tagRomanceDiamonds In The Rough Ch. 03

Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 03


Thanks to SoCalOvid for his patience with my writing, and his willingness to work with me.


If you haven't already done so, please read the previous two chapters first.

This story requires you to have the willingness to accept an odd and unusual relationship. It calls for an open mind, and an unlocked heart.

Diamonds In the Rough Ch. 3


'What's going on; and why am I beginning to feel happy again?' Sam asked herself, watching Lynn play with Major.

It didn't make any sense to the young woman. Major would have normally had a stranger on the ground by now with his playfulness. Not so with Lynn. Major behaved just as he would with Sam. While his improved behavior made her happy, it also perplexed her. Major, was a one-woman dog — her dog. Why would he relate to Lynn like he did to her?

Sam was also mystified by how contented she felt with Lynn around. She couldn't put her finger on it. In the background she heard a noise; someone was calling her.

"Sam? Sam, you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry Lynn. I guess I zoned out wondering why Major doesn't have you on the floor." Sam was very curious what her dog was thinking when he looked at Lynn.

"You mean he really does knock people down?" Lynn's eyes opened wide looking at the big dog with awe.

"Oh yeah, he does." The black sheepdog looked at Sam, then back to Lynn. "For some reason Major doesn't want to use you as a chew toy. I can only guess it's because he is scared to hurt you, or he doesn't know what to make of you."

She giggled when Lynn began turning red.

"Major; pay no attention to her, you are the perfect gentlemen," Lynn replied holding the canine's head with both hands gazing into the chestnut eyes. Silently he pondered a more important subject, 'It's time to find out why you are upset my dear woman.'

Lynn looked up at his new friend, "Fair enough Sam, is that all I am? A chew toy? Is this how you always treat guests in your home?" Lynn stared at her feigning an anger he really didn't feel.

"What? Lynn, I was just kidding; can't you take a joke? I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Sam was taken aback by Lynn's seemingly harsh comment.

Lynn straightened up and tousled his shoulder length hair. He looked up at her and with touching concern he smiled at her saying, "I know; care to tell me what's bothering you?"

Sam took a deep breath; she didn't want to discuss last night's debacle.

"That's really none of your business Lynn," Sam bored into his blue eyes, with a 'don't go there' look.

Lynn unexpectedly took up the challenge, "Don't play the 'none of my business card' with me Sam." Lynn surprised at his tone gave it right back. "We've shared a lot with each other already. I want to be your friend, and friends help friends. You're a good person. I know it, and your dog knows it too," Lynn pointed over at Major.

"We know too much about each other to be shy at this point. So quit being a proud butch, and share your troubles with your friends; let us help." Lynn sat down on the sofa looking at Sam with a doting expression. Almost immediately Major jumped into his lap, getting as much of his body onto Lynn as possible.

Lynn began to fuss; Major was getting hair all over his outfit!

"OMG! My lint roller is going have to work overtime when I get home. Look at all this dog hair I'm getting on my beautiful pants, and shirt." Rolling his eyes he brushed the shirt for emphasis, "Sam what are you going to do with this...this...animal," patting the big dog on the head, looking up at Sam with the most pitiful expression on his face that he could muster.

Sam laughed hard seeing all of Major's seventy five pounds curled up on Lynn's tiny lap; she howled louder listening to Lynn whine about his clothes. Then with the timing of the perfect straight man, Major let his long tongue drop down the side of his mouth. He looked up at his mistress, cocking his head he gave her that, "Who me?" look. Sam staggered back grabbing a chair from the dining room. She sat down holding her stomach, she was laughing so hard.

Sam looked at the sight on the sofa and wiped her tearing eyes. "Okay you win. I can't keep anything from you two...mennn," a fake look of exasperation crossed her face. "Thanks for the butch comment too; I want you to know I'm a 'soft butch'," she said as she coyly batted her brown eyes at him, "and don't you forget it, my little femme' friend."

Lynn giggling at her comment, thought how much he liked this 'soft' butch. Lynn had felt guilty for leaving the bar so abruptly, especially after she provided him with some much need solace. Sam, despite her own lover's recent raw betrayal, was still strong enough to help him, a stranger, dealing with his pain. At that moment Lynn knew he would move on and find happiness again. Overwhelmed with emotion, he had to leave quickly. A few hours later he regretted his cowardly decision. He was glad he bumped into her at the mall and was able to reconnect with her.

''Femme'! I'll show you femme',' he thought with glee.

Lynn, in his best girlish voice; "You got it 'butchy', I am woman, hear me roar. So my dear; 'Sil vous plaît, dites-moi ce qui sest passé hier soir? Je veux aider.'"

Lynn saw Sam's confused face and smiled. He gazed deep into her brown eyes and with heartfelt sincerity as well as a touch of humor, he calmly answered her puzzled look: "Oh sorry, my Française is poor...Sam, please tell me what happened last night? I want to help."

Her resolve not to share her problems had gone with Lynn's genuine desire to help. Sam took a deep breath beginning her tale.

"I had a date last night. I met Claudia at the mall after you left the other day. We walked around the mall a little. I liked her looks, so I asked her if she was busy Friday night. She said no, so I asked her if she would like to go with me to the ball game.

"I should have known better when Claudia replied, 'you don't have to do that, why don't you just come over to my place so we can get to know each other better?' I told her I had already purchased tickets, and didn't want them to go to waste. Claudia shrugged her shoulders, and gave me her address and phone number.

"I picked her up, hoping to have a fun time with her at the game. Claudia spent more time looking at me than at the game. I tried talking with her, but she just seemed bored. Afterwards, I drove her back to her apartment. I was disappointed; she was so pretty but there didn't seem like there was much of a connection between us. I started to say goodnight when Claudia surprised me by asking if I would like a nightcap.

"In my naïve little mind, I thought she wanted to get to know me better in a quieter setting. I accepted her offer, and we went up to her apartment. Once in her living room, Claudia motioned me over to her couch. She asked if I wanted a drink; I said water was fine. She walked with a pronounced wiggle into the kitchen, clearly for my benefit. I began feeling very uneasy about this.

"A few minutes later I heard an, 'A-hem,' and when I looked up my eyes nearly popped out. Claudia was wearing a sheer yellow nightgown, which left nothing to my imagination. Her breasts were nicely sized, with big areolas and pencil erasers for nipples. She definitely got my engine running.

"I drank in her beauty. At first my eyes were fixed on the thin fabric hanging invitingly down her front, her hard nipples created a trail which I followed down to her unshaved..."

"Humph," Lynn rasped, "Sam I like you, I like you a lot. But please spare me anymore bodily details, okay?"

"Sorry," Sam apologized, turning a little red. Then she picked up the story again.

"Before I knew it, Claudia was next to me on the couch, rubbing her body against mine, trying to kiss me. As infatuated as I was with her, I immediately stood up and told her that I don't kiss women in negligees on the first date, and I most certainly am not a one-night stand."

Sam looked directly into Lynn's eyes hoping for a reaction.

Catching an imperceptible nod of agreement, Sam's breathing became more pronounced, inhaling deeply she started the next portion of her story.

"Claudia looked at me like I was the stupidest thing on the planet! She asked me if I found her attractive — which I did. She laughed at me, and didn't believe me when I said I wanted to get to know her first before becoming intimate. Claudia scoffed at me. She said she wasn't interested in getting to know me; it was my hard-body she wanted! She tried kissing me again. I gently pushed her away, and politely asked her to stop.

"Claudia smirked at me as she said, 'sure you do baby, but I know better. Come with me and I'll prove it to you.'

"Grabbing my arm she pulled me towards her bedroom. I jerked away, and started walking towards the front door. I couldn't believe this woman, I tell her no, yet she still comes on to me."

Lynn gently patted Sam on the arm subtly encouraging her to continue. Sam's voice got softer recounting the end of the date.

"Then Claudia really stunned me. She got into my face, bad mouthing me. She called me a bitch, a fucking stupid cunt, and a dim-witted moralistic piece of shit. Remembering my fight with Brittany, I ignored her and just walked out the door. I kept telling myself she's not worth it. My dignity was more important to me than a one-night stand. And she certainly wasn't worth a night in jail either. As I closed the door behind me, I could still hear her ranting."

Sam got louder as she growled, "Driving home, I was pissed. I couldn't believe it. Was I that stupid? I made up my mind after that fucked up evening, I wasn't going to date again for while."

Sam's voice became tentative, "When I woke up this morning, I remembered what happened last night. It bothered me a little — actually a lot. But I went about my business. Early this afternoon, I had just put the ribs into the oven for this evening's barbeque when out of the blue, Alexis popped into my head. Her image hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized for the first time, I may never have anyone to share my life with. I'll be all alone. I began to cry, wasting an entire afternoon wallowing in self-pity. Lynn, I wanted to stop you from coming over, but I didn't have a way to contact you. When you rang the doorbell, Major began barking...I wasn't going to answer the door. Then you knocked and Major's bark became insistent. Something inside me told me to answer the damn door. I finally opened it, and there you were...I'm sorry Lynn," Sam began to quietly whimper.

Lynn gently pushed Major off his lap. Lynn got up and walked over to the sad woman. He leaned down and embraced her with a big hug. Sam, sniffling, pushed her head into his chest. She wrapped he wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight.

Lynn surprised at her response calmly began to stroke her short black hair and with a soothing voice said, "I understand Sam. I like to take things slowly too. One-night stands aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Too risky, and not fulfilling; well at least not for me, and I guess for you too."

A big smile of encouragement beamed from his face.

"I wouldn't be too upset over that floozy." Gently he grabbed her face, looking directly at her with an easy firmness, "She wasn't worth it — you are." Pausing to let the words sink in, "Don't you dare sell yourself short, okay? You're a strong woman, you'll find that special someone soon, I know it."

Sam looked at Lynn and smiled halfheartedly. She released him stood up and kissed the top of his forehead. Lynn blushed at her touch. Sam looked down at Major and gave him a pat.

"I think I will fire up that grill now. Would you please get the ribs out of the refrigerator?"

"Umm, Sam?"

"Yes Lynn?"

"Where's the kitchen?"

"Shit. Sorry, I forgot this is your first time here. Go down the hall and make a left. You'll figure out the layout after a few more visits."

"What do you mean after a few more visits?" a confused Lynn asked.

"Well, last I heard neither one of us wants a one-night stand right?" Sam's hands were firmly planted on her thin hips, scrutinizing the short wisp of man.

Laughing at her comment, "No I certainly don't, and next time you will need to come over to my place. I need to show you my etchings." Lynn looked at Sam with what he no doubt thought of as a lecherous leer as he mentioned his 'etchings'.

"Sure I'd like that." laughing at his cute remark she headed out to the patio, with Major on her heels.

Lynn watched her walk out, and enjoyed her pleasantness. He got angry when his thoughts turned to Claudia, and what that fucking bitch did to Sam. Shivering, he realized it took a lot of trust for Sam to share her terrible experience with him. Reflecting on her integrity, Lynn reflected on her integrity and was gratified to know that her moral makeup was similar to his. Yes, even if she was a woman, a warm feeling flooded his heart, brightness filling his soul.

With a light heart he gazed around the kitchen and quietly mused to himself, 'What's going on, and why am I so happy here?'

"Where are those ribs at?" yelled Sam.

"Just a moment Sam, I'm getting them." Lynn opened the refrigerator door. 'Wow,' he thought, 'they look good,' then taking a deep breath that filled his nostrils with the already delicious smell, he knew they would taste even better. Lynn wondered what she used for the dry rub.

Suddenly an evil thought entered his mind. With a devilish smirk he screeched, "Hey Sam!"

"Now what do you want Lynn?"

"What sort of rub did you use on these ribs?"

"Huh? Oh, umm, I used some paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, cocoa, salt, cayenne, a touch of brown sugar, and cracked black pepper, why?"

"Well," he sneered raising an eyebrow, "I was just making sure you didn't rub them with anything I wouldn't like to eat."

"What are you implying?" came the curious reply.

"Oh, nothing Saaammm," his shrillness surprised him.

Sam walked back into the kitchen and gave him a look that would freeze water in the desert. Lynn shrunk back a little pondering if he over-stepped his welcome.

Sam broke into a smile and said, "Gotcha back you little pervert. Now bring those ribs here before I smack you, and rub your cute little face where you and I don't want it to be."

Lynn laughed as he handed her the platter, and asked if there was anything else she needed done.

"Get me a beer, please." Sam wiggled her behind as she took the platter out to the grill.

"Sure Sam. Do you have any wine by chance?"

As she placed the slabs on the hot grill, Sam shouted back, "I bought some just for you; it's on the top shelf chilling in the fridge, my dear boy."

Smiling at her 'dear boy' comment, Lynn opened the refrigerator door and spotted the wine. He looked at the shape and color of the bottle and did a double-take. It wasn't just a bottle of wine — it was a bottle of Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve from the central California coast staring at him. How could she have known it was his favorite?


"Geez Lynn, now what?" Her impatience was emphasized by the sound of tongs dropping onto an empty plate.

"You picked a Chardonnay, and it happens to be my favorite! How did you know?" Lynn's blue eye's scrunched with puzzlement.

Walking in from outside, astonished by his declaration she exclaimed, "It's your favorite? I had no idea. I asked Shelly what you were drinking the day we met, and she said a Chardonnay."

Sam recounted the conversation she had with Shelly, after his abrupt departure.


"He was drinking a Chardonnay, why do you ask?" queried Shelly.

"What's the big deal Shell, can't I be curious?" Sam fired back dropping her fork on the plate with a loud clatter.

"Cool your pussy Sam; the way you two carried on at first, I thought you were old friends. I mean woman, you hugged him, you held him, you cried with him. I had no clue you didn't know him until you asked, 'Shell, who was that?' Pardon me for being nosy too." She growled, miffed at Sam's tone.

"I'm sorry Shelly, I was just curious that's all. I didn't mean to make you angry." Sam looked down at her plate picking up the fork.

"Don't worry about it Sam, like I told you earlier it seemed like you two 'connected'."

"We're just two strangers sharing a similar history, nothing more, nothing less."

"Don't get philosophical with me darling. Isn't it just a bit odd that two perfect strangers would share something as intimate as a break up, Sam?"

"I don't know Shell; it just felt right talking with him." Sam shrugged her shoulders taking the last pull from bottle number six.

"Call it what you will, you two connected, period. And that's all I got to say on that matter." Shelly responded with her best Forrest Gump impersonation.

Sam laughed and put a fiver on the countertop for a tip. Sam left the bar and jumped into her truck. A glance at the clock showed it to be six forty-five. She started the Silverado, and hoped that Alexis would be long gone when she got home. Sam gave the cheating bitch plenty of time to get her crap out. When she turned onto her street and saw the empty driveway, she let out a deep breath of relief.


"Anyway, when I was picking up the ribs, I remembered what Shelly said. I looked through the different varieties of Chardonnays, and why — I don't know — I picked that one," she told, him pointing at the bottle. "It seemed like a good one, and I certainly had no clue it was your favorite. I guess it's a small world, huh Lynn?"

'Nooo, not that damn Disney song again! Please make it stop. Out demon, out, I exorcise you.'

With a tremble in his voice, "Thanks for the thinking of me with the Chardonnay Sam, yes it's a sma..." cursing himself, unable to finish the sentence he turned looking for a glass.

"You're welcome," a confused Sam murmured seeing Lynn's face scrunch. She had no clue a 'small world' was tormenting him.

Lynn found a glass and filled it with the Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay. He set down his wine glass reached back into the refrigerator and grabbed a beer for Sam.

Lynn strolled over to Sam and with a flirty voice announced, "Here's your Blue Light, my dear."

With the grace of a veteran, Lynn performed a perfect bunny dip placing the cold beverage on the table. Sam was amused with his presentation and even more so when he fluttered his twinkling blue eyes, and blew her a big kiss. She shook her head in disbelief as she took a very long pull from the bottle.

At that moment in the most acerbic feminine voice possible, Lynn held out his upraised palm and declared, "Where's my tip?"

Sam immediately spat out her beer and laughed uproariously at his words. She was laughing so hard that she accidentally tipped the bottle and spilled more liquid on the floor. Major hearing the commotion ran into the kitchen. He spied the spilt beer and greedily lapped up the tasty liquid.

Sam looked at Lynn intently. It was all he could do to keep a straight face. Then in a mockingly serious tone she growled, "Oh I see, trying to get my dog drunk huh? Pray tell, my pretty little waitress: What are your intentions with my dog?"

Lynn couldn't contain it any longer. He broke down; he was laughing so hard tears flowed freely down his cheeks messing up his mascara. Sam, looking at Lynn's face with its smeared make-up, started to belly laugh. Finally after a few moments, Sam handed Lynn a napkin. Lynn wiped his tears and smiled at Sam, shaking his head. Arm-in-arm the two jilted people and one slightly tipsy dog walked outside to enjoy the wonderful aroma emanating from Sam's grill.

Dinner was very pleasurable for the two fast friends. They talked about their parents most of the evening. Lynn's folks still lived in the area; Sam's had moved to Arizona a few years earlier. Her dad had lung cancer surgery recently. Sam wanted to head out there, but her mom told her it was fairly routine, and not to worry. She relayed to Sam that the doctors were confident he would make a full recovery. It would be a long recovery, but her mom was confident she could handle it.

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