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Desperate for a Fuck


Louise's fingers were pumping her tight cunt with fervour. Her one foot was on top of the toilet and was leaning against the wall. Her other hand kept squeezing and pulling her firm 34D tits. Her pussy juices covered her hand and kept trickling down the insides of her thighs. She had three fingers inside her cunt now, the palm of her hand massaging her finely trimmed black bush and her engorged clit.

"Ooooooh," she moaned to herself. "I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna fucking cum now!"

She squealed as her body shuddered and she squirted pussy cum into her hand. She pulled her fingers out and licked them, savouring her own sweet taste. When she'd calmed down she cleaned her hands, put her bra back on, pulled her tight shirt down and straightened her short skirt. She looked at the thong she'd been wearing before. It was absolutely soaking. She decided against putting it back on. Her pussy could do with some cooling down if she were to survive the afternoon's classes.

As she stepped out from the ladies' toilet she could see that it was almost time to get to her next class. She didn't realised that she'd been in there for 20 minutes.

"Lou!" Kate, her roommate came up to her. "Where did you disappear to? I wanted to talk to you about tonight."

"What about tonight?"

"Lance's roommate is sick so we can't hang out in their room. Do you mind making yourself scarce for a few hours? We haven't had sex for over a week and I'm so horny I could fuck Derek."

Derek was the resident geek who had a bit of an acne problem. The girls often said that it didn't matter how desperately horny they got, they'd never let him near their cunts. Louise wasn't so sure anymore. It had been a month since her boyfriend dumped her and she couldn't think straight anymore. She'd arrived at college a virgin just over a year ago and her ex-boyfriend was the one who'd taken her cherry and awoken the horny beast in her. Unfortunately his repertoire had soon proved to be quite limited. Louise had begged him to try new things, to give her a real good fuck, but he'd been satisfied with what they had and never desired change. Then, towards the end of summer, he'd told Louise he was fed up with her nagging and he'd broken up with her. Louise hadn't fucked since.

Apart from her huge tits, Louise still looked very innocent. She was 5'4" tall, with a perfectly femininely shaped body, enough body fat to give her curves and tits, but nothing more than that. She had creamy white skin and her black curls reached just past her shoulders. The type of guys that went for her were the ones who were looking for a girl to fall in love and get engaged. Louise wanted someone to fuck her brains out. She wanted someone to use her as a cum bucket and then throw her to the side and leave. But she didn't know where to get such a guy. Despite her raw sexual hunger, she was still rather shy with guys. That was probably why the guys who asked her out never touched her on the first date, no matter how obvious she felt her signals were.

That evening Louise found herself in the library, but she couldn't concentrate on the paper she was writing. She logged on to the college intranet and saw that there was one lone person logged on to the "New acquaintances" chat room. She went in there and the person who called themselves "Rollo" greeted her.

Rollo: Hey there stranger! Sex?

Louise: Yes please!

Rollo: I meant, male or female?

Louise: Female.

She was a bit disappointed by this. She felt that she could be a little bit more provocative and seductive behind a chat nickname. They chatted a little bit longer and then Louise got tired of all the mindless talk and she was about to log out.

Rollo: So back to the sex thing...

Louise sat up straight. She asked him what he wanted to know.

Rollo: Are you up for it?

Louise: It depends.

Rollo: On what?

Louise: On whether you want to fuck or make love.

Rollo: I've always been partial to a good fuck.

Louise: What would be a good fuck for you?

Rollo: Meeting in a dark place, fucking a hot chick hard, in every single hole, and then cumming all over her.

Louise: You sound like my dream date. How soon can we fuck?

Rollo: How do I know that you're a hot chick?

Louise: If it's dark it won't matter, all that matters is how dripping wet my cunt is and how badly I want cock.

Rollo: So are you up for some hard, anonymous sex with me tonight?

Louise: You bet. Where do you wanna meet?

Rollo: Do you know the English building?

Louise: Yeah, I'm not far from there now.

Rollo gave her instructions for how to find him and she quickly logged off and packed her stuff. Her pussy was tingling with excitement. She felt like a slut and it felt so good. For the first time in her life she'd been her true self with a guy, albeit on the computer, and now they were going to fuck. She was determined to go through with it. She opened the door to the room that Rollo said he was in. It was pitch black. It was a basement room and only had very small windows near the ceiling.

"Rollo?" she called out.

"I'm here," she heard him reply. "Take your clothes off before you walk any further. I don't want to have to mess around with them."

She did as she was told and left her clothes in a heap on the floor. She walked towards where she'd heard the voice. Her eyes were now getting used to the darkness and she could see a silhouette of a tall man with broad shoulders. She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips.

"Hi there," she said and smiled.

"Hi yourself!" he said as his hands discovered her body. "Wow, you've got massive tits, babe, I love to fuck chicks with huge tits."

"I love to fuck guys with huge dicks," she replied, feeling herself blush, but it wasn't so bad in the darkness. "May I feel how big yours is?"

"Be my guest."

Louise reached for his belt and quickly got his trousers on the floor. His boxers soon followed and he stepped out of them. Louise kneeled and took his still limp cock in her hands and ran her tongue across the head. Her ex-boyfriend had never let her suck his cock so she didn't exactly know what to do, but she wrapped her hand around the base of the cock and started sucking his fuck meat in and out of her mouth. Her tongue teased the growing shaft and she let herself taste his wonderful precum. She was so hungry for him she tried to swallow his cock. It wasn't long before he was absolutely massive. She couldn't see the actual size, but he was too thick for her hand to close around the giant shaft, and he felt long, at least 8 or 9 inches. All too soon he pulled her off him and onto her feet by her hair.

"Oh yes, my little slut is a wonderful cock sucker," he mused and bit her nipples. "Now let's see what your cunt is like. Bend over, bitch!"

Louise bent and she felt a finger sliding into her cunt and moving around. He finger-fucked her for a moment and then his finger slipped out and he started massaging her clit.

"You're so wet for me. Does it turn you on to know that you're going to be fucked by a perfect stranger?"

"Mmmmmmm, yes," Louise moaned as he kept pleasuring her nub.

"Do you think my fat cock will fit inside your tight little cunt?"

"Oh yes," Louise was close to ecstasy now from all his clit teasing. "Fuck me please!"

He placed his cock at her opening and started pushing in. Louise had an orgasm as soon as his cock head had penetrated her. She'd never imagined how big a cock could be and this was absolute bliss for her. And he just kept pushing in. She didn't know how she was fitting him inside her cunt, all she knew was that it was the best feeling she'd ever had. She never wanted this to stop.

Then he started pulling out. At Louise's faint protest he just laughed and pulled out almost completely, just the tip of his head stopping her pussy hole to close up again. The pain of the exquisite pleasure was unbearable, and once again Louise had a mini orgasm. Then he thrust forward with all his power, hitting her womb and sending her tits bouncing so hard they almost hit her face. With a tight grip around her hips he started slamming into her hungry cunt. Each thrust sent his balls slamming into her clit and the meeting of flesh made the most delicious wet fuck noises.

After a while he let go of her hips and grabbed her by her tits. He pulled her up by her nipples and started kissing her neck. He kneaded her tits while sucking and biting the soft skin on her neck. He was so powerful. She tried to meet his every thrust and yet she didn't stand a chance. He was fucking her so hard.

A stirring deep inside Louise grew bigger and bigger. Soon she couldn't hold herself back any longer.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed. "I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!!!!"

"Oh yeah," he whispered in her ear. "Cum for me, my little slut. Cum all around my big, fat cock!"

Her body convulsed. She writhed in his arms. Her cunt was gripping his cock hard and her pussy was squirting juices all around his lovely shaft and down her legs. She lost the use of her muscles and was almost a limp fuck doll in his arms. She was panting hard when he pulled out. She didn't know what else she'd have the energy to do. He pushed her against a desk and made her bend across it. His hands pulled her ass cheeks apart and she could feel his fat cock against her virgin ass hole.

"Oh, please," she begged. "I've never done that."

"Don't worry, babe," he assured her. "You're gonna love feeling my cock fill your ass."

His cock was dripping wet from her cunt and his cock head slipped inside with surprising ease. Louise moaned as she felt herself being stretched in an uncomfortable way. He told her to start rubbing her clit and she did. Miraculously that took her mind always from the pain of the ass fuck and the sordidness of the whole affair turned her on immensely. She couldn't believe that she was being fucked in the ass by a person she'd never met. The guy whose cock was now making its way deeper into her ass was someone she'd never seen before. Oh, it made her even hornier!

Shortly afterwards he came to a stop and started withdrawing slowly. Then he pushed in again. Slowly, slowly he built up a rhythm in her ass and with her finger on her clit she started meeting his thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Louise didn't notice that she was moaning out loud.

"You like that, huh?" he smiled. "You like having my thick meat fucking your tight ass. You're such a slut! Now make yourself cum and I have a gift for you!"

Louise rubbed herself harder. Soon she was crying as her body was taken over by another orgasm. Just as she cried out he shoved himself deep and started shooting his load up her ass. She could feel his cum filling her bowels and he grunted with each squirt. When he was done cumming he pulled out of her ass and she could feel his cum running out of her gaping hole. She felt so dirty. She felt so great. He pulled on his trousers and walked to the door.

"Get rid of your roommate tomorrow night. I'm coming to your place at 9 and you better be naked and ready to fuck again."

"How do you know where I live?"

"I know where you live, because I know who you are, Lou. Now, did you understand my instructions?"

"Uhm, yes," Louise answered, wondering how he could know her when she'd used her nickname in their chat. She didn't know anyone who had access to people's Intranet nicknames.

"And I want all the lights off. Leave the door unlocked, turn out the lights and have your cunt ready and moist for my cock!"

With those words he escaped into the hall so fast that Louise didn't manage to see his face. It baffled her. Who could he be? Damn, he'd been a great fuck. She couldn't wait until tomorrow, but she didn't like the fact that he had the upper hand on her. His voice had sounded remotely familiar, but that could mean that he was anyone that she'd met in the last year at college.

Kate was not happy about being thrown out of their room the next night, but she had to return the favour. She was curious about whom Louise was seeing, but Louise wasn't telling her much. The truth was that Louise didn't have much to tell. She walked around all day with a dripping pussy and she couldn't wait to feel that piece of meat pounding her cunt again. By 9 p.m. she was lying on her bed, legs parted, waiting for her fuck friend to come in.

At 9 on the dot the door opened and closed quickly. He locked it behind him and she could hear him undress.

"I can smell your pussy," he said. "I just need you to suck me till I'm hard, then we're gonna fuck."

He walked up to her and placed his semi-hard cock on her cheek. She started licking and sucking it and it was hard way too quickly. He climbed onto the bed, between her legs, and placed her legs across his shoulders. As he pushed himself forward to suck on her tits he made her ass lift off the mattress and then she felt his shaft against her wet slit. It didn't take much effort, and no help from his hands, for his cock head to penetrate her. Once again she had a small orgasm for that feeling. He kept pushing until he'd penetrated her completely. With a hand on either side of her he started pumping her. Every thrust made his cock go deeper. He was slamming into her cunt, hitting her clit on the way in. She was throwing her head sideways. She panted. She could hardly breathe. This was even better than last night. When she couldn't take it anymore she cried out.

"I'm cumming!!!!!!!" she didn't care who could hear her, and some giggles from outside indicated that quite a few people had heard her. She shook violently as her cunt grasped his cock hard and he kept fucking her.

When she was done cumming he pulled out of her and pulled her off the bed. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, devouring her mouth. Then he bent down and grabbed hold of her thighs and shoved himself deep inside her again. He fucked her hard against the wall, so hard that books started falling down from the shelves.

They were both panting hard and loud and soon Louise had to give in to another orgasm. She'd hardly finished cumming when he lifted her off his hips and put her on the ground.

"On your knees," he commanded. "I need you to suck me dry!"

She followed his order and opened her mouth. She could taste herself as she sucked his cock and caressed his cum filled balls. He grabbed her head and shoved himself deep inside her mouth and started shooting his load. Once down her throat. Once in her mouth. Then he pulled out and placed his last few squirts on her face and breasts.

"Fucking hell, slut!" He exclaimed. "My cock can't get enough of your hungry holes."

"I feel so good," Louise agreed. "When can I fuck you again?"

"Can't get enough of my big cock, huh?"

"You know it. Please let me know who you are so that we can meet and fuck again."

"You don't need to know my name to take my cum. You just need to be a willing slut. Tomorrow night, same time, same place as yesterday."

She was disappointed that she didn't know who he was. She was disappointed that he didn't seem to want to have anything to do with her apart from these fuck sessions in the dark. But it would have to do. She'd learnt so much in these last two nights and she couldn't wait to feel his meat in her cunt again. This was everything she'd fantasised about and more, and why ruin it by getting clingy?

Louise was sitting on the floor, his cum still on her face and tits as he opened the door and disappeared. She heard some voices out there.

"Hi Pierre!" said the voice that belonged to the man whose cock had just fucked her brains out.

"Hello Derek!" replied a voice with a French accent.

Derek? Acne Derek? Surely it couldn't be? But Acne Derek had access to the college computer system... And all of a sudden she realised why the voice of "big cock" as she called him in her head sounded so familiar...

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