Deja Vu


This is a work of science-fiction in a general sense, and is not possible at all. All characters are made up, and are not based on any real persons dead or alive. All characters are of appropriate age in the story context. If this time of story is offensive to you please do not read it.


John was a special child growing up. He had always felt that he may have had ESP or something close to it. He always had this sense that he had been to places that he never been to before, and meet people without having actually having meet them until he encountered these things later in life. His mother always said that it was déjà vu, or the feeling that you have seen something before.

John wanted to learn more about this déjà vu he had so he went to college where he learned about psychology, meta-psychology, and para-psychology. Along the way he also picked up training in hypnosis. What John was fascinated with most was Jung's theory of the collective unconscious. From the collective unconscious we get ideas like universal archetypes and primal fears. John seemed to think that it went further than that; that the idea of déjà vu was related to the collective unconscious and that it could be tapped and explored. That was exactly John's plan in life was to explore the collective unconscious.

John was able to secure himself a tenured professor position at a local college. He was given a grant to set up a sleep lab in the basement of one of the lesser used buildings on campus. John liked it because the stairwell was covered by brick and ivy which made it difficult to see people coming and going up and down the stairs. Plus it was in an area of campus where the foot traffic was minimal, so he could be left alone in peace to do his research.

John had been working for over a year without much success in terms of accessing the collective unconscious, but one night he decided to try something different. He put himself into a self-induced hypnotic trance and was able to give himself direction as to his level in the dreamscape as John described it. He was able to command himself into a lucid dreaming state, whereby he would be able to control his dreamscape. It almost had a quality of astral projection which was something that John had learned about. For the first time John noticed something. First he noticed that he was able to control his dream, second he was able to fully manipulate the environment in which he was in, and lastly he noticed various specks of light. These specks of light were like stars in terms of brightness and intensity, but unlike stars these specks of light were close by at ground level.

John became curious so he headed toward the closest speck which happened to be the dimmest light. As he approached it he felt strange in that he was sensing that someone else was nearby. As he touched the light he felt the presence of another person. It was difficult to tell much about the person but he got the sense that this person was a male. John had to push his mind toward and into the light to learn more about this person. It seemed that this was one of the campus students.

Excited about his find he wanted to run an experiment so he found a bright light and approached it. This time he got a totally different experience. He did not have to work as hard to find out about this person, and in fact he seemed to be drawn into the light. People can be either easy to hypnotize or difficult, so John reasoned that the brighter lights meant a person more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion than the dimmer lights. As John allowed himself to be drawn toward then eventually into the light he instantly became overwhelmed with the thoughts and feelings of a young girl, woman in fact. It seems that John was at some level in the mind of one of the collage co-eds.

He could sense that she was dreaming of something so he decided to see if he could access her dreams. With a little push he found her laying in a pile of leaves, enjoying the sun lightly playing across her pure snow white skin. There was a slight breeze which not only gently blew her long blonde hair playfully across her face, but also made her nipples erect. John was able to hide behind a tree. He was eager to see how much control he had over her. Trying to use the breeze to his advantage he was able to call out to her unconscious mind. She did not startle and in fact she continued to lay amongst the leaves, believing it was just the wind talking to her.

John planted a suggestion that she was relaxed, but very horny and that she was to play with her breasts. Slowly she lifted first her right hand to her left breast and played with it. She massaged her breast slowly occasionally pulling on her nipple. She let out a small moan of pleasure. She toyed with her breast until John suggested that she put her left hand down her shorts. She showed very little resistance to the suggestion and her left hand glided under the band of her shorts and panties. John could see that she was fingering herself slowly and felt something strange. He could feel her body's physical reactions to this all. He felt her heart start to race and flutter, and her felt her pussy start to get wet. This excited John and he wanted to feel more. He suggested that she bring herself off as fast as she could.

With the command in place the dream-self of the girl was a blur of sexual energy. Her hands were franticly frigging her now enflamed pussy. She was shoving two fingers deep into her vagina, trying to reach her sacred G-spot. John was now sensing that the girl's arms were actively moving. He felt that they were both on her mons and were stroking quickly. John tried to reach out to her right arm and found he was able to move it so he brought it up to her lips to lick off her juices. He used the right hand to tickle the rosebud of her asshole. When he inserted only the tip of her finger he felt her experience a mind shattering orgasm. He felt her pussy contract multiple times around her fingers, and felt her moan.

After she calmed down from her little death, John let her be but accessed her memories instead. What he found interesting was that she was interested in taking his class, and thought about adding it. John backed out of her mind and headed back to his own speck of light. John woke with a satisfied feeling of just having had sex, while not actually having it. Before he went home for the rest of the night he had to prepare the lab for tomorrow night.

The next morning John woke up, took a shower, shaved his pubic hair, got dressed, and ate breakfast. His first class of the day was at 10:00am and he started to head toward his office to pick up his lecture materials. On his way toward the classroom he bumped into the girl. "Excuse me, I am so clumsy that I did not see you there. Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine, Mr.?"

"Professor Anderson, Professor John Anderson."

"Have we met before? Because I could swear that I have seen you before somewhere."

"Well I do walk around campus a lot, maybe it was there?"

"No not here, somewhere else, it's as if almost in a dream."

"A good dream I hope." Thinking to himself that it was a highly sexual dream, "What you just explained is sometimes called déjà vu. I am something of a expert on that subject."

"I was thinking of adding your course, is it too late?"

"No it isn't Ms.?"

"Sarah Lamb. Cool, I get the necessary paperwork to you before class starts. Thanks Professor." She waved goodbye, turned and with a whirl of her skirt showed John her pink panties, as she bounded off toward the registers office.

"As we enter into any hypnotic state our body is capable of responding to verbal commands. It is at this level that we are able to suggest changes in a person's behavior. This is used in cases of such bad habits as over-eating, smoking, and tardiness!." With an emphasis on tardiness as Sarah walked into the lecture late and found that the only desk available was in the front row. As she sat down she was uncomfortably aware that her panties were showing, being seen by the professor, and were quickly getting wet. Sarah was not sure why she was getting aroused; maybe it had something to do with her dream last night.

"Sarah can I see you for a moment?"

"I'm sorry I was late coming to class earlier. I had a difficult time adding the class."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Nope I'm good. Is that all professor? I have another class to get to."

"I was just curious if your mother was coming to visit you since it is mother's weekend?"

"Yeah she is, in fact she is already here and staying with me in my dormroom."

"Well I hope you two have a fun weekend then."

"Thanks Professor we will." Again she whirled around and showed her panties as she headed out the door. This time though she turned her head back to look at John staring at her panties and he swore that she winked at him.

"Well time to have fun with Sarah and perhaps her mother." John was prepping the lab for tonight's experiment. He had set up a couple of cameras on tripods as various angels, and at different zoom levels as well. The stripped out of his clothes, laid down on the twin bed, and self-induced himself. This time John found it easier to enter into the dreamscape, and was better able to control the environment. It did not take him long to find Sarah's speck of light, and interestingly next to it was just as he had hoped was another bright speck of light. John previously speculated that a person's ego strength or will, was an inheritable trait, and thereby making Sarah's mother also highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion and control.

John entered Sarah's light. He found her again laying down amongst the leaves, but this time he whispered on the breeze for her to go to sleep. In fact he put in the command that she enter into a very deep sleep one from which only he could awaken her. Once that was down John started to take command of Sarah's body. He found that to control the whole body was difficult, and in fact it felt very sluggish almost as if she was sleep walking. He slowly started to make his way over to his lab with her body. He made sure no one was looking before her walked her down the stairs to the sleep lab. She opened the door and walked in.

John was excited and scared at the same time. He wondered what it would be like to have sex with himself while in someone else's body. Well no time like the present. He slowly removed Sarah's clothes, and when he removed her panties he placed them over his body's nose. John brought Sarah to the side of the bed and sat down. He reached out and started to stroke his penis with her right hand. Slowly at first just to help him get coordinated, but then he eventually picked up the pace. Because he was not sure of his body's reaction to sexual stimulation without his soul being in his body, he took a Viagra and a Cialis just to be on the safe side.

John's stroking was quickly rewarded and he had himself hard in moments. He bent over and tentatively placed her tongue on his penis. He started to wonder if this made him gay, or at least bi, but then again he was having sex with a woman just only from the other side. John couldn't take it any longer he sucked his dick into her mouth and found that she was an expert cock sucking. Before he realized it he had all of his dick down her throat and was pumping franticly. John noticed something interesting even though his spirit was not within his own body his brain's primitive/animal area was taking over and John could hear his body grunt and groan and make thrusting motions.

After a few minutes of deep throating himself, John straddled himself, and he lowered Sarah's body onto his big cock. When he did he felt a sharp pain in her pussy. When he looked down he started to see blood run down his dick. "Oh my god! She's a virgin! I knew that this would be interesting." John started to fuck himself silly using Sarah's body as a fuck toy. Up and down, up and down her went. John's body was grunting and groaning, and occasionally thrusting back. There was no other moments from John's body. John started to feel an orgasm build in Sarah's body. He kept up the fucking pace. He started to moan using her voice, a voice that was being captured on multiple video tapes for later use.

"Oh my god this feels so good, I'm going to make myself cum on both sides, this is what heaven must feel like. Oh, oh, oh! Grrrrrrrr!" John was highly enjoying fucking himself when it occurred to him that he was not using any protection, and did not feel that Sarah was on the pill. He started to get worried, but that quickly faded when he hear his body growl out load, then pump loads of pent up sperm deep into Sarah's potentially fertile womb. "Oh yes that's it make me cum, cum in my cunt and give me your baby making man juice." That was for show on the camera. At this point John did not care if he knocked her up, and in fact he thought that this was how it had to be with all the women that he will do this too and with. In fact Sarah's mom will be here with her all weekend long. I think I'll try her next after I dump another load into this cum dumpster.

John got off his dick only long enough to stick it up Sarah's ass. "Oh fuck this hurts!" He went slow to avoid feeling the pain. Eventually it started to feel better and he started to build up a nice tempo. John played with Sarah's breasts and felt the weight of them in his hands. He pinched and pulled her nipples, and was even able to use her tongue on her nipples. John was building Sarah up for another orgasm, when he heard himself start to grunt more loudly. He knew what this meant. With a audible pop the dick came out of Sarah's ass and was instantly reinserted into her waiting sloppy pussy. It only took a few strokes before John and Sarah were both orgasming together. John could feel the second load of jism being pumped into Sarah, and thought that she would have to explain to her mother how she got knocked up, when she herself would not be sure of how it happened.

After a short rest John put Sarah's clothes back on, headed back to her dorm room, put her back into her pajamas, put her back into bed, and then slowly withdrew from her light. John took a moment to rest in the dreamscape and reenergize himself, before he turned and started to head for the bright light right next to Sarah's...

(to be continued, maybe)

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