tagLoving WivesDerby Line Marriage Ch. 16

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 16



"What?" Francis asked into the phone. Despite being fluently bilingual, she had never heard of the word that Benjamin had just used. It must have been and Americanism.

"Never mind. It's just an expression. So, what favor do you need?" Benjamin replied.

Francis hesitated. She was not quite ready to spring her request. "It's a bit personal. I'll tell you when you're here."

"That sounds a bit ominous. If I didn't know you better, I would be worried. Anyway I've got to start cooking tonight's dinner."

"Me too. Take care. I'm looking forward to seeing you in person for the first time."

"Right back at you. Bye," Benjamin said.

As the screen to her mobile dimmed, Francis felt suddenly alone. It was a feeling that she had more and more often during the summer. Whether she was closing a chat session or hanging up her phone, Francis felt a sense of lost whenever her contact with Benjamin ended. It reminded her of when Patrick was courting her before their marriage. Francis mentally chided herself. Don't be silly. It's a simple medical procedure. You can't commit adultery through sperm donations. Besides, Patrick is the one who insisted that they use donor sperm after the test results showed that he was infertile.

Francis brought some seaweed to the kitchen sink so that she could wash it for a new recipe she wanted to experiment with. She threw it into a pot of water and turned on the flame. As the water slowly boiled, Francis grated cheddar cheese in the food processor, the food processor that Patrick's mother had given her at the bridal shower. Yes, a sperm donor was Patrick's idea, but we could have easily gone to a sperm bank. I'm the one who suggested we find a donor ourselves. I'm the who spent months convincing Patrick of the idea. I'm the one who built a relationship with Benjamin so that he would agree. Be honest. I wanted Benjamin's sperm in me the minute I heard his voice on Patrick's voice mail. I wanted to be pregnant from Benjamin's seed the day I saw his face. The hiss of water boiling over the edge of the pot broke Francis's train of thoughts. She lowered the flame to a simmer. The seaweed needed the better part of an hour to become palatable, which gave Francis plenty of time to unwind.

Francis went into the living room to turn on the stereo. It was nice to live in such a large home. Her promotions at MUFF made it possible. The living room alone was slightly larger than the studio apartment she had back in law school. It was much larger than the room Patrick had on campus when he was working on his PhD. It's a good thing I finished my grad program. We could never afford this lifestyle on Patrick's salary. I'll never understand why he settled for a Masters.

Francis reclined on the couch. She closed her eyes. Patrick isn't the man I first met. It's not just that his career is going no where. He's even become less of a man in bed. I gave him some slack when we first realized there was a fertility problem, but it's been over a year now. He does his husbandly duty by fucking me when I ask, but I miss having a man in bed with me. Things spiraled out of control last May, when I tied him up. I thought he might like that banana in his bum. I didn't expect him to like it that much.

Francis rested her hand in her lap. A woman needs to feel like a woman. When she calls her husband on her lunch break to say that she wants a cock that night, she doesn't expect him to come home with a strap-on for her to wear. Is it any wonder that I have feelings for Benjamin? Sure, Benjamin is gay, but he's 10 times the man Patrick has become. He's strong, and fierce, and won't take crap from anyone. Patrick is ... sweet. That's great when I need the garbage taken out. It's not so endearing in the bedroom. What woman wouldn't want a gay top over a straight bottom?

Francis nervously bit her finger nails. They used to be long and polished. Now they were trimmed short so that they wouldn't be uncomfortable in Patrick's bung hole. Francis threw out her nail polishes a couple month ago. Painting short nails seemed rather pointless. I can't be unfaithful to Patrick. I can't go behind his back.

The front door opened. It was Patrick home from work. "You're home early," Francis remarked.

Patrick explained, "Debugging that algorithm took less time than I expected. The computer's crunching the data. It will have results in by the time I get back to work on Tuesday."

Francis could feel her back muscles clench. She look at the grandfather clock. "The seaweed needs to simmer for another 5 minutes. Then I have to bake the quiche for half an hour."

"I'm not hungry yet anyway. How's your case going?"

"Not well. I will have to go to the office on Monday to work on it and meet you at the Jazz festival when I'm done," Francis said as she averted Patrick's gaze.

Patrick kissed Francis on the cheek. "You go upstairs and work on that brief. I'll finish dinner."

Francis didn't even bother to argue. She went to the home office to watch an episode of Tash ma Tash online. After it was over, she came back downstairs. Patrick had dinner on the table waiting for her.

"Bon appetit. Seaweed quiche," Patrick announced as Francis sat down at the head of the table. "Is everything prepared for next week?"

"Almost." Francis poked at the quiche with her fork. "I was on the phone with Benjamin today."

"How is he doing?"

"He's fine. He's visiting Montreal. He wants to go to the jazz festival on Monday and then stay the week."

"I'll set up the guest room for him."

"No. He prefers a hotel." Francis took a bite of the quiche. The recipe needed more spice. "I think Benjamin might be a good sperm donor for us. I plan on asking him if that is alright with you."

"He seems like a nice enough man from the way you describe him. The two of you really connected this summer. If you want him as the donor, I trust you."

Francis ground some black pepper onto her meal. "So you don't mind him getting me pregnant? You wouldn't consider it adultery?"

Patrick put down his utensils and gave Francis a tender look. "Absolutely not. It's a medical procedure. That's all. I tried to get you pregnant, but I can't. Let him give you a baby."

Francis sighed in relief. The meal dragged on. Afterwards, Francis and Patrick watched the evening news. There was a test case making its way to the Canadian Supreme Court. Francis turned off the TV. She heard enough about court cases at work. She turned to Patrick. "What are you in the mood for tonight?"

"I thought we might go to bed early."

Francis grimaced. "I'm not tired."

Patrick had a devilish glint in his eye. "Neither am I." Patrick practically frolicked upstairs to the bedroom. Francis plodded after him. Patrick was already naked and in Francis's bed by the time she entered the master bedroom. He was lying on his back with his hands behind his head. An anticipatory grin was on his face.

Francis disrobed unenthusiastically. She tweaked her nipples to make them erect and presentable. Then she turned to face Patrick. "Do you feel like some hard fucking tonight?"

"Of course, my dear."

Francis stood by the side o f the bed near Patrick's head. She planted her foot on the bed next to his shoulder. Furiously, she played with her womanhood to get her juices flowing. Her clitoris and pussy lips swelled as fluid dripped from her cunt. Patrick reached out his right hand to grab ... the leather strap that was still tied to the bedpost from their last session. Francis rolled her eyes. She fastened his wrist to the bedpost with the leather. Then she secured his left hand to the other bedpost. Patrick's slender dick jumped from the excitement of having his wrists restrained. He spread his legs wide.

Francis straddled his mouth as she faced the foot of the bed. "Lick me, dog," she ordered. Patrick eagerly obeyed. Her hand brushed up his thigh to his crotch. He lifted his legs up to expose his rosebud. Francis ignored the invitation. She cupped his basket. Over a year of trying and I'm still not pregnant. She squeezed slightly on his plums.

Patrick's member became raging hard in response. He humped the air above him. "Please fuck me," he begged.

Francis squeezed harder on her husband's useless stones. "Just suck me, bitch! I'll tell you when I'm ready to tear up your mancunt." The dirty talking had been Patrick's idea a couple of months ago. Francis was reluctant at first, but as her impatience over his infertility grew, she became more comfortable with the language. The ball torture was her own addition. True to form, Patrick enjoyed it. He's become a cuck in all but fact. I might as well take that last step. Besides, I would be nice to be with a real man and take some virile sperm for a change. Hell, Patrick is so whipped at this point, Benjamin could probably get him pregnant.Francis released Patrick's boys and slapped his organ before dismounting.

Patrick breathed heavily in anticipation. "Francis, please put the blindfold on too."

Francis donned the harness for the strapon. It completely covered her womanhood. Next she attacked the artificial penis. It was a thick black phallus. Patrick had bought the entire set as a surprise one day. Finally, Francis tied the blindfold around her husband's head. She lubed up his now well worn ass. The black latex cock easily slipped into his loose entrance. Francis paused once the head was inside. "Tell me what you want."

"Your cock," Patrick responded.

Francis gave him another centimeter. "What was that?"

"I want your cock, Sir. I want your big beautiful cock."

Francis plunged in to the hilt. She kept it deep inside. Slow, circular grinding motions massaged the cockhead against Patrick's prostate. They also pushed Francis's mound against the harness so that her clit felt a little bit of pressure. Francis hissed into Patrick's ear, "You love that big black cock, don't you?"

Patrick moaned in agreement.

"You want a real one in you?"

"Oh yeah," Patrick smiled.

Francis licked Patrick's earlobe. "I want one in me too. I'm tired of your pathetic dicklet. I want a real man with a hard rod fucking me. I want him to breed me with his fertile swimmers. I want Benjamin to fuck me senseless day after day until I'm carrying his baby. Is that what you want?"

Patrick was too lost in ecstasy to notice the details. "YES!!!" he shouted as he spilled his seed onto his stomach.

Francis pulled out and ran into the master bathroom. She slammed the door shut. Francis dabbed her eyes with a tissue. Tears fell down her cheek. She washed her face with cold water. The chill pushed away her shock. She mechanically washed the black latex cock clean.

Francis started into the eyes of her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Well. That's it. I have Patrick's permission to take Benjamin's cock. No labs, no doctors, just good old fashion fucking. Benjamin will breed me directly from his monster cock. Francis sniffed the fake phallus to see if it was clean. She paused. I wonder what Benjamin's cock tastes like. Francis hesitantly flicked her tongue across the tip of the dildo's head. Hmmm. Licking the rod that just plowed my husband. Will I let Benjamin fuck the wimp, or keep his thick pole all to myself? Francis greedily devoured the dark dick. Her lips stretched around its girth. The knob pressed against the entrance to her throat. Francis pulled back. This was the point where she always stopped with her husband. She had no desire the gag on that sissy's thin dicklet. Determined, Francis pushed the black phallus in for another try. The thick toy blocked the opening of her throat. Francis's visceral gag reflex tried to expel the foreign object. She suppressed the instinct. Steadfastly, she forced the rubber in a bit more. The lack of air made her feel faint. Francis withdrew the invading latex. She panted until the dizziness faded.

Breathing through her nose, Francis pondered the glistening black member. Her saliva streamed down the geometric shaft. What does Benjamin's dick look like? Is it smooth or does it have a few hairs climbing the shaft? Does it curve up? Do thick veins bulge from the side? By the end of the holiday, I'll finally know. Francis brought the cockhead to her lips for another round. The slick pole slid easily into her mouth. The tip paused at the back of her mouth. Francis pushed a bit harder. The dark phallus forced its way into her throat. Her eyes widened at the realization that she was deep throating for the first time in her life. The mammoth dick broke through her virgin throat. Beneath the harness, her womanhood moistened. Francis arched her neck to accommodate the full length of the cock. Thrust after thrust it entered territory that her husband had never reached. Francis's pussy muscles clenched in a surprise orgasm. Cum leaked out of the harness to drip down her legs.

Francis removed the dark cock. So that is what it is like to take a BBC. She took off the harness. Her naked cunt was soaked. She felt her engorged clitoris. A shiver danced across her back. What will it feel like to have Benjamin's BBC gliding through my other lips? Will Benjamin even want to feel my cunt? He is gay after all. He is probably more interested in the other side. Francis turned around to so her buttocks reflected in the mirror. Looking over her shoulder, she considered her round cheeks. They're not half bad. Surely they're as attractive as any man's. Patrick certainly showed interest in them when we first got married. Francis snuck a finger down the crack of her ass. It's a good thing I always declines his requests. Now my anal cherry is intact for Benjamin. Her finger pushed through the rosebud. Oh. That hurts. I need lube. Francis found a tube of lubricant in the medicine cabinet. She coated her finger generously. The second attempt went much more smoothly. Soon a second finger joined the first, and then a third. Three combined fingers worked her backdoor. The sensation was new, but pleasant. Francis could not understand why, but the assault on her ass was keeping her snatch moist. She wanted more. She wanted the BBC up her ass.

Francis sat on the rim of the bathtub. It was cold and uncomfortable. She scanned the room for a better place to settle, but there was none available. The bathroom was not designed for sex. She peaked out the bathroom door. Patrick had crawled into his bed and fallen asleep in her absence. Francis's own bed was unoccupied. Francis smiled mischievously. Leaving the harness on the bathroom floor, she tiptoed to her bed with the big back cock in her hand. Under the frilly linens, Francis surrendered her anal virginity to the latex toy.

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