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Desperate Housewives


I am currently going through a divorce. A marriage of 15 years, where my wife ignored me and sex between us was rare. After pleading for some kind of contact for weeks, it was only then that she would reluctantly have sex with me. Even then, she would only lay there, waiting for me to cum just so she wouldn't have to hear my requests for a while. I finally smartened up and got the balls to leave. I didn't have the money to get a place of my own, and my sister and her husband had an extra room they offered to me for as long as I needed it.

It was early in June when I moved in to their home. They live on a quiet suburban block where the neighbors all know one another and get together often for barbeques and parties. It was during one of the first barbecues of the season where I met Allie and her husband Jason, Donna and her husband Eric and Carolyn and her husband Nick. My sister introduced them all to me and we all hung out in the pool, ate and drank. Carolyn is the blonde of the group, and at about 37 yrs old. She is about 5'5" tall with full breasts which I figured to be about 38D. She has a firm body and looking at her in her wet, black, one piece bathing suit, I could see she has a very large pussy. She caught me looking at her a couple of times, and she just grinned at let it go. Allie is the prettiest of the trio. She is 35 and has the most gorgeous sapphire blue eyes. She has dark brown hair which falls just to her shoulders, and is very fit since her husband is a trainer at a local gym. She had on a white bikini that showed her perfectly firm ass and there was a hint of her nipples protruding from the thin fabric that hid her small but firm breasts. Donna was the youngest of the group at 27. She is Honduran, and her light brown skin tone was alluring. She, like Carolyn, has larger breasts and though she was fit, probably could benefit from losing about 10 pounds. She has a nice round Latina ass and was the funniest of the women.

After everyone had eaten, I was helping the women clean up before dessert while the guys were out in front of the house looking at Nick's new Mustang. Carolyn made a comment to everyone that now she had a car to compete with. A couple of the women muttered in their understanding of what she meant. I took Carolyn aside a few minutes later and I told her that Nick was a fool if he payed more attention to that car than to a beautiful woman like her. She gave me a huge smile and squeezed my arm. After all the dinner items were cleared from the backyard table, I went out to hang with the guys.

It was about eleven when everyone had left. My brother in law said goodnight and went upstairs to bed, leaving my sister Kathy and I to relax and chat. During our light conversation, she told me that Carolyn had approached her after dessert, and asked her what my story was and why I was staying there. She said that she explained to Carolyn what happened and hoped I didn't mind that she filled her in. I said that I didn't mind and I went to bed.

A couple of days later I saw Carolyn watering her flowers as I took a walk to the beach which was a few blocks away. Carolyn waved hello and motioned for me to come over to her. She said that she wanted to thank me for my comment to her during the barbecue and she also confessed that she caught me looking at her in her in her bathing suit. She said that I made her feel like she was a desirable woman again. I was a little nervous, but I told her that she was a beautiful woman and I apologized for ogling her. She told me that no apology was necessary, and that she felt flattered that I enjoyed looking at her. She also said that she asked my sister what happened between me and my soon to be ex-wife. She understood everything, because her husband Nick ignores her and prefers to spend time working on his car after he comes home from work. I said that Nick was a fool if he doesnt realize that he has such a sexy wife. She smiled and took me by the hand and lead me inside her house where she closed and locked the door behind us. Carolyn then gave me a powerful and sexy kiss and our tongues danced in each others mouths. She broke off the kiss and said that Nick was at work and her kids were at their friends house and wouldn't be back for a few hours.

I put both hands on Carolyn's huge tits and lightly squeezed. They were so full and firm and she uttered that they were real. She pulled her tshirt off and I unhooked her bra freeing her globes. I started to suck on her right tit, and I lightly pinched her growing left nipple with my fingers. She moaned lightly and she squeezed my growing cock through my shorts. She pulled me off her breast and kissed me again. Carolyn pulled off my shirt, and then went for the button on my shorts. As she knelt down in front of me, she yanked both my shorts and underwear down at the same time. She took my hardening cock in her hand and began stroking it. Carolyn put the head to her lips, and she slid her mouth over it and down the shaft. She was sucking lightly, and my cock grew to it's full 8 inches. She was really good at giving head and squeezed my balls as she sucked. I felt my orgasm beginning to build, but I didn't want to cum just yet, I pulled her up to my lips and kissed her.

It was my turn to give her some pleasure, and I slipped off her shorts and panties. I lead her to a chair and had her sit. Her cute ass was at the edge of the cushion and each one of her legs was draped over the arms of the chair. Carolyn's pussy lips were very large. She had neatly trimmed light brown hair above her pussy and was shaven below. I spread her lips and slipped my tongue inside her pink pussy, which was glistening with her excitement. I wriggled my tongue inside, tasting her sweetness. My tongue moved to her clit and as I stroked it, she moaned and began to gyrate her hips. I sucked on her clit and her breathing got shallower and faster. I knew she was getting close, and I stopped my assault on her hardened clit. She called me a bastard, and without saying a word, I pulled her up from the chair and I had her bend over the back of it. She spread her legs for me a little and I placed the head of my cock between her large labia. I separated the lips and I entered her hot, slick pussy very slowly, feeling her heat and surprising tightness. I must have been entering too slowly for her because she pushed back on me, shoving my cock into her depths. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting. Carolyn was really excited and, it didn't take long for her to orgasm. As she came, she pushed back on me harder and harder. I felt her juices flow from her and dribble down my balls. As her orgasm began to subside, she ordered me to fill her pussy with my cum. A few seconds later I obliged, as jet after jet of hot cum splashed inside of her slick pussy.

Carolyn pushed me off of her, knelt in front of me, and took my still hard cock into her mouth. She sucked our combined juices off the shaft and from my balls, leaving a clean sheen of her saliva coating me. I collapsed into the chair and she sat on my lap. We held each other as we recovered from our encounter, and Carolyn confessed that Nick had not fucked her like that in a long time. Carolyn then got up and began to dress as did I. We kissed and she said that we would get together again when it was safe to do so.

A few days later, Allie walked over to me while I was getting the mail from the mailbox. She said that Carolyn told her about our encounter, and boldly went on to say that her husband Jason was screwing a few of his female clients when he went to their houses to privately train them. She said that he doesn't know that she is aware of his trysts but their sex life has taken a nosedive, and hasn't been satisfied in months. She said Carolyn had told her about my situation and thought that we could help each other out. She smiled when I took her by the hand and led her into the house.

Luckily my sister and her family were out, and wouldn't be back for several hours. I brought Allie to my room and we immediately began to kiss. As we both became more comfortable with each other, our kissing became more passionate and heated. I dropped to the bed and she got on top of me. Allie pulled off my shirt and kissed me. She kissed her way down to my chest and playfully licked and sucked on my nipples. She undid the button to my shorts and I helped her take them and my underwear off.

My cock was standing at full attention and she lowered her lips to it and licked aroung the head. She continued to lick down the shaft and then began to lick and suck on my sensitive balls. Allie then took my aching cock into her mouth and she sucked and licked very slowly. I ran my fingers through her silky hair and her pace on my cock quickened. My orgasm was building and I told her that I was going to cum. She ignored my statement and continued her oral assault on me. Seconds later, my cum exploded from my cock and splashed into her warm mouth. She continued sucking and she squeezed my balls, milking every last drop from my pulsating cock.

Allie swallowed it all and then moved up to kiss me. I tasted my cum as we frenched, and I went for the snap on her cutoffs. I pulled off her shorts and then her shirt. She had on a black thong and a black bra. I undid the clasp to her bra and exposed her breasts which I estimated to be a small c. Her nipples were small and pink, and and I licked one and then the other, They instantly became taught and she said that her nipples were very sensitive. I took the left one into my mouth and becan to suck on it.

I slid my right hand down to her pussy, and I was surprised to find it totally shaven and very wet. I slid a finger past the tiny piece of fabric that covered her, and slipped it into her hot pussy. Allie moaned as my finger slid in and out or her tight twat, and I stopped just before she came. My cock was hard again and I took off her thong. I climbed on top of Allie and entered her tight hole. She was very wet and I slid in easily, not stopping until I was all the way in. Allies eyes were tightly shut and her mouth was slightly open, so I knew she liked the feel of me inside her. I began to make love to Allie and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I would pull my cock all the way out of her and thrust all the way back in. This drove her wild. She would raise her hips on each thrust inward and that began the build up to her orgasm. She dug her polished pink nails into my ass and pulled me into deeper. Her pussy pulsed and squeezed around my cock. Allie wasnt done yet. She kissed me and said that she wanted me in her ass.

Allie told me to lay on my back. My cock was still very hard, and she climbed on top of me and put it back into her pussy to lubricate it. She took my slick cock in her hand and placed the head at the entrance to her gorgeous firm ass. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock, and stopped when the head made its way past her tight sphincter. Allie paused so she could get used to the feeling of my thickness, then slowly lowered herself until I was all the way in. She felt really good and it was a tight fit.

She screwed my cock with her ass, and pinched her right nipple withn her thumb and forefinger. She demanded I fuck her ass and I happily pushed her off of me and onto her hands and knees. I pulled Allie by the waist to the edge of the bed. I stood behind her, and slid easily inside her now loosened ass ring. I grabbed onto her hips again and fucked her ass deeply and slowly. She slid two fingers into her wet pussy and then she went to her clit. Allie teased and pinched her hardened nub and began to orgasm again. Upon hearing her moans and feeling the walls of her ass clench down on my cock, my orgasm took over me. Hot ribbons of my cum jetted into her colon. I collapsed onto the bed panting and totally satisfied. Allie kissed me again and said that she hasn't felt that good in a long while. We both cleaned up and dressed and I walked her to the door. She kissed me again and whispered into my ear that she could feel my huge load of cum starting to seep out of her ass. Since she only had on a flimsy thong, it was starting to dribble down her legs. She smiled and left.

The next day started out uneventfully. It was around 11am when a nervous Donna knocked on my door. I invited her in and asked her what was wrong. She hesitated, but then stated that she knew about what was going on between me, Allie and Carolyn. She wasn't able to look me in the eye when she shyly asked if she could join in all the fun. I placed my finger under her chin and raised her face so I was able to look her in the eye and say "of course you can."

I kissed her lightly on the lips and explained to her that my sister was home, and if we could go to her house. She said ok and we went across the street. We sat on the couch in her living room and she told me that Eric travelled 2 weeks out of each month on business. Eric is about 20 years older than Donna and she lost her virginity to him. She continued to tell me that when he is home he goes to bed early and rarely is in the mood for sex. Donna said that she was nervous about coming to me, but both Carolyn and Allie told her to calm down and go for it. They said she wouldn't be sorry she if she did.

I moved closer to Donna and I kissed her. I knew that I had to go slow with her, and with this Latin beauty, it wouldn't be a problem. We made out on the couch for a while and my hands roamed her body. It took a little while for her to relax but when she did, she let her inner Latina out. Her hand went to my hard cock and she massaged it through my pants. She let her fingers travel it's length and she did it again to be sure what she felt was right the first time. She broke from our kiss and asked me if what Carolyn and Allie told her about my thick 8 inches was true. I told her to look for herself and I stood up and took off my pants and underwear. My hard cock sprung out and it pointed directly at her face. She studied it with her hand for a minute or so and then kissed the tip. I asked if we could continue this in the bedroom, and she led me up the stairs.

When we got to the bedroom, I took off my shirt then slowly undressed her. She was beautiful. Her shoulder length black hair went well with her tanned skin. Her breasts were capped with large dark areolas and firm nipples. My eyes went south and I saw that she had a full dark pubic bush. She was a little shy standing there naked in front of me and she said that she often thought about shaving her pussy but didn't have the courage to do it. I told her that if she wanted to, that I would be more than happy to do it for her. Donna said she wanted to try it out and see how she looked. We went to the bathroom where she took a pair of scissors from the vanity draw. Donna turned on the shower and we got in. The water was hot and it felt good as we kissed and caressed in the shower. I took the scissors, and took the first snip of pubic hair. After all the trimming, I lathered her and began to shave her mound. I took my time and I left her baby smooth, with a neatly trimmed triangle above her pussy. I rinsed her off and we dried ourselves.

Donna felt her naked pussy for the first time in her life, and couldn't believe how good and erotic it felt. We went back to the bed and I had her lie down. I took her legs and bent them at the knees and spread them to allow me access to her newly shaven pussy. It was already glistening from anticipation. I slowly kissed and licked at her pussy lips, lightly sucking on them as I continued. I licked at her opening then slid my tongue inside and tasted her sweet juices, Donna moaned as I pushed my tongue deeper inside of her. I moved up to her clit and I licked and sucked on it. Donna spread her lips for me allowing me full access to her hardening clit. I sucked on her nub and slid a finger inside of her and rubbed her g spot. Her breathing quickened and I sucked harder. Donna had an explosive orgasm and it took a little effort to keep my mouth on her pussy.

My nose and chin were drenched with her cum, and when she finally came off her high, she kissed me feverishly cleaning my face of her sweetness. Donna said that Eric rarely went down on her and when he did, he wasn't too into it. She told me that she wanted to return the favor and had me sit on the edge of the bed. Donna knelt in front of me and began to kiss and lick my cock to life. She took my cock into her mouth and gave me a fantastic blowjob. She massaged my balls and even played with my ass. I felt my cum beginning to rise from my balls and Donna knew I was getting close. As the first hot blasts of my cum hit the back of her throat, she squeezed my scrotum and took all of my seed into her mouth. She swallowed hard as my cock slipped from between her lips. She squeezed my shaft all the way to the head in order to get at the last bit of cum inside, and licked it off with her tongue.

We rested and chatted for a little while and she told me that she was a minister's daughter and grew up in a strict household. She said that her marriage to Eric was arranged and that she does love him very much but he just doesn't satisfy her.

Donna and I kissed some more and she took my cock back into her warm mouth and got me hard again. It was time to make love to this Latin beauty, and I got on top of her. She guided the head of my cock to her pussy and I slid inside easily. We made love for a while in the missionary position and then she told me to lie down on my back. She got on top of me and slid down on my pole. I watched as my cock appeared, and then disappeared into the dark skin of her smooth pussy. She fucked me that way until she had her orgasm, which caused her to shudder and expel her juices all over my cock and down my balls, making a wet spot on the sheets.

I rolled her over onto her back, my cock never leaving her drenched pussy. I put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her cunt hard and fast. A few minutes later I exploded, my spasming cock filling her pussy with hot cum. When I finally slipped out of her, some cum oozed out and Donna spread it all over her bare mound, massaging it into her skin.

I went down on Donna again, tasting the mix of my cum and her juices. When I finished cleaning her out I licked at her dark asshole. Donna said that Allie told her about how I fucked her ass and that she wanted to try it. She wanted me to pop her ass cherry and I was more than happy to comply.

Donna went and got some K-Y and handed it to me. I lubed her ass inside and out, and also my cock which was hard as a rock. Donna told me to go slow and easy as she got on her hands and knees, putting her firm ass in the air. I stood behind her and slid a finger into her rectum. A minute or so later I put 2 fingers inside of her, and slid them in and out. Donna said that it felt strange to have something in her ass but it felt good. I asked her if she was ready for my cock and she told me to go for it. I put more lube in her ass, and pressed the head of my cock slowly past the tight ring of her anus. Donna gasped and told me not to move. She wanted to get used to the pain she was feeling. After a few minutes Donna told me to slowly fit the rest of my manhood inside of her ass.

When I got all the way inside her tight ass, I started to gingerly make love to her. She said the pain was gone and was now feeling very full, and it excited her. My thrusts became a little harder after hearing this, and now my balls were slapping against her pussy. Donna was now pushing against me on each forward thrust and was thorughly enjoying her first ass fucking. Donna was now moaning loudly, and and was clawing at the sheets with her french manicured nails. Her tight virgin ass was squeezing my cock and a few thrusts later we both came. Pussy juice ran down her leg as I pumped her ass full of my cum. I slid out of her as my cock softened, and we both cuddled in each others arms.

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