Den of Iniquity Ch. 04


I was pleased.

"You may speak when spoken to."

"Thank you Sir," she whispered, as her eyes opened.

"Did you want to be my first?"

"Yes Sir. Badly."


She knelt with legs apart and looking up at me, hands still behind her head.

"Are you wet?"

"Yes Sir."

I reached between her legs and slid my fingers gently back and forth in her seeping dew.

"So you are. Tell me why you wanted to be my first."

"May I be honest with you Sir?" she asked, eyes downcast, watching my hand between her legs.

"I want your honesty Josephine." I leaned one bended knee on the bed and moved closer to her.

"I didn't really mind if I wasn't your first. I've just wanted you since I met you."

"You were the star in my first submissive fantasy."

I started to swirl my thumb over her clit and smoothly slid two fingers into her very hot, very wet pussy. I left them in deep, tightly clasped by the pulsing heat of her. I could feel ripples of tension flutter up and down my fingers each time my thumb brushed over the most sensitive tip of her clitoris.

Josephine moaned louder and tried to quiet herself by biting her lip. Her head was back and leaning a little to the side. Her eyes were long since closed.

"Please..." she managed at last.

"Please what?" I replied simply.

"Please Sir, I ummm... please turn the music up a little, Sir. I'm... umm... I'm a bit loud." She giggled and blushed beautifully. I smiled and slid my wet fingers from her and pushed them into her mouth. She moaned and her eyes closed again. She sucked my fingers and I felt her tongue moving all over them.

When she was done I smiled and stood up beside the bed again. I walked over to the stereo and turned it up a little.

I turned around. She was watching me intently.

"You can put your arms down now."

"Can I touch myself?"

I raised an eyebrow.


We smiled at each other.

"Yes. I'd like that. Actually, turn around on all fours. Look over your shoulder at me."

She turned around and bent at the waist, putting out her hands and catching herself from falling. She brought her legs up under herself and spread them widely. Arching her back, she presented her upturned ass delightfully.

She looked back at me and reached under herself, sliding her fingers back and forth over her cunt.

"Is this what you wanted, Sir?"

She was swaying her ass from side to side as she looked back at me. I was a little mesmerised I must admit. She was pressing so firmly against herself, her soft lips pulled and pushed and curled under her fingers.

But I could also see how shiny her fingers quickly became as she sawed back and forth through her flesh.

"Push two fingers from your other hand into your cunt."

She groaned with lust and put her chest on the bed, reaching back under herself and pushing two fingers deep into her pussy.

I'd had about as much as I could take and rubbed my cock through my pants. I couldn't believe how hard I was. I couldn't believe I hadn't even noticed! I undid my belt and dropped my pants and boxers. I stepped out of them and stood beside the bed.

"Back up to the edge."

Josephine was in a world of her own. But my words penetrated and she rose up on her hands again, gazing back at me over her shoulder and through the sexual haze she was in. Her eyes met mine, then ran down my body to my cock.

"Yessss... fuck me please Sir, fuck me now!"

She backed up so her feet hung off the edge and her ass was at the perfect height. Her fingers were still moving firmly back and forth between her legs and I could see a droplet of moisture dangling from her fingertip, threatening to fall.


She stopped almost immediately.

"Clean your fingers."

She put both fingers into her mouth and I felt myself go weak at the knees. She sucked them clean and her ass trembled.

"Please Sir... god... it hurts... please... please fuck me now... I need it.. I have to cum..." Her eyes were ablaze.

"Shut up Josephine."

I mounted the bed behind her and slapped her ass once.

She jumped and hadn't expected it.


Her whole body shuddered. She was going to cum.

"Pinch your clit and don't let go till I say stop!"

As soon as she did, her whole body went rigid and I gripped one of her hips in my hand. Aiming my cock with my other hand, I pressed against her cunt and slid half way into her. She moaned loudly and I wrapped my hand around her mouth. I pulled her head back and she moaned much louder into my palm as I slid home.

I started fucking her at a furious pace. My hip bones were banging against the firm flesh of her ass. My balls were wet and they swung and slapped against her on each thrust. I realised I was gritting my teeth as I held on to her shuddering body.

"Give me your hands. Face into the bed."

She knelt up, reached behind herself and I took her wrists in my hands. I held onto her as she leaned forward until her chest then face leaned on the bed. Then I started to really fuck her. I got into a rhythm and she was bouncing off my hips. Josephine moaned into the bed and started cursing. I felt her cunt grip tight along the length of my cock.

I groaned and cum boiled in my balls as fiery bolts of pleasure shot out from my groin. A wave of hot cum seemed to start from my toes and gather speed. I let go of one wrist and started spanking her ass. She was hanging limply on one side and being fucked like a rag doll. She suddenly went half rigid in my hands and came again. I was pounding into her and all she could do was moan each time I struck her ass.

A triumphant groan flew from my mouth as cum flew from my cock. My cock throbbed and pulsed deep in her cunt. I gripped her ass with both hands and banged hard against her. My own body went stiff as a board as my cock throbbed madly inside her, shooting thick ropes of cum. My skin prickled and I felt like I might never stop trembling.

I finally opened my eyes and let my head loll forward to look down on her. I licked my lips. My mouth was so dry I couldn't talk. My fingers had left marks where I had gripped her ass. She had turned her body and was looking up at me.

My cock slid from her as I collapsed on the bed beside her. I rolled onto my back looking up at the ceiling wide-eyed.

"That was unbelievable."

Josephine molded herself to my side and gently tugged at my chest hairs. She kissed one of my nipples, then looked into my eyes.

"I'm speechless Sir."

She laid her head on my chest and I ran my fingers through her hair, softly scratching her scalp while I stared at the ceiling. Her hair smelled like lavender. We lay there and minutes passed.

Finally I spoke.

"What happens now?"

Author's Note: Thanks again to rachel for more excellent editing.

Also, please vote! Your judgment inspires me!

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