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Demonic Cuckold


Lewis smiled as he headed home from work. His was a very demanding job, requiring long hours in the office dealing with clients and supervisors alike, especially with this big project he had been working on lately. Failure could have cost him his job, but as it was, they had met their goals with room to spare, and the boss had seen fit to reward Lewis with a promotion and a bonus, along with orders to take a week off to spend time with his wife, Anne.

As he pulled into the driveway, Lewis saw Anne's car, meaning she was home waiting for him. He grabbed his briefcase and the expensive bouquet of roses which he'd grabbed on the way home, and used his foot to swing the car door shut.

As he reached the front door, he paused as he heard a strange sound from inside the house. It sounded like Anne was crying over something. Lewis quickly opened the door and ran inside, dropping his briefcase at the door as he sprinted down the hall to their bedroom. He hesitated with his hand on the doorknob, as he began to realize that the sounds were definitely not crying, but rather grunts and moans of pleasure, and that they were accompanied by deeper, masculine grunts and growls.

Lewis's heart sank into his chest as he realized what this meant. He stood, with his hand on the doorknob, trying to decide if he should open the door to confront them or not. Working up his nerve, he turned the door knob and stepped inside.

What he saw stopped him cold. Anne was on all fours, her face pressed into the mattress, her lover sending jolts through her body with every thrust. Furthermore, the man she was with was huge, with dark red scaly skin stretched over massive rippling muscles. He had dark eyes, a long mane of black hair, and a set of blood-red bull horns. Anne was soaked in sweat, her short brown hair a tangled mess, heir fair skin marred by scratches from the demon's sharp claws which gripped her by the waist.

Lewis was shocked. He was impotently angry, but strangely, he was turned on. He couldn't remember ever being so turned on in his life. Before he could decide whether to speak or leave, he felt the presence of someone approaching behind him. The unmistakable feeling of large, soft breasts pressing against his upper back, and warm breath brushing his hair as the newcomer spoke caused his heart to race.

"Enjoying the show?" Even over the deafening sound of his wife's moans, Lewis could hear her voice clear as crystal. It was smooth and rich like warm honey, causing him to shudder in pleasure at the mere sound of it. "Is this how you like to see your beloved wife? Bent over and being fucked like a bitch in heat?"

Lewis tried to protest, but his words failed him. A pair of red-hued, muscular arms wrapped around him and pulled his shirt off over his head, before quickly removing his pants. His dick throbbed, standing proudly at attention and oozing pre-cum despite his feelings about the situation. She cupped his balls, briefly squeezing them with graceful, clawed hands. Lewis groaned in pain.

"Is this all you have to offer her? It's no wonder she decided to take Jodara as her lover instead. Just look at the size of his cock!" Unable to look away, Lewis watched as Jodara, sneering at him, slowly withdrew his behemoth length, soaked in Anne's juices. For her part, Anne could only let out a long groan as the scaled mass pulled most of the way out before the next deep stroke plunged into her, his inhuman girth slamming home again in her tight cunt, her tits swaying with the force.

"My name is Grinnem. Your wife was very receptive when we introduced ourselves. But then, most of you humans are. The little whore hadn't known us for ten minutes before she was choking herself on his cock. And I see you're just as receptive to our charms. Have you listened to yourself panting yet? I bet you're on the verge of exploding. Just imagine how much cum he's about to put into your sweet little wife..."

As Anne finally looked up and saw Lewis, he gasped and groaned as cum flowed unbidden from his spasming cock, the thick, milky fluid spurting and dripping uselessly down the length of his shaft and puddling on his clothes piled at his feet. His face burned in shame as Grinnem and Jodara's cruel laughter filled his ears.

"No wonder she has no use for you," cackled Jodara "you haven't been watching for five minutes and you've already spilled your seed all over yourself. Well not to worry, I'm making sure she gets a proper fucking now! The little whore didn't even wait to spread her legs for us!"

Grinnem pressed Lewis down into a chair next to the bed, using his cum-soaked clothing as makeshift ties to hold him uncomfortably in place. His cock continued to throb uncomfortably, his premature climax having done nothing to make it subside. He watched as Grinnem sauntered past him and crawled onto the bed, gripping Anne by the throat and forcibly shoving her face into Grinnem's crotch.

For her part, Anne licked and tongued furiously at the offered pussy, the scent driving her into new highs of mindless arousal. As Lewis watched, Grinnem began to grow larger, her full breasts and wide hips being absorbed by masses of muscle as Anne started gagging and struggling. She lifted her arms up to push against Grinnem, but Jodara grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back, holding her as he continued to pound her.

Almost before Lewis knew it, Grinnem had transformed from a lithe amazon to another hulking male like Jodara, his thick shaft now deep down Anne's throat. The demon grinned as he slowly withdrew his member, his progress tracked by the visible bulge in Anne's neck collapsing as he went. She gasped and coughed as the head finally pulled free, before a thrust from Jodara forced her back onto Grinnem's cock with a sudden surprised sound.

The two demons thrust back and forth with the human woman trapped between them, alternately driving into her throat and cunt. Before long, Grinnem stepped off of the bed, undoing Lewis's bonds before throwing him onto the bed, on all fours facing his wife.

"We shouldn't let you feel left out, I know you'd love to join in the fun..." with that, Lewis felt the head of Grinnem's monster dick pressing against the pucker of his ass, the demon's claws spreading his cheeks apart to make way. The demon's other hand gripped Lewis's neck, the claws barely pressed on the sides of his throat in warning not to resist as he was slowly impaled on the thick, red shaft.

Lewis sobbed in pain and humiliation, but despite himself, the feeling of his anal passage being stretched open, of the bulging head and the row upon row of overlapping scales sliding into him, lubricated by his wife's saliva, only served to further intensify his arousal. Every painful feeling sent shocks of pleasure up his spine and up his throbbing cock. The demon's shaft pressed against his prostate, and as Lewis looked up, he could see Anne staring at him as another orgasm overcame him, his cock spurting more seed uselessly onto the bedspread as Grinnem began to thrust in and out of her husband, dominating him physically and sexually.

Jodara's voice rang in her ear: "Is this the man you are in love with? Is this the sort of man you chose for a mate? On hands and knees, being fucked like a bitch, getting off by the sight of his wife being fucked by another?

Tears flowed down Anne's cheeks, the demon was superior to her husband in every way. He was bigger, stronger, there was no trace of fat on his body. Her coward of a husband hadn't even put up a fight or tried to help her, instead deciding to just watch before being taken up the ass. His cock, which had once pleased her, was insignificant compared to the massive poles the demons used so well.

"NO!" Her response was rewarded with another deep thrust that made her body tremble.

"Is he who you want to mate with you? Or would you rather be taken by us?"

"Take me... please..." with that, Jodara thrust deep into her and she felt the cock swell inside her and begin throbbing. Her own orgasm overcame her, sending her into convulsions as she saw stars and a tidal wave of pleasure swept over her.

What happened next was a flurry of motion. Grinnem pulled out of Lewis and shoved him aside. Jodara pulled out of Anne, a flow of his cum oozing from her cunt, and Grinnem pulled her into his lap, his cock sliding easily into her well-used pussy. She had barely slid down to his base when Jodara came up behind her, shoving his staff into her tight virgin ass.

Anne wailed uncontrollably as the two demons fucked her relentlessly. She felt like she was going to be split apart, stretched as she was by the two thick shafts which plowed in and out of her with no thought of gentleness or care. Despite himself, all Lewis could do was sit in the corner of stroke himself furiously at the sight of his beloved wife being ridden so mercilessly.

As the demons climaxed again, so did Lewis and Anne. Pulling out, they shoved her aside as they had Lewis, and laughed cruelly at them as they vanished with a flash of light and the scent of burning sulfur. The very moment the demons had left, the humans were freed of their unnatural arousal and they were left crumpled, shaking, and staring at each other trying to comprehend what had happened or what they should do about it. Life and love would never be the same.

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by Anonymous04/13/19

Complete bullshit

Get his gun and kill all three of them. This was laughably bad.

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by Anonymous06/14/18

Loved that both got involved

I think I just discovered a new guilty pleasure. Thank you ♥

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