tagGroup SexDefinitely Not a Nightmare

Definitely Not a Nightmare


Was it just a dream or did that evening actually happen?

I parked my car at the foot of the drive and walked up the slope. The house was set well back from the road and had a dark, foreboding appearance. Slightly nervously I rang the bell. I heard it ring deep in the heart of the house but almost immediately the door was opened by what was obviously some kind of manservant.

Before I could even say I'd come to deliver some leaflets he said, "Welcome, sir. You must be the man for this evening."

"Well, no. Actually, I've come to deliver some leaflets," I protested.

"They all say that, sir," the man intoned in a deadpan, almost bored voice. "Come in," and then more hurriedly, "Come in, come in, they'll have heard the bell and will be wondering what I'm doing with you."

I stepped inside and immediately smelt a warm, exotic fragrance. I couldn't place it exactly but it reminded me of tropical nights and desert islands, hot and sweet. The man took my coat and turning, said, "Go through that door, sir. They're expecting you."

They, whoever 'they' were, obviously had me mixed up with someone else but I thought I should perhaps explain that directly to them and not to the manservant. I stepped through the door into a large, open room with a double height ceiling. On one wall a bright log fire was burning in a stone fireplace. The lights were turned down fairly low while around the room a number of candles burned adding their flickering light to the warm ambience. Scattered around the large room were four deep, soft couches while set right in the middle of room looking incongruously out of place, was a solitary dining chair.

Although I took all this on board in a glance, my attention was completely distracted by the occupants. Four beautiful, blonde girls all in their late twenties or early thirties lay or sat, one to each couch dressed in what I could only describe as flimsy gauze dresses. Their hair was piled up on top of their heads from where it fell it layers of ringlets about their shoulders. I could see that the top parts of their dresses were virtually transparent and through which their bra-less breasts were clearly visible. I caught my breath and wondered whether I had stepped into a dream.

Apparently not, for the girl nearest to me, rose and said, "Welcome, Tom. You are the man."

"But," I stuttered, "I've only come to deliver some leaflets." And how did she know my name?

"Oh, they all say that. Actually, I get quite bored with it, don't you? Will you take a drink?" It was an odd way to ask the question, but I nodded.

"Champagne? Of course, what else could we drink on a night like this?" One of the other girls rose and walked across to a side table where stood an ice bucket with a bottle of Champagne cooling inside it. She took the bottle out and poured me a glass. As she walked over to me I could see her breasts swaying under the flimsy material. She smiled at me. "Do you like this?" I wasn't sure if she meant her or the Champagne and she twirled in front of me before swaying her hips as she walked back to her couch.

"I think some introductions are in order," the first girl said. "I'm Chloe, this is Cleo, we're twins. And over there, that is Chrissie and Cassie, they're also twins but, as you may perhaps make out, not identical. I looked across at the other two and saw immediately what Chloe meant, for although all four girls had curvy girly figures Chrissie was easily the curviest, girliest of all of them. In fact, her large breasts were straining at the thin material as though trying to burst free.

I felt overwhelmed. It looked as though I had been expected by these four near-naked and beautiful girls, but how? Why? What was happening here?

Sensing my confusion, Chloe said, "Don't worry Tom. We know you are the man tonight and we're looking forward to this." I was wondering what 'this' was when Chloe spoke again. "Now, you must prepare. Chrissie and Cassie take him through, would you, please?

The two girls rose gracefully and walked over to me. I could hardly take my eyes of Chrissies' breasts bulging hard against the gauzy material of her dress. I saw now that the dresses' transparency faded around their waists so I could not see through them below the waist. All four girls had plunging deep cut necklines while a belt cinched in their waists giving them a deliciously sexy top heavy look, especially Chrissie.

They each took one of my hands and led me through to a door that opened off the main room. "This is where we are going to get you ready for what is to come," Cassie said as she turned and closed the door behind us. This room too, was fragrantly scented but with more masculine notes - I could smell sandalwood and cinnamon among the spices and there were sharper citrus notes, as well. The room was what is called a wet-room. A shower but with no shower stall, rather the whole room is the stall and the water just drains away from the tiled floor. "Listen," I began. "I think there's some dreadful mistake. I only came to deliver some leaflets."

''That's what they all say. Your name is Tom, isn't it?" Asked Cassie. "And you did come here tonight of your own free will?" I nodded. "Then there is no mistake. You are the man." That phrase again, I thought, it must mean something.

Chrissie, started to unbutton my shirt rubbing her hands over my bare chest. "Mmmm," she said. "Nice," before she removed it completely. Gradually the rest of my clothes followed, adding to the small pile on the floor.

Only my boxers were left when Cassie moved in behind me rubbing her

breasts against my back before pushing my boxers to the floor. "Oh, nice, very nice," murmured Chrissie in front of me as my cock appeared. "I think that will do very well, don't you sister, dear?"

Cassie looked round my now naked body. "Oh yes. Very well indeed, I should say."

Chrissie stood up and loosening her belt she shrugged her shoulders. The flimsy scrap of her dress dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. Underneath she was naked. Totally, butt naked. Her large, heavy breasts sat high on her chest each tipped with a hardening nipple while between her legs there was no trace of a bush to be seen. She was smooth and bare as the day she was born.

She walked over to the shower and flicked it on. "Come," she said, "We are to bathe you." This was simply getting better and better and she had said 'we'. I turned to look at Cassie who was stepping out of her dress. She too, was naked, and she too, was completely shaved. Holding my hand we walked into the shower area where the water was already cascading over Chrissie's body.

She laughed and held out her hand. "Come on, it's lovely, You'll enjoy this especially the last part." Wondering what on earth that meant I allowed myself to be led under the tumbling shower. The girls took a thick syrupy liquid from one of the range of jars on the shelf behind the shower and proceeded to smooth it onto my body. On my chest and back, down my arms and legs their soft gentle hands massaged me. No part of my body was left untouched except my cock all eight inches of which not surprisingly, was now rock hard.

They rinsed me off, washing the soap from my body until it gleamed smoothly clean in the lights. Chrissie then produced a razor and said, "Now I have one more thing to do. Just stand very still while I shave you." Having lathered up my balls and cock she proceeded to shave me expertly. Smooth, gently curving strokes ensured that no part of my groin was missed nor was there a single nick from the sharp blade. The whole area tingled with freshness and now that I had been shaved my cock seemed larger than ever- not that it was small to begin with. It's around eight inches fully hard but you could now see every one of those eight inches as it stood out throbbing proudly in front of me.

Chrissie looked up. "There," she said. "You are nearly ready, just one more thing to do." She took down the largest jar from the shelf and handed it to Cassie who removed the top. Chrissie delved a hand into it and brought out a dark, treacle-like substance. "This will have a remarkable effect on you. You will feel like you will stay hard forever and come as many times as you wish, but don't worry, this lasts for 18 hours after which everything will be normal again."

So saying she smeared the dark substance around my cock and balls. It felt cool at first and then it rapidly became warmer, heating me through and through before Chrissie turned the shower on me to wash the remainder off. The whole area around my groin now felt fantastic. My cock had seemed to grow even more after Chrissie had rubbed the dark cream into it and it jutted out in front of me. It seemed as though my whole being was concentrated in that one area - my jutting cock.

The girls dried me with thick soft towels and then themselves. Cassie handed me a silk bathrobe which although I tied the belt tightly around me was still tented out in the front from my rigid cock. The girls stepped back into their dresses but did them up only loosely. We walked back into the main room to find both Chloe and Cleo, the identical twins, on the same couch. Cleo was lying on her back with her head resting on Chloe's lap. Meanwhile, Chloe's hand was inside Cleo's dress and was gently stroking her breasts while the hard nipples on both girls showed that they were becoming aroused.

I had begun to get the feeling that I was in for a very good time. It certainly looked like sex was going to be on offer- whether with all four girls or just one or two, frankly I didn't care. Four would be best but one or two would certainly do.

Cassie and Chrissie led me to the centre of the room. "He is ready. Ready for us to pleasure and be pleasured by him in turn," Cassie announced.

"Good, said Chloe. "Remove his robe so that we may see if you have prepared him properly." Chrissie undid the belt of my robe and from behind me Cassie removed it. I was now standing nakedly rampant among four girls who were looking at one part of my body only. "Yes," pronounced Chloe. "You have done well. I can see that you have used our special cream. Looking at him I say that he is ready."

Cleo stood up and undoing her belt, she dropped her dress to the floor. Like the others she was naked underneath it. And like the others her pussy mound was shaved. As if on cue, Cassie and Chrissie dropped their dresses and stepped out of them. Now we were all naked except Chloe who seemed to be in charge of the amazing scene.

"Let us begin," Chloe said. "Cleo will have him first." Cleo came over to me and pressing her naked body against me she kissed me full on the mouth her tongue snaking in while her shaved mound was pressed hard against my rigid erection. She pushed my cock down between her legs and rubbed her pussy lips back and forward against it.

After a few moments of this she dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around my cock. She started to jerk it but real slow while studying it intently. She looked up at me. "It's very large, isn't it? Much bigger than the ones we normally have here." She inserted the tip into her mouth and started to suck on it. Gradually she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth until it was all the way inside. I could feel the back of her throat as she continued to suck me before she relented and pulled it out of her mouth.

"Oh yes," she breathed. "You have a big, strong penis but now I need you to make me fully ready to take you inside me." She rocked back on her heels and moved on to the couch where she lay down. I moved forward as she opened her legs to give my tongue and fingers access to her pussy.

I licked slowly up her slit and then on to her clit causing her to moan softly. Deep inside her pussy my fingers were playing on the sensitive front wall. "Oh yes, Tom. Ohh, Tom, that feels really good. I can feel your fingers inside me and your tongue arousing me. I will be ready to take you soon, very soon."

A moment later, she pulled my head up from between her legs. "Take me," she whispered. "I want you to mount me now!" I moved up her body lodging my rock hard cock at the now-wet entrance to her pussy. She took hold of it and started to push it into herself. "Oh yes," she said, half to herself. "Oh yes, this is big. Come on Tom, take me, take this hot tight vagina of mine. I want you to pump your big penis into my tight vagina until you ejaculate inside me, filling me with your hot sperm!"

I remember thinking the language was odd - slightly formal, even technical, given the circumstances, but I sure wasn't going to complain. Sliding my cock into this gorgeous girl's tight pussy with the others looking on was going to have me coming really quickly, or so I thought.

"Oh yes, Tom! Yes! Oh take me! Yes! Yes! Take your pleasure with me! Fill me up, Tom, fill me up!" Cleo was banging back at me each time I thrust my cock into her, driving herself down on my rampant rod, fucking me just as much as I was fucking her. Neither of us was going to last long like this. "Oh Tom! Ohh yes! Fuck me harder! Yes, really ram it into my vagina! Oh yesss! Yessss! oh fuck, I'm coming! Yessir, coming!" As she came I felt my spunk rise up my shaft with that wonderful feeling of inevitability, before spewing out into her pussy.

I pumped shot after shot into her as I ejaculated my heavy load into her convulsing pussy. She felt each one- "Yes, oh yes! I can feel you coming inside me! Filling me up! Ohhh yes!"

Gradually we calmed and slowly I pulled what I expected to be my softening cock out of her. Only it wasn't. Softening, that is. That didn't even look or feel to be on the agenda. My rod was still as hard as when I had penetrated her despite having just fucked her to orgasm - hers and mine. Even the tip didn't feel supersensitive as it always does for a few minutes after I've come.

"Cassie," Chloe said. "It is now your time to have him. He is ready to take you, to thrust his penis deep inside your vagina, I think." Again that odd phraseology. But Cassie was otherwise occupied. Unseen by me Cassie and Chrissie had been getting it on themselves. On the couch directly opposite me they were in a classic 69 with Cassie on top, her gorgeous round tits hanging down as she fucked her sister with her tongue.

Her ass was up in the air and as Chloe wanted me to fuck her next, what else could I do? I knelt down behind Cassie and slowly fed my hard cock between her gorgeous ass cheeks until it came up against her pussy entrance. I felt a hand, I wasn't sure if it was Chrissie or Cassie and anyway it didn't matter, that took hold of my cock and fed it into Cassie's pussy. As I penetrated her, pushing in and then withdrawing before getting it all the way in, I felt a tongue lick my recently shaved balls.

Chrissie! Oh, but that felt good. Fucking one girl while having my balls licked by another. Cassie had obviously already been well on the way to orgasm because she really got into it quickly, pushing back at me and moaning loudly every time I pushed forward. Soon her moans and groans were almost continuous as I pumped her faster and faster. She could hardly speak as her face was still buried in her sister's pussy and which she continued to fuck with her tongue while I fucked her pussy and Chrissie licked my balls.

Although I'd come less than 10 minutes ago I could feel my spunk start to rise up my shaft again before bursting out into Cassie's cunt. "Oh I can feel him coming! Yes! And me! Yessss! Oh yes, yes, yes!" I felt her cunt convulse around me, milking my cock of its second load of come that evening. God, it felt so fucking good as I pulled out of her, still hard and still not super-sensitive. I felt ready to fuck another of the girls immediately. I didn't know what was happening here but whatever it was I was determined to take full advantage of it.

Cassie had rolled off Chrissie leaving me facing Chrissie's pussy in a 69. Her mouth had already taken the tip of my cock in and she was sucking gently on me. I dipped my head between her legs to find her soft pussy lips. I licked them slowly tasting her sweet honeyed juices that were leaking slowly from her crack.

Pulling her mouth from my cock I heard her say quietly, "I want you to take me like you took my sister. From behind. It just looked so sexy from underneath her watching you have her, watching your penis driving in and out of her vagina and then seeing you ejaculate in her. It was awesome, just awesome."

Never one to disappoint a lady I lifted my body from hers, rolled her over and pulled her ass up by her hips to where my cock waited to penetrate her. I slid it forward and into her causing a groan of satisfaction. "Ah yes, Tom. Get that big penis into me," she whispered. "Get it tight in my vagina, now. I want to feel you fuck me real hard and real deep."

With my cock still as hard as when I began this was a request I could easily comply with. I rapidly got into a rhythm stroking my cock in and out of her cunt, gradually building the speed until the wet slap of flesh on flesh echoed around the room. I reached around to take hold of her wonderful tits massaging them gently with my fingers and playing with her hard nipples.

Cassie was now lying back on the opposite couch, where Chloe was stroking her body concentrating on her breasts. Chloe bent her head and started to kiss them until Cassie nudged her to look at what was happening to Chrissie who I was now fucking hard and deep. Chloe got up off the couch and moved over to where I was fucking her friend. I felt a finger at my ass hole. It had to be Chloe. I turned to look at her. She smiled. "I think you'll like this," she said and slowly inserted a finger into my ass as I continued to fuck Chrissie.

Once her finger was inside me she turned her hand and started to stroke my prostate. Wow! In seconds I felt myself start to come, launching into what felt like the biggest orgasm I ever had. Shot after shot erupted into Chrissie's tight pussy setting her off on her orgasm, as well. She pushed back hard against me as she came, forcing my cock deeper into her than ever and ensuring that my come lodged as deep as possible in her.

Unlike her sister, Chrissie did not cry out or yell as she came, much to my disappointment. But come she most certainly did for I felt her juices gush out from her pussy coating my groin in her slippery come. I was still gently stroking in and out for a few moments as Chloe pulled her finger out of my ass. "You liked that, didn't you? Liked having my finger up your ass, stroking your prostate." I nodded, panting hard as I finally pulled out of Chrissie's wet hole.

I looked down at my cock. Still hard. Still ready for more. This was just amazing. I didn't know what was in that cream but it had the most amazing effect for apart from just keeping me hard it also seemed that I had just as much come when I fucked Chrissie as when I had first shot a load in Cleo.

Meanwhile, there was one lady left. One lady that I had not yet fucked and who I very much wanted to. That was Chloe, of course. She was standing behind me, hand on hips with a raised eyebrow. Her cool blue eyes looked at me straight. "Are you ready, yet? Having watched you fuck my sister and my friends, I certainly am. In fact, I'm more than ready to take you inside me."

She moved back towards the chair in the middle of the room. Cleo moved in beside her and undid the belt on her dress. Unlike the others, which didn't open at the front, hers did and it fell open revealing her gleaming shaved pussy. The dress still clung to her breasts as she stood beside the upright chair. "Now, come here Tom. This is how I like to take my first pleasure with a man." I moved over to her and she took my hands and turned me so that my back was to the chair. "Now sit and lean back," she said quietly. "So that I can impale myself on your penis." She parted her legs and seductively rubbed the fingers of one hand across her clit.

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