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Diamond Murders


I would like to thank Kalamazoo707 for all of her hard work editing this story. I would like to thank both Kalamazoo707 and Iread2relax for all of their help with this story. Both of these fine ladies have excellent stories posted. For everyone who is wondering Heritage is still being worked on and I hope to be posting the next chapter real soon. Thank you for taking a moment to read this little story and please vote and comment. Here is the story hop you enjoy it.


Detective Andrew Martin had been in the homicide division of the Baltimore police force for twelve of his seventeen years in law enforcement. For the most part he loved his job except for the kind of cases that he was currently working on.

There was a string of unsolved murders the last count was ten that was driving him nuts. The problem was that the deaths had several things in common, they were all young healthy males, all of them had been drained of blood, and each of them had had a set of puncture marks that looked as if they were made by large bore needles that were surrounded by bright red lipstick.

The similarities didn't end there, all of the victims were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-eight and all of the deaths occurred around four AM after apparently having sex. There was also no evidence that any of them struggled and there was no evidence of a robbery. The first victim had about 500.00 in cash on him; even his credit cards were still in his wallet as were the cash and credit cards of each subsequent victim.

As it stood the murders were occurring every four to five nights and the bodies were always found in plain view of passersby in the inner-city although each of them had rented a hotel room the night before their death. This struck Andrew as odd because three of the men lived alone and wouldn't have needed to rent a hotel room.

There had been no witnesses to the murders or the body dumps and in the cases of the males who had been out with friends no one could recall when or with whom the male had left the club. In one case, the club video equipment had actually been working and caught the victim leaving the club. The odd thing was that it appeared as though he had his arm around someone but the image of the person was missing.

The frustrating thing was what Andrew considered to be the lack of evidence; there were a few long black hairs, the lipstick left on the skin which the lab guys said was custom made and the vaginal secretions of a female. The lab also said that there was some type of anticoagulant around puncture marks.

"We don't know what in the hell it is." Bill said, "I can tell you that it's even more potent than heparin but not only that, you know that we have samples of vaginal secretions and hair."

"Yeah and?"

"We can't get any DNA from any of it. I won't lie to you." Bill said, "In all of my years on the job I've never seen anything like it."

"Can you give me anything to go on?" Andrew asked.

"Well, your perp is female and your victims didn't struggle or fight her which begs the question how in the hell did was she able to subdue them enough to get those puncture marks in their necks and what did she do with the blood?"

Andrew left the lab with more questions than he walked in with. The last victim, Akili Adoyo a Johns Hopkins's University student was in the United States on a student visa was from Kenya. According to his professors and his roommate, he was a serious young man whose focus was on his studies.

"Akili on a date?" his roommate asked shocked, "Are we talking about the same guy? All he did was go to work, class, came home and then stayed in his room and studied."

They got the same reaction from other students and the professors who knew the unfortunate young man; it simply wasn't like him to be out on a date when he had a paper due amongst other things. It just didn't make sense. What Andrew did know was that he had to catch a break within the next four days or another man was going to die.

Through some basic profiling it was determined that the killer was indeed female although it was rare for a serial killer to be female, she was between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-five, Caucasian and that she would have a well above average intelligence. Andrew was finding himself very grateful that he took the classes that the department offered on profiling, it was proving to be worth the Saturdays spent in a classroom.

The list of questions about the perp were continuing to grow, added to the ones that he already had were these, how was the perp able to kill the men without them struggling? From what the coroner said there was no indication that the men resisted having their heads moved to the position needed to get to their jugular vein, in fact, he said it was almost as though they offered themselves to her.

Andrew's cell phone chirping interrupted his thoughts.

"Andrew? Bill here, can you come back to the lab?"

On his way to the lab Andrew wondered how long it would be before the press heard about the murders, he was actually surprised that they hadn't already and thanked God for big and small favors alike. He could only imagine the headlines. They would be screaming about the fact that the murders were kept from the public and that they had the right to know so on and so forth. Added to the mix would be the accusations of the department being inadequate and or not caring.

Andrew had requested FBI involvement when the body count reached three but had been refused. Now that it was ten, they couldn't get the Feds here fast enough. "Better late than never." Andrew grumbled under his breath as he pulled in front of the lab.

"Hey Bill what you got for me?" Andrew asked as he walked into the lab.

Bill looked up from what he was doing and grinned; he loved the challenge of the hard cases and had helped solve some of the hardest ones in Andrews's career as a homicide detective.

"You sure brought us a doozy!" he replied, "the anticoagulant that was used on the victims was a highly concentrated version of the one used by the vampire bat when it feeds."

"Vampire bat?" Andrew asked and began to laugh, "What the fuck are you saying? That I have some kind of giant bat running around killing people?"

Bill chuckled and then turned serious, "No, but I did talk to someone over at the zoo and what he said was that when the vampire bat bites, it's only a small opening and they lap the blood up with their tongues. It would appear that whoever killed your guys is using a pump of some kind to take the blood from the bodies.

Here's another thing, mixed in with the anticoagulant in the dried saliva was a paralytic/anesthetic solution, which would explain why there was no struggle. We're still trying to figure out exactly what it is but I can tell you this much, whatever it was... it worked almost instantly."

Andrew listened carefully as Bill talked, mulling the information over for a few minutes when Bill was done talking.

"Why do you say that she used a pump?" he asked.

"That's the only explanation that makes sense." Bill replied. "All of the victims were drained almost dry, what other answer could there be? I also talked to a few colleagues and they agree that's the only way that she could have done it but that begs another question."

"I'm listening." Andrew replied.

"Did she have her victims already picked out or is it random? And... did or does she have an accomplice? Just think about it, how could she have done all of that alone? I know that there are some relatively small pumps but still, it takes planning."

Andrew's head began to hurt. It was bad enough that they had one that they couldn't catch but two?

"What else?" Andrew asked.

"Nothing, isn't what I've told you enough?" Bill asked. "I'll call you with any updates."

Andrew thanked Bill and left the lab feeling overwhelmed, he didn't know anymore than he did at the beginning and more questions had been added to his rapidly growing list. Time was running out, someone else was going to die and there wasn't a damned thing that he could do about it.

An hour later Andrew was back at his desk going over everything that he knew when the captain, Ted Conroy interrupted him.

"You're getting extra help on this and before you say it I'm well aware that you've been asking." The captain said holding his hand up when he saw that Andrew was about to say something. "I'm assigning Lisa, Paul and Drew to help you and we've contacted the FBI."

"It's about fucking time!" Andrew growled.

The captain ignored the comment and continued, "We've set up one of the conference rooms and copies of the file are being made as we speak. The Feds are sending Special Agent Amelia Hensley who will act as a liaison between us and the bureau."

As glad as he was for the extra help David was furious that it had taken ten deaths to get it.

"Anything else?" he asked watching his tone.

"Yes, you report directly to me, I want daily updates more if it's warranted. I almost forgot," the captain added," Shirley and Cindy will act as your extra pairs of hands. They had to take a prisoner to the courthouse and should be back in a couple of hours, Bill Wilson is the lab guy assigned to this and Jane Wiseman will be in charge of any press releases so run everything through her before talking to the press."

"Got it." Andrew said already planning how to best use the assets that he had finally been given.

"Andrew, I can't stress enough how important it is that we catch this suspect as quickly as possible...."

Andrew lost it.

"Why the fucking hurry now?" he asked, "I've been asking for support ever since the third death and the fucking budget was thrown in my face!" He was yelling and he didn't care. "And now you can't stress the importance of catching the suspect quickly? So what in the hell happened? Did the press find out or is your job on the line?"

His brain screamed for him to stop talking but he couldn't, the too many sleepless nights and exhaustion had finally caught up with him.

"My office, now!" Captain Conroy said and then walked away.

Andrew had no choice but to follow the order, had more than overstepped his bounds and hoped that he wasn't going to be suspended for insubordination.

"Shut the door." The captain said as he sat on the edge of his desk.

Andrew shut the door, turned to face the captain and waited for the dress down.

"Sit down."

Andrew was going to refuse but thought better of it.

"I know that you've been working your ass off on this case with little to no help and I'm sorry for that but that doesn't excuse insubordination." the captain said.

"I know and I'm sorry." Andre replied. "It's just that this could have been stopped a few bodies ago and no one was listening."

"That's not true." The captain replied. "I've been fighting for additional help ever since your first request, why they decided to give in is anyone's guess. "As to your outburst out there, I'm going to attribute it to exhaustion and lack of sleep, do it again and you'll be put on suspension without pay. We're done here."

"Captain? What about overtime?"

"Approved and I want every single hour of it justified."

Andrew nodded his understanding, left the office and went to the conference room to find that Special Agent Hensley had arrived and was already organizing the files.

"Hello." Andrew said interrupting her work, "I'm Detective Andrew Martin."

"Hello." Amelia replied extending her hand, "I'm Special Agent Amelia Hensley." she replied.

Andrew shook her hand liking that it was a firm, confident handshake.

"Where do we start?" Andrew asked.

"From the beginning." Amelia replied, "Please don't take this wrong but you were working on this alone and something may have been missed. With several pairs of new eyes maybe we'll find something that we can use to help us.

Andrew was far from offended, she was right and if it helped to stop the crazy bitch from killing again she could have as many people that she wanted look at the files. By the time the rest of the team got there, the files had been organized into neat stacks, a stack for each person and a timeline was already drawn up on the white board.

Introductions were made and the battle plan laid out,

"Each of you will read through the files." Amelia said, "Mark anything that jumps out at you no matter how unimportant it seems, sometimes it's the little things that break a case."

The team worked well past end of shift trying to glean every bit of information from the files that they could. After one was finished with a file, he or she exchanged it for another with someone else until all of the files had been looked at. After taking a short break, they all looked at the white board to fill in the blanks.

Andrew was getting impatient; a couple of more days and someone was going to die unless they got a major break.


On March fourteenth, Frank Barnes a sixth generation Baltimore cop had just finished his shift. For the most part he enjoyed his job except for days like today. There had been two domestic disputes with the second one being a nightmare. The husband had beaten the wife up pretty badly but when the police tried to intervene, the wife attacked the officers. They hadn't realized that there was a fifteen year old boy in the house or that there was a gun. They found out when the boy pulled the gun on them while they were trying to subdue the woman. It was a very tense few minutes until Frank had managed to talk the boy into giving up the weapon. Frank breathed a sigh of relief that neither he nor his partner had to shoot the boy. Although he usually stayed away from the bars because he preferred to drink alone, Frank decided to stop at the 'Driftwood bar and Grille.

The 'Driftwood bar and Grille' was a nice little place that was a favorite because it was cop friendly and served one of the best burgers around. Frank walked in, looked around and took a seat up at the bar ordering a draft as he sat.

He took a casual look around the rapidly filling bar and noticed that he was being watched by a gorgeous raven haired woman. He gave her a quick once over taking note of her figure that included large breasts and long sensuous legs. When she made eye contact, she smiled and gave Frank a slight nod of her head before turning away.

Frank's attention was pulled away from the woman by loud cheers when an older couple walked into the bar. When he turned around to face forward, the raven haired woman was sitting next on the stool next to him.

"Diamond," she said as she offered him her hand as her full lips curled up into a seductive smile.

"Frank, it's a pleasure to meet you." he said taking her hand and returning the smile.

He couldn't believe that this was happening. While he wasn't a bad looking man with dark wavy hair and dark eyes he wasn't the type that women like this one was attracted to. As they made small talk while they sipped on their drinks, Frank took in her scent. It reminded him of a freshly cut field after a rain shower on a warm spring day.

He felt himself becoming enamored with her and was powerless to stop. He hung on to every word that she spoke becoming drunk with the sound of her soft but melodic voice. When she suggested that they leave and go somewhere more private, Frank quickly agreed. He paid his tab while the woman called the 'Harbor Inn' where she had decided to spend the evening with her friend for the evening.

Ten minutes later they were in the room where they quickly undressed. When Frank reached for her, Diamond stepped back; she wanted to see what he looked like without his clothes. She licked her lips as she started at the top of his head and slowly moved her eyes down his body.

"I have chosen an exceptionally fine donor this evening." she said as she continued her appraisal, "I shall enjoy feasting on you."

Frank wondered what she meant but didn't have time to ask as Diamond was pushing him back on the bed as she kissed his chest as she stroked his rapidly stiffening member. Frank cried out as Diamond gently stroked him while dragging her nails lightly across the skin of his cock. Her slow, leisurely strokes were driving Frank nuts but she wouldn't allow him to do anything to hurry her along.

"Trust me." she whispered in his ear, "this is going to be the best fuck of your life, a real heart stopper."

Diamond nipped at his earlobe and then slowly kissed and nipped at his skin until she was at his right nipple. She swirled her warm wet tongue around the nipple several times before finally taking it into her mouth gently biting on and tugging on it with her teeth.

Frank moaned and cried out as the sensations in his nipples traveled down to his cock. He moaned in frustration when her mouth left the left nipple and moaned in pleasure when he felt his right nipple being taken into her mouth and given the same treatment but biting to the point of pain.

Frank was out of his mind with lust, no other woman had ever driven him to such heights of pleasure and all she had done was suck his nipples and stroke him. His heart felt as if it was going to jump out of his chest as she began to make her way southward taking the time play with his belly button with her tongue. Diamond continued her trek southward, kissing his pelvic bone and then giving it a lick before blowing over the moist spot.

"Shit!" Frank exclaimed when he felt the head of his cock enter her hot, moist mouth.

Diamond smiled to herself as she began to slide her reddened lips down the length of the cock of her latest victim. Each time she took Frank's cock into her mouth she took more of him in until she had all of him deep in her throat. Every so often she would let his cock fall from her mouth so that she could lick the length of it like she was eating an ice cream cone. When she reached the sensitive spot where the head of his cock met the shaft she would give quick but firm licks until Frank began to beg her to end it.

"Soon lover." she murmured as she took the head of his cock back into her mouth.

He had to stop her, it was too much. Frank grabbed Diamond's arms and pulled her up to him for a kiss.

"What's the matter?" she asked teasingly, "is my warm mouth too much for the big strong man?"

Both of them laughed as Diamond positioned herself over his throbbing cock and eased down on it so slowly that Frank wanted to grab her by the hips and slam her down on him. Diamond began to rock back and forth and then moved up and down at that same maddening unhurried pace. Whenever he tried to alter her movements, Diamond would pin Frank down so tightly against the mattress that he couldn't move. In his lust he didn't seem to notice the strength that she had.

Frank felt his balls tighten signaling that his release was imminent. Diamond also sensing that his time was near, bent down kissed and then licked Frank's neck releasing the chemicals that would render him helpless. She looked down at Frank whose eyes widened in surprise and horror when he saw the fangs in her mouth.

Frank tried to scream as Diamond's face moved closer to his as she still rode him, her orgasm just beginning. She bit deep into his neck releasing the anticoagulant that would allow the blood to continue to flow freely until there was very little left.

Diamond gulped down the blood as fast as it came out while wondering why this donor's blood seemed to be sweeter than any of the others.

Frank's body was discovered early the next morning in an alley just off of Lexington Street. The first responding officers quickly blocked the area off, started interviewing the man who found the body and placed a call to Detective Andrew Martin.


Amelia and Andrew were having breakfast to discuss a few thoughts that Andrew was having about the case when the call came. Ten minutes later they were at the scene and so was a large crowd of people.

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