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The big red digits of the electronic watch showed it to be 3:00 A.M. She couldn’t believe that it had happened again. It was the fifth time in a row this week that the wails from the next door neighbor’s apartment had kept her up at night. It made her nasty and grouchy at work which resulted in her generally amicable boss taking her aside and telling her that the office crowd had been wondering if they should get rabies shots as precaution.

“This is it!” she thought “I’m not going to take this anymore.” Fuming and muttering under her breath she threw on a robe and stepped out of her apartment. Tying her robe around her waist she knocked on Apt.106.

Not waiting for a reply she bent her head and spoke in a loud voice “Nancy is everything okay?” And as an after thought asked “Is the baby alright?”

The cries seemed to get closer towards the entry door. As the door swung open she took a deep breath in and she told herself that she wouldn’t get tongue-tied if Mike opened the door instead of his foxy wife.

But the door opened to reveal Mike clutching the doorknob in one hand and the howling cherub who perched on his side.

“What’s wrong with him?” she asked looking at the baby whose world seemed to have come to an end.

Looking frazzled Michael answered in a slightly loud voice “I have no frigging idea! Nancy has left me. She said she doesn’t love me or the baby. I don’t know what to do with the baby. Look at him – he hates me!” He held the baby out towards Susan in a desperate manner.

Susan’s heart melted and she was putty in his hands. Taking the six month howler in her arms she marched into the spacious apartment. Hugging the baby against her chest and patting his little back she asked “Did you feed him? Maybe he’s hungry”

Running a hand through a mane of black disheveled hair Michael sighed and answered “No he isn’t hungry. I just gave him a bottle of milk and right after that he started to cry and wouldn’t stop. I don’t know what to do. Why me? ” His eyes beseeched a solution from her.

His rare show of vulnerability made her smile.

‘All it took was a little bundle of joy to bring this hot shot lawyer down’ she thought and with a sympathetic look she asked “Does the baby have colic?”

He sighed and answered “I don’t know, Nancy took care of Casey. I was just his play buddy. And now I’m not even a good father.”

“Stop berating yourself.” She tilted her head and smiled up at him “My niece had the same problem. It’s gas and here is what you should do when he suffers from it.”

She turned the baby towards him and bent his legs towards his chest and the baby passed wind in a matter of minutes and stopped fretting.

Blessed silence descended in the apartment, Casey made some snuffling noises, tucked his head against her neck and fell asleep. Mike sighed in relief, sat down on the couch and rubbed a shaky hand against his forehead.

Susan looked down at the tired man and said “Why don’t you sleep for a while and I’ll take care of the little one for an hour or so.”

He looked up at Susan with relief and said “Thanks Sue, you’re an angel.”

‘Sue? He is finally warming up to me.’ She thought.

Their interaction had been limited to casual greetings when they had run into each other or just some impersonal smiles as they passed each other in the lobby. It was his Nancy, the beautiful Dallas belle, who had broken the New York brevity and chatted with her. It was Nancy who had given her that nickname and it felt kind of awkward to hear him call her by that name. When he called her Sue it seemed to conjure Nancy’s ghost and made her feel a bit awkward.

Shrugging her shoulders at the thought she watched Mike get up and walk down the hallway to his bedroom.

Hugging the snuggled baby Susan looked around the apartment which showed opulence with its Ethan Allan furniture and antiques that were worth more than what she made in a year.

She didn’t fit in this world. She belonged in a ranch in Colorado, milking cows at the crack of dawn, riding horses or skinny dipping on a nearby stream with the next door boy Chad. Time was of no consequence there but here in New York it was valued more than human beings themselves. She belonged in the world of open spaces not in a tiny hole in the ground where thousands were crushed together trying to irk out a living.

Smelling the sweet baby scent in Susan wondered about the toll New York with its dynamic pace would take on Mike now that he was a single parent. Would Casey be left with a nanny or would his father make some drastic changes in his heavy schedule for his son.

Sighing she adjusted the weight of sleeping baby and moved to the nearby bedroom. Opening the nursery door she peeked in but the crib was not there. Assuming it to be in the master bedroom she tiptoed into Mike’s bedroom and saw him sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

Not wanting to intrude on him she began to back away but stepped on a toy which let out a loud squeak. He looked up and in the dimly light room she saw despair in his eyes. He missed his wife. Sympathy filled her heart. She always was a sucker for wounded creatures. God knows she had taken in numerous wounded wild creatures back home and they had always broken her heart either by dying or by having to let go.

But this time she told herself that she would be strong and not open her heart again. Smiling in apology she said “I’m sorry to intrude but Casey has gone to sleep and I thought of putting him in his crib.”

Sighing Mike got up from the bed and took the baby from her and settled him in the crib. Looking down at the rosy cheeked angel they both couldn’t help but smile.

Caressing his soft cheek Mike softly said “She left me because I wasn’t really there for her. I got so engrossed with my work that I didn’t see the signs. When she got pregnant I thought the baby would get us closer but things just got worse. Fights gave way to cold silence. It was as if we had nothing left to say to one another and one fine day she just left me.”

Susan touched his shoulder and said “Things will work out you’ll see. Handling a baby isn’t all that difficult once you get a hang of it and you seem like a real capable guy.”

He turned and smiled at Susan and said “Thanks Sue you are a real doll you know that?

Hey would you like a cup of coffee? It’s the least I can do in return for your help.”

Susan nodded in agreement and followed him out of the bedroom. As she walked behind him her eyes fell on his tight butt that was covered by a pair of faded shorts. He had the face of an angel and body of a Greek god.

The first time she had seen him an electric current had passed through her body. His eyes bluer than robin’s eggs had her rooted to the spot and the roguish smile that slashed across his thin lips had made her heart stop beating. His aquiline nose and high forehead gave his face a cold character but was offset by the dimples that danced on his cheeks.

He had helped her carry the groceries till her door and when she had taken the last bag from him she had come real close to his chest and realized that he was at least a seven to eight inches taller than her. Staring at his wide chest for that split second she wanted to invite him in and flirt with him just a bit if not more.

Shocked by her lustful reaction she smiled at him offered a stuttered thank you and shut the door on his face. From then onwards she made sure that they didn’t really get to be more than acquaintances and he too did not cross the line.

But now following him into the kitchen she couldn’t stop the devilish thoughts that crossed her mind. He was single again and there was no sin in lusting after a single man was there?

Leaning against the counter she watched him make coffee and wondered how Nancy could have let such a delicious man go.

Clearing her throat she tried to make polite conversation “So did you get any sleep during this whole week?”

Mike turned with a pot of hot coffee and asked her “Question is did you get any sleep? I’m sure Casey kept all the neighbors up.”

Susan shrugged her shoulders and said “Even if the baby kept them up I don’t think they have grounds to complain.”

‘Liar’ her inner voice mocked her. Ignoring her conscience she reached for the cup of coffee that Michael passed and sat down on the nearby chair. Michael sat down on the opposite end of the table and regarded her with thoughtful eyes.

Her features seemed to be plain on the first impression but there was a charming softness in her features which made her seem prettier each time he saw her and now dressed in a shabby pink robe and fuzzy rabbit slippers she looked like an innocent babe. She was clearly out of the reach of a rake like him.

Yet his heart told him that he should have married someone like her not Nancy who was so much like him. Ambitious and high strung, she felt that the marriage and the baby held her back. Being a wife and mother became anathema to her. She was addicted to a fast paced life and wanted her freedom back.

Susan on the other hand reminded him of flowers and sunshine. She reminded him of home cooked meals and sitting on rocking chairs on the porch watching the sun go down. He was sick of the fast paced life and had a few ulcers to prove it. Taking a sip of his coffee he grimaced, the doctor had told him to lay off coffee but he had to rely on that black poison to deal with his little monster.

Sighing he tried to be charming and said “Nice slippers.”

Susan looked down at her worn out rabbit slippers and blushed.

Seeing the color bloom on her cheeks Michael became intrigued. In this day and age no one really blushed. Feeling his mood lighten he smiled at Susan and said “But they do look good on your dainty feet.”

The blush reached till the roots of her hair on her forehead and the freckles stood out. Trying to seem poised and composed Susan squeaked “These slippers came with me to New York. They have a sentimental value.”

Offering her some cookies he asked “Where are you from?”

Taking a bite of a chocolate cookie she answered “Gorgeous, wild Colorado.”

Showing his sparkling white teeth in a roguish smile he said “I got a true American cow-girl sitting next to me. Am I right? Tell me do all farm girls go skinny dipping?”

Susan couldn’t believe her ears ‘Was he flirting with her?’

Gripping the mug in slightly trembling fingers she answered noncommittally “Maybe, I’m not too sure.”

‘Yeah right’ the little annoying voice spoke up again and reminded her of the hundred naked dips she had taken with Chad and how one of them resulted in her losing her virginity.

Hiding a smile behind the coffee mug and looked at the man she had refused to think about during hot sultry nights when her body demanded satisfaction.

Taking another cookie from the plate she ate it fast and told her inner voice to shut up when it told her about where it was going to go and stick.

Watching her eat Michael looked at her full bow shaped lips and resisted the urge to kiss her. Chiding himself he thought it was probably the spell of the night that woke up his libido or the lack of sex for past one month. Whatever it might be she looked like a tasty morsel sitting in his kitchen and he was single again.

‘What the heck’ he thought ‘we both are consenting adults. No harm trying’

Getting up from his chair he stood behind her and began to knead her shoulder muscles which were hard. Unknotting the tension he felt her unwind under his stroking fingers and sigh.

Hoping his seduction skills hadn’t rusted in the three years of marriage he bent down and muttered in her ear “Tell me Susan how do young farm girls pass time late at night?”

Feeling like a limp noodle under his clever fingers she muttered “We spend time watching animals’ hump.”

He burst out laughing. The woman had a sense of humor. Leaving one hand on her nape, he ran a hand through her soft brown hair. He liked long hair especially when he was having sex. He would bury his face in its scented darkness as orgasms would take him over the edge. Twirling a lock around his finger he wondered what her hair smelt of and let himself bend down and get a whiff.

Susan couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t been sure that he was hitting on her when he began to massage her shoulders but when he smelled her hair she realized where he wanted the night to head. Her wildest fantasies were coming true, her heart began to palpitate and her breathing became shallow.

Bending her head she stared at her tightly clasped hands. Confusion and Desire tangled with each other in her mind. Should she stay and give in to the wants of her body or leave with her modesty intact as her parents had taught her?

Michael took her silence as an encouragement and began to caress her nape and then put his thumb on a nerve at the base of her neck that was beating fast. Slowly his hands began to rub the tops of her breasts lightly and when she didn’t protest he gently let them delve inside the robes and knead the soft breasts.

The nipples beaded under his expert fingers and Susan felt desire pool in her cunt. She moaned, closed her eyes and let her head fall back.

She looked like a soft sex kitten. Pouting lips fell open like soft petals demanding a kiss.

Bending down he plucked the lips hard. Running his tongue through the barriers he sucked her on her tongue which tasted of coffee and chocolate.

Moaning softly she caressed his bent head and felt his soft hair run through her fingers. Sweet pleasure coiled its tentacles around her clit and demanded satisfaction.

Breaking the kiss he looked into her eyes which were clouded with lust. Blood coursed through his veins and his dick had become engorged. He wanted to fuck her then and there. Picking her up he took her to the kitchen counter and ripped open her robe.

Beautiful white orbs tipped with pink tips glimmered before his eyes. Cupping each breast he kissed her on the lips and said “I love big tits. Your body made for hard loving, all curves and soft flesh. I want to bury myself deep within you.”

His fingers tweaked her tits and plunged down to her bush which was drenched with arousal. Rubbing her clit he with one hand he grabbed her butt with the other and pushed his crotch against her pussy.

Susan’s body sang under his ministrations. Groaning loudly she pushed down his jocks and held his thick rod in her hands. It felt thick and long in her small hands, stroking it with her fingers she longed to feel it within her cunt. Wrapping her legs around his waist she guided his prick into her pussy.

Heat engulfed her body as he began to move in her hard and fast. Holding his tights buns in her hands Susan felt him ravage her pussy with such intensity that pleasure coursed through her body and drove her towards an orgasm. His prick rammed against her G-spot again and again making her cum hard.

Keening wails emitted from her making him want to fuck her harder. Pulling her off the counter he laid her on the floor and nailed her harder the missionary position. His prick pounded into her harder in that position making her ride with wave of pleasure and she began to moan and thrash her head about. As her body shook with a second orgasm she gasped “That’s it I can’t take it anymore.”

Michael laughed and moved against her still rock hard and said “Babe I just got started.”

Pulling out of her, he easily flipped her over, knowing what he wanted she got onto all fours and felt him part her ample butt cheeks. Closing her eyes she waited to feel his dick but was shocked to feel something soft rasp in and out of her arse hole making the nerve ending quiver with pleasure.

Rocking against his mouth she sank down in quicksand of pleasure. Mindless delight rocked her body further as he began to massage her clit. Unable to withstand the storm of passion she rasped “Fuck me from the back. Fuck me hard.”

Laughing under his breath he said “who would have thought the farm girl was a whore.”

Grabbing her silken butt he shoved his prick deep into her arse hole. Pain shot through her body making her wince but he didn’t stop. He drilled in her like a well oiled machine and soon the nerves around her hole began to radiate pleasure. Grabbing her tits with one hand she pinched the nipple as he hummered into her sore hole and pulled her clit slips.

Pleasure snaked through her body and she passed through the threshold of delight with a bang that made her see stars behind her eyelids. Gasping she tried to calm down and realized that Michael was still rearing to go.

She turned to look at him as he pushed into her. The sight was so erotic that she wanted to suck his cock and taste his salty cum. He was her god and she wanted to service him.

She looked into his eyes and said “I want you to shoot your load in my mouth. Would you like that?”

Surprise gleamed in his eyes but he was quick to obey. She pulled away from his cock turned and took the whole meat in her mouth. The juices from her cunt and arse tasted salty to her lips and the taste was mingled with his musky taste. She sucked on his cock hard and fast with her teeth just barely touching the sensitive skin.

Michael moaned and pulled her face closer towards his bushy hair. Her mouth was a hot suction pump that drove him over the edge. He began to move against her face and caressed her hair. Her tongue lapped around his penis and as she pulled out she gave it an extra lick on the tip. To add to the growing pleasure she began to massage the area between his balls and hole driving him over the edge.

He came hard and strong and flooded her mouth with his salty cum. She swallowed it and felt his dick go limp in her mouth. He was still trying to catch his breath when she stood up and looked at him. His eyes swept over her luscious curves and he realized how good it had felt to have sex with a woman with a little meat on her bones. Nancy had been skinny like a young boy, fucking her had been like fucking a bag of bones.

Susan on the other hand had flesh he could grab onto as he was deluged in the flood of pleasure. Pulling her against his chest he kissed her and guided her towards the living room. Lying down on the couch he nestled her body against his. She sighed and wriggled her ass towards his prick.

He chuckled and said “Don’t mess with the sleeping giant. Your pussy won’t be able to take anymore fucking.”

Susan smirked and said “You’d be surprised” and shifted a bit as his fingers began to play with her nipples.

Kissing her nape he whispered in her ears “Who would have thought that plain Jane was actually a ravishing slut.”

She felt his cock slowly come to life against her fanny. She began to undulate against his rod and felt his hand delve into her bush and massage her cunt.

Sucking a breath in she said “Fuck me out of my mind. I want to feel your hard cock in my ass again.”

Not waiting for another invitation he grounded his prick into her waiting arse hole and began to pound in her. With his hand he began to imitate the motion with his fingers on her clit. He pulled the lips of her clit and then drove two fingers into her clit and began to push against the G-spot.

Pleasure rocked her lower body. There was a tight knot of desire between her arse and clit wringed the breath out of her and made her nipples harden and demand attention. She reached behind him and grabbed his hard butt and felt the muscles clench through the lustful workout.

“Yes fuck me hard you prick. Nail your whore. God, this is sweet. Yes my stud yeessss…….”She hissed as pleasure exploded in her cunt and caused arrows of fiery passion shoot through her body.

As her body bucked with orgasm Michael felt a responding sliver of pleasure rush through his cock and he shoot in her hard and fast. Kissing her nape he gently pulled out of her ass and settled back against the plush leather couch.

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