JOEL: Hello.


JOEL: How are you?

KEARA: Stressed, but okay, thanks. How are you?

JOEL: I'm fine. Why are you stressed?

KEARA: I don't want to talk about it. How's work going?

JOEL: Same as always. Nothing ever changes there.

KEARA: That doesn't sound good.

JOEL: It is what it is. Why are you stressed?

KEARA: I said I don't want to talk about it.

JOEL: Why not? Talking helps. It's good to get that kind of stuff out.

KEARA: You have your own stuff going on. You don't need to hear mine.

KEARA: And you've told me before that I talk about my problems too much.

JOEL: Sometimes you do. But this time, I'm telling you to talk about it.

JOEL: We're friends. Friends listen.

KEARA: I don't want to add to your stress.

KEARA: Did you have fun at the club you went to the other night?

JOEL: Not really. It was too loud; it gave me a headache.

KEARA: That's too bad. When you mentioned it in the chat room, it sounded like you'd have a good time.

JOEL: Uh huh. So why are you stressed?

KEARA: You aren't going to let up, are you.

JOEL: No. If you need to talk, talk to me.

KEARA: It's hard to talk about.

KEARA: It's about my job. You said you didn't want to hear about that stuff anymore.

JOEL: I said that months ago, when it was all you ever talked about. This is different. What's up?

KEARA: It's getting worse. My boss keeps blaming me for everything that's going wrong, and a lot's been going wrong. It isn't my fault, though. I'm just doing what I'm told.

JOEL: That doesn't sound good.

JOEL: Maybe you need to start looking for another job.

KEARA: I think so, but it's going to be hard to find one for a company as good as this one.

JOEL: Is the company worth what your boss is putting you through?

KEARA: No, not really. Not at all, actually.

JOEL: Then look for another job. You'll find something. Can you hang in at your job until something else comes along?

KEARA: Yeah. I've been there this long. I can stand it a while longer, I guess.

JOEL: Of course you can. You've been through a lot worse than this, from what you've told me, and you've always come out all right.

KEARA: Yeah, I have.

JOEL: Then you're worrying too much.

JOEL: You'll be able to find another job. You're making yourself feel bad.

KEARA: It's going to be hard to find references. I know my boss won't give me one.

JOEL: Maybe not, but I'm sure other people would. You just have to ask.

KEARA: Yeah, I guess.

JOEL: You're hurting yourself by worrying so much. Take a deep breath, make a plan of how to look for another job, and stop thinking about it so much.

KEARA: That's why I didn't want to talk about it, because I didn't want to think about it.

JOEL: Think about happy things, like your dream job.

KEARA: Like getting laid. LOL.

JOEL: LOL. Been a while, huh?

KEARA: Yeah.

JOEL: How long?

KEARA: About three months.

JOEL: That isn't long.

KEARA: It is when I'm this stressed. I need something to take my mind off everything.

JOEL: Do something about it, then.

KEARA: I can't. There's nothing I can do about it. Or, to be precise, no one I can do.


KEARA: LOL. You know I'm not into random hookups.

JOEL: Well, if you were closer, I'd be able to help you out.

KEARA: I know. Too bad I'm not.

JOEL: Yes, it is. It's been a while for me, too.

KEARA: So if I was closer, we could help each other out.

JOEL: Yes, we could.

JOEL: What would you do?

KEARA: I don't know.

JOEL: Yes, you do. When we were seeing each other, what did you like doing?

KEARA: Kissing you.

JOEL: Kissing's a start. Pressing your lips against mine, your tongue touching mine. What are our hands doing while we kiss? Where do you touch me?

KEARA: My hands are between us, on your chest. I always loved touching your chest.

JOEL: Over my shirt or under it?

KEARA: Under. I pull your shirt out of your jeans and slide my hands under it, touching your bare skin.

JOEL: Good.

JOEL: And with both hands, I cup your ass, pulling you tight against me. Can you feel my hard, thick cock against you?


JOEL: Do you want to touch it?


JOEL: Tell me.

KEARA: I touch your cock. I undo your jeans so I can hold it in my hand.

JOEL: You stroke it, caress it. Taste it. Do you remember the taste and texture of my cock?

KEARA: I could never forget that. I can almost taste you now.

JOEL: Think about having me in your mouth again. How do you feel?

KEARA: Horny.

JOEL: Are you wet?

KEARA: Yes. Are you hard?

JOEL: Yes.

JOEL: Where do you want my hard cock?

KEARA: In my mouth.

JOEL: Uh huh. Where else?

JOEL: Do you want it in your hot, wet, pussy?


JOEL: Or in your ass?


JOEL: Both?

KEARA: Well, not at the same time. LOL.


JOEL: So you want to fuck my long, thick cock with your wet pussy... You want to straddle me and lower yourself onto my cock. You want to ride me.


JOEL: And then when I've fucked you into a few orgasms, I tell you to get off me. I make you get on your hands and knees and ram my cock into you from behind.

KEARA: Mmmmm, yes!

JOEL: Into your pussy or into your ass?

KEARA: Whichever you want.

JOEL: I want your sweet ass.

KEARA: Then take it. Fuck my ass.

JOEL: Touch yourself.

KEARA: I already am.

JOEL: Are you going to cum?

KEARA: I want to.

JOEL: Make yourself cum while you think about my hard cock sliding into your tight ass. The pain giving way to pleasure.


JOEL: You're going to cum, aren't you? Do it, Keara. Cum for me.

JOEL: Are you all right?

KEARA: I just came.

KEARA: I can't believe I just did that at the computer.

JOEL: You have before.

KEARA: Yeah, and I never can believe it when I do.


JOEL: How do you feel now?

KEARA: Less stressed.

JOEL: Good.

KEARA: Still not as good as the real thing, though.

JOEL: We'll have to see what we can do.

JOEL: Right now, I have to go finish some paperwork. Take care.

KEARA: You too.

JOEL: Night.

KEARA: Night.

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