tagGroup SexDiary of a Teenager Ch. 04

Diary of a Teenager Ch. 04


In the first three chapters a teenager tells her diary how she learns about physical pleasure from a girlfriend, becomes addicted to masturbation, watches her girlfriend have wild sex from a bedroom closet, gets asked to study with a cute guy who ends up taking her virginity, has wild sex when he comes over to help her with her chores, gets drunk at a party and fucks a stranger, fucks a well hung boy with her girlfriend, gets fucked by three guys at the same time, participates in her first gang-bang and joins an after school orgy with some friends. She's about to learn about college life while on a blind date.

November 29

Last weekend Vicki and I accepted blind dates through her older sister for a frat party at the local college. The guys were nice, but kind of shy and not all that great looking. We both got quite drunk and started dancing like crazy as we gyrated, shimmied and rubbed our asses into anyone near us. I threw my arms around Vicki's date and ground my body against him while staring in his eyes and licking my lips. Vicki did the same to my date.

When I could feel his cock grow hard, I broke away and danced over to my date, backing my gyrating ass into his bulging crotch. I grabbed his hands and pressed them to my tits. Vicki did the same thing, then lowered her hands and pressed the tips of her fingers between her legs. We pulled away from our partners and danced towards each other until our tits touched and our legs intertwined. We danced like this for a while grinding our bodies together and staring into each other's eyes.

After that things happened quickly. I felt someone press into my ass. I spun around expecting to find my date, only it was someone else. He lowered his hands to my ass and pulled my pussy tight against his bulging hardness. I put my hands on his shoulders and rubbed against him in a dancing motion. He took one hand from my ass and pushed two fingers into my mouth. I licked and sucked them like I would a cock, staring at him like I was about to cum, which wasn't too far from the truth.

I spun around again rubbing my ass into his cock. His hands went to my tits and started rubbing and squeezing them openly. I took one of his hands and guided it between my legs until I could feel his fingers rubbing into my hot pussy. While it was fairly dark, I noticed a number of people dancing near us staring. I saw Vicki sandwiched between two guys dancing very suggestively as they pressed into her pussy and ass. The guy behind her was rubbing her tits.

In looking around the room I saw a number of couples kissing and groping in the outlying shadows. While I couldn't see well, it sure looked as if at least one girl was getting finger fucked in the corner. What the hell, I thought, this is a frat party, not a high school dance. There aren't any chaperones here. I guess I was pretty drunk, Diary, but I decided to fuck this guy right there on the dance floor. I turned around and rubbed his hard bulge while pulling his lips to mine. I worked the zipper down, reached in, grabbed hold of a sizable hunk of meat and pulled it out.

A slow dance had begun, making what we were doing less obvious. My partner cupped my ass pulling my short skirt up to my panties. I stood on my toes, guiding his cock under my skirt until I could feel the head pressing into the soaked crotch of my panties. I hooked my leg around the back of his, pulled the crotch of my panties aside and started gyrating my pussy against his cock trying to find the right angle so it would slip inside.

After pulling myself higher I was finally able to wedge the head between my pussy lips until I felt it slip into my steamy fuck hole. He pulled my ass to him while I moved my hips until I could feel him sinking deeper and deeper. When he was all the way in I lowered my leg back to the floor, staying on my toes and keeping them spread far enough so he could move in and out of me. He bent slightly at the knees to make the angle a little better. We stood there on the dance floor kissing and fucking with other couples all around us slowly swaying to the music.

His cock moved in and out of me slowly but steadily. The angle caused him to rub hard against my clit. The excitement of doing this in such a public place as well as the pressure on my clit soon had me near orgasm. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself higher until my toes were barely touching. I tongued his ear as my moans started to turn to gasps.

"Oh god. I'm gonna cum. mmmmmpppphhhh. uh. uh. oh shit. oooohhhh"

I bit my lip as my pussy started gushing all over his cock. He started fucking me harder. I lost all sense of where I was and wrapped my legs around his waist. He dug his fingers into my ass and helped me lift up and slam down on his cock as my pussy continued to gush all over him. Then I felt hot cum squirting into my cunt. This sent me off on a second wave. I let out a squeal which I'm sure turned a lot of heads.

I finally lowered my legs back to the floor and felt his cock slip from me as the song ended. He quickly zipped up and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for the dance. I pulled my panties back in place, but not before a bead of cum started running down my leg. I looked around for Vicki, but she was nowhere I could see. I pushed my way through the overcrowded dance floor getting my ass squeezed and tits pinched in the process. One guy got a handful of goo when he shoved it under the back of my skirt and slid his fingers over my cum drenched panties.

I found some breathing room upstairs on the first floor. Someone handed me a drink which was mostly bourbon, but I chugged it down causing my head to spin even more than it already was. I spied my date standing on the other side of the room and staggered over to him.

"Hi, Billy," I said in a slurred, sultry voice as I threw my arms around his neck. "You left me all alone down there. Some really nasty guy put his great big cock in me and filled my pussy full of gooey cum."

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cum drenched panties, rubbing his fingers hard against my pussy as I gyrated against him. Then I started rubbing my hand up and down over the hard bulge in his pants. His fingers stayed glued to my pussy.

"See, Billy. My panties are all messy and gooey. Oh god, Billy, your fingers feel good. mmmmm. rub me harder."

A few moments later a look of terror came over Billy. He clenched his teeth and held his breath. At first I thought something was wrong, but then I realized he was cumming in his pants. I squeezed his cock and pumped it to help him along. He turned about four shades of red.

"Oh, Billy, that's okay. Now we both have messy underwear."

I reached into his trousers and scooped a handful of cum, bringing it to my lips where I licked my fingers clean. I was about to drop to my knees and clean his cock with my mouth when a huge hand touched my shoulder. I turned and looked up at this mountain of a guy with huge arms and a barrel chest. He wanted to dance. I asked Billy if he would mind. He just mumbled and shook his head.

It turns out he didn't really want to dance. He took me downstairs to a dark corner behind the speakers where four other equally huge guys were waiting. They had to be football players. They formed a semicircle around me and pulled out their fat cocks. I didn't need to be told what to do. I squatted in front of the first one and sucked him until he was hard. I moved around the circle until they were all standing tall. I made a second round and two of them blasted thick cum into my mouth.

I started around again, but this time the first guy pulled out and sprayed several huge blasts of cum all over my face, eyes and hair. The next guy pumped a thick load down my throat. Then I realized that two new fresh cocks had joined the circle. I was getting a fresh load of cum every minute or so. When someone finished, a new cock showed up in the circle. Near the end this one black guy showed up with the largest cock I had ever seen. It had to be fourteen or fifteen inches and was as big around as my arm. I worked on him for several minutes before he finally unloaded what seemed like a pint of thick cum all over my face and hair.

Most of the guys just wanted to cum in my mouth, but a few, like the big dude, insisted on splattering cum all over my face. Two of the guys wanted to cum together on my tits so I lifted my blouse and let them hose me down. I could feel it streaming down between my tits and over my stomach. Another guy had me lift my skirt and splashed a huge load all over my panties and legs. Several new cocks showed on each round and I just did them in turn. I don't know how long I was there, but I think I sucked at least 15 to 20 cocks. When I was finished, cum was all over me. One of the guys threw me a T- shirt that I used to clean myself. Another handed me a drink which I gulped down before realizing it was almost all vodka.

I staggered back upstairs looking for Vicki. I was really drunk and could barely stand. I also had to pee in the worst way but couldn't find a bathroom. Some guy I can't even remember came to my rescue and said I could use the one upstairs where it would be less crowded. Twice I started to pee myself and had to stop and press a hand between my legs to stop the flow. Enough pee escaped to trickle down my legs and make a large wet spot on the front of my skirt where I had pressed it against my pussy.

We finally reached the girl's bathroom but all three stalls were in use. My escort said I could use the men's down the hall. He pounded on the door and declared an emergency. I barely got through the door when my bladder let loose. This time my hand couldn't stop it. Pee streamed through my fingers soaking the front of my skirt. I could feel it pouring down my legs. I pulled my hand away. Pee sprayed through my panties and streamed onto the floor. I lifted my skirt and watched as I peed myself until my bladder was empty.

My escort was talking to another guy who had been peeing in a urinal when I came into the bathroom. I couldn't really make out what they were saying, and I didn't really care. My head was spinning and I knew I was going to be sick. I grabbed hold of the sink and started puking my guts out. I felt someone behind me tugging at my soaked panties trying to pull them down. I stepped out of them with someone's help, then went back to puking.

I couldn't believe what happened next. One of the guys was rubbing my pussy and probing me with his fingers. I started dry heaving, then splashed some water on my face. When I had recovered I realized that someone's cock had replaced the fingers and I was being fucked from behind. I glanced back and noticed it wasn't my escort fucking me. At first I was too drunk to feel it, but then I started moaning as the incredible pressure deep in my belly spread warm sensations through me. A minute later I screamed out in orgasm. Shortly after that I felt him fill my belly with several blasts of warm cum.

When he pulled out I saw my escort standing near the door. I asked if he wanted to fuck me, but he shook his head and suggested that I take a shower. He turned on the water and pushed me in fully clothed. I let it wash out all the cum and pee that had soaked into my blouse and skirt. Just as I was beginning to feel better, my escort showed up with a large terry-cloth robe. I stripped off my blouse and skirt and hung them to dry, then wrapped the robe around me. My escort took me to his room across the hall. He told me I could crash while he went to look for Vicki.

The next thing I remember was waking up with a big cock being poked at my face. Someone else was on the bed fucking me. I could feel cum sloshing around in my pussy which meant he wasn't the first. I looked around and saw that the small room was packed with naked guys watching me getting fucked and waiting their turn. I had no idea how long I was out or how long the gang bang had been in progress.

"Suck my cock you little whore slut," ordered some guy who was slapping his fat cock against my face.

I know I should have stopped things right then, but I was still half drunk and the cock slamming into my pussy felt really good. Diary, that other nasty girl took over again. She wrapped her hand around the cock in her face, then slipped it between her lips and down her throat. At the same time she spread her legs wide to let the cock fucking her slide deeper into her cunt. Only it was into my pussy and throat those cocks were stuffed.

I used all my oral skills to bring off the guy in my mouth and was quickly rewarded with a blast of cum down my throat. He pulled out and pumped several blasts of cum all over my face. Just as he was finishing the guy in my pussy started cumming. The excitement of both cocks emptying their loads in and on me caused me to have an orgasm of my own. I screamed out with pleasure as my body thrashed around on the bed.

I was pulled onto the floor on my knees where three cocks were shoved in my face. Someone else crawled behind me and tilted my ass until he could shove his cock into my dripping pussy. Then he pulled out and plunged into my asshole. He quickly dumped his load in my bowels and was replaced by another larger cock. The three guys that I was sucking were soon cumming all over my face and tits. They were quickly replaced with new cocks or guys who were back for seconds.

Sometime during my gang-fuck I ended up servicing six cocks at the same time, one each in my pussy and ass, two at a time in my mouth and one in each hand. I don't know how many orgasms I had. I'm not sure I ever stopped cumming, but sometimes I'd go over the top, screaming and thrashing about uncontrollably.

After my body was exhausted from servicing some twenty or thirty guys, "Mr. Big" showed up with eight of his friends. Everyone else cleared out of the room. I was sitting on the side of the bed dripping with cum when Mr. Big dropped his trousers. His big black cock hung a good ten inches between his legs and it wasn't even hard.

"Suck it, bitch. Make me good and hard so I can fuck your sweet white pussy."

I grabbed his massive tool and lifted the head to my lips. I used my tongue and lips to tantalize his cock before taking it into my mouth. I used both hands to stroke him while bobbing my head up and down his shaft. I could feel him growing and stretching my lips. I tried to get him down my throat, but mostly gagged before I worked it in four or five inches. When he was fully erect he pulled out and told me to stand. He was at least 15 or 16 inches, and I know I couldn't get my hand all the way around him.

"Get her ready, boys."

A pair of black hands grabbed my tits from behind, the shoved me face first against the wall. Something hard slipped between my ass cheeks and rubbed across the lips of my pussy. I reached down and pressed a large cock head between my cunt lips until it popped into my steamy fuck hole. He started slamming me hard, lifting me off the ground on each thrust. He was pinching my nipples so hard that I was sure they were bruising. I had a powerful orgasm almost immediately. Shortly after that I felt him squirt a large amount of cum in my cunt which just sent me off on another big orgasm.

The first guy pulled out and was replaced with a second larger cock. He manhandled me even more roughly, which just increased the intensity of my orgasm. After squirting another huge load into my cunt a third larger guy fucked me. He spun me around and bent me at the waist so I could suck Mr. Big's cock. He quickly dumped his load in me and was replaced by a fourth even larger cock that I could feel stretching my pussy as he slid in. I was screaming and shaking when he blasted me with so much cum I could feel it streaming down my legs while he was still cumming.

"Okay, she's ready. How would you like to climb up on this here big black pleasure pole and shove it into your sweet little white pussy. Would you like that?"

I nodded my head.

"I didn't hear you, slut. You gotta beg if you really want it."

I was beyond shame. I wanted that big black cock in my cunt more than I'd ever wanted anything. I grabbed his cock and looked right in his eyes, licking my lips.

"Please. Please let me put your great big black cock in my pussy and fuck me until I'm screaming for more and more. I want you to shoot cum into my belly and then I want to lick you clean. Please."

I didn't wait for an answer. I straddled him and stood on my tiptoes so I could get position him between my cunt lips. I moved him back and forth across my gooey gash, pausing to rub my clit until I was ready to cum. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye while gyrating my pussy back and forth across his massive cock head. I was on fire.

"Oh, god, I'm going to cum. aaaaahhhhh. your big cock feels so good. oh shit, here it comes. uuuunnnggggghhhh. oooooohhhhhhh."

I pushed down on his cock as I started to orgasm. Pussy juice gushed over him. I felt my cunt walls stretch as he started to slide into me. I lifted up and slammed down, driving him deeper and increasing the intensity of my orgasm. I did this again and again until I could feel him bottom out. He lay back on the bed, pulling me on top of him. Somehow I was able to drive him even deeper into my belly until all but two inches were inside me. The pressure was incredible. I was screaming so loudly everyone in the house must have heard me.

I felt someone's cock pressing against my asshole until it popped through and sunk deep into my bowels. This just added to the pressure in my lower belly causing more explosions of pleasure to surge through me. A few minutes later the cock in my ass exploded into my bowels and was immediately replaced with a larger cock. He fucked my ass hard and fast until he filled me with another huge load of cum. The next cock was huge, and I could feel my ass stretching as he slowly worked his meat into my bowels.

I couldn't believe my ass and pussy were stuffed full of two huge cocks. I literally felt like my insides were going to explode. I had no energy left, but my body cumming. I gasped for air as my pussy and ass were pounded over and over again. I was barely conscious when they both started to grunt at the same time. Mr. Big thrust himself into me hard sinking the last two inches into my womb. I could feel powerful jets of cum filling my belly. The cock in my ass unleashed several powerful squirts into my bowels. Another strong orgasm washed over my body. I heard myself squeal, but mostly my mind was in a haze. Then I passed out.

I woke up when a spray of cold water hit me in the face. Vicki found me and dragged me naked and cum covered into the shower. She stood there looking at me shaking her head. Both my pussy and ass were sore. She managed to get me dressed and into the car. The sun was coming up when we climbed in her bedroom window and crawled into bed.

December 31

Well, Diary, it has been an incredible year. Vicki was upset at me for my college gang-bang performance and told me I needed to learn to control my urges. Apparently she had a quick steamy session with a couple of football players, then hooked up with the Frat House President and spent the night teaching him sex tricks he had only dreamed about. We went back two weeks later and performed a threesome on the Frat House President, then went to a different Fraternity and had a gang-bang with two other girls and the wrestling team. I did sneak back once by myself and found Mr. Big and his friends who fucked me until I passed out again.

We invited Judy, Shane and Jim to our after school sex orgies. Vicki showed up one afternoon with the Harris twins, two gorgeous blonde girls with dynamite bodies, who just moved from California. We all watched through a video feed as Shane and Jim sat with the Harris twins while Vicki and Bill started kissing and groping in front of them. The Harris twins didn't hesitate to engage with equal passion, and soon all three girls were bouncing up and down on the hard cocks stuffed up their cunts. They eagerly switched partners, positions and orifices being penetrated, sometimes taking two cocks at once or eating a cum filled pussy in between fucks. Needless to say, they were quickly accepted into the club.

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