tagErotic CouplingsDeny Me, Satisfy Me

Deny Me, Satisfy Me


I wake up, panicked. My arms and legs are bound by rope. Then I feel you, kissing and nibbling up my inner thighs, moving up to my hip. I moan softly, my hips rising up to meet your lips. God, I've dreamt about this for so long.

You lightly glide your finger down between the lips of my pussy, glancing up at my with a devilish smirk.

"I told you this was only the beginning," you say as you run your nails down the inside of my thigh. You kiss all around my pussy, licking on the tender spots, your eyes locked on mine as I try to guide my pussy closer to your mouth. You move just out of my reach, laughing softly.

My breath escapes me in a wordless sigh, as I test the strength of the restraints you've expertly tied. I refuse to start pleading this early but a part of me wants to so, so badly. You slide your finger inside me, watching the desire for more grow in my eyes. You lightly rub my clit, then stop, returning to soft kisses and gentle nibbles.

"You know, driving you crazy is just revenge for yesterday. You WILL beg for me as I did you," you say with an evil grin.

"Not on your life," I answer back playfully, secretly loving the payback. Your fingers once again find my clit, drawing my breath out of me in short gasps before pulling away, leaving my body trembling with anticipated pleasures. You climb over me, licking, kissing, and nibbling you way up my body before you reach my lips. Your hand reaches behind my head, firmly grabbing a handful of my hair, forcing my head back as I make soft hungry noises for you. You trace your way down my neck with lips and teeth, rubbing your hard cock against me, making me squirm against you, wordlessly begging for you to take me.

You slide the tip of your cock into my aching pussy, and pull my head back farther. "Beg me for more" you whisper, your voice low with need. I gasp at the feeling of you penetrating me with just the tip. "Never" I say with an uncertain voice as I try desperately to slide you farther into me. You pull yourself out of me, and jokingly tell me not to go anywhere as you leave the room.

You come back in, your hands behind your back, the look alone on your face enough to take my breath away.

"Are you ready to beg for me yet?" you growl.

"No..." I whimper, knowing full well I will beg before the night is through.

"Maybe this will change your mind..." you whisper, revealing a small bullet vibrator. You climb onto the bed, spreading my legs apart with your knees. You press it against my clit, turning it on a high, knowing full well it wouldn't be long before I'd come close to that sweet edge. My head leans back into the pillows at the sudden pulses. My body quivers and shakes, my moans loud and deep as I quickly approach an earth shattering climax.

"Ah, ah, ah. Not until you beg for me," you say with a light laugh as you pull the toy away from me, leaving me whimpering and shaking from head to toe.

You slide two fingers into my well-lubed pussy, making a "come hither" motion, hitting my g-spot, making me arch my back.

Slipping your fingers out, you crawl up my body, kissing and nibbling, stopping to suck on my breasts. Your tongue finds my nipple, and flicks over it again and again until I cry out for you. My breathing slows, the convulsions flowing through my body calming.

You move back down me, slipping your tongue between my sensitive lips, licking firmly around my clit, circling and sucking on it. My legs pull at the restraints, wanting to wrap around you but unable to do so.

"Give up yet?" you ask, a devilish smirk on your face.

"No" I stammer, my voice filled with need and desire. I pull again against the restraints, knowing they won't budge.

"If you're intent on being stubborn, I'm going to have to keep punishing you for a long, long time," you say without a hint of mercy. "At this rate, it's going to be a long time until I let you cum."

Your tongue rolls around my clit again, my breath catching in my throat, bringing me closer to the edge before you pulls away again. I whimper in frustration.

"One of the best things about men and women," you say nonchalantly, "Is that sometimes, the same toys can be used for both." Reaching into the nightstand by the bed, you pull out a set of pretty champagne pink pearls, wrapping them around two of your fingers.

"You can't... That's not..." is all I'm able to muster in the face of my anticipation of coming pleasures. You slide your pearl wrapped fingers in me, twisting your hand as I clutch the corner of the bed sheets, my body writhing with ecstasy of you running the pearls up and down my g-spot. Sliding your fingers in and out, twisting them as I arch my back and moan loudly, half from pleasure, half from frustration,

"You see, I know just how to tease you," you whisper, your voice low. My panting stops me from saying a word, but my body is still moving to the rhythm of your fingers sliding achingly slow in and out of me. You playfully flick your tongue on my clit, my body responding to your every flick and movement, moans and whimpers escaping from me. Tremors chase up and down my spine.

"Please..." I whisper, hating that I want this so, so badly.

"Now, that's manners... I want you to beg for me" your low growl seems an almost physical thing, sending goose bumps all over my skin. You lean down again and suck on my clit, alternating between rolling your tongue over it and light, quick licks. Right before I climax, you stop again, raising your eyebrow at me.

"Well?" you ask, eyes running down my body. Beads of sweat have gathered in between my breasts, and on my stomach. My head is tilted back, eyes closed.

"Please, oh god, please!" I beg you, the desperation seeping through.

"I'm sure you could beg much, much better than that"

"Please, please baby, oh god, please!" My pleas go unheard as you continue to tease me, driving me closer and closer to that sweet edge.

You stop again, right before I go over that black edge, wetness all over the bed. My body is still shaking, and I'm fighting the restraints, begging for you.

Drawing your fingers out of me, you move up, positioning your already hard cock right outside of my soaking wet pussy. Inching in slowly, I whimper and make small, hungry noises for you. Suddenly, you slam into me, lightly pushing on my cervix and sending me over the edge and into the black abyss that is ecstasy. My voice comes out in a near scream, my back arching, fingers tightly gripping the sheets I can reach. Leaning over me slides you in even deeper, as you chastely kiss me, a smile on your lips. You rock your hips in and out of my slightly, making me gasp with pleasure and shiver with bliss, eager for you to increase the tempo of your strokes.

As you grip my hips in both hands, pulling my slightly up off the bed, you lean almost fully back up until you're on your knees. You savagely pound into me, moaning at the feeling of my tight pussy clenching around you harder as I approach another orgasm. I can tell you're close, your breathing becoming labored and losing the rhythm of our sex. Your fingers dig into me, your head thrown back. Low, almost guttural noises emanate from you, as you use me to your liking.

The pleasure builds to an unbearable height, both of us unconsciously moaning wordlessly together. My head snaps back as pure bliss rocks it's way throughout my body, my voice hoarse with screams and cries of pleasure. Unable to keep your balance, you fall forward, hands releasing my hips and barely catching yourself on the bed, still holding yourself slightly above my body as you slam into me, your face contorted with concentration. Your breath comes out in gasps, and you move your hands to underneath my shoulders, holding on to me as you reach sweet oblivion. Your nails dig into me and I cry out, half from pain and half from pleasure as your body convulses.

Your breathing slows, and you struggle to push yourself off of me, into a half push-up, with half smile on your face, eyes already tired.

Gently kissing my lips, you whisper "Good night, baby."

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