointing at me, but I didn't touch myself, I would be good this time. They didn't stop their thrusting as she orgasmed, they continue even harder and faster, pushing her into deeper realms of pleasure.

Karl pulled out and grabbed sarah by the waist, and using his strength he picked her up and spun her round so that she was now facing his cock, and without a moments' hesitation she began lapping at his balls and pumping his shaft frantically, almost whimpering with arousal.

"Hey, bitch." Tom called over to me. "Get over here and lube your slut wife's ass again."

I immediately crawled over and started lapping her asshole once more, getting it nice and slippery once again, I was so excited about the prospect of him taking her anal virginity. But, before 10 seconds had even passed, and to my dismay, Sarah grabbed my hair and pushed me out of the way, saying something something incomprehensible due to her full mouth. Tom took the invite and pressed his cock against her tight asshole, I had the perfect viewpoint to see it stretch and wrap tightly around his cock, causing a slightly painful noise to come from sarah, but after a couple of moments she visibly relaxed, and his cock slipped deep inside. Tom begun to thrust slowly, but Sarah started rocking back onto his cock.

"What are you waiting for," She was gasping for breath. "Start fucking my sweet asshole harder!" Tom took no more encouragement and started to meet her rocking halfway, his balls slapping against her cheeks, The only problem was Sarah's foot, it was dangling over the edge of the sofa meaning she didn't have a solid object to push off against;

"Hey bitch," she said, "Put your face against my foot,".

I complied and pressed my face against her soft sole and she pushed into it, using it in order to rock back even harder against the cock. It hurt but I took it quietly, anything to help her get off, plus the humiliation of it caused my throbbing to increase even more.

"I want you to cum in my ass," She begged Tom. "Please, I want your sweet cum inside me."

Within seconds Tom had a second huge orgasm and emptied squirt after squirt into her, to the sounds of my wifes' enjoyment.

"Oh that feels so good, fill my ass, your cum feels so good, I love your fucking cock so much!"

Tom spent a moment catching his breath and then gave her ass a nice big slap, before finally pulling out.

"Hubby bitch!" She was almost shouting at me, "You know what to do."

I knew exactly what to do. I begun to lap at her cum filled asshole while she continued to suck Karl's cock harder and harder, I started by licking the cum that had started dribbling down towards her pussy, before sliding my tongue up to the overflowing ass, despite the unpleasant taste, the moment was exhilarating, this was true humiliation. I licked and licked and licked, moving my tongue deeper into her ass to clean it all up, I even started to suck out the remaining amount, I truly couldn't believe how much cum Tom could have left after the first orgasm and heard the door open and close, he was finished with her for tonight.

Karl begun to groan loudly and Sarah responded by completely deepthroating him and fondling his balls at the same time, truly serving his cock. His orgasm lasted for ages and I saw her swallow again, and again, and again, such was the size of his load. I felt a slight pang at not being able to be the clean up guy, but Sarah looked like she enjoyed it much more than me. She sat him down and spent the next 10 minutes slowly kissing, licking, and gently massaging his cock, giving him a fantastic comedown as he recovered from the intense fucking he just gave her.

Eventually, without even looking my way, he left. Sarah collapsed on the sofa, and absentmindedly stroked her inevitably sore pussy. I crawled towards her.

"Please, may I come now too?" I begged.

It took her a moment for her to break out of the trance. "Fuck no, the only time you're going to ever be allowed to cum again is when I say so, and with one of my boyfriends' loads in your mouth. And trust me, you're going to have to really work hard to earn it from now on, because I fucking love the taste of it. Now make your bitch-ass useful and clean this place up."

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