tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDestiny in Her Hands

Destiny in Her Hands


The gentle, steady rhythm of her breathing soothed Lynn. Even after a full night's sleep, she was exhausted. But the quiet of her bedroom reassured, even cheered, her in her fatigue.

Silence. Calm. Solitude. Too, bad, she thought, clasping her hands behind her head as she stretched her curvy, yet athletic, forty-eight -year-old panty and bra clad form on her bed, that in order to have her cherished calm and silence, her oasis of tranquility in the midst of her busy and stressful life, she required solitude.

Too bad. To have a man in her life meant endless chatter about sports. About careers. About money and bills and things to buy and fix.

A man meant competition and rivalry to her. Yet, she liked competition didn't she? What about the almost erotic swelling of pride she had felt when she had been promoted to manager of her bank branch? She had won the promotion ahead of Ross, the loudmouth loan manager and Debbie, the head teller who was known to be blowing off the regional manager.

Yes, she enjoyed competition and she savored winning and she had to admit that having the ultimate power to hire and fire and make many crucial decisions at her branch had an aphrodisiac effect on her. She'd been feeling aroused ever since she had been promoted. Her nipples were often taut and were visible even through her bra and blouse. She'd taken to wearing buttoned-up jackets to conceal this.

But what use was this extra power, this boost to her sexual pride, when it simply isolated her from everyone else at the branch? Her additional responsibilities took up much of her time and drained her of the energy and inclination for socializing at work or after.

So, here she was, forty-eight, successful, living in a paid-for house, but alone, and divorced.

Yawning, she rose from her bed and walked across the room to the full length mirror by her dresser. She stood before it and took stock of herself.

Her long black hair hung about her well-defined shoulders. Even without brushing, her hair was lustrous and had a wild beauty to it. Regular workouts had kept her abdomen firm, her legs, thighs and arms well-toned and finely proportioned.

But Lynn's greatest source of pride were her breasts. At size 38D they handsomely filled out any blouse, t-shirt or jacket. She cupped them in her hands, admiring their heft.

She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and let it slip to the floor. She admired her large nipples with their deep pink areolas. She teased her fingertips over them, smiling as they hardened under her practiced touch.

Further down her abdomen was the next point of interest: her navel and the discrete piercing that decorated it. Pete, her ex, had loathed that piercing and she treasured the memory of the argument she'd had with him after she'd gotten it. Lynn saw that as the beginning of the end of her stifling relationship with a man she had married far too young - just after a year in college. She was glad to have that bitter experience behind her and was grateful that she had caught Pete in an isolated corner at his office Christmas party getting a blowjob from that awful blonde slut who was supposedly his assistant. At least that gave her a reason to leave him at long last.

It had been three years since she had left him and there had been no men since. Not even one night stands. For a long time she didn't care, but now something was stirring within her. She wanted, needed a man, but at the same time, she didn't want all the fuss, all the noise, all the complications. And there was a growing awareness, too, that maybe she had maybe done some things to alienate Pete. Like all the times she had put him off when he had wanted to make love to her, her reluctance in the first year of the marriage to go even down on him. It was time to set things straight. Time to meet a new man who would satisfy her, and whom she could really enjoy satisfying.

She looked in the mirror at the clock radio by her bed. Ten past six. She'd have to dress for work soon, but she still had some time left for herself.

She walked over to the clock radio, switched it on and returned to the mirror. While a husky-voiced diva whispered a sultry ballad, Lynn stood before the mirror, striking poses. She faced the mirror, clasped her arms behind her head and stood with her legs wide apart.

As much as she wanted to be aroused by what she saw, she was still bedeviled by memories of how Pete would lie in bed in the morning, jerking off as he watched her dress and put on make up. She struggled to destroy that memory, replace it with thoughts of another man who would be more entertaining.

What about Chris, the handsome young teller who had started working at the branch a few weeks ago? He would be a massive improvement over Pete; only twenty-two, just out of college, tall with short brown hair, a winning smile, mysterious grey eyes and strong arms and shoulders that fairly burst from the conservative business shirts he always wore. Only problem was, he was married. But she could still dream about him, couldn't she?

He was bright and he had a naïve way about him that charmed Lynn. His laughter was a bit loud and sometimes he spoke a little more candidly than he should in a workplace, but Lynn liked that. It showed he was fresh and new and eager to learn. Maybe she could be his teacher. Maybe she could even give him advice and useful warnings about married life.

But if he was married, Lynn thought, the marriage must be on the brink of cratering, if his behavior were any sign. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She could feel his intense stare burning into her as she walked about the office. She knew for certain that he especially stared when her back was turned.

She knew this because of that incredible moment one lunch hour at the cafeteria next door. She had placed her order and was leaning forward with her palms flat on the counter. She was wearing new shoes that day and her feet ached. To ease the pressure somewhat, she had lifted her right foot so she was standing with her toe down, slightly bending her leg. She happened to glance to her side and there was Chris's face reflected in the front door window! He was staring at her and practically drooling! She saw her own reflection and immediately understood why Chris was aroused and was greatly flattered. She looked so tantalizing standing in that pose; the cut of her powder blue suit jacket beautifully brought out the curves of her tits and her tightly fitting matching powder blue skirt tastefully yet teasingly displayed her shapely legs and ass.

She smiled at Chris's reflection. He blushed and turned away. How beautiful she felt and how protective she felt toward him! He was still shy and modest.

She liked him even more after that.

As she recalled the incident, a familiar moist warmth radiated from her pelvis. She brushed her palm against her panties and found she was getting damp. She ran her middle finger along the crotch of her panties and a fine tingle of electricity shot up her spine, making her shiver with aroused pleasure.

She threw her head back and moaned, her fingers probing deeper, pressing the crotch of her panties deep inside the dripping moistness of her cunt.

She rubbed faster and faster while pleasure washed over her in warm, embracing waves. Her thighs clenched and her inflamed sex radiated sparks of ecstasy through her entire body.

She gasped and shrieked as the longed for explosion of pent up lust blasted inside her and the floodgates burst open, soaking her panties with the sticky, salty leavings of her pleasure.

She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked them dry while her frenzied breathing abated and her sweating body cooled.

The clock on the table said six-thirty.

It was time for her to shower and get ready for work; time to get ready for the day when she would conquer Chris, married or not.

Yes. She would make it happen today, somehow.


After showering, she put on the same powder blue suit she had worn when she had caught Chris staring at her at the cafeteria counter. Instead of her usual pantyhose, she slipped on a pair of black silk stockings, and just to be on the safe side to make things easier for both herself and Chris, she had put on a bra that hooked at the front.

Before leaving the house, she checked herself in the bedroom mirror, making sure that the tops of the stockings were just barely visible under the hem of her skirt as she walked. That ought to tease the hell out of Chris, she thought.

The drive to work was slow, but no worse than usual, and soon she was at the branch. Ross nodded politely as she passed his desk. He still smarted from losing the promotion, but he was careful not to show it. She walked toward her office and winced inwardly. Debbie was standing at the door. She caught Lynn's eye and walked toward her. What the hell does she want? Lynn thought as she flashed a warm smile at Debbie.

"Lynn, could I see you in your office, just for a sec? It won't be long." As usual, her voice dripped oily friendliness. Slippery road ahead, Lynn thought as she motioned for Debbie to follow her into the office.

No sooner had she closed the door than Debbie started laying out her case. "It's about Chris," she said while Lynn seated herself behind her desk.

"What's up?" It was all she could do to keep from blushing. Why had she said that in relation to Chris?

Debbie hadn't noticed. She was all business, her arms at her sides, face a mask of seriousness, her voice firm. "Things are getting pretty bad with him. He's been late three times this week. But, more importantly, there are accountability issues with him."

Lynn nodded. "Go on."

"Last night, when he was cashing out, he was fifty dollars short."

Lynn frowned. "You mean the cash in his till was fifty dollars short of what he'd stated in his cash out slips?"

"Exactly. I told him that the shortfall would be deducted from his next pay. He seemed pretty embarrassed and upset, but I think we have to crack down on him. He simply isn't taking the job seriously."

Lynn struggled to keep a poker face even while her heart pounded. Damn those nipples, she thought, they were hard already. She was grateful her suit jacket hid this telltale sign of her arousal. "I'll talk to Chris. Is he in yet?"

"Been here since ten to eight."

"Bring him into me. I'll have to talk to him."

"Great! You'll be writing him up, of course?"

"I'll see."

Debbie's voice betrayed shock, even anger. "He's been late three times in a week. He's screwed up the cash out. Lynn, people have been fired for much less."

Lynn stuck to her guns. "I'll talk to him."

Debbie shrugged. "I'll bring him right into you."

Moments later, Debbie showed Chris into the office and she closed the door as he took a seat opposite from Lynn at her desk.

Lynn looked at Chris, being careful not to be obvious about sizing him up. His forehead glistened with sweat and was creased with worry. Yet his beautiful eyes revealed nothing; she couldn't tell if Chris was sincerely worried, or if he were putting on an act.

She would soon find out.

Lynn broke the tense silence. "I supposed you know why you are here."

Chris's voice was strong in spite of his visible nervousness. "Yes. The problem with the cash out last night."

"That's right. Tell me what happened."

Lynn watched Chris as he spoke, taking in the sight of him in his crisp white shirt and blue tie, his shoulders broad and strong. He gestured with his hands as he spoke, big strong hands that were clearly well-acquainted with physical labor. She wanted to have those hands gripping her hips, holding her tightly as she rode him, but she had to stop the thought. She had to concentrate on what he was saying.

"I don't know what went wrong. I counted the bills at the till. I could've sworn the total was seven hundred dollars."

"How many times did you count?"

"Three times."

"At least you tried to be careful."

"I guess careful wasn't good enough, though."

"Too true. You understand, I suppose, the seriousness of what happened?"

"I do. And I'm very sorry."

"You understand that I'll have to write you up for this."


"That also means your contract may not be renewed when it ends."

"Should I simply quit? I mean, perhaps I'm not cut out for this job."

Lynn shook her head. "No. But you do have to be more careful. And you should look at why you made the mistakes in the first place. Are you under stress at all?"

"Well, the job does make me a little nervous."

Lynn's voice oozed sympathy. She hoped she sounded convincing. "It does? How?"

Chris sighed. "It's a lot of responsibility. And I've got to do well. You see...I just married and I've moved away from home for the first time. We're paying a mortgage on a condo and we need every cent we can get. I mean, I put myself under a lot of pressure to do well. I guess I think too much and I trip myself up."

Lynn sat back in her chair. Time to move in for the kill, she thought. Devouring Chris with her eyes, she spoke, her voice lower, more intimate.

"Are you and Jill getting along okay?"

"The mortgage payments are a bit steep, but we're getting along."

Lynn giggled throatily, seductively. "I don't mean that kind of getting along."

Chris blushed slightly. "You mean our relationship?"

"That's right. I mean all aspects of it, including the more, shall I say, intimate aspects of it?"

Chris's voice was suddenly cold, "I don't know if that's any of your business."

Lynn rose from her chair, walked from behind her desk and stood beside Chris. He swiveled in his chair to face her. She stood tall and straight and spoke with as much authority as she could muster. "It is my business, especially if it intrudes on your business with this bank. I'm suspicious that things aren't quite okay at home. Am I correct?"

Chris was silent.

Lynn smiled and licked her lips. This was even more fun than she'd thought it would be. She sat down on the edge of her desk, carefully letting her skirt ride up her thighs revealing the frilly tops of her stockings. She opened her legs slightly, hoping to throw Chris completely off balance. "I know things aren't good. You know why? I'm sure you recall that incident in the cafeteria where I caught you in the front door window staring at me. Remember, I was wearing this suit and you couldn't stop staring at me? I knew you wanted me. And you want me now."

"I was never staring at you. You know damn well I'm married. Why would I want you?"

Lynn burst out laughing. "Don't bullshit. Of course you stare at me. For you to stare at me like that, you must be pretty aroused. Either you're simply a really horny guy, or Jill just isn't looking after you right."

"If this goes on, I'll leave."

Lynn rose from her desk and walked behind his chair. She rested her hand on his shoulder. She noticed Chris didn't flinch. "If you were serious about leaving and whining to Human Resources about this, you would've left a long time ago. You're staying because you want to be here. And you know I hold all the cards when it comes to your job status here at the branch. And you know you want me badly."

Chris's voice was small. "I guess that's true."

Lynn's voice was soothing again. She knelt down beside him until her face was level with his. "I know that's true. Tell me what's wrong? Are there things Jill won't do? I understand. I used to be a married woman and I know there are things I did that put off my ex. He loved blowjobs, but I never sucked him when we dated. In fact, we were married more than a year before I even went down on him. Is Jill not sucking your cock?"

Chris looked straight ahead, his voice cold. "I don't want to get into it."

"But you want to get into me, I bet?"

Chris still looked straight ahead.

Silently, Lynn walked behind her desk, unbuttoning her jacket and letting it fall to on the back of her chair. She turned her attention to her blouse, slowly unbuttoning it and teasingly let it slip from her shoulders. She faced Chris. He shifted about nervously in his chair, his hands fidgeting. A noticeable bulge had formed in his groin. He obviously wanted to touch himself, but was afraid.

Lynn put her hands behind her head and swayed her hips sensuously. "Make yourself comfortable, honey. I can see you've got a big weight to carry. Just let it out."

While Chris unbuckled his pants, Lynn walked up to him and stood before him, cupping her breasts through her bra. "You like these, Chris? Quite a pair aren't they? And look at the nipples, how stiff they are. All because of you. And all for you."

Chris reached forward, and with shaking hands, unclasped the bra. It fell to the floor, exposing her swaying globes of flesh. He squeezed them in his hands and she moaned. She loved his strong but sensitive grip. He fingered her nipples and then she leaned forward and he buried his head in her cleavage while she shook her tits.

He pulled off his pants and his briefs and sat back in his chair. Lynn knelt before him in her skirt and heels and brought her tits up to either side of his stiff cock, cushioning it. She then started masturbating him with her breasts, her speed building as the friction grew and his prick swelled. He gasped and could barely keep himself from moaning as a thick stream of silvery cum shot like a geyser from his dick.

It splattered on her jugs and a few drops hit her chin. She scooped them up with her fingers and licked them. "Bad boy. See the mess you made. You're going to have to clean this up."

She sat forward and he leaned toward him, his darting tongue lapping up his sticky cum from her tits. As he did this, she masturbated his slick penis, stroking him back to his previous hardness.

"Seems like you've got that weight again. I'm going to have to help you relieve it. I think more radical measures are needed."

He did as he was told and she quickly pulled off her skirt, panties and heels. Only wearing her black stockings, she mounted his swivel chair, straddling him. She was just barely able to splay her legs on the arm rests and press her naked cunt against his groin. She lowered herself over him and took his stiffness inside her, riding him like a horse. It felt so good to have a man inside her again. Too many years had passed since she had last done this; far too many. But now, she could make up for it.

In her lust, she gripped him in her dripping cunt, clasping him tightly with her clenched vaginal muscles, her whole sex grabbing at his penis the way a hungry mouth grabs at food. Her vision blurred and everything dissolved into a fevered rocking motion. The chair creaked loudly as she pumped him like a piston. She didn't care if the chair broke or if someone walked into the room. All she wanted was Chris and his stiff, surging manhood.

Suddenly, the thrusting and the pressure grew too great and Chris shuddered and shot his load deep inside Lynn. She cried out and then collapsed on top of him.

They rested in each other's arms for a few minutes and then Lynn rose to her feet. While they dressed, Lynn said. "I suppose you're wondering what my decision is. You're staying. You've just proven that you can be a very desirable asset to this organization. Unfortunately, I will have to write up a warning for you. However, I will take your case in hand and will give it my most personal attention. You are to report to me twice a week for performance evaluations and I will assist you with customized coaching. I know Human Resources should do this, but I think it best that you stay in my hands. Besides, there have been examples in the past of branch managers coaching difficult performance cases."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me. Thank yourself. You've demonstrated yourself to be very worthy. I will write up a report for Debbie and we will meet again, Friday morning, at nine. All right?"

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