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Devanna Estates


This is just the beginning of a series – it takes a bit to develop but there is a lot of sex! If you read the whole story, please provide feedback. Comments are motivate authors to write more. Thanks so much. Enjoy. C883


The young man looked at his mapquest printout again, certain that he was lost or that the directions were simply wrong. He peered out the window of his Jeep Cherokee and finally saw the small sign, 'Devanna Estates' posted on an oak tree, with an arrow that pointed down a narrow, windy road. Impatient by nature, he was thankful he didn't have to double-back a third time. This was the final apartment complex he was looking at today. He couldn't help but notice the lushness of the plant life and serenity of the ponds that seemed to get larger as he drove down the road. The apartment communities he'd seen were bunched on top of each other, but this one was set back from the main road and much more private. The young man thought it almost seemed like the community didn't want to be noticed from the outside world. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he somehow felt he was being sucked into the property.

In a minute his Cherokee shot out of the foliage and before him towered the impressive silver gates of Devanna Estates. After presenting his ID and stating his business at the guardhouse, two guards opened the electronic gates and let him pass. At least he didn't have to worry about security, the young man thought. He parked in a visitor's parking space and jogged up to the Welcome Center.

Jake Santone wasn't prepared for the scene that hit him as he opened the door. The Welcome Center might as well have been a mansion. Beautiful, twisting pillars arched their way up to the ceiling and light flooded in from 25-foot windows, illuminating a sophisticated display of mahogany desks, Persian rugs, and a winding stream that babbled along the side. The apartment center oozed a sense of success and prosperity. The most impressive aspect of the welcome area, however, was not the layout. It was the three women sitting at the desks. They were by far the most exotic women Jake had ever seen in his life.

A pale-skinned, voluptuous Polish woman was to his right with short, red hair. Her skirt accented her curvy thighs and her V-neck top gave a revealing look down into her very full bosom. Her V-neck was so stretched that Jake wondered how it didn't rip. She had a playful look on her face, but owned inquisitive eyes. She appeared to be in her early thirties. In the middle sat a brown-haired, tan, muscular beauty. Her beige, tight shorts and halter-top showed off her chiseled, athletic body and she had an authoritative aura about her. She wore open-toed platform shoes that presented her delicious feet and added to the overall physique of her powerful legs. Like a female body builder in the off-season, she was incredibly curvy and still well defined. Although in her mid to late thirties, she could have fooled anyone. To Jake's left was an older black-haired, Italian supermodel of a woman. She had DD round breasts and an enticing, curvy butt that looked unbelievable in her sunflower dress as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. She was probably in her early forties and she flashed Jake a contagious smile. Before Jake could say anything the big-boobed Polish woman stood up and said,

"You are late. Devanna had to go to a meeting but I will be happy to show you around her Estate. Come and follow me. My name is Filiga." Jake followed her out the backdoor into the heart of Devanna Estates. He tried to pay attention to all she was saying about the apartment resort, but had trouble prying his eyes away from her swaying ass. She led him around one of the 5 pools and pointed at the waterfall that poured in from an exotic cliff. Two top-heavy girls were splashing around in the water and waved at Jake as he passed through a dry area behind the waterfall. Filiga laughed.

"Ohh, there is definitely a lot of eye-candy here, Devanna makes sure of that."

Jake wondered what she meant by her comment as he waved back to the girls.


Devanna Rodriguez sat back in her office and licked her big, full lips as she gazed intently at the camera monitors. She watched Filiga lead Jake around the property, thinking how pleased she was at her selection. She couldn't wait to break him in. Devanna was a woman whose intensity and determination were almost as intimidating as her stature. At 46 she had learn to control both men and women through her authoritative tone and demeanor. By doing so, she had built herself a small fortune by taking advantage of numerous business opportunities over the years. She had many friends in politics, law enforcement, and business and kept other figureheads in her back pocket. She had a reputation for her fiery temper.

By careful selection and by breaking a few minor discriminatory laws, Devanna had been able to select and pick out every tenant who had an apartment in the Estate. She never advertised to the general public. Instead, she monitored local health clubs, bars, and colleges looking for potential 'talent.' She had been spying on Jake ever since he graduated. Now, at 24 years old and two years out of college, he was just starting his second job. She knew he was a confident single man that had a fairly big ego. One month ago Jake had taken a job as a consultant at a nearby firm that paid fairly well and had flexible hours. He was scheduled to begin next week and, more importantly to Devanna, his previous apartment contract was expiring this month. He was in desperate need to find a location closer to his new job.

Over the past year she had followed him very closely. She sent him a couple of anonymous emails of mature porn sites, always with big-breasted models, to check his reactions. In addition, she also had staked out his apartment and set up cameras to watch his activity. He brought home a fair amount of college girls, and his athletic body looked terrific on camera when he was shagging them. She was impressed by his long-lasting stamina and even more by his big, gorgeous cock. Better yet were the nights when Devanna had seen him masturbating in his room to pictures of the mature women with big boobs. Knowing he was imagining himself screwing the shit out of them, she wondered how he would handle being the powerless one as a mature woman fucked him into oblivion. She had to have him. She began to send him sporadic emails with an anonymous link to Devanna Estates. The link showed beautiful pictures of the property and sometimes included shots of the pool with busty girls playing in them. It was how she lured him here today.

Devanna looked back to her wall in the office where all of the security cameras were mounted and saw that Filiga was wrapping up her tour.

"We'll see how convincing that big-titted bitch is when she gets back," she said to herself, "if not, her ass will be in for it tonight." Devanna had told Filiga she had better close the deal with Jake and get him to sign an 18-month contract or else she would have to put in 'over-time' tonight. Filiga knew that meant it would be a tiring night, but one of eventual pleasure as Devanna would manipulate and own her body.


Jake found himself sitting at Filiga's desk after the tour, trying hard not to stare at her incredible jugs as she discussed the rent and floor plans of the available apartments they had seen. The 800 sq. foot unit was the one that he was interested in from the emails, but Filiga informed him that it was sold out for the next six months. Since Jake needed to move in within a week, he asked her to review the next cheapest which was a 1200 sq. foot loft that had a balcony. He winced as she told him the price of $2,000 a month even though he knew it was going to be pretty expensive.

"We only have one of those units left Jake," Filiga informed him, "and remember that everything you saw today is part of that package, including free covered parking and your water bill and trash-pickup. Plus you get to see me every day," she teased him. Jake knew during the tour that he wanted badly to move in, but $2,000 a month! He tried many times to get Filiga to lower the price without avail. In the end Jake thought a bolder attitude with some humor might help him.

"I'll give you $1,600 a month and that's it. I'm starting a new job, have a tight budget, and plus I need additional money to buy you dinners – and maybe breakfasts too." He winked at her and put his hand on her arm for an added touch.

"Nice try," Filiga said in her Polish accent as she pinched Jake's arm in a playful yet defiant way. She exhaled a long big sigh that made her breasts heave, "I'm sorry Jake, if you can't sign for the $2,000 a month, you're last option is to personally speak with Devanna."

"I'm assuming she's the owner. I'm sure I can make her bend a little bit," he said with a tone of cockiness. Filiga dialed Devanna's line and informed her the Jake hadn't signed and wanted a lower price. She seemed to listen for a minute before she said, "Yes Ma'am, I know. I'll be there promptly at 7pm. Yes, however you wish Ma'am. Thank you." Filiga turned to Jake, and said, "She said she's been waiting for you. Her door is down at the end of that hall, go down and make a left, you can't miss it. Good luck handsome."

"Thanks, think of what I can do with the extra four hundred while I'm gone" Jake said over his shoulder as he walked down the hall. He turned left around the corner and saw a large metal door at the end of the hallway. Standing in front of it with her arms crossed was the muscular woman in the beige shorts that Jake had seen in the main room of the Welcome Center. She appeared to be guarding the door. Jake walked up to her, almost afraid of being attacked and said, "My name is Jake Santone and I'm here to see Devanna about an apartment."

"Yes she has been waiting patiently for you," the muscled woman said "please take off your shoes and socks before you enter. Devanna does not like her floor scuffed."

"Um sure, Ok." Jake did as he was told, feeling slightly less confident standing in his bare feet, jeans and button-down shirt then he did when talking with Filiga. He knocked on the door and was surprised by the demanding, yet sensual voice that said, "Come in." The muscled girl opened the door with a turn of the handle and a heave and Jake stepped into the spacious office. He jumped slightly when the door slammed home behind him with a thud and a heavy click of the handle.

Jake wasn't able to take in any aspect of the office because he was so transfixed by the mature, half-Hispanic half-Caucasian woman in front of him. She was sitting at her large desk and he slowly began to take in her beautiful face and amazing body. She had high cheekbones and a nose of authority, complemented by her incredibly full lips. As he walked in she parted her lips ever so slightly as if to inconspicuously breath in his scent and pheromones; as if he was a cigarette and she was dragging in his essence. She looked like she had achieved royalty – a woman who fought her way up to the top and now was treated like a Queen, but also a woman that easily remembered her roots and could instantaneously access the waiting tigress inside. She ran her hand through her curly, thick black hair that fell down and lay sprawled all over her enormous bosom. Her gigantic tits seemed to somehow look natural despite their incredible size. They didn't stick straight out, but instead looked to be very full and fleshy and sat perfectly on top of her chest. Like two heavy-weighted pillows, Devanna's breasts looked to be both soft and firm at the same time. Thankfully she seemed big enough to support such massive mammaries. Her body confirmed that when she stood up to greet him.

Her frame literally rose up above him - Devanna Rodriguez had to be 6-3 without her 4-inch open toed heels on. Her Hispanic/American body carried her around the desk towards him as her tailor-made business jacket and skirt form-fitted around her swaying hips and boobs. Devanna's shapely long legs would make most men faint from the sight of them. The top of her thighs and hips were practically meaty with a hint of toned muscle underneath and they lightly rubbed against each other as she walked – partly due her shiny skirt squeezing her thighs together, and partly due to the fact that she simply had juicy Hispanic thighs. Her legs tapered down to her smooth and supple calves and she owned curvaceous, athletic feet with a perfect French manicure. Perhaps the most impressive quality was her dominating ass. It stuck out in all directions and could barely be contained by her skimpy skirt. With long sways back and forth, her curves were in a constant state of motion. She walked with confidence and her heels clicked loudly on the marble floor. She sashayed up to him and stood very close as she looked down at the young man in front of her.

Her big eyes bore a hole through him as she returned his gaze. They were fiery and focused but also had a look of curiosity. Jake felt she was immediately forming some sort of decision about him, and could see her mind working behind her intent stare. He felt practically naked just standing there under those penetrating eyes. After an undeterminable amount of time in which he was lost in her look she finally spoke.

"I'm Devanna and you must be Jake," she purred as she shook his hand with a touch that electrified his skin. "I'm disappointed in you that you haven't signed a contract yet. Have a seat and we can discuss your situation."

"Thanks, I'm sorry ma'am it's . . ."

"Call me Devanna," she interrupted.

"I'm sorry, Devanna. It's just that I can't really afford $2000 a month and I was hoping to get the 1200 sq. foot apartment for around $1,600. I really like the place and . . ."

"And you'll like it even more the longer we have you here," she said in her forceful tone. Jake wondered why she worded it that way and was about to question when she continued speaking.

"No. $1,600 won't work. You say you can't afford to live here and I obviously need to make a profit, which I will not compromise no matter how much you whine about the cost of living in paradise. So, here's what will happen." Wow, Jake thought, the woman could be demanding.

"I will allow you the benefit of paying $1,600 a month rent, but you must generate or save $400 a month for me. Whether it's landscaping that would normally cost me a shit-ton or giving tours around the property in busy season; there are a lot of services that I pay a premium for because they're variable expenses. Having you would eliminate that." Devanna looked at him as if awaiting a response.

"Well how many hours would I have to put in to . . ." Devanna cut him off again before he could finish.

"As long as it takes to save $400. If you figure it might take 4 hours a week, that's $25 an hour. Tough to beat. Besides I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving tours to our potential lady clients. We could use a male guide to attract our females." She gave him a mischievous smile and shoved a bunch of papers in front of him.

"Just remember it's not always going to be fun and games, if I need you to clean, you'll clean. I don't want any complaints. If you do your job and are efficient you should make up the money in no time. If you don't do the work, it will be considered a breach of the contract and we can kick you out of the community. I'll go get you our welcome kit."

Before Jake really could contemplate the offer she stood up and walked past him while sliding her hand over his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

"I'm very happy to have you."

Jake couldn't believe the decisiveness of the woman! She was all business and he could tell she was someone who usually got her way. He was not used to being turned on by a woman who had such command of situations. Although he didn't like the idea of cleaning, Jake thought it actually didn't sound to be that bad of a deal. If he could look at more beautiful girls and get paid for it, then he was all for it. He heard the decisive click of her heels as she walked back to the desk, brushing his shoulder with her rounded hip as she passed. She smelled so exotic and Jake was excited at the potential to be able to see more of her by living at her Estates. She leaned forward to sit down in her chair and for a brief instant, Jake's eyes traveled down the deep cavern of her chest.

"You can move in on Friday. I'll expect a check for your first month of rent when you arrive and you'll sign the contract then. I'll personally go over the rules of Devanna Estates when you sign. On Sunday at 12:00 pm the girls and I will have a welcome toast for you at my house. It's on the property and you'll know which one it is. Bring a bathing suit." Devanna sat up a little straighter.

"I look forward to seeing you on Friday Jake," she said in a dismissive tone.

Figuring that it was his cue to leave, Jake got up nervously and muttered a "see you later" as he turned to the door. He felt her eyes on him as he walked back and opened the heavy door. Jake glanced back as he left the room to see Devanna putting lotion on one of her long legs that she propped up on the edge of her desk. She winked at him as he exited and a sexual chill shivered down his body. As he quickly walked down the hall he felt himself in a slight nervous sweat, though he couldn't really understand why he was sweating. He gave a brief "good night" to Filiga as he left the Welcome Center and returned to his car.


For the rest of the week Jake tossed around the idea of living at Devanna Estates. Although deep inside he felt like there really wasn't much of a choice, part of his mind told him that he still had the option of going to another community. Regardless, when Friday afternoon came around he found himself sitting at Devanna's desk with his check in hand. She wore a black and white striped business dress that clung tightly to her curvaceous body. The dress revealed plenty of her smooth and fit legs. She was sitting back in her chair with her legs crossed at the ankles on top of her desk. Her bare feet were inches away from his hand that was signing the papers of the contract placed before him. Every now and then he would glance up at her face, past her manicured toes.

"I like to give myself a little freedom in the office with my legs. I hope you don't mind." It was more of a statement than a question. She lifted one foot up and placed it on another form. Using her toes she pulled it across the desk until it was in front of him. He gulped as he watched her succulent feet.

"I had my lawyer draft a special contract, which includes our general rules, in addition to stating that your work is under my discretion as it pertains to your rent. Note that if you don't comply it will be grounds for expulsion from Devanna Estates. I'll start you off this month by having you give a tour to two young ladies next weekend." She smiled an evil smile at him before continuing.

"They're looking for a 2 bedroom unit and are just the type of girls that we'd love to have here. It would be nice to utlize a good-looking young man to convince them. Filiga will train you next Friday evening on what to say and what to show them. I'll pay you $25 a person for the tours so you'll be an eighth of the way there this month already."

I'd pay money out of my own pocket to follow Filiga around, Jake thought. He signed the specialized contract, the rules of the Estates, and the remainder of the papers and handed her his check.

"Now I want to review the rules of Devanna Estates that you signed in the contract," Devanna said as she curled her toes at him. "I enforce them to the utmost and you would not be wise to break them. By signing the rules form, you confirmed that you understand and will abide by all the rules. If you do break the rules, you owe Devanna Estates 20 hours of community service. If you break them a second time, it's 40 hours. If you break them a third time, you will be banned from the community and will still owe your rent. I determine what the nature of the community service will be. It's stated very clearly, and there's no way around this – I'm a great property owner and manager, but at the same time, you don't want to fuck with me." Devanna's eyes lit up for a brief moment and then the expression changed.

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