tagNon-EroticDerby Line Marriage Ch. 31

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 31


Jovita got out of her cab at 15th Street and 10th Avenue and paid the driver. After a long day at work, she was going to meet Hanna for a very special evening. The stars above were barely visible thanks to the ambient Manhattan lights, but the beauty of the city buildings more than made up for the light pollution.

A scene across the street caught Jovita's attention. A man dressed in casual clothes leaned against a building on the street corner. As a Hasidic Jew passed buy, the man called out, "Perro!"

Infuriated, Jovita approached the man and told him in Spanish, "Si el es un perro, tu eres su perra."

Shocked that someone had understood him and confronted him, the man blushed and walked away. Jovita's back straightened with pride for having defended one of Hanna's people. Eagar to see her beloved, she climbed the stairs to the High Line.

An engineered elevated park greeted her at the top of the stairs. Once an abandoned railroad, the High Line now consisted of a 20 block linear landscape dotted with food carts and the occasional artist hawking his creation. Hanna had set up her table near the gelato cart. She smiled when she saw Jovita.

Jovita walked up to Hanna's table. "Happy Hanukkah. I hope you weren't waiting too long for me."

"Happy Hanukkah to you," Hanna responded. "The wait wasn't bad. I had to be here late anyway to sell as much as I could."

"How was business today?" Jovita asked.

"Good. There were many customers this week. They were probably buying last minute Hanukkah gifts," Hanna said. "How was your day?"

"Hectic," Jovita sighed. "Everyone's trying to figure out how the dropping oil prices will affect our investments. I came here directly from the office." Jovita put her briefcase on Hanna's table and let her shoulders sag.

Hanna pulled an piece from the back of her art collection and presented it to Jovita. "This should cheer you up. I made you a Hanukkah present." The calligraphy work had a grey background with white text on one side of the canvas and black text on the other side. The letters making up five verses were from the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin alphabets. Jovita could make out the Spanish and English in the last two verses, but the could not recognize the text of the earlier three verses. Hanna explained the gift. "It's a depiction of the first day of creation when Hashem separated light from darkness. The first verse is in Biblical Hebrew. Then comes a verse in Ancient Greek. Latin, Spanish, and English follow afterwards in that order. It represents the continuity from Ancient Judaism to modern American religions."

"It's gorgeous," Jovita declared. "How did you get the translations for the Greek, Latin, and Spanish?"

"It took about half an hour with bilingual dictionaries in the library, but it was worth it," Hanna said.

Jovita reached into her briefcase. "I got you something too." She pulled out a small wrapped present.

"Thanks," Hanna said as she opened the gift to reveal a CD. "Who's the musician?"

"It's the works of Tomas Luis de Victoria," Jovita replied. "He was a prolific composer from Renaissance Spain. It's choral music, so you can play it for your male guests without worrying about kol isha."

Hanna held the CD case lovingly. "That was very considerate of you." She opened the case and looked through the booklet inside to see the lyrics to the songs. The first song was entitled Sancta Maria, Succurre Miseris. The translation of the Latin contained a plea to the Virgin Mary to help the faint-hearted, mourners, the poor, the clergy, and religious women. After reading the Christian lyrics, Hanna paused to find a polite way to express her reaction. "Well, it certainly broadens my music collection."

Jovita moved closer to Hanna. "Speaking of broadening your tastes in music, do you want to come with me to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular?"

"It's really not my thing," Hanna said. "I don't see how people can celebrate a religious holiday with dancing women high kicking their bare legs."

Jovita stood up for her libertine principles. "There's nothing wrong with admiring a woman's legs any time of the year. I love admiring your legs."

Placated by the compliment Hanna softened her tone. "Thanks. Now let's get these pieces back to my apartment and go ring shopping." Putting words to action, Hanna and Jovita lugged the remaining canvases and the table back down the stairs to the street. They took a cab to Hanna's flat and had it wait for them while they quickly dropped off everthing. Then they rode it up to the diamond district.

At the jewelry store, Hanna and Jovita kept touching each other with such giddy affection that their relationship status was obvious to the salesclerk. The store employee guided them to a counter with a plethora of engagement rings when they told her the purpose of their trip.

Hanna looked at the selection wide-eyed. She could hardly believe she was only a week away from getting engaged. One ring stood out to her. It had a modest central diamond surrounded by 6 smaller diamonds. Hanna asked to see it move closely. When the clerk gave it to her, she held it up for Jovita to see. "This is perfect," Hanna said. "It has seven diamonds to represent the seven Noahide Laws."

Inspired by the symbolism of Hanna's choice, Jovita picked a ring with a bold solitaire diamond. Pointing to it, she said, "This ring has one diamond to represent Universalism. I'll get it for you." Then she pressed her hand against Hanna's cheek. "When do you want the wedding?"

"Let's do it in June upstate. We'll find an outdoor location with plenty of flowers," Hanna suggested as she placed her hand over her lover's.

"That sounds wonderful," Jovita agreed. "You know, my suitcase is in your apartment already. Why don't I stay the night?"

"Oh a work night," Hanna exclaimed with mock surprise. "What time of life am I leading you into?"

"A very enjoyable one," Jovita replied. "I've got a few clean clothes in my draw at your place. Besides, I don't want to face the long trip to my place this late at night."

"OK," Hanna said. "It will be great sleeping with you again."

The excited women bought their purchases separately and placed them in their respective pockets. The cashier looked pleased at their happiness. Jovita kissed Hanna gently on the lips. Hanna responded with firm, demanding urgency. Jovita followed her lead, pressing ever harder. As their lips parted their tongues met in a passionate French kiss. "Perhaps you should continue your celebration in private," the saleswomen suggested. The ladies grinned as they headed for Hanna's home for a night of love making.

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