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Dick or Treat


Every year I host an Adults Only Halloween party. Granted, it's a bunch of thirtysomething soccer moms and dads (because it would be awkward not to invite the moms), but the party is a favorite haunt for men who know that a Devil costume isn't going to be the only horny thing at this party.

Since my divorce, the hot dads in town know this will be the night they get to pretend they are someone else. They choose their costumes carefully- easy access is a must. They know after I have a few Grey Goose martinis I will be choosing a few guests to receive special Halloween treats.

It was a dark and stormy night. Really.

Perfect for the party. Cold enough so that the fog created by the commercial fog machine hung gently in the grass, making the graveyard in front of the house look especially spooky. Thunder and lightning added nature's décor as haunted organ music played menacingly in the background.

Each year I, too, choose my Halloween costume carefully. I want my party guests to be jealous (wives) and horny (husbands)- so cleavage is first and foremost. On 80's night I wore a professional reproduction of Madonna's Like a Virgin costume, although I think everyone knew I wasn't being touched for the very first time. At the Cartoon Characters Night, my Wilma Flintsone costume ensured there were a few rock hard Yabba Dabba Doo's heard. For the Villians party I put together a Cruella Deville costume that would bleach the spots off any Dalmatian.

This year, for Goth night I had gone all-out Vampiress. A tight black long dress made of something thin and wispy. My DD tits oozed out the front of the dress, causing a few men to flinch from the pinches they received from wives catching them staring at my 'girls'. High black stiletto Manolo's and fishnet stockings. White, black and blue shadowed makeup with dark purplish lipstick and black hair coloring and extensions were done before the party by a hot gay salon guy I couldn't quite convince to go straight just for fifteen minutes. The dress was slitted up the side so high women looked away when they followed the line up to where my thong could be seen if they ere brave enough to keep looking.

Men didn't look away.

I spotted my first black widow victim of the night as he arrived. He was wearing a black velvet cape, white ruffled shirt, opened at the neck, hair slicked back, convincing fangs, and a wife crammed full of Prozac. His naturally black, curly hair gleamed in the candlelight, and I felt my barely there panties get wet just looking at him with his touch of sexy black eyeliner, the fuck me twinkle in his eye. I got his wife a huge glass of chardonnay (they always drink wine) and escorted her to the screened porch where some of her fellow soccer moms were practically having a PTA meeting.

Dracula followed me to the pantry, which had the benefit of having no windows, an oversized countertop, and a locking door for the occasion. No words were necessary. He grabbed me and kissed me viciously; digging his hard plastic fangs into my neck in such a way that people commented later on the great makeup job I had done... that vampire bite on my neck. He savagely ripped the front of my dress down, allowing my tits to roll out into his capable hands. His fangs didn't just leave marks on my neck- I couldn't wear a bra for a week.

When I reached behind the velvet cape to grab his sexy ass and pull him closer, I felt a burning huge hard-on against my thin dress. His tongue searched my neck, ears, and mouth hungrily. His black tuxedo pants quickly found their way to the floor- and I ended up finding my thong the next day while looking in a drawer for a postage stamp.

He was wearing no underwear. I stroked his hot, thick manhood as it glistened in the soft, under-cabinet lighting. I knelt and sucked him hard, but just for a few seconds- I couldn't wait and didn't want to waste any time.

"Don't forget the treats," I said, as I grabbed a well-placed container of caramel sauce and squirted it on my rock hard nipples. He licked and sucked it off, his fangs causing the most titillating friction as I continued to strongly rub his cock. I couldn't wait anymore- I hoped his wife wouldn't notice the fingernail marks in his ass the next day as I made it clear I wanted him to fuck me... now.

"You got your treat, now here's your dick," he said as she lifted my naked ass onto the marble countertop, the cool surface making me even hotter. He pounded his eager, pulsating cock into me unapologetically. The harder the better. I grabbed the polished nickel towel bar on the side of the counter so I could brace against his pounding and not miss an inch of it.

He sank his fangs hard onto my tit as I came, screaming at the top of my lungs and hoping the other guests thought it was one of my Halloween decorations making the sound. After he knew I exploded, he did too, thrusting his throbbing dick into me so hard it made me come again against the waves of his shudders.

He smiled and kissed me once, gently this time, and said "Happy Halloween."

He returned to the medicated side of his wife and her Botoxed friends as I went out to resume my hostess duties.

Dick-or-treating has never been so much fun.

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