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Devilish Party


"Remember the tape?" Marla asked.

"What tape?" said Ron, knowing full well what she was referring to.

"The tape" was a recurring topic every time Halloween came around between Marla and Ron, 15 years after it was made. She had never cared for Halloween before or since "the tape", but any mention of the festivity was enough to bring it up. At this point, it was no longer a tape, but a DVD she had kept well guarded through the years.

"Do you mind if we watch it again?" she said. Ron knew from the tone in her voice that she was excited to see it again, and he wouldn't be able to convince her otherwise.

"Sure, if you want to," he said, pretending not to care.

Once approval was granted, Marla didn't waste time. She left and came back after a few minutes, disc in hands. Ron sat on the couch while Marla inserted it, turning the TV on. As she sat down, the image displayed a wide shot of Marla, in a posh hotel room 15 years ago. She was in her early 30s, and had almost the same slim body. Her black hair was cut to neck length. More importantly, she was wearing a sexy devil costume.

"Remember how hot I looked in that outfit?" Marla asked without really needing confirmation from Ron.

Marla was smiling in the image, showing off her curves in the tight red dress she was wearing. Her round, well-shaped behind was perfectly framed by the skimpy skirt.

"Your ass does look nice in that outfit..." Ron finally whispered back at her, eyes fixed on the screen.

She had red stockings and high heel shoes, along with devil horns to complete the costume. Ron remembers well how carefree she left home that night.

"Is it recording?" asked Marla on TV, as she closed in on the shot.

Marla had always been a wild one, particularly in those days, and their agreement was that she could have fun on her own every now and then if she wanted. As such, Ron stayed home that night but he sure had heard about it multiple times: she had gone out to an invitation-only party Halloween costume party, setup by some friendly couples. After a lot of drinking and dancing, Marla had collected a series of admirers. Egged on by her girlfriends and some late night arrangements, she had prepared after party surprise not to be forgotten.

"Come in, my darlings, don't be shy!" said Marla on the screen. As soon as she finished saying that, three men appeared on the screen. They stood next to her, in front of the camera. All of them were strong, tall, dark-haired, and close to Marla's age at the time, maybe a bit younger.

"These are my friends for tonight's party: Gold, Red, and Silver," she said as she introduced each of them. They were wearing nothing but masquerade masks that matched the colors of the nicknames Marla had used.

Ron knew the background of the setup by memory now: she had teased them all night until she convinced each man to a special, private party. One of them suggested the hotel room, a fancy but discreet skyscraper downtown. The other had procured the camera. Ron had never recognized any of them but he suspected they were either friends or boyfriends of some of her closer girlfriends. Their only condition was anonymity, hence the masks.

"I see you guys brought some presents for me!" exclaimed Marla, as she glanced at each of their hard cocks. "Well, I think it's time I showed you mine."

Marla slowly turned around and lifted her skirt, inch by inch, uncovering her ass. She had perfect cheeks, slightly sunburned from the past summer. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so her pussy quickly came into focus as the red dress went up. The men were absorbed by her beautiful behind.

"How do you like this little devil now?" she teased them. "C'mon, you can play with her!"

Gold was the first to reach over and caress her right buttock. Silver follow pursuit, grabbing her left cheek. Both massaged her ass firmly, as their hard cocks swayed towards Marla's body. Red came right in the middle and started to rub her pussy.

"Aww, yes, I like that", she moaned, as they proceeded to massage every inch of her bare bottom. The three masked men were clearly enjoying his wife's pussy as she spread her legs wider.

Silver started rubbing his dick on Marla's thigh as the three came closer together. She immediately smiled at him and grabbed the boner with one hand. Gold noticed the move and positioned himself towards Marla as well, who then held his dick with the other hand. Marla started stroking both men as they continued working on her pussy.

"Their dicks were so hard!" Marla commented to Ron, coming closer to him. She was almost transfixed, watching herself on video.

Marla then kneeled down and placed herself in front of all three men. "Who wants their dick sucked?" she joked, as they came closer to her. Red was at the center and Marla gave him priority. She wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and proceeded to suck him slowly while caressing his shaft with her fingers. A few minutes later, she switched to Silver and then Gold, masturbating each of them as they stood waiting for his wife's mouth to pleasure them.

"Damn, Marla, that's wonderful," Red said and she continued to swallow cock. She gave him her sole attention for a few minutes. When his dick was wet enough with her saliva, she went back to Silver, while rubbing Gold's balls with care. At each turn, she sucked them deeper and harder.

"You weren't joking when you said you love cock," said Gold, as Marla leaked the entire length of his shaft from top to bottom in approval. Despite having seen Marla in action before, Ron could never get over how much dick-sucking Marla was ready to sustain that night.

"All right, I want to see what these cocks can do!" Marla said on TV as she got up, her naked ass fully exposed to the camera.

The image was shaky for a few seconds, until the camera was placed down again. It was now showing a full view of the bed in the hotel room. Marla had taken off her dress and shoes, and was now completely naked except for the stockings and the red horns. She placed herself in all fours on the bed and called Red and Gold in front of her.

"I want you to rub your cocks on me!" she demanded in a horny, almost desperate voice. The two men did as they were told and held their erections against Marla's face. She stretched her tongue out and each of them placed the tip on her face and mouth. Feeling crowded out, Silver positioned himself behind Marla and started rubbing his cock on her buttocks.

"This is where the fun really begins," Marla commented to Ron.

Silver started pushing the tip of his dick closer and closer to his wife's pussy. Feeling him near, she spread her legs apart to give him more room. He toyed with her for a while, until he placed it between the labia, penetrating her slowly. Marla started going crazy on the two cocks in front of her, while Silver held her steady, continuing to go deeper while grabbing her ass with his hands.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" Marla begged. He didn't obey right away, enjoying the first contact with her pussy for a few minutes more. The strokes then increased slowly but steadily. She could barely keep up with Red and Gold, moaning as Silver started to thrust harder.

"I was so hot, I thought I was going to come right there and then" Marla confessed to Ron. Silver appeared to be the strongest of the three, and each stroke was made his dick disappear deep into his wife's pussy. He would grab her behind tight and push all the way in, leaving his cock in there for a few seconds.

"His dick was so hard, it really fucked me deep!" Marla reminisced. Silver pounded her quite a few times and would have kept going if Red hadn't intervened.

"Save some of that pussy for me," Red asked. In a few short seconds, Silver and Red had changed positions and Marla was again being fucked from behind while she continued to blow two cocks simultaneously. "Oooh, Marla, what an amazing ass you have!" Red proclaimed, as he took control of her pussy.

Gold was holding her hair in a ponytail as she went from him to Silver. Marla's hands were holding tight onto the mattress as her pussy continued to take it from behind. "I want to fuck you too, Marla!" complained Gold, which hadn't had his first turn yet.

They decided to change location a bit, as the pounding kept pushing her closer and closer to one of the edges of the bed. Silver and Red were now half-standing with one leg kneeled down on the bed on each side of Marla. She had her hands on the edge, and was still on all fours but with her face towards the camera. Gold positioned himself behind her and Marla's pussy was now being fucked by the third cock of the night.

"Damn!" said Ron, letting it escape that the image was exciting him too. He was now getting an erection of his own, observing his wife in that position.

"Yes, they put all their dicks on your wife's little pussy that night," she teased him.

From the angle of the camera, he could clearly see her sucking each cock to her right and left in short turns. While it wasn't possible to see Gold penetrating her, Marla's body trembled at each stroke as he stuffed her pussy. She looked beautiful as she slid her tongue on both dicks, barely holding on as Gold possessed her with as much vigor as the other two. Her tits swayed back and forth.

"Suck my dick whole," Red told Marla. She didn't even flinch, wrapping her lips around it and slowly putting the whole penis in her mouth.

"Don't forget me," said Silver, and she quickly delivered the same treatment on him.

Now that she had experience each cock, she asked to change positions again. Under her direction, she placed Silver sitting down at the edge, while Red and Gold stood up next to her on the bed. She sat over Silver in a reverse cowgirl position. Knowing what to do, Silver spread her pussy and was once again started going deep on Marla. She was now controlling the rhythm, moving up and down on his penis.

"Damn, Marla, you are an amazing fuck!" exclaimed Gold, as she licked his balls while taking all of Silver's cock in her vagina. She would move her ass around and pound against him, as he massaged her tits.

Rather than slowing down, she was getting bolder and bolder. For the next iteration, Red exchanged positions with Silver and Marla sat facing him. Her ass was now exposed to the camera and Red was grabbing her buttocks as she kneeled on him. She had placed her hair in a ponytail, making her look even more devilish, without missing a beat.

"C'mon, pound your balls on me!" Marla would order as each man took turns in that position. When it was Gold's turn, he would grab her buttocks so hard that her ass would spread apart. Silver had taken notice and he started caressing her butthole gently, while she sucked Red.

Marla took it in stride and teased him, "Do you want to put your dick on my ass?"

"Wow, Marla, you are a hot broad!" admitted Silver, amazed with her willingness. He stood up behind her, and slowly placed his hard cock on the entrance.

"Spread my ass wide, Gold, Silver is coming in," directed Marla. That helped Silver push his dick into her more easily as Marla moaned loudly, "Deeper! I can take it!"

As the scene unfolded, Marla told Ron: "I have to admit: his cock was so hard and big that it took me a while to get used to it going in." Given how much Marla enjoyed anal, that was quite a statement, thought Ron.

His wife was getting fucked by two cocks, as Silver continued to skillfully tear her asshole open. He didn't take long to push it all in, until she was fully penetrated both ways.

"Don't stop fucking me," Marla told Gold, who had paused for Silver to dominate her ass. Despite the initial difficulties, the fucking resumed rather quickly. Marla would pump hard on Gold, while her ass would get filled by Silver simultaneously.

As they got back into rhythm, Marla resumed swallowing Red's dick while shooting him with a horny look, her eyes fixed on his. Between licks, she would tease him as well: "You want to put this in my ass too? Go ahead!" And, in a few seconds, Red would now be in charge of her ass, while Silver would fuck her pussy.

"My ass was so stretched from taking cock; I wish you had been there to fuck me too!" Marla told Ron. That was once thing Ron had always disliked about the annual ritual of watching "the tape". He indeed had wished he had been present at the party. Although he never admitted it, given their past sexual adventures, he was indeed jealous of her little Halloween surprise from the first time he watched it.

On TV, Marla had moved towards the middle of the bed. Silver was lying down under her, and she was on top of him on all fours. Red had come from behind and was pounding her ass, as hard as possible, while Gold was in front so she could suck his dick. From then on, there were few moments where his wife's pussy, asshole, and mouth weren't filled with cock. Her moans were louder and louder.

"This is my favorite part," Marla warned Ron, as she would do every time.

She rocked back and forth as Red smashed his dick on her ass, while she rode deep on Silver. Her eyes were closed as she was clearly enjoying every moment of the action.

"Ohh, ohhh, I'm almost there!" she warned as she was about to come. Red and Silver went harder at it knowing that her orgasm was near. "Oh, fuck, yeah, give it to me!" she acknowledged in appreciation. "Oooooooh, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Marla smiled at Ron, who knew she was proud of her sexual prowess, as her orgasm noises continued on the screen. Marla noticed Ron had a rock hard erection and started rubbing him over his clothes.

"Do you like how their dicks drove me crazy?" she inquired. He didn't reply, watching as she collapsed on the bed with the three masked men.

It took a while for her to recover from the orgasm. All three men were still around her, dicks hard and ready to go.

"Okay, darlings, how do you want me to return the favor?" Marla said, with a naughty expression on her face, to her lovers once she was done enjoying her moment.

"I want to cum on your ass," Silver quickly replied.

"Uhmm, fine idea," Marla said, unfazed.

"I want to come on your mouth," said Red.

"Me too," chimed in Gold.

"Well, who am I to deny your wishes?" Marla smiled and laughed, in line with her costume motif. She got up from the bed while Red and Gold sat on the edge of the bed. She lay down on all fours on the floor in front of them and told Silver: "You know what to do."

Silver kneeled down behind her and quickly stuffed his dick in Marla's ass, while Red and Gold watched. Ron always marveled at how long they had been holding on.

"Come in my ass; give it to me, c'mon!" Marla teased Silver as he edged closer and closer. He pounded her buttocks, as Marla held firm, so he could go deep.

"I have never seen a chick like cock as much as you, Marla," Silver told her as he was about to come.

She had lied down her head, while bending her behind as much as possible for Silver. Her ass was red from so much thrusting and she held her cheeks wide with her hands so his cock could have wide access to her. Gold and Red masturbated as they watched the action.

Finally, Silver couldn't hold it anymore and his moans indicated the moment he started coming on Marla's ass.

"He is filling my ass with cum right there," Marla whispered to Ron, while still massaging his cock.

Silver pulled his dick out, placing it between his wife's cheeks. He pointed it towards her asshole, still ejaculating as he continued to orgasm.

"Damn, Marla, ohh, fuck!" he repeated, shooting sperm into her anus. Cum dripped from her ass into her pussy as he relieved his full load.

"Thank, Dear Mr. Silver," she quipped. "If you are done, I have two other dicks to take care of."

Red and Gold awaited their turn patiently, so she made them stand up around her as she kneeled down. She stroked them hard at first, so they could get close to boiling point. As Red indicated he was close, she swallowed him whole, so she could take his orgasm squarely on her mouth.

"Ooooh, Marla, what a wonderful cocksucker you are," he said, before coming hard on her.

While she was barely done with Red, Gold told her to prepare. "All right, Marla, stick your tongue out!" he ordered.

She obliged and he got closer, holding her ponytail with one hand, while directing his dick towards Marla's tongue. "Here I come," he warned, as she stroked him hard.

Marla took the third load into her mouth, as he ejaculated all over her. There was so much cum at that point that it began to drip from her lips into her chest, as she finished him off.

"Those dicks were so loaded, I love it!" Marla laughed as the action started wrapping up.

His wife was sweaty, wet, and finally satisfied on the TV screen. As they all rested on the bed and the screen went blank, Ron expected Marla to tell him how they slept for a few hours until she invited them for a shower. According to her account, she took turns blowing all three dicks hard again under the hot water. They took turns pounding her pussy one last time to complete their Halloween celebration, before cleaning up and leaving the hotel discreetly.

However, all Marla said was, "I'll be right back."

She returned, standing on the entrance to the living room, this time wearing nothing but stockings and the red horns she had kept from that night. "I want you to fuck me in the ass and come in my mouth too, just like those guys did. What do you say?" Ron thought it wasn't such a bad idea after having to sit through one more screening of the party he had missed. And, there was always going to be next year.

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