tagNon-EroticDelivery in the Rear Ch. 01

Delivery in the Rear Ch. 01


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Part 1 - Prologue

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" blared the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, December 12th, across the street from the State Crime Lab building, with said building as a backdrop. "If you are caught in a traffic jam this morning, do not blame the Christmas season. Blame the Governor!"

Bettina went on: "Governor Val Jared will be in our Town today, and will be stopping by the State Crime Lab building. The Governor will be presenting SBI Lieutenant and State Crime Lab Director Tanya Perlman a citation for her role in solving several recent crimes, as well as her stellar job with the Crime Lab. And Channel Two News has learned that Governor Jared will preside over the promotion of Commander Donald Troy to the rank of Inspector in the SBI Reserve!"

MCD filled with "oooh!"s and "aaah!"s upon hearing that. And it explained why I was in a plainclothes suit and tie instead of my normal, outstanding-looking TCPD Uniform.

Bettina was continuing: "SBI Reserve Inspector Troy will be the highest ranking Agent in the SBI Reserve. SBI Director Tom Conlan issued a statement saying that Inspector Troy will be an integral part of the Governor's Team as the SBI is overhauled and cleaned of corruption."

"And in other news," Bettina said, "the Town & County Police Department issued a statement saying that Precinct Captain Bob 'Brick' Briscoe will be appointed to Captain and named the Public Relations Officer for the TCPD. This move comes as the Police Force is reduced from three precincts to two, decreasing the Police presence in our County, and subjecting our citizens to higher exposure to criminals."

"Good grief!" said Cindy Ross. "Did someone forget to give that woman a good pickle-tickle this weekend?" MCD erupted with laughter at that question.

"We need to put 'Inspector' Troy on the job, ma'am." said Sergeant Rudistan, who had dropped in on us.

"Not my job to handle the Press, Sergeant Rudistan." I said. "That'll be Captain Briscoe's job."

"Sir," said Mary Mahoney Milton, her hair blue, blue lipstick on her lovely lips, and a mischievous smile on her face, "Captain Briscoe can't handle Bettina. He'd have a heart attack. We need a man with 'iron' stamina to take care of her needs." A chorus of "ooooooh"s were heard, and for some strange reason everyone was looking at me.

"Detective Warner," I called out to Joanne, who was sitting at her desk, "what did you put in the coffee this morning?"

"Whatever it is, sir," Joanne said, "we need to put it into Bettina's coffee." Everyone laughed again, and for some strange reason a line formed at the coffeepots...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At 8:00am I was in my office when the KSTD news report came on: "This is Priya Ajmani, Five-Alive News in the morning!" the gorgeous Indian reporterette yelled out from across the street from Police Headquarters, with our working home as her backdrop.

"Five-Alive News has learned that the Governor is ramming through his changes to the SBI! He is promoting Town & County Police Commander Donald Troy to the rank of SBI Reserve Inspector, and the SBI Director Tom Conlan issued a statement that Commander Troy will be helping to dismantle the SBI, leaving citizens more vulnerable to criminals such as drug distributors!"

I was about to grab the remote and turn that crap off when Priya said "And the TCPD is promoting Precinct Captain Robert Briscoe to the Public Relations Director office. Let's bring in reporter John Hardwood!" Hardwood appeared next to Priya, and she said "John, does this promotion of Captain Briscoe mean less contentious relations between the Police Department and the Media?"

"Priya," said Hardwood, "relations between the Police and the Media will always be bad as long as Commander Donald Troy is in charge of the Police Department. As you know, Priya, Commander Troy deeply hates the Media, and shows that hatred every chance he gets with his intimidation tactics, and denying Media members their right to bring the People the news they need to know. So I don't expect any improvement in Commander Troy's attitude with this announcement."

This time I did not stop. I pointed that remote at the television and pressed the 'Off' button. It worked to perfection.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

An hour later, Cindy and I were at the State Crime Lab building, in the Press Room with its dias and dark red-purple curtains behind the raised stage, American and State Flags behind the podium, perfectly framing the People's Choice, Governor Val Jared.

After giving Tanya her citation, the Governor then issued promotions. For some reason, the Media had declined to mention that Cindy was being promoted to Captain in the SBI Reserve. Cindy was dressed in a very nice dark blue suit and skirt, and wearing high heel blue pumps. She normally did not wear high heels, but she certainly knew how to prance in them from her 'Miss Physical America' competition days.

The Governor clipped our SBI Badges into the pockets in our suit coats, then gave a short speech praising us for our SBI work in the past, and telling the Media that we would be helping to reshape the SBI into an agency that the State's Citizens could be proud of. Then he did the one thing I did not want him to do: he opened it up for questions from the Media.

"Governor," shouted Priya Ajmani, "why are you destroying the SBI and making it easier for the drug traffickers?"

"That's ridiculous, Priya." said the Governor. "We are not destroying the SBI, we are ridding it of corruption and making it an agency that local law enforcement institutions will want to work with."

"Governor," said Tim Sioban of KSB News in the City, "why did you put Tom Conlan in the SBI Director position, instead of Robert Gaston, who was a very capable Assistant Director under Jack Lewis?"

"Well," said the Governor, "those last two words are a big part of it. We are working hard to remove the negative influences of Jack Lewis from the SBI. And part of that will be to pursue indictments against Agent Richard Ferrell." Tanya gave a big thumbs-up at that, which the Media did not like seeing. The Governor then said "But I have talked with Robert Gaston, and I will be offering him an important role in the near future. Don't ask what it is now; we'll make a statement at the correct time."

"Commander Troy!" shouted John Hardwood, "will you be leaving the Town & County Police Department to work full time with the SBI?" The question was out of place, not to mention not being directed to the Governor. But Jared stepped to one side and pointed his hand at the podium in invitation for me to answer. I stepped up to the microphone, knowing Cindy was cringing inside.

"No." I said flatly. "I will be remaining with the Town & County Police Force, catching criminals there as well as watching over inappropriate actions by local Media members there." Everyone looked at Hardwood, who was turning red-faced at my obvious shot at him. I continued: "I will be working with the SBI in a Reserve capacity, as I have been for some time now. So no, Mr. Hardwood, the criminals have no hope of sanctuary in my County."

"Commander, Meredith Peller, Channel Six Fox Midtown!" called out Meredith. She was relatively short, blonde, and pretty in the 'pretty housewife' kind of way as opposed to 'blonde model' kind of beautiful. Her legs were shapely (of course) and her body was a nice compact hourglass shape very much like Teresa Croyle... which meant that Meredith must have a fine ass, I thought to myself.

"Yes, Meredith." I said, quieting down the other reporters.

Meredith asked "Is it true you are being considered for the Midtown Police Chief position?"

"Don't they already have a Police Chief?" I asked.

"Not for long!" someone called out. I knew that there was speculation that the Midtown Police was about to be overhauled, and it's corrupt influences weeded out. And I knew State Senator Richard Langdon was working furiously to prevent it and keep the current corrupt structure in place.

"Until there's a vacancy there," I said, "it'd be pointless to speculate. And even when there is a vacancy, I'm happy right where I am, despite Mr. Hardwood's desires to see me leave my County and my Police Force..."

Part 2 - The Crime Scenes

"Gonna be a huge day today, Roberto." said Johnny Mansell. He and Roberto Gonzalez were co-workers at SPS, State Parcel Service. Their trucks were blue and silver, and it was alleged that was because the company's founder was a University graduate... and that allegation happened to be true. They were at the City's main distribution point, not far from the City Railyards in the southeast part of the City.

"Sure is, Johnny." said Roberto. "We're going to have to make double pickups today. What the heck are all these packages about?'

"The new systems from Peach Computers are out for Christmas." said Johnny. "Virtual reality, full computer, gaming console, even drones with cameras. All integrated, and they're the hottest thing going for six hundred bucks a pop."

"Wow." said Roberto. "I'm glad my kids are too young for this stuff. I'm still getting away with Barbie dolls and soccer balls."

"You're a lucky man, Roberto." said Mansell. "My wife took the kids when she left me ten years ago. I don't get to hug 'em, I don't get to see 'em grow up."

"That's too bad, Johnny." said Roberto, saying what he always did when Johnny repeated his sad story. "Maybe you'll see 'em at Christmas."

"We'll see." said Johnny. "I gotta go, Truck 166 won't drive without me... well, until this new driverless technology is perfected, and we all get fired and replaced."

"I hear ya, Johnny." said Roberto. "Have a good one." He got into Truck 162 and drove out.

As he drove along, approaching where the Interstate highway came into the City from Midtown, he suddenly felt something cold against his cheek. Looking in the rear-view mirror, he saw a man in all black, including a full black ski-mask. The cold something was the business end of a semi-auto pistol.

"Keep driving." ordered the man. "Take the next right."

"All right, all right." said Gonzalez. He turned right, onto a road that went under the bridge that was the Interstate itself. This area of the City was considered 'not good'.

"Pull over. Right here." said the masked perp. Gonzalez stopped the truck. "Roll down your window."

"Look, man, leave me here and take the truck. I got kids, ya know?" Gonzalez said as he rolled the driver door window down.

"You fucking Spics come over the border and breed like fucking rabbits." whispered the man.

"No man, I'm a citizen! So are my parents!" Gonzalez pleaded. "C'mon, I got kids to take care of."

"Tough shit for them." said the man. He pulled the trigger, firing a .22 WMR bullet into Gonzalez's head. A second bullet made sure the job was done. The man had ordered the window lowered so that a bullet passing through would not shatter it. He now leaned over and rolled it up.

He opened the back doors, and his two masked comrades came into the truck. Another truck backed up to the SPS truck, and all of the contents were transferred from the rear of one truck to the other.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The black car pulled up to the scene, embedded blue LED lights flashing brightly. Getting out of the car, FBI Special Agent in Charge Jack Muscone got out from the passenger side, and Special Agent Eduardo Escobar got out from the driver's side. They showed their FBI badges and identification to the City Police Officer at the perimeter, and were admitted.

"Hello, Agent Muscone." said Thomas 'Sapper' Warren of the City Police. "Agent Escobar, isn't it?" Eduardo confirmed it.

"Hey 'Sapper'." said Muscone. "What happened here?"

"SPS truck. Driver shot in the head, twice, point blank range." said Warren. "Stippling on the head around the wound; don't need the Iron Crowbar to see what happened."

"We could still use him to explain why this happened." said Detective Robin Ventura from inside the SPS truck. She was in uniform (Warren was in plainclothes), and had a City Police coat over it, which obviously contained armor as well as filler for warmth. "Hi guys, glad you could join us."

Muscone looked into the back of the truck. "Cleaned it out. You guys get a manifest yet?"

"We've got the driver's paperwork, which contains the list." said Ventura. "Every package was that new gaming system from Peach Computers. They came out with them today, and the pre-orders were selling like hotcakes."

"Let's get with the SPS Distribution Center and get their copy of the manifest for this truck." said Muscone to Escobar. "And let's see if they'll give us all the truck manifests that have these Peach Computer systems on them." Escobar got on the phone to call the FBI offices in the City to get that going.

"What about the driver?" asked Muscone.

"His name is Roberto Gonzalez." said Sapper Warren. "Thirty-two years old, married, two kids, a daughter, age five, and a son, age three."'

"Immigrant?" asked Muscone.

"No, he's a citizen." said Warren. "Born here in the City. Wife is also a natural-born citizen. We checked, just to see if this was a race-based hate crime. The US DOJ makes us do that, unless the victim is white."

"Us, too." said Escobar.

"Anyway," Sapper said, "Mr. Gonzalez has been an SPS truck driver for five years now, no police record at all, no traffic tickets, no problem at work. He's been on this particular route for two years now."

"What route is that?" asked Muscone.

"Western part of the City." said Sapper. "Middle class areas and shopping centers to serve them. Most of these packages were bound for the 'Super Electronics Warehouse' location near the Westside Mall."

Muscone nodded. "Well, I think Ventura was right... this one is worthy of the Iron Crowbar himself. But we'll have to plod through it and see how we do."

Just then Escobar rushed up. "Jack!" he exclaimed. "We've got another one! SPS truck found at the City Railyards..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

City Police Detective Earl 'E.J.' Jefferson was looking at the scene as the FBI agents drove up.

"Ahhh, it's Agents Muscone and Escobar from the FBI." Jefferson said in a falsetto voice.

"Hi, E.J." said Muscone. "They treating you as good here as the TCPD did?"

"Almost." said Earl. "This is my partner, Detective Tony Long." Muscone sized up Long as they shook hands. Long was medium height, lean, with short brown hair and a scruffy, thin beard and mustache. His dark brown eyes were penetrating, though not to the level of Muscone's beady black eyes... or the Iron Crowbar's gray eyes. Muscone decided that Long was competent.

"What do you have here?" asked Muscone.

"State Parcel Service truck." said Long. "Emptied out. Driver was shot dead in his seat, two bullets to the head. The driver's name is Johnny Mansell, age 38. Divorced some years ago. Had a couple of DUIs when he was younger, got them pled down to misdemeanor speeding. Nothing in the last ten years, though, and he had a good record with the company."

"Gotta have a good lawyer to get two of those reduced like that." said Eduardo Escobar.

"That's true." said Muscone. He looked around the interior of the truck, then at the lifeless body of the driver, who was a white man that looked as if he'd seen better times, and that was before he'd been shot dead. "Did you get this guy's paperwork?"

"Sure did." said Long.

"All the packages from Peach Computers?" asked Muscone.

"Yes, they were." said Jefferson. "We notified the company."

"Eduardo," said Muscone, "call SPS and tell them that two of their trucks have been hijacked, and to recall all the other trucks before someone else winds up dead."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The FBI Agents walked into the distribution center for State Parcel Service, and to the office of the Director of Distribution.

"I'm FBI Special Agent Jack Muscone and this is Special Agent Escobar." said Muscone, showing his badge and ID. "Can we see the Director, please?"

"The director is very busy today." said the assistant, a pretty but severe-looking woman. "He will not be able to see you for some time."

"Ma'am," said Muscone, trying to keep his voice calm, "we are the FBI and this is very important, an emergency even. Would you please let us know where we can find the Distribution Director?"

"You need to leave, unless you have a warrant." said the woman. The agents looked at each other, dumbfounded.

"Ma'am," said Escobar, "two of your drivers were murdered this morning, leaving children that will have to grow up without their fathers, and we want to prevent any other deaths. Now please---"

"I'll take you to him." said a man coming up the hallway. "Good grief, Marilyn, why can't you help the FBI?"

"I'm following my instructions." the woman said, glaring at the man. "You should be demanding a warrant from them, also."

"To hell with that." said the man. "Come on, guys, I'll take you to the warehouse."

The Agents followed the man out to the warehouse, and towards a man who was behind a counter. Behind the counter was a small office with windows for walls.

"That's Dick Granger, the distribution director." said the man leading the agents.

"Thanks, bud, we'll take it from here." said Muscone. He and Escobar approached the director, who had thinning brown hair, a small slender body, and a droopy brown mustache. He looked like a smaller version of former SBI Agent Richard 'Dick' Ferrell."

"Mr. Granger?" asked Muscone. "I'm Jack Muscone with the FBI----"

"You're trespassing on private property." said Granger, barely looking up. "Unless you have a warrant, get out of here."

"Mr. Granger," said Muscone, "are you aware that two of your drivers were found dead this morning?"

"Yes, I am." said Granger. "You still need a warrant to be here. And besides, what is the FBI doing here if it's a murder case? That's a State crime; you have no business in it."

"Interstate commerce, Mr. Granger." Eduardo said. "Packages that were shipped across State lines were stolen from the trucks that your dead drivers had been driving. So we definitely have jurisdiction.

"We're also trying to make sure no one else dies, sir." said Muscone. "Have you recalled all your other drivers."

"No." said Granger. "They have work to do, deliveries to make. We're behind schedule as it is. Now once again... exhibit a warrant, or get out."

"Eduardo," said Muscone, "I need a crowbar. Please put that on my Christmas list."

"Sir," tried Escobar, "would you at least let us have a copy of the manifests of Trucks 162 and 166, to help us find the killers?"

Granger sighed. "I'll say this one more time: Get. A. Warrant. Now I'm about to call the Sheriff and have you removed, or shot dead if you don't comply with the Constitution. You are trespassing, and you are criminals. Get out."

"Hold on, Granger." said an older, distinguished man coming up to them. He was tall, a bit stocky like Muscone, and had silver-white hair perfectly groomed in place. Next to him was a younger man in an expensive suit; Muscone did not need to be the Iron Crowbar to see that he was a lawyer.

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