tagBDSMDiamond in the Rough Pt. 06

Diamond in the Rough Pt. 06


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Chapter 11

Steve left Cedric hogtied and gagged the brush around the warehouse. He hightailed it to his car and took off with the engine screaming as he raced to save April. Steve noted that Cedric's map was actually a large U with the city of Franschhoek at its apex. He had no idea about the back roads in this area so he was forced to follow Cedric's map.

Steve knew he was taking the long way around and he knew Johan would have some alone time with April. He hoped that she would be okay and nothing bad would happen, but he knew his desires had an expiration. After about 20 minutes he entered the town of Franschhoek, a town he had never been too. The town was very stylish and seemed to be across European and African styles.

He knew the history of Franschhoek and it was originally populated by French winemakers. As he drove rapidly through the town it was easy to see the French influence on not only much of the architecture, but also the food and clothing displayed in the various shops. He passed many outdoor cafés and felt his stomach rumble as he did. Unfortunately, right now he was not looking for food or the scenery and really only had one thing on his mind... April.

It had been 35 minutes since he left Cedric hogtied the warehouse and he was just now making the last leg towards Johan's house. He still didn't know if April was there, but it was the only logical lead he had. The more he thought about April the harder his foot pushed the accelerator. A curve came up too quickly on him and his wheels went off the road as he tried to negotiate the tight curve.

The backend of the car slid on the wet grassy shoulder of the road, but fortunately he recovered enough to keep the car actually on the asphalt. Steve slowed just a bit to make sure he didn't lose control of the car, but still sped on as fast as he dared. As he looked ahead, he saw that he was headed towards a craggy mountain with a band of green forest at its base.

According to the GPS he had one more left turn to make before he arrived on the road that led to Johan's house. As soon as he made that turn, he looked for a wide spot in the road or a dirt road to park his car. Up ahead he saw the stone house in the clearing just before the forest and a pickup truck was parked in front. He drove past the house and found a small dirt road on the other side of the house, where he parked his car.

Steve gathered up his backpack and pistol and tried a stealthy approach to the stone house. As he arrived, the front door was ajar in the house was lit up like a Christmas tree. He skulked around looking in all the windows and finally saw a huge man lying on a bed, fully clothed. He looked asleep, so Steve took the chance and went into the house through the open back door. He quickly and quietly searched the house, but found no indication of April, however he did find her slave collar on the kitchen table. He carefully laid down his backpack, took out some large zip ties and tucked his gun in his pants.

Steve had no idea how quickly the man might wake, so he decided to restrain his legs first. He carefully slid the zip tie around man's legs and quickly zipped it shut, immobilizing his legs. Johan lurched awake and bounded out of bed, unfortunately with his legs and zip tied he fell headfirst out of his bed. He was stunned for a moment on the floor and Steve took advantage of the situation zip tying his hands behind his back.

Johan struggled mightily trying to get away, but the zip ties held. Steve rolled him over on his back and straddled him with his pistol pointed at his crotch. Steve had learned in his dealings with a rapist back in Texas that they value their manhood more than their head. He kicked Johan in the ribs with his boots and then growled, "Where is April?"

Johan smiled an evil smile and softly answered, "That's for me to know and you'll never find out. She's mine now and if I can't have her no one will."

Steve softly kicked him in the groin and Johan grunted in pain, but soon his evil smile was back. Steve knew this was going to take a while, but as a trained BDSM master he had also taken many classes in anatomy. He knew where the pain points were without causing any damage very quickly began to use this knowledge to extract information from Johan.


In her stretched backbend April's body began to cramp. This was her second day of bondage and her muscles were starting to give out. She hadn't had anything to eat since her aborted meal at the hospital and her body desperately needed fuel. As a doctor she knew much of the cramping was lack of nourishment. She had fought the gang and Johan and most of her energy was gone.

However, that was not what scared her, it was the noises in the forest around her and the ants crawling up her arms. She felt the ants nibbling on her breasts and belly, gobbling up all of Johan's spunk. Earlier she had some kind of small bird land on her tightly strained stomach and as he hopped around, its talons would scratch and dig into her skin. With her head hanging backwards over the rock, she couldn't see what the bird was doing, but she felt him pecking at her stomach, breasts and nipples.

The African sun was also beating down on her skin and soon beads of sweat formed only feeding the ants and the birds. However, it was the unknown noises in the forest that she feared most. She heard twigs snapping and leaves rustling as though something was prowling in the forest just feet away. She had terror filled visions of strangers walking out of the forest and using her nude bound body over and over for their pleasure. Or she dreamed of a wild animal feasting on her flesh while she was alive.

With the rope around her neck she couldn't see what was going on around her. If she could have only looked into the forest and seen what was there maybe she would not have felt such a terror. Bound naked in the middle of a South African forest let her imagination conjure up all kinds of terrible fates and she didn't even have her slave collar for comfort.

Suddenly something crawled under her arms and snagged some of her long hair. Fortunately, it didn't stop but kept going and as she turned her head, she saw it was a porcupine. Just as she breathed a sigh of relief a much larger bird landed on her chest with its talons digging into the undersides of her breasts. April didn't know what to do, but as startled as she was, she let out a startled, panicked scream. The bird's talons dug into her flesh as it launched itself back into the air.

Somehow that encounter made her feel a little bit better. Her scream had driven the bird away and now every time some creature came near or a bird landed on her she would scream and drive them away. There was still nothing she could do about the sun roasting her skin or the insects feeding on her flesh, but being able to do something made her feel better.

Over the next half hour anytime she heard a noise woods or felt what she imagined was something feasting on her, she let out a scream. Unfortunately, her screams seem to have made things worse, because she heard more stomping in the forest and it seemed to be getting closer. She kept listening until she heard a softly muttered oath, "Holy mother of God!" This was quickly followed by a yell to his partners, "Leonard, Danny come here quick, look what I found!"

One of April's fears had come true. She didn't recognize any of the voices, so she knew it was not Johan or even Steve, but it was some strangers that have come across her bound nude form in the middle of the forest. She heard the footsteps approaching and when he began talking, she knew that she was in trouble again.

She felt tears well up in her eyes as she heard them talking about her as if she were a piece of meat to be devoured. "Damn, look at those tits and she is spread wide open, ready for us." "Her mouth and pussy just the right level for two of us to take her." "I have never seen a woman as beautiful as this and to have her staked out like this for our use is heaven." "I get first dibs on her pussy." "I wonder who left her for us, but it doesn't matter we're going to take her anyway." "If her mouth and pussy are as sweet as that body then this will be a day you won't soon forget."

April felt three sets of hands caressing her tightly stretched form. Her breasts and nipples were being fondled by several hands, there were a couple on her pussy and even some on her legs. She choked back a sob made a tear ridden plea, "Please, don't do this! Please, untie me and let me go!"

The three men responded in gales of laughter, before one of them answered her, "You are about the most gorgeous woman any of us have ever seen. You're naked, tied spread wide open for our use and we will never get another opportunity like this. You have the sweetest body any of us have ever seen and you're a wet dream angel come to earth. No way in hell are any of us passing on having you."

April felt the tears well up in her eyes again as the hands became more insistent. She said a silent prayer in the hopes that they wouldn't harm her. She also hoped Steve would forgive her for being the willful woman that she was ... if he ever found her


Steve worked on Johan for almost a half an hour and true to his word he hadn't divulged a single clue as to where April was. Johan was still bound head to toe and wasn't going anywhere so Steve took a break. As he was standing in front of the back door, he noticed some deep footprints heading into the forest. They looked fresh and as he looked over at Johan, he noticed grass and mud on his shoes. He grabbed his pistol and backpack and decided to take a hike in the forest to see with footprints led.

The path was well-worn and had been used quite a bit. The hike was relatively easy and within 10 minutes he was at the edge of the clearing. The first thing he noticed was three men congregating in the middle of the clearing, but as he looked closer, he could see a bound female form between them. His heart leapt in his chest because he knew he just found April.

The men were in the process of taking off their clothes and he knew they just found her. They were getting ready to rape her over and over again. Steve fired his pistol into the air, startling the three men then leveled the pistol in their direction just in case he had to use it. The three men froze with their pants half on and half off of their bodies. Immediately, their hands moved away from April and they turned to face the new threat to their fun.

Steve bellowed, "Put on your clothes and get out of here and we won't have any trouble, but she is mine and if you touch her, I will kill you."

Steve watched their faces as they thought about their options. John saw their eyes swivel to the bound beauty just waiting to be taken. One of the trio grabbed one of her nipples and pulled on it until April cried in pain. Steve could see their stance harden and he knew they weren't going to give her up that easily as one of them bellowed, "We found her, so she's ours! You can have her after were done."

Steve saw them reaching for something in their backpacks and suspected that they had weapons stashed there. He aimed carefully and put a shot into nearest backpack before the man's hands could reach it. Then yelled, "Don't you dare try and fight me! I've got the drop on you, so get your stuff and get out here!"

The report of the first gunshot scared April half to death. She didn't know if she had been shot, but it sounded far away and she had not felt any pain. So, she didn't know what was going on and assumed maybe the men were trying to scare her into being more cooperative. Then she heard Steve's voice and her heart leapt in her chest. Her master had found her and she knew she was saved. She choked back sob and tears pool in her eyes. Despite everything, she knew she was saved now. With the second gunshot she knew he would fight to the death to save her.

Leonard piped up and said, "Come on man! This is prime, once-in-a-lifetime pussy, you could share her with us. We promise you can have all you want, all we want is sloppy seconds. Come on man!"

Steve's fist tightened as they talked about the woman he loved. He fired off third shot and all three ducked as they heard the buzz of a bullet passing between them. In a tightly controlled voice he added, "This is my woman and I will never share her, especially with lowlife ass holes like you! So, get your stuff and hightail it out of here before you push me too far and I kill you where you stand!"

As April listened to her master, her heart swelled in her chest almost bursting with pride and love. This was one of the many reasons why she loved this man so. He loved her and guided her, most of all she would always be safe with him. She knew he loved her for what was inside her heart and not just the body the body that encased it, but she also loved the way he made her heart and body sing with passion

April heard one of them mutter, "No pussy is worth dying for, but would love to have had a piece of her."

Steve watched the three men quickly put up their bands and dropped one hand only to gather their belongings. They ran to the edge of the clearing and disappeared into the forest. He watched them and tracked them a little way into the forest. He stood for a minute as he listened to their crashing noise as they fled the forest. When he was convinced, they had left and weren't coming back he finally turned and went to check on his April.

He finally let his guard down and actually looked at April, stretched and bound on the rock. He had to admit that she was a vision of sexual femininity. Trussed up as she was, every part of her magnificent figure was framed to show off her incredible assets. The hillocks of her breasts were full and beckoning with their engorged nipples begging to be played with.

Her skin was stretched tightly over her ribs careening down into her flat muscled belly, with her navel summoning his eyes. Her succulent pussy was framed by her bound and spread thighs seeming to plead for his attention. As he walked towards her slowly, he saw her squirm and that only made her deliciously bound figure that much more tempting

In the quiet after the men had left April felt her master's eyes on her. He was caressing her with his gaze and she felt her bound hips squirm while her womanly lips began to moisten. She whimpered softly in anticipation of her master's caress and it sent butterflies through her belly. With her head hanging over the boulder, she couldn't see her master, only hear his approach. As her nipples hardened, she moaned, "Oh Master, thank God you're here."

For the last two days, the only thing that kept her sane were thoughts of man she loved. She had pretended that every touch from Johan or the gang had been her Masters touch. The thought of all those men touching and using her had been revolting. Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt his gaze sweeping over her, then tears pooled in her eyes as she knew she was finally safe.

Before he touched her, she felt his warmth hovering over her and she tried to arch her back even further so she could feel his touch. As she tried to give herself to her master, April felt each squirm tighten the rope around her neck. She felt his hand trail up her thigh until a finger slid easily through her now soaked feminine lips. A shuttering breath escaped her lips and for the first time in days she felt real loving passion coursing through her body. His other hand caressed over her belly, up her ribs until one of her breasts filled his hand. His thumb and forefinger rolled her nipple as a halting moan escaped her lips.

April felt his breath trailing up her neck until he whispered into her ear, "I am so glad I found you my love and I'm ready to take you home, but it seems like a shame not to take advantage of your deliciously sultry posture. Besides, you disobeyed me and went off by yourself at the cafeteria, with this kidnapping being the result. Tied up as you are, I think you need to be taught a lesson, but don't worry baby, you have gone through enough abuse. Today's lesson will prove to you that your master loves you very much, will do anything to keep you safe and will also do anything to prove my love for you."

Chills rippled through April's bound form and the thought of once again receiving her Master's punishment sent anticipatory quivers of passion curling around her body. She sucked a deep breath and huskily breathed, "Yes, Oh Yes Master. I have been bad and need your discipline. I am deserving of your punishment ... Please Master! Please make me yours once again!"

Chapter 12

With Steve hovering over her everything had changed. She was no longer a kidnapped victim, bound naked in the forest with insects and critters feasting on her vulnerable flesh. Instead, she was her masters submissive, bound wide open for his use and pleasure. Instead of the terror that filled the last two days, now there is a loving passion, that only makes itself known when you give yourself freely to the one you love.

Throughout the horror of the last two days, this was what she had dreamed of. She had desperately fantasized of her master taking her however he wanted and yet showing her how much he loved her. His passion filled love was heaped on her during her most exposed submission and only then did she achieve her most treasured nirvana at the hands of her master.

His hands swept over the hills and valleys of her bound figure igniting fires wherever they went. His fingers and lips fanned her simmering need into a roaring bonfire of desperate hunger and Steve was feeling her erotic appetite. While his hands were busy coaxing a steamy carnal craving from her squirming body, his mouth wrapped around her throat like a lion taking down prey.

His mouth nibbled her delicate the exposed neck sending erotic chills down her spine. Taking her throat left her very vulnerable and exposed him, yet she freely arched her neck into his voracious mouth. It was all very primal and yet one of the most erotic moments of her life. Giving him her most vulnerable throat is a very primitive form of submission, and one she eagerly embraced.

Steve tried to suck as much of her softly delicious throat into his mouth as possible, but the rope around her neck kept getting in the way. By accident, Steve pushed on her legs and felt the rope tighten around her neck and he realized this was meant to be breath play bondage.

Breath play was something that he and April had never experimented with. It was very dangerous and could potentially cause great harm to the breath play victim. Obviously, the big oaf that bound her did not give a damn about April, he only wanted her body and was ready to discard her when he was finished.

Steve pulled back his face and stared for a few seconds at the anticipatory anguish on her face. He had no idea what she had gone through during the past two days, but he had seen her bound tightly in the warehouse is window and now she was bound naked the boulder. She had been punished enough, now was the time to show her just how much her master loved her.

Steve slid his middle two fingers through her womanly lips and began to drum his fingers against her G spot. Meanwhile, his thumb stroked her clit until it peeked out from under its flow she could begging for some attention. His lips left her throat so his mouth could ravish her inflamed nipples. Only when her moans and gasps told him that she was getting close to her desperately needed orgasm did he move his mouth back down to cover her throat.

Nobody could do the things that Steve did to her. He played her body like the fiddle in dueling banjos. The muscles in her stomach cramped, throwing her hips into a passion filled dance. The more her hips churned passionately, the tighter the rope constricted around her neck. The oxygen-rich blood going to her brain was restrained and she began to feel giddy and lightheaded. However, at the same time it was getting harder to breathe and panic began to set in.

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