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Deviant Desires


The ringing of the alarm made her stir, she rolled over in bed, coming to rest against the man beside her and she smiled, even in sleep. The wetness between her legs drawing her fingers downward, her swollen clit aching for his touch. Her back arched as her fingers made contact and a soft whimper escaped her parted lips. Finally opening her eyes as the man beside her turned over, his lips searching for hers.

"No!" her voice dripping with disdain suddenly, the warm fuzzy feelings in her crotch waning as Dave's eyes opened wider. Lynn leaped from bed and with a scowl at Dave headed for the shower. The disappointment of reality making her stamp her foot.

The dream man was everything Dave wasn't, and she cannot help the feelings that course over her. She slowly washes her hair, the fantasy of her dream coming alive as does her body. Pert breasts, tingling nipples and that familiar ache between her legs. Lynn tosses her golden tresses, the water drops filling the air as she leans on the wall of the shower. Her fingers plying her desire swollen nether lips apart, expertly manipulating her clit until she screams with a much needed release.

Smiling, she rinses the soap and her girl cum down the drain and steps from the shower to find Dave frowning, holding a towel for her. Snatching the towel from him she lets him drink in her dripping body, watches as his eyes widen, and drops her gaze to his stiff cock. "I don't think you have any use for that erection today, I am leaving for work in twenty minutes, be ready."

With that she wraps the towel around her luscious body and with a flip of her hair says, "Better take care of that and fast." and leaves the bathroom. Dave's eyes are shiny with unshed tears.

This is the woman that he loves, that he is going to marry, and she won't even let him touch her anymore. She is his life, and he is unsure how to win her back. Sex used to be great, until that one time that Lynn was basically raped while doing her job at the hotel.

She was cleaning a room that she thought was empty and as she entered the bathroom, a man pulled back the shower curtain. He knew this story as if he had been there, as if he had been made to watch. Lynn at first told him the details, sobbing, her body wracked with horror. He held her as she recounted the tale, soothed her with soft words, stroked her aching body, soothed her battered soul.

She was afraid that he wouldn't love her anymore, she had been used, defiled by another man. Dave told her that it didn't matter, that he loved her. He stepped into the shower, remembering what happened to Lynn that day.

Lynn stood shocked in the bathroom, her eyes glued to the naked man in the shower. She backed out of the tiny bathroom, uttering an apology. He quickly followed her and she watched horrified as his cock sprung to life. She kept backing up until the bed stopped her retreat. She said she tried to make it to the door, but he seized her by her long blonde hair and threw her onto the bed. Threatened her that he would say she entered his room knowing he was there and have her fired from her job. She said she begged him not to do that...she needed this job...she was in university, needed the money. Lynn claimed he laughed and told her to do exactly what he said and her job would be safe.

Dave, embarrassed as he realizes his erection is throbbing as he remembers Lynn telling him this story. One hand starts to stroke his cock as the steamy shower water cascades over him, he runs the story in his mind as he jerks his turgid tool.

Lynn told him that the man made her strip naked, down to her stockings and shoes. Then he told her to suck his cock. Lynn wouldn't even suck Dave's cock, but because she was afraid, she did as she was told. She said it was awful, revolting and dirty. The man then made her kneel on the bed, and without a condom, fucked her tight pussy. She insisted that she had not been aroused during all this, just waves of revulsion rippling over her.

Dave's cock jerks in his hand as he remembers the rest... As Lynn cried, begging him to stop, he reached forward, his cock buried in her cunt and grabbed her nipples, squeezing them, pinching hard, leaving bruises on her creamy white breasts. And then, he pulled from her pussy and drove his thick cock into her virginal ass, ripping into her as she screamed.

At that memory, Dave's cock spit its load, his body shaking as he jerked off to the image of his fiancée being raped. As always, he feels the flush of shame, embarrassed that this scene of brutality gives him such a secret pleasure.

Washing quickly he hurries from the shower to get dressed. Lynn is such a force in his life, he does any and everything she tells him to. It is enough for him to just be with her. She is ready, tapping her foot, impatient with him...telling him to hurry or she will leave without him. Finally ready, Dave follows Lynn to the car and sits quietly as they make the drive to the hotel.

She cleans the rooms, he works at the desk. He is with her, but rarely sees her over the course of their shifts. She gives him her iciest stare and touches his crotch as she drives, her long nails raking over the fabric of his pants making him shudder. "Too bad you aren't like the other guy, the one who knew what he wanted and took it." she taunts him as her hand returns to the steering wheel. Dave's stifled whimper taking his breath as he looks at his beautiful girl, his girl, but not his.

She parks and gives him a flippant off-hand comment about seeing him sooner than usual as she walks away, her hips swaying seductively. Dave sighs heavily and takes his place at the desk. The day wears on and as he is about to take his break, the phone rings. It is Lynn, "Come to room 1212, I have something to show you." and she hangs up.

Ever dutiful, Dave immediately goes to room 1212, Lynn's voice calling to him as he pushes open the door. She stands in the middle of the room, in her uniform, crooking her finger, beckoning him forward. He feels the pull of her voice, the stance of her body causing his cock to stiffen and as he nears her, she points to a chair and tells him to sit. Dave takes the chair, as Lynn grins at him.

She slowly unrolls first her left and then her right stocking, letting him glimpse her bare pussy, no panties...and she is shaved bare. The sight makes him suck in a noisy breath... he can't keep his eyes off of her. She approaches him, near enough that he can smell her arousal and she tells him not to move as she secures his wrists to the arms of the chair with her silky stockings. Only then letting him see her frown, she glares at him..."I love you, but you are pathetic...I want you to watch and see how a real man can make me cum! Maybe even learn a little something"

Before she moves away, she rakes her nails over his pants, teasing his throbbing cock, he shakes his head in denial..."Noooooo..." his voice a whimpered plea.

There is a knock on the door and she removes her clothing as she moves to answer it. She throws the door open, standing naked and Dave grimaces as he sees a man seize her. He grabs a handful of hair, pulling her head back, right there in the open doorway and claims her lips. Dave is shocked, this can't really be happening can it? He closes his eyes, holding back the tears, and then opens them again to find them both, locked in an embrace in front of him. Dave pulls at his wrists, but Lynn's knots hold him in place.

This man stands 8 inches above Lynn's height, his hand still pulling at her hair, his mouth and teeth ravishing her neck, his other hand holding both of her small ones behind her back, bending her. Lynn's breasts are heaving with the effort of breathing, he can see the wetness between her legs, that sweet dewy moisture, denied him for so long. He growls in frustration, making the man pause, he looks at Dave...then laughs at him.

His mouth trailing kisses and bites down Lynn's body until he captures her right nipple between his teeth. Dave can tell by the contortions of her body that he is biting her hard, her eyes close, and Dave can only imagine the pain, helpless to stop this. The man moves to capture the other nipple and as his teeth sink in... Lynn lets loose with a scream...a cry of pain, of agony and Dave is shocked as his cock responds to his fiancee's pain.

He finds himself breathing hard, his hips humping upwards, needing to feel the fabric of his pants rubbing his aching flesh. Powerless to do anything but watch, he sits mesmerized as his fiancée becomes an obedient fuck toy for this complete stranger. "On your knees slut!" he drawls in a low voice and Lynn drops quickly, placing her hands behind her head. Dave can't believe what he is seeing, his forceful domineering girlfriend responding to the demands of a stranger like a common slave girl.

The man buries his fingers in Lynn's beautiful long hair and pulls her closer, pushing her face into his crotch. As he pulls her head back, Dave can see the wetness where Lynn's tongue has licked his cock through his pants. With his free hand he undoes his pants and lets his cock spring free.

Dave groans as the long thick cock waves just inches from Lynn's pretty little mouth. He pulls at his restraints...he whimpers a barely audible, "Noooo..." And then watches in horror as Lynn devours the cock. It disappears into her tiny mouth, her lips stretched grotesquely around the thick shaft. The man's hand pulls at her hair, making her fuck his cock with her mouth...faster and deeper, he hears her gagging, watches as thick shiny drool oozes out around the cock.

Dave can't stand it...he closes his eyes, tears spilling over his cheeks...he can't imagine why she would make him watch...he can't take seeing her being used so cruelly by someone else. But, he can't not watch either...he opens his eyes, a perverse need making him look.

The man pulls Lynn to her feet, one hand buried in her hair, his teeth biting at her lips, his other hand forcing its way between her legs, scooping out the wetness of her arousal and then he holds his dripping fingers up to Dave..."See how I can make her so wet?" He drags Lynn with him and approaches Dave, he smears the wet from Lynn's greedy pussy under Dave's nose, pushing the fragrant ooze up into his nostrils and then forces four wet fingers into Lynn's throat, commanding her to suck her juices off his fingers. Dave is awestruck by his fiancées compliance, and so aroused he is afraid that he will cum in his pants.

He squirms in the chair...opening his mouth to protest, to demand they stop, but he is unable to give voice to his thoughts. The man drags Lynn to the bed and tells her to get on her hands and knees, then

manoeuvres her so that Dave has a perfect view of her luscious ass, her pussy on display as she widens the stance of her knees. Her puffy pussy lips draped open, her tiny fuckhole quivering as her backdoor pulses with the effort of her breathing. Dave cannot imagine that tiny brown pucker ever being able to accept a cock...any cock let alone the one he sees before him.

Jealousy makes him pull at his wrists, and then...

The man seizes Lynn 's hips and with one hard thrust buries his cock into her cunt. His balls slapping on her clit...she is so wet, Dave can hear the sloshing as the cock fucks his girl. The man slaps her ass, making her scream and then he is fucking her, using her hard, her screams of pain ringing in the room. Dave is openly sobbing, begging him to stop..."Please, no more...you're hurting her..."

But then - her screams turn lustful, her fingers are buried in her pussy lips, and Dave knows that she is fingering her clit...he watches as her body starts to shake and tremble and he knows that she is close to ecstasy. Her scream of release is simultaneous with Dave's scream of denial and with a final thrust of his enormous cock, Lynn's pussy is filled with another mans spunk.

He quickly pulls out and moves to force his still jetting cock to her lips commanding her not to spit or to swallow. He moves away from Lynn and then grabs her hair, pulling her off the bed and dragging her to stand in front of Dave. "Kiss your boyfriend...and let him taste what you have done to me." and with that he forces her forward until her lips touch Dave's and despite his revulsion, he finds his mouth opening to accept this gift. She seals her lips to his and lets the mouthful of semen flow into his mouth.

She is abruptly yanked backwards and she demands that Dave swallow. He obeys, as he always obeys, and swallows the unfamiliar taste of cum. "Next time, maybe I will let you drink my spunk from her honeypot...if you behave." drawls the man who towers over Lynn possessively.

Lynn, still naked, trembling from her recent orgasm leans over Dave, her swollen, bitten nipples so close to him as she unties him. "Get back to work, your break is over."

Dave lingers just long enough to hear the shower start, and laughter waft out of the bathroom. Shame surges through him that he allowed that to happen...and he stumbles back to work...to spend the rest of his shift letting the scene replay over and over. At the end of the day, Lynn stops by his desk and waits while he finishes up, and without a word he follows her to the car.

He is sure that he can still smell the scent of her sex in his nose, and his cock grows as he watches the sexy swing of her hips. On the drive home he starts to bring up the events of the afternoon, but can't quite force himself to give voice to anything.

At home, they have supper, and as he clears the table Lynn asks, "Did you enjoy watching me getting fucked today?" Dave drops the handful of silverware into the sink, jumping as it clangs. He pulls in a deep breath before turning to look at Lynn, "No, that was cruel, he was hurting you and I could do nothing to help you. "

Please don't ever make me watch that again." He reaches for her and pulls her into his trembling arms, holding her tight and whispering in her ear, "I love you." Lynn leans into Dave's embrace and tenderly kisses his neck, "I love you too baby, but I need more than you are willing to give."

Lynn pulls away and as she turns to leave the room, "Come to bed when you are done, I have something to tell you." Dave nods, finishing up quickly in the kitchen, he slowly makes his way to the bedroom and stands transfixed in the doorway, watching Lynn as she brushes her hair. It cascades over her naked shoulders, her breasts bouncing as her arm strokes those tresses he so loves to bury his face in.

A brief flash of anger as he remembers watching her being pulled around that hotel room today by her hair. He clenches his fingers into tight fists as he goes to stand behind her, staring at the mirror, watching her eyes. Lynn smiles as her hand continues to brush, and she starts to talk, "Dave, I have to tell you something." she pauses briefly, swallowing and then wetting her lips with the soft pink tip of her tongue, she continues, " That wasn't the first time that I have let a man fuck me in the hotel. Just knowing that you are so close and that I am being such a naughty girl gives me such I thrill, I can't help myself. I love it when they force me to my knees, gag me with their cocks, hurt me while they fuck me."

Lynn waits, staring at Dave, looking to see his reaction. His face contorts as the realism of Lynn's confession penetrates his brain. He shakes in anger, revulsion at the thought of her body being used by strange men. His mouth opens as he prepares to speak, and then, he walks away, undressing and climbing into their bed. He lays on his side, turned away from her as the shame washes over him, jealousy that she gives herself so willingly, yet keeps him from her body.

As he thinks about what she made him watch today he feels his cock starting to stir. The more he tries to push the image of her being fucked from his mind, the harder his cock gets until it is throbbing, demanding his attention.

Lynn slips into bed silently behind him and he feels her movements. He can smell the scent of her arousal and he turns to watch her masturbating, her eyes closed, a smile on her face and he jerks his cock in rhythm to the frantic rubbing of her clit. His cock erupts, gobs of cum spurting from the tip of his throbbing head as Lynn joins him with her own orgasm. Opening her eyes, she grins at him, scoops a finger full of his spunk and pushes her finger into his mouth.

Lynn repeats the process until Dave has eaten his own cum, then she tenderly kisses his cheek and within moments her even breathing signals her sleep. Dave's hand strays to Lynn's heated sex and he runs a finger along her puffy slit, scooping the moisture, then sucking his finger clean. She mumbles in her sleep, shifting slightly as his hand returns to rest in the vee of her legs. Dave sighs softly, not daring to move until sleep overtakes him.

At work the next day, Dave is busy with the convention of motorcyclists. He checks in room after room of men. He chews his bottom lip as he watches the clock, Lynn's shift starts in half an hour and there are so many men lingering still in the lobby. He watches as she flounces in, short skirt swaying over sexy hips, her mouth curved to a perfect smile as she winds her way through the throng of milling bikers. Dave watches as a hand lingers on her ass as she pauses and wriggles suggestively, the sound of her laughter carrying across the room. He watches as her eyes dart from man to man, her moist pink tongue flicking forward to wet her lips. Finally making it to the desk she says, "This looks like a fun crowd." and with that she prances away.

Many pairs of eyes join his as they watch that sexy ass ascend the stairs. At the top, Lynn stops to bend over, adjusting the strap of her sandal, giving the entire lobby a glimpse of creamy white ass. No panties to hinder the view, as her pussy lips part, she flips her hair and turns to grin down into the sea of bodies before disappearing down the hall. The room falls silent for just a moment before one of the men approaches the desk. "Does she work here?" he demands of Dave. Dave swallows before answering, imagining this man fucking her and answers. "Yes." His cock stirs in his pants as images of Lynn being taken by this large black man flicker through his mind.

The lobby finally empties and Dave takes a moment to breathe. The calls for room service have tapered off finally and as Dave prepares to leave for the night one last call comes in. It is an order for several bottles of Champagne. Dave grabs the bottles and decides to make this last delivery himself. He knocks at the door and as it is flung wide he can smell the odor of pot smoke. A quick sweep of the room tells him that there is more than just pot being done in this room tonight. He quickly counts 5 black men and one small pale naked form in the midst of those tall dark bodies. "Lynn!" Dave screams her name and is horrified as she turns to look at him, a smile on her face.

Come on in Dave darling, maybe you'd like to watch!" A hand seizes Dave's wrist and he is pulled into the room. A chair is pushed behind him and he is told to sit and shut up. Lynn laughs as she drops to her knees, obeying the command of a man they call Sam. He frees his limp cock, already 7 inches in length and rubs it along Lynn's lips. Her tongue snaking forward, Dave can't help but whimpering, "Not again!"

With a chuckle Sam pulls Lynn to her feet and tells her to undo Dave's pants, exposing his already hardened cock. "Let's see if we can make your boyfriend cum, just by watching us." Lynn's hands work quickly, freeing Dave's cock letting it jut obscenely up out of his pants while someone slips a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, securing him to the chair. Five men line up in front of Dave as Sam instructs Lynn to start sucking cock. "Down on your knees bitch, suck our cocks."

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