tagNonHumanDespair & Desire Ch. 03

Despair & Desire Ch. 03


Later that night Miranda laid in Leland's arms, quietly stroking his chest. Her life had turned so quickly. Her Alpha Bitch Junice stayed with her the entire time she made her call and packed her bag. When they arrived at the den she was introduced to the head beta, Alpha Draven's second Michael.

From that moment she had been touched and petted and snuggled by nearly every member of the pack. At first she was embarrassed and unsure, but Leland explained that they were getting to know her and welcoming her. She had noticed a small group of women that had held themselves apart from the rest. When she asked Leland he looked over and told her not to worry, they would come around sooner or later.

Her bond with him was growing stronger as the day passed. Now she found it interesting that if a stray thought ran through his mind, she would catch it. She would especially catch it when it was a strong sexual need to be alone with her. Images of them together would flash in her mind and she would fidget. Once he realized what he was doing he chuckled and spoke through their bond that he wished this welcoming would go faster.

She returned the sentiment. Then she told him how much she wanted to feel him inside her again. A sudden flash of him filling her, stretching her pussy with his hybrid cock had her gasping and her breath leave her.

"Leland, stop teasing Miranda," Junice scolded while smiling brightly.

Leland apologized and went back to his dinner as Miranda tried to calm herself.

Now as she teased his chest with her fingers she wondered if she could tease him with her mind just as well. She imagined licking his neck and then gently biting it. His breath quickened, so she moved her mind down to his chest. His heart was beating faster, so she moved her mind again down further, just barely brushing her lips above his growing arousal. As she felt his body tensing she looked up to see his face.

He head was thrown back and his arms were gripping her tighter.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked. He looked like he was in pain and she didn't want to cause him pain.

"Don't you dare," he said and looked down at her.

The lust and love she saw there in his eyes spurred her on. She leaned up and slithered over him. When she kissed him he leaned in to deepen it. When she did a long slow rub down his body he shuddered. Oh goodness it felt wonderful to have power over him.

Along slow rumble sounded and it took a minute for her to realize that the sound came from her own throat. That interested her enough that she tested herself even further, seeing what she did, or what he did that would make the sound come again.

She was having so much fun in that that she failed to see that his eyes had changed, his arms had hardened, and his cock was harder than stone. As she continued to tease him with both her mind and her body he was barely restraining his wolf from coming forward.

Miranda moved down his body, she found it fascinating that she could do both things at once. As her mind teased and nibbled his nipples, her lips traveled down to his hard cock. They hadn't done this before and she was curious to what he would taste like, what smells she would find. She nuzzled his hip and moved closer. Taking a deep breath she smelled his natural scent. It was such a wonderful smell that she buried her nose and took it in deeper. Then she touched the tip of her tongue to just under his curly hair above his cock. His body jerked and she placed her hands on his legs.

She then moved it down closer to the tip of his cock and she was inspired to move her mind to the same spot. Her intention was to see how far she could go, how much of her teasing he could withstand. As she tasted and teased his cock she found she loved the flavor of him, the different textures his body had.

Suddenly she felt his hands in her hair and she giggled.

"You like torturing me?" he growled and tightened his grip.

She just moaned around his cock and tried to test how much of him she could take into her mouth. Then as she did she sent her mind further down and teased his sack. At his growl she knew he was closer to letting his wolf out. She moved her mouth, tasting and licking and dragging her teeth over him as her mind did the same for his balls.

When his hands tightened even more, when his hips jerked and trembled, and his growls grew to a constant rumble she knew she had to have him. She had him to a point where he was holding on to her hair the same as he was his control and it was time to let him have her.

She looked up and saw how lost he was. "Leland," she said and licked his hip again. When he pried his eyes open and looked down at her she gasped at the emotions and the need running through him. She found her voice again and asked almost too quietly, "Do you want to make love to me now, or do you want to fuck me?" It was a fine distinction for her, but one she thought she already understood. What she wanted was for him to fuck her, in every way he knew how to.

"How do I answer that?" he asked and pulled her up along his body slowly so that she could feel what she had done to him, so that every possible inch of her rubbed against his cock. "Right now we want to fuck and mate with you all over again, but you are still new and deserved to be treated better than that."

"Leland I didn't ask you that to put you in a bad position. But because I was hoping that you would want the second, and save the first for later, because I don't want it easy. I want to feel you take me, to make me submit. I want that so much."

At her words he flipped them over and feasted on her lips, his wolf slowly coming forward to change in stages. For everything she had just said he still didn't want to scare her and neither did his wolf. He took her legs and spread them wide, and then he pulled her up until she was nearly folded in half. As she watched he dove into her pussy and chewed on her lips, taking as much of her nectar as he could.

His wolf wanted a taste as well and before he could even think to reason with him he leapt forward and took over.

Miranda watched with lust as her handsome wolf changed above her. His face changed and lengthened, his shoulders becoming broader, he even seemed to gain some height. Although that could have been just the angle that she was folded into to make it seem that way. He freshly grown fur, as dark as the hair on his head, brushed her legs and buttocks as he moved, making her feel like she was pressed against soft down. He had fully changed to his wolf this time and she was in awe at the sight of him.

But all that vanished as his long tongue slid up her slit. The raspy feeling more than she could have imagined it would have felt and sent her pleasure soaring higher.

Leland growled into her moist depths. Her taste saturated his senses and imbedded there in his mind and he would never forget this taste. He heard her low growls and his long ears twitched to hear more. He thrust his tongue deeper and she began to move her hips to meet him. His snout pressed up against her clit and her movements caused it to rub hard and quick over it. When she roared her pleasure he pressed in tighter to her clit and thrust faster with his tongue wanting her to come, needing to heard her scream his name.

A moment later he got his wish.

"Leland!" she screamed as her body began to convulse and jerk wildly from the force of her orgasm. Her body was washed with wave after wave of pure animal pleasure. As she began to calm down she felt him withdraw his tongue from her sensitive pussy, then she gasped in surprise when she flipped her over and pulled her to her knees.

Miranda looked back as she again moved her hair out of the way and waited for her mate to take her.

"Please Leland," she said as watched him hesitate. She could hear him wagging his inner war not to hurt her. She smiled a bit as she knew how much he loved her and wanted to please her. But she wanted this, need this from him.

"I need you my love." Then she knew as he looked at her with his beautiful wolf eyes what she needed to tell him to make him understand. "I submit to you my mate; please take what's only yours."

That moved him forward and he leaped up to hook his paws around her hips and had his cock at the perfect angle. He leaned forward and took her neck in his teeth, gently biting enough to hold on. When she moaned from the pleasure his bite gave her he thrust his cock deep inside her, stretching her wide as he wanted to be sure to get all of himself inside her.

Her mind raced with emotion and sensation as her body craved more. He began thrusting fast and hard into her and she began growling again. She was sent into over drive when she suddenly felt his knot grow and force into her. She howled her pleasure as his thrusts changed and began to cum. She shook from head to toe as she came with him. Her belly felt full as his cum stayed inside her. When finally they calmed down his laid on her back for a moment and licked the moistness from her back.

When she giggled from the way it tickled he grumbled with her. He changed back to his human form and moved them until they were laying down spooning. His knot firmly seated inside her for now.

"I love you," she whispered sleepily.

Leland let the words and the feel of her love wash over him and he nuzzled her neck. "I love you too," he said and snuggled her closer to him. "You're mine Miranda. I can't imagine a better life than this."

Miranda smiled as she turned her head to look at his face. She could see his thoughts in her mind about forgetting the rest of schooling to spend his time with her. She couldn't allow that, he was so close to finishing and becoming a full nursing assistant. He deserved that title.

"You still have to finish your internship," she said in no uncertain terms.

"Now who has the unfair advantage," he said and chuckled.

"Promise me Leland," she said and touched her finger to his lips to still his chuckling. It wasn't something to be taken lightly. "It's important for you to finish. And I would be so proud of you for getting your degree. Too many people think there will be time to do what they are meant to do and flush away the potential to be more, to do more in this world."

"I promise you," Leland said as he pressed his lips to her temple, "I will finish and get my degree."

"Thank you," she said and cuddled back into him and pulled his arms tighter around her.

"Sleep now my love," Leland said. He knot was still firm inside her and he and his wolf both hoped that they had just filled her with their cubs. He heard her breathing slow and deepened; signaling that she was asleep. Her quiet breaths lulled him into his own deep sleep.


Miranda spent the next three days in what Alpha Draven had called wolf history boot camp. She felt as though she were in high school all over again. She was tested at the end of each day to see what she had retained from the lessons. The only thing that made her feel any pleasure during this time was when she was told that she understood everything they were teaching her.

Alpha Junice had taken her on her fourth day to the dens common area and Miranda couldn't be more excited. She watched the interaction of the pack with each other. She was surprised at how quickly she began to recognize the members by name and by sight. During their lunch a few of the pack came over to talk with her. It amazed her at the openness and welcoming she felt from nearly everyone.

She again noticed a small group of women had kept themselves separated from her, which also made her feel like she was back in high school.

"Alpha Junice," she said as she watched them. "Why are they not as welcoming as the rest of the pack have been?"

Junice looked up and over to the group then turned to Miranda, "I wouldn't worry about them Miranda. Those were just a couple of our females that were hoping Leland would pick them to be his mate. They'll come around in time."

Miranda trusted her new Alpha Bitch, but she planned to stay away from them just to be sure. Then suddenly she felt as though Leland was touching her, teasing her. When she turned to look he wasn't there and she realized he was doing so through their bond.

"Alpha Junice, where is Leland just now?" she asked as nonchalant as she could. His thoughts were getting her excited and she could feel the flush beginning to creep up her neck.

Junice smiled as she saw the redness slowly rising up Miranda's neck. "He's in class right now I believe, and then he has three hours of internship to complete at the hospital."

"Oh," Miranda said a little disappointed. She really wanted to retaliate for his teasing. But she was afraid that if she did he would fail his class or at the very least get him in trouble for indecent behavior.

"Is he teasing you Miranda?" Junice asked already knowing that he was.

How to answer without embarrassing herself? She looked at Junice and nodded.

"Would you like me to tell him to stop?" Junice asked.

"No," she said and looked up determinedly. "I should be the one to tell him that shouldn't I? I mean I am his mate, but there are times and places for this kind of thing right? Not that I don't love the way he makes me feel. But he should be concentrating on his work."

"I totally agree," Junice said proud of Miranda. She waited as she watched Miranda mentally respond to Leland. When she smiled sweetly Junice knew that Leland was agreeing with her. To reinforce what Miranda had just done Junice also gave a quick poke in Leland's mind.

"So what's next for me to learn?" Miranda asked as she pushed her plate away.

"I think you need to start learning about the mating rites," Junice said and waited as one of the Omegas cleared away their dishes. Junice looked over to the women again that had separated themselves from Miranda's welcoming. It was time that they get over the fact that Leland had mated someone other than one of them. And she was not going to let this attitude of dismissal continue within her pack. Quickly the women stood and walked over to them.

Miranda felt uncomfortable as they sat with her and Alpha Junice. They were all so beautiful and trim. Her insecurities began to creep up on her. She had to remember she was not that person anymore. She was where she was supposed to be.

'Miranda,' she heard Junice poke in her head. She turned and saw that Junice was watching her with concern. 'We are here for you. I love you like one of my own cubs. Please remember that I will always be here for you to talk to.'

She felt Leland pick up her thoughts and he put in a few words of his own. 'My love I will be home in a few hours. We will talk again then. I love you. No one else can ever be as beautiful to me as you are.'

Miranda smiled and felt so loved there wasn't any more room for her doubts and fears. The feelings were reinforced when Junice ran her hand up and down her back, trying to soothe her.

Junice turned to the women, "Lacy, Carol, and Grace, this is Miranda. I'm sure you have learned who she is mated to." She waited as they acknowledged her. "Now I know you all have been a bit put back by the fact that Leland chose outside the pack." She waited as they began to shift in their seats, uncomfortable with the fact that their Alpha Bitch was calling them out.

"The rites will be soon as with the full moon in two nights she will be shifting for the first time. Look at her," she said to them. As they did Miranda also began to shift in her seat. "Don't you see her wolf in her eyes already? Don't you see that she's already a part of our pack? I feel Miranda in my mind, in my heart, can't you?"

All three women seemed to focus more on Miranda's eyes, and then one by one the expressions on their faces changed from one of reprimanded misery to awe. Their own eyes began to swirl as their wolves wanted to come out and play with their new pack member and get to know her.

"Do you feel her yet?" Lacy wanted to know.

"Do you know her thoughts?" Carol asked.

"Do you think she'll have the same coloring as your hair?" Grace asked.

All three women had asked their questions simultaneously and Miranda had to sort them out first. She was stunned at the rapid change of attitudes from them. She couldn't say that they were ever mean to her, they never were, but they more just ignored her. To have them turn and focus on her and really wanted to know her now was fascinating. And all it took was their Alpha Bitch to get them to see her.

Laughing Junice stepped in, "We will all find out the answers in two nights. Until then I expect you to help in Miranda's education. There is still much she needs to know."

"We will help my Alpha," they all chimed in.

"Now if you'll all excuse me," Junice said as she stood, "I'm needed in the main offices. Miranda I'll see you again tomorrow morning to start preparing you for the rights."

"Ok, thank you," Miranda said and followed the lead of the other women when they stood and bowed as she left. She understood that she had a grace period to where she was permitted these small lapses of not knowing when to bow to the alphas.

Lacy, Carol and Grace moved to come near her and they finally nuzzled and petted her, getting to know her as all the others had done.

"I'm so sorry Miranda," Carol piped up. "We let our jealousy get the better of us. We're not really like this. It was a shock when you came in with Leland."

"I understand," Miranda said. "I can't blame you for wondering what Leland would want with someone like me."

The women just stared at her not really understanding what she meant.

"Can I ask what you mean by that?" Lacy asked.

Miranda shook her head, "You don't have to step lightly around me; I know that I'm fat."

"Oookay," Lacy said at length. "What's that got to do with anything?" she asked genuinely confused.

The others also looked at her with confusion. Their wolves didn't care about such things. All they know is that they have a new pack mate. Someone's size never mattered, just that they would do the job they were destined to do in the pack.

Grace took Miranda's hand and took her outside, the others followed them out.

"What do you see out there Miranda?" Grace asked with a sweep of her arm.

"The woods, a field just down the mountain," Miranda answered. When they had arrived four days ago she had tried to see everything at once. But she had little time since and had stayed in the den doing her studies.

"It's more than that. It's nature, its life. Once your wolf makes herself known you won't care what you look like to anyone else. Leland doesn't care does he?"

Miranda shook her head as the new knowledge sank in.

"To be honest," Carol said stepping up closer, "We never looked at you that way either. All we saw was the woman that took Leland off the market."

They all giggled at their own embarrassment.

"Can you forgive us Miranda?" Grace wanted to know.

"You mean you want to get to know me?" Miranda asked uncertain. They all nodded enthusiastically. "My god what a strange week this has been," when they looked confused she laughed at herself. "That's right you only know about Leland and I." She felt that if they truly wanted to get to know her then they should know what brought her and Leland together. As she explained it to them she saw their faces change in horror.

As if they were all in the same frame of mind they surrounded her and enveloped her within their embrace. "Oh my Luna," Carol was quietly weeping, "Forgive us for our lack of insight." They knew now that what their actions must have looked like to her, just another rejection from people who didn't see her for herself.

All three women looked at each other and they shifted to their wolves, their clothes falling from their bodies. They were spectacular to Miranda. Grace with her dark red fur that match her normal hair, Lacy's hair which was normally blonde actually took on a more golden look for her fur, and Carol was as close to a true jet black as Miranda had ever seen.

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