tagInterracial LoveDesperate White Wives Ch. 02

Desperate White Wives Ch. 02


Dawn and Chuck arrived at his place where he took her inside the house and walked up the stairway to his apartment. Chuck had Dawn walk in front of him up the stairs and was checking out her nice round white ass.

Chuck turned on a few lights and music and sat down on the sofa and motioned for Dawn to step out in front of the sofa.

Dawn was a basket of nerves at the moment, she was so terrified thinking about what this guy wanted from her. Although she had drunk a few glasses of liquor, she felt like running back out the door and walking all the way home.

It was bad enough that she had the lesbian session but now she was with a man alone at his house and he expected her to fuck.

"Come on Bitch . . . I want to see you shake that white ass for me."

Dawn's heart was beating so hard that she could feel the material of her thin dress moving with each beat. She stepped out in front of the sofa and began to slightly move her hips to the beat of the music.

Her ass was facing Chuck who was leaning forward of the sofa to watch her dance. She than realized that showing him her ass was only enticing him further and she turned around to face him as she tried to dance.

"That's it . . . Show me how you can giggle those big tits and keep moving that white ass for me."

Dawn couldn't have moved into a better position, she was trying not to be so seductive but no matter how she danced in that dress, it would not matter. She kept swaying to the music and trying to stare at the wall behind the sofa. She could feel his eye's on her body but tried to stay focused on the wall and her husband.

Maybe Chuck would fall asleep. Yes, maybe he would just fall asleep and she could get her purse and just walk out of here.

That wasn't going to work tonight as Chuck stood in front of her and pulled her down on the sofa until she was sitting on his lap.

It was very easy for Chuck to move the thin material of her thin dress aside and began fondling one of her tits.

Dawn was terrified and wanted to jump off his lap and run out of the house but she thought about the money. Chuck was massaging her tit and flicking his thumb against her nipple trying to make it hard.

"This is my first night working for the service and . . . I'm afraid . . . I don't know if I can do this or not."

"Oh man . . . I paid for you tonight . . . What does you think I brought you here tonight for . . . To watch Television?"

"It's just that . . . I uh . . . Um . . . I'm a married woman."

"Oh . . . Fuck me . . . Shit . . . What the fuck does you mean you're married . . . Your working for an escort service and you don't know what I brought you here for tonight? ....What the Fuck . . . I thought that ring on your finger was just a show."

Chuck moved his hand off her tit which made Dawn feel relieved and Chuck stood up almost knocking her off onto the floor saying. "I'm going to give those asshole's a call and see what's up . . . I'm not going to pay for a whore if she's not going to give up some pussy."

Chuck pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and started to dial the number.

"Please. . . . I'll give you what you want . . . Just don't call them, I'll get in trouble and get fired and I need the money."

Chuck held the phone down to his side and just starred at Dawn with reluctance in his face and shaking his head.

"You just told me you were married, what the fuck is you working for a service like this anyway. Don't you know your going to have to give out some pussy at some point in time?"

"I'll do anything you want, just don't call them . . . Please . . . Don't call them . . . "

Dawn began to cry and held her hands over her eyes as Chuck slipped the cell phone back in his pocket.

"All right . . . What the fuck is we supposed to do then? ......I paid a lot of money for you tonight and I didn't bring you back here to watch you cry . . . Now . . . What is you going to do?"

Dawn wiped her eyes and tried to stop crying and stood in front of Chuck looking toward his feet. She held her arms out with her palms faced upward as if she was saying, "OK. Here I'm, go ahead and get it over with."

Chuck stepped forward and took her hands saying, "Why didn't you tell me when we were at the club. You allowed me to kiss you several times and I didn't hear a peep from you then."

Dawn was sniffling and truing to hold back her feelings as Chuck held her tight.

"I guess I really hadn't thought about coming back to your place and doing something tonight."

"So. You're really married with a husband and kids and everything?"

Dawn shook her head, "No. I don't have any children at home . . . I just . . . Need the money . . . I need to replace some money I spent on vacation before my husband finds it missing."

Chuck laughed out loud, letting her hands fall free and pointing at the sofa for her to sit down. He was shaking his head and still laughing as he starred at her shapely legs and the way they were revealed to him in this position.

"A housewife hooker? ......Are you sure you want to do this? ....I can call them and get someone else . . . It'll only take me a minute to call."

"No . . . Please . . . I told you I would do whatever you want me to do . . . Please don't call them . . . Don't you like me?"

Chuck laughed . . . "Yeah . . . I like you . . . But, are you gonna like me? .....Have you ever had any black dick before?"

Dawn starred down at the carpet holding her hands together in embarrassment.

Chuck laughed again . . . "I didn't think so . . . Look's like your really a virgin."

Chuck laughed at himself as he thought about the situation and made a gesture with his hands saying, "OK . . . Show me what you can do to earn that money . . . I might as well be the man to break your ass in tonight."

Dawn swallowed hard, Chuck's attitude wasn't helping her out very much as she sat starring down at his feet. Chuck took a couple steps forward until he was within reach of Dawn.

"OK. Why don't you start by unwrapping the package and don't let the size of it scare you, It's only going to get bigger?"

Dawn nervously reached up to unbuckle his pants but kept putting her fingers near her mouth as if to prolong touching him. Her fingers finally reached the buckle and started fumbling with the hook and than the zipper.

She gave the material of his pants a gentle tug and allowed them to fall down on the floor where he stepped out of them. Chuck was wearing a tight fitting red thong which was bulging out from his huge cock.

"You like that....Bitch?"

Chuck was unbuttoning his shirt as he watched the expression on her face and pulled it off his large shoulders.

Chuck looked at his watch and picked up his clothes saying, "Come on . . . We better go into my bedroom, my buddy is bringing a woman back here tonight and I don't want to get in his way."

Chuck escorted Dawn to his room and shut and locked the door as he tossed his clothes on a chair. He walked next to Dawn and took hold of the material of her dress at the shoulders and pulled it down exposing her large tits.

"My . . . My . . . Look at those nice tits . . . Married one's to boot!"

Chuck pulled the dress down past her hips and allowed Dawn to wiggle free of the thin material until it fell to the floor.

"Oh . . . Yeah . . . Shake that tight little ass . . . I hope you do some of that when your riding my dick . . . I might give you a little extra tonight if you're good. I know that old man of yours can't be doing that well a job since your out here looking for some strange dick."

"This has nothing to do with my husband, and I told you I needed the money."

"OK . . . Fine . . . We'll see how well you need that money . . . Come here and finish unwrapping your present so you can start earning your pay."

Dawn was still nervous but getting angry at Chuck and reached down and swiftly yanked his thong down his legs. She had to knee down to push them down to the floor but hurriedly stood up and looked into his face and wondered what he was going to say next.

Dawn held her arms with her palms facing up gesturing to Chuck as she said. "OK . . . Now what would you want me to do?"

Chuck laughed as hard as he could as he reached out and took hold of her hands and moved them onto his cock.

"Let me see you suck it."

Dawn starred angrily into his eyes as she kneeled onto the floor in front of him still holding his big dick in her hands. She looked sexy as hell wearing only the spike heels as she kneeled on the floor.

Chuck was starring down between her cleavage looking at her flat tummy and the small patch of blonde hair between her legs. Dawn was starring at the big cock only inches from her face and saw a tiny amount of pre cum leaking from its head.

Dawn kept inching her face forward until she extending her tongue out and licked the edge of its head. She was avoiding touching the clear seminal fluid with her tongue and wiped it away with her thumb.

"Come on Bitch, quit playing around and suck the dam thing."

Dawn gave his cock a squeeze thinking she was getting rough with him.

"Oh . . . Yeah . . . Baby . . . Hold that dick tight in your hands and start sucking."

Dawn figured she'd get it over with and placed her mouth around the giant head and engulfed as much as she could in her mouth. She was trying to avoid looking up at his face and kept moving her mouth and tongue around its head.

Chuck was starring down at her face and saw the wedding ring on her left hand holding his cock. He was smiling and thinking to himself that this woman was married and her old man didn't have any idea his wife was working as a whore.

He was enjoying the thought of fucking her married white pussy for the first time. He'd break her in good and let her go home with a bellyful of seed. Maybe her old man would be waiting for her when she returned and get a lovely present.

Dawn was actually sucking his cock like a pro now and massaged his balls while she worked her mouth over the large shaft.

"That's it . . . I knew you could suck cock . . . Keep squeezing my balls while you suck me . . . Yeah Bitch . . . That's the way I like it."

It was irritating Dawn the way Chuck was talking to her, he had been so nice when he picked her up and took her to the club and now he was acting like a jerk. She sucked him for several more minutes while he stood groaning and starring at her.

Chuck finally pulled his cock away from her mouth, "Any longer and I'll be shooting my load in your mouth. I want to save this load for that pussy. Get on the bed so we can fuck, Bitch."

Dawn got up off her knee's giving him an angry stare and backed up to the edge of the bed while Chuck stood giving her a devilish grin.

Chuck moved forward and grabbed her waist and leaned down and kissed her big tits. He was biting little circles around her nipples until he pinched her a little too hard.

"Ouch . . . That hurts . . ."

Chuck just continued nibbling on her tits and giving her tiny little bit marks. Chuck held her waist tighter as he lifted her up and tossed her back on the bed.

Dawn laid their starring at Chuck as he moved close and took hold of her legs and pulled her body back to the edge of the bed. He kneeled down and began kissing her inner thigh's and began bitting them like he had done to her tits leaving little red marks on her skin.

Chuck kept kissing and licking his way toward her pussy mound and teased her with his tongue. He didn't even bother looking at her face. He just continued licking her pussy and holding her legs apart.

Dawn's spiked heels were resting on his shoulders as she lay their feeling his tongue licking near the entrance of her pussy slit. He used his hands and parted the folds of her pussy and began flickering his tongue against her clitoris causing her body to tighten.

Chuck stopped for a second as he said. "Yeah . . . I'll take care of that little problem in a few minutes . . . Old Chuck's going to give you your first taste of black dick . . . "

Chuck used his skill and experience to tease her pussy with his tongue and after several minutes, she was beginning to respond by pushing her pelvis into his face. Dawn's heel's were still resting on his shoulders and he could feel her legs beginning to shack as he skillfully worked on her pussy.

Dawn's legs began shaking more as he continued to lick her pussy. Chuck looked toward her face and saw how intense her face was getting and knew she was going to have an orgasm. He almost stopped short of allowing her the pleasure of an orgasm until he got his cock inside of her but decided he would allow her to cum and kept working his tongue on her clitoris.

Dawn's tummy was flexing in rapid motions as her breathing became more rapid and she began gasping for air as she began to groan out loud . . . "Oh . . . God . . . Uh . . . Yeah . . . Uh . . . Shit . . . Yeah . . . Ah . . . Fuck . . . "

Chuck skillfully worked his tongue on her as her hips bucked up off the bed and she began to scream.

"Oh God . . . Yeah . . . Ah . . . Ah . . . Ah . . . Oh . . . Yeah . . . So . . . Good . . . Ah . . . My God . . . No . . . Oh . . . Please . . . Oh . . . Yeah . . . Ah . . . "

Chuck held onto her thigh's as she repeatedly arched her hips up off the bed as she reached her orgasm. She was slamming her fists down into the mattress as she screamed and bucked.

Chuck finally stopped licking her pussy and stood at the edge of the bed watching Dawn catching her breath and holding her hands over her eyes. He couldn't believe that she had such an intense orgasm after acting like such a bitch to him.

Chuck was still holding her legs and pulled her little ass back against the edge of the bed and slapped his dick down on her belly and slid it along her smooth skin.

Dawn starred at the big dick touching her belly and looked at Chuck's face saying, "I have a condom in my purse, if you hand it to me I'll get one out for you."

Chuck laughed, "Yeah . . . Right . . . I got tested for everything and gave the results back to the service before our date so I did everything that was required. Don't tell me you got something, if you do I'm going to call them on the phone and make a complaint. I didn't get tested for anything."

"Please don't call them . . . I don't have anything . . . I just thought you were going to wear a condom . . . I meant . . . Since I'm married and don't want to get pregnant."

"They told me that you were taking the pill and I'm not paying a dime if I have to put on a condom, so make up your mind right now or I'm giving them a call right now."

Chuck stepped back away from the bed and was about too pickup his cell phone from his pants laying on the floor.

"I took my pill this morning. You can go ahead without using one."

Chuck stepped back closer to the edge of the bed again giving her another devilish grin as he replied, "Tell me again only be a little more specific."

Dawn reluctantly gave Chuck the answer he was waiting to hear from her.

"You can fuck me without a condom."

Chuck pulled on Dawn's legs until her ass was just about even with the edge of the bed and rested her feet against his chest as he began to rub the head of his large cock against her pussy slit.

Chuck kept moving himself against her slit until it popped inside the tight folds of her pussy.

"Ouch . . . "

He kept moving his hips making the head slid into her slit a fraction at a time watching the expression on Dawn's face as she looked down between her legs. She was watching the huge cock as it began disappearing inside her pussy.

Chuck kept moving until a third of his shaft was inside the folds of her pussy and thought to himself how tight she felt and kept going further.

Dawn's pussy was soaked and she was getting even more aroused watching the huge black shaft entering her body. Chuck figured she was excited by the contrast of their skin together and began sawing into her slit with a faster pace.

Chuck held onto her ankles and kissed her legs as he continued to hammer into her pussy. Dawn's belly began contracting more heavily as her breath became more labored. She was getting turned on more intently than he assumed she would and began licking her legs as he moved his hips making his big cock enter her pussy until it hit bottom.

Chuck held onto her legs even tighter as he began banging into her pussy with much greater force. The sound of his big legs slapping against her ass filled the room as Dawn began to moan out louder.

Dawn surprised Chuck and even herself as she began chanting as she gasped for air.

"Oh God . . . Yeah . . . Fuck me . . . Fuck me hard . . . That's it . . . Fuck me . . . Oh God . . . Yes . . . Do it . . . So good . . . Fuck me . . . "

Chuck answered her request and began banging her ass even harder until the slapping noise started to get much louder and Dawn's body was sliding back and forth on the bed with each forceful stroke of this big guy inside her.

Chuck pulled her close to his body and placed each of her feet around his waist and reached down and picked her up off the bed and held her in mid air as he continued to fuck her while standing on the floor.

Dawn put her arms around his neck and held on as he lifted her small body up and down his shaft. She was gasping for air and moaning as Chuck cupped her ass cheeks with his large hands and kept pumping her pussy on his cock.

"You like riding that big black dick, don't you baby?"

Dawn was moaning and giving out a loud yelp each time Chuck pushed up inside her pussy. She was holding onto his big shoulders and rotating her hips around on his hands as she got screwed.

"AH . . . Ah . . . Yeah . . . God . . . Yeah . . . So good . . . Uh . . . Yeah . . . Huh . . . Huh . . . Ah . . . Huh . . . Oh . . . Yeah . . . God . . . Oh . . . Yeah . . . Fuck . . . me."

"What did you say? ....Tell me what you said."

"Ah . . . God . . . Huh . . . Huh . . . Fuck me . . . Fuck me hard . . . "

"That's what I thought you said."

Chuck turned and walked to the edge of the bed as he held Dawn on his cock and eased himself onto the bed. Dawn was now sitting on Chuck's lap with his huge shaft buried deep inside her pussy.

Chuck got himself comfortable and began lifting her little body up and down his shaft. The wet sound of her pussy could be heard throughout the room along with Dawn's constant moaning.

Chuck screwed her for several more minutes until he quickly turned her over onto her back and began hammering into her pussy from above. She was moaning and screaming now as he hammered away at her now stretched out pussy.

"Huh . . . Huh . . . God . . . Yeah . . . Ah . . . Shit . . . Fuck me . . . Fuck me . . . God . . . Yeah . . . Fuck . . . So good . . . Yeah . . . Chuck . . . So good . . . Stay in me . . . Yeah . . . Oh . . . God . . . Ah . . . "

Chuck was now laboring to shoot his huge load inside her pussy. He would have her broke in tonight as a whore and it just wouldn't be complete until her belly was filled with black man's seed tonight and that was what he was aiming to do tonight.

Dawn had locked her legs around his ass the best that she could while wearing the spike heels. Her nails were dug into his skin near his neck as he continued to ram his huge cock inside her.

"Oh God . . . That's a tight pussy . . . God . . . Baby . . . I'm getting ready to cum inside you . . . Get ready . . . God . . . Yeah . . . Fuck . . . Huh . . . God . . . Ah . . . Shit . . . Feel it going inside you? ... Shooting it . . . Bitch . . . "

Chuck was still slapping himself down on the tiny woman beneath him while holding her legs back to her own shoulders now. Her ass was upturned as he took a few final strokes inside her pussy and tried to catch his breath.

Dawn was gasping for air as Chuck took a couple final strokes and held himself deep inside her for a few seconds before slowly pulling out of her pussy. A loud plup could be heard as the large head popped out of her stretched pussy.

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