tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 08

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 08

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Setting up Robert

Jay told Dianne not to tell Hilary about him fucking two of her brothers.

"She might hate them for being ass holes and never supporting her, but blood is thicker than water. We can only trust her completely when she had delivered my child. Coz then, she will stand behind the father of her children."

Therefore, Hilary was kept in the dark, concerning her brothers' cock sucking activities, initially.

Jay and Dianne met Rob and Hilary for several double dates. Jay always dressed in tight, body hugging clothes, that exposed his dark, muscular body and outlined the big bulge between his legs. Hilary had told him that Rob liked gazing at muscular black guys, and Jay realized that she wasn't mistaken. Rob was always stealing looks at Jay's alluring, bulging dark muscles, in a female kind of way.

Rob actually liked both Jay and Dianne and found the young black couple to be very attractive. If they had been white, he would have easily declared them close family friends. However, Rob knew how the people in town thought, and frankly speaking, he thought like them too and did not see a reason to change things. He found separation of races was indeed a good thing. In his last year at college, he had seen a couple of black guys join his ice hockey team. One of them was a write off and soon quit, but the other one was really talented and he was actually now playing for the US national team. Rob had been scared and real pissed. The blacks already had basketball, football and even baseball. Why the hell were they trying to get ice hockey as well.

The experience made Rob realise that one had to make sure the niggers stayed in their place, otherwise they would come out of it and take away from the white man. Therefore, Rob did his best to sneer down on those guys and put them down. He wasn't some naïve white liberals.

Rob realized that Jay scared him. The black guy was so dynamic, handsome and confident. Even though he was younger and did not have money to compare with Rob, when the two of them talked, Rob felt dominated by him. He could see that Dianne and Hilary followed Jay, like the alpha male, and even he was prepared to follow Jay. Sometimes, when they were drinking, Jay would flirt with him and Rob found himself blushing like a shy girl. His heart would beat very fast and the colour rose to his cheeks. Rob had never felt this way about a man, but the young, handsome black stud awakened forbidden desires in him. The same forbidden desires that he felt when he watched muscular black athletes.

Jay gave Hilary a porn DVD and told her to watch it with Rob and seduce him. Rob was surprised when Hilary asked him to come home early one evening. He found his wife waiting for him in a skimpy, short dress. She fed him a tasty, mouth watering dinner, washed down by his favourite wine. Afterwards, she led him to the bedroom.

Rob was even more surprised when Hilary led him to her bedroom and told him to strip down to his boxers. She lit up a blunt and snuggled up to him on the bed. She started a Porn DVD and the two of them smoked the weed and watched two couples, a black and a white one, who were doing a partner swap. It was well shot and the actors were good looking and really into what they were doing.

Hilary was very turned on as she stroked her husband's cock excited cock.

"Say Rob, wouldn't you like to do something like that," she whispered in his ear and nibbled on his earlobe.

"You mean, as in us?" he asked incredulously.

"I mean, Jay and what's her name again, Dianne, are coming tomorrow, and way I remember, you couldn't take your eyes off her. I wont mind you experimenting a bit with her, if you wont mind me having some fun with Jay."

"Are you crazy!" he exclaimed, shocked, yet very excited. "I mean, you cant... And I cant... We are married, for fuck's sake!"

However, even as the words escaped his lips, Hilary felt his cock leap in her hand. She squeezed it tighter, giving it a slow, long wank.

"It was just a suggestion, Robbie. I mean, we are both curious, and you know, Jay and Diane are not from our circles. We wont be bumping into them again. "

"What if you like it? And you could pick up diseases as well."

"We will definitely use protection. And I could never develop feelings for a black man, yunno. Its just pure curiosity darling. Its something I would just like to get out of my system. And I know you would like to sink this big dick into Dianne, wouldn't you. Gosh, I would love to see you bury this cock of yours deep in her black pussy... And she told me she has always found white men attractive."

A moan escaped Rob's lips. Hilary engulfed his excited cock in her mouth. Hubby was hard as a rock. She gave him several long, deliberate licks but did not let him cumm. They both gazed at a close up of the black woman sucking the white stud's thick, long cock. The actress was really into it, giving a deep, wet blow job.

"Mmmmm. Imagine this dick being swallowed up between those thick, lush, dark lips. I get so wet just from the thought of seeing you fucking her thick nigger lips. I know you wanna fuck that nigger chick don't you?"

"Oh fuck!!!" Rob gasped, rolling his hips. "But, I mean, yunno..." He was wavering. "We cant just say to them we wanna have a swap, yunno... They'll think we are perverts."

"I will talk to Dianne. I will offer them a lil cash. They're students, yunno... We will just see how things will develop."

"Alright... Lets just see what will happen..." Rob groaned as his cock was swallowed up between his wife's hungry lips.

Her eyes had an evil twinkle. Just as the scene was reaching an end, the white guy knelt at the black man's feet and started sucking his huge, dark black cock. Hilary pretended not to see, concentrating on Rob's cock. However, she felt Rob's cock grow real hard. And he started panting for breath. She sucked him some more, letting him watch the white stud suck the big, black cock voraciously. Then she suddenly pretended to notice

"Oh my gosh! What are they doing!"

"This is some sick shit!" Rob sneered hastily, but his eyes remained glued to the screen.

"Oh I think its so sexy. Look at that. Oh my!!! Gosh! Rob. That's really hot...."

"He is sucking the black man..."

"Yeah! Isn't that wonderful. Gosh, I am so wet from watching this. Would you do that for me baby?"

"No!" He panted.

"Come on. Think about it. I would love to see you go down on such a big, black one... Maybe we can ask Jay to let you do it, just a lil bit, yunno"

Hilary sucked her husband greedily and he came hard just as the black actor came in the white stud's face. Rob's mouth watered tremendously, and he really wished he could trade places wit the white stud. He felt so excited as Hilary informed him that Jay and Dianne would be coming to visit, that week end.

Chapter 2: The heat

The young black couple came visiting on a Saturday afternoon. Hilary split the couples up. She and Jay prepared supper whilst Dianne and Rob got a fire going and set the table. Dianne was dressed in a pair of hip hugging, hipster shorts and she wasted no opportunity in bending her ass and revealing the new, sexy butterfly tattoo on the small of her back and her tiny little, red thongs. She flirted with Rob, rubbing her tits against his arm at every opportunity whilst listening attentively to him and giggling happily at whatever he said, without overdoing it. Dianne was an expert flirt. Rob's dick was hard all the time.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jay and Hilary had a hard time keeping their their hands on the food. They exchanged fiery, lustful looks constantly. They would peep to see that no one was coming, then steal passionate kisses and gropes.

"Fuck Jay, I wish you'd just throw me across the sink and fuck the shit out of me with that big, black cock!" Hilary rasped to him as she stroked his cock through his shorts.

"Don't worry baby, patience. Though I have to confess I cant wait to pump that white pussy full of black babies. You off the pill?"

"Yeah darling, I am. I cant wait to carry your sweet seed."

"Yeah, I want you to have my black babies."

"They wont be black if I contribute, now will they?"

"In this country they will be."

"Fuck this country, my kids will be half cracker and half nigger, and they will be the sweetest babies this planet has ever seen. And they will be strong and mad, just like their daddy!"

Jay just had to give her a deep kiss for that. He couldn't wait to have his two women running around with thick bellies, carrying his seed.

The four of them sat together chatting away till late into the night.

All four were so horny when they got to bed. However, Hilary and Dianne had secretly agreed not to fuck their husbands, so as to keep the tension going until the big day, which was the next day.

Rob had an appointment to play golf the following afternoon, which he wouldn't cancel because he wanted to ass kiss his boss. Hilary and Dianne drove into town together to do some shopping. Jay was content to sleep long since he had had a rather taxing week at work.

Rob returned from his golf game feeling very elated. He had gotten his boss to more or less promise to give him special consideration for the post of vice president. He wasn't worried. Seth, the company founder and owner did not believe in women running companies. Rob was confident that he had his nose way ahead of his wife. Therefore, he was in very high spirits. And they really went soaring as he beheld Dianne. The sweet black woman greeted him with a lingering kiss to the cheek and Jay did not seem to mind at all, neither did Hilary, who also kissed his other cheek. Rob slid an arm around each woman and stroked their hips.

After a tasty supper, Rob and Dianne went and switched on their Sauna, which needed an hour to get going.

They smoked lot of weed and everybody made sure that Rob always had a joint between his lips. They wanted him real stoned and uninhibited. They then entered the Sauna. Each of them took a side of the four walled room. There was a strong, latent, sexual tension in the room. The men sat opposite each other. Initially, all had their legs pressed together, eyeing each other. Slowly, the sweat started coming out. First it was just tiny droplets that gathered on the skin, and glinted in the light. Then the droplets flowed tantalisingly down the bodies.

Rob gazed at Dianne, seeing tiny rivulets of perspiration flowing down her sexy, dark skin. Her big, brown tits gleamed like two delicious, freshly baked buns. Dianne smiled at him, giving him a cumm on look that had his cock fighting for freedom between his thighs.

Slowly, she let her juicy, chocolate brown thighs fall apart, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, which was gleaming like a shiny, brown bald head catching sun rays. Her long, hanging pussy lips were shining. Her nipples were sticking out like thumbs, pointing straight at Hilary.

"You are looking hot, girl!" Hilary gasped. Rob turned to gaze at her. The fine brunette was all wet and sweaty now, looking so alluring. Her cheeks were red, and not just from the heat. As he his eyes met his wife's twinkling eyes, Hilary let her crisp, tanned, shapely thighs fall apart, and Rob was staring straight at her fat, engorged clit and her dark pink, furled lips. A mixture of sweat and her juices, was slowly trickling down her crease. Even as he looked, Hilary leaned back and pushed her hips forwards, and her pink hole winked at him.

"Fuck, aren't we just the luckiest men on Earth, Rob?" Jay chuckled in his deep, dark voice. Rob turned to see the black man's eyes feasting shamelessly on his wife's genitals. A mixture of strong emotions gripped Rob, jealous, pride and pure lust.

Rob gazed at the black man. His dark muscles were gleaming as if he was made of marble. His body indeed resembled a sculptor, a work of art. It was symmetrical and simply beautiful. Rob had never been this excited, looking at another man. Just like the others, Jay slowly let his dark, powerful, sweaty thighs fall apart. When he saw the black man's dark penis, Rob's eyes remained transfixed to it. It was longer than his, and thicker. It looked a potent, virile black snake. It seemed to vibrate with life. Rob had found it to be beautiful and attractive.

"Come on Rob, time to show us yours," Hilary teased her husband. He looked at her shyly. She was stroking her parted thighs, wiping off the sweat.

Rob's cock was so hard, he did not want to show it and reveal his arousal. However, it was only fair. He took a deep breath, and let his thighs part. Once released from its confinement, his cock leapt up and pointed at the ceiling. All of them giggled. Rob blushed for a second, then he joined in.

There was now a very tangible sexual tension in the room.

The girls left the sauna first. They hit the adjacent shower and showered, giggling happily as they soaped, washed and fondled each other. Jay leaned back, eyes closed and breathed evenly. Rob stole a quick glance and realised that Jay was probably dozing. He took the opportunity to leer at the dark man's body. The layer of sweat on the dark flesh was making it look so sexy and alluring. As his eyes drifted down the chiselled chest and abs, to rest on the black cock, Rob felt a strange excitement. Jay's cock had definitely grown thick and longer, and he just could not take his eyes off it.

Rob felt secure, since Jay's eyes were closed. The white hubby licked his lips involuntarily. Watching him from behind slightly open eye lids, Jay smiled inwardly. The fish was definitely biting. Jay suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at Rob.

"See something you like, Rob?" he asked in a friendly voice. Rob blushed profusely and looked away. "I was just, eh, yunno. Its just a lil curiosity. Come on. Don't say you have never looked at another guy's cock."

"Its alright. White guys look at my cock all the time. Some even ask to touch it, yunno."

"What! Those guys must be fags."

"No, they're not. They're just normal guys. Like you and me. Just curious, yunno."

"And you let them?"

"Of course. I didn't say I fuck with them. But ain't nothing wrong with just touching. Come on, don't tell me you are a priggish homophobic."

"We're finished guys," they heard Hilary's cheery voice from outside, followed by loud giggles and the sound of departing feet.

Jay stood up and walked slowly over to where Rob was sitting. He stood over the seated white guy. His dark, thick cock dangled inches away from Rob's curious eyes.

"Go ahead and touch it if you like. Don't be scared now. I wont tell the girls if you don't"

"No! I couldn't possibly touch your cock man. Are you crazy."

"Come on. I didn't say wank it. Just touch it. It ain't nothing but a cock... Unless you wanna say you are scared of black dicks, Mr White Man," Jay teased good naturedly.

Rob felt weird. But Jay was being so relaxed about it. And he had to admit that he was curious and excited.

"if the girls walk in and find me with your dick in my hand, that could seem awfully weird, yunno."

"Come on, we will hear them approaching. Go ahead. Its getting too hot for me here, so you gotta do it fast. This is your only chance, Rob."

"Alright," he rasped. "But don't tell anyone." Rob glanced furtively at the door, then he slowly raised his hand and reached for the dangling, dark meat. He poked at it lightly with his index finger. It felt soft to the touch. An excited giggle escaped him.

"There you go now, it doesn't bite does it? Now, take it in your hand and hold it. Come on."

Rob hesitated a few seconds, fighting an inner battle. Then he gave another giggle and wrapped his palm lightly around the dark, sweat covered organ. It felt so hot and heavy.

"Come on Rob, you are a like a lil sissy. Take it in both hands and examine it. I ain't gonna rape you now, come on. I ain't a fag."

"I know you are not..." Rob chuckled and raised his other hand. He cradled the black cock in one hand, whilst he lightly, gently examined and stroked it with the other. He turned it this way and that, examining it.

"This is funny man," he chuckled again, fascinated like a little child. But he felt an excitement that wasn't all that child like. His heart was beating fast and his mouth was watering.

"Damn Rob, is this the way that Hilary holds your cock, you poor guy?"

"No, of course not."

"Alright then, hold it like she does. Show me."

"No. I cant."

"Of course you can Rob. Come on now, for just a second."

Rob's mind told him to immediately let go of the black snake that was exciting him so much, but the weed, the alcohol and the weird excitement got the better of him. He did what he really wanted to do. He wrapped his palm firmly around the black stem.

Jay pushed his hips forwards, fucking his cock through Rob's palm. Rob half chuckled as Jay's foreskin was peeled back and a dark, shiny, mushroom head emerged. The musky scent of the black cock filled his nostrils, making his senses reel. He could feel Jay's cock hardening. He could feel it pulse in his palm.

"Cup my balls," Jay said softly but firmly. Rob obeyed automatically, cupping Jay's big, sweaty black balls. "Yeah, that's it Rob, roll those big, black balls and stroke that black dick. .. Go on..."

Rob felt an exhilarating excitement as he did what Jay told him. The black dick grew into a turgid, long, thick black snake that his own dick could never compete with.

"Come, lets go to the shower," Jay said and turned and walked out. Rob could not take his eyes off the athletic, dark body. He realized that his own cock was hard as a rock.

The moment they were in the shower room, Jay handed Rob a piece of soap and asked him if he wanted to wash his cock. He promised to return the favour. Rob grinned shyly but he bent and reached for the thick, long black dick. He started to soap it.

"No man. Go down on your knees. Then you can do it better," so saying, Jay grabbed Rob's shoulder and firmly pushed him down on his knees. Rob was a head taller than Jay, but the black man seemed to tower over him. He found himself obeying.

The white husband felt a bit weird, kneeling at the young black man's feet, palming and washing his black cock. But he would not have stopped for anything in the world. He peeled the skin back and soaped then rinsed the cock lovingly, almost with reverance. He simply washed it spanking clean. Jay then turned the shower off and said...

"Many white guys beg me to let them take it in their mouths. I usually don't et them, but with you, I'll make an exception," Jay said in a bland, conversational tone. "Take it in your mouth, Rob. Take that big, black Nigga cock between your lips..."

"No man! Are you crazy!!!" Rob rasped, but he held on to the black cock and balls.

"Come on. Do it, Rob. We both know that you want to. I wont tell the girls if you don't.. Go for it."

Jay gently cupped the back of Rob's head and eased his face towards his cock. Rob could not believe it as Jay pushed his spongy dick head against his mouth.

As he felt it touch his lips, he closed his eyes. Jay rubbed his cock onto his lips. Rob slowly opened his mouth and Jay eased his cock in. Rob felt the thick head slide past his lips and onto his tongue. It filled his mouth. It was hot, fleshy and pulsating. And it had a musky, delicious taste. Curiously, he examined it with his mouth and his tongue. It felt hard, and yet soft.

Jay gasped and started rolling his hips.

"Oh yes Rob, wrap your mouth around that big nigger cock. Don't be shy now. Suck on it real good..."

Rob felt a wild exhilaration that suddenly just overpowered him. He started licking it, running his tongue around the head, pressing it into the spongy, throbbing flesh. He licked the whole shaft. Jay told him to cup his big, dangling black balls and Rob did it. The black man groaned. Rob started enjoying himself, as he got positive responses from Jay. He slid his lips over the head and vacuumed it into his mouth. His was rolling and twisting it in his palm, wanking the firm turgid black cock as he sucked on the thick head.

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