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Dick Pics


"Jesus Christ! Not another one!" Nellie shouted from the kitchen.

I was in the living room. "What?" I shouted back.

"Another fucking dick pic!"

"A what?" I thought, before shouting "A WHAT?"

"I posted a selfie, and some asshole sent me a picture of his junk."

I ran to the kitchen. Nellie held out her phone. Sure enough, a stiff white cut cock filled the screen.

"Pretty much guaranteed I'll get one whenever I post a selfie," Nellie noted.

I was shocked. Why would somebody do this? What were guys expecting to get out of it? Did they expect my wife to reply favorably? Maybe offer to meet up somewhere?

"I've got more," she said. "Wanna see?"

She opened up a folder full of dick pics without waiting for a reply. Dicks of all sizes, shapes, and colors, cut and uncut. Never more of the body than the crotch area. All very anonymous.

"Why don't you lock your account so the public can't see your selfies?" I asked.

Wrong question. "FUCK OFF!" she shouted. "Do NOT make this out to be MY fault! I didn't post ANYTHING sexy or ask for this in any way! You men just can't help yourselves! You're all as worthless as yellow snow!"

I ignored her outburst. I was focused on the pictures. Nellie wasn't what I would think guys would find "hot". I mean, she's fine, probably a little better than average. Kind of an asshole. But they wouldn't know that. Did this many guys find my wife desirable?

What if they did?

What if they wanted to meet her somewhere? Slip a hand around to pull her in close. Move down to her ass. What if...

"OH MY GOD!" Nellie suddenly shrieked. "Are you getting hard?"

Before I could realize if I even was or not, she grabbed at the front of my pants. "HOLY FUCK! THIS IS ACTUALLY TURNING YOU ON!"

WAS it turning me on?

"Are you GAY?" she shouted.

"What?" I stammered? "NO! How could you even ask me that?"

"Well you're looking at all this man meat and it's clearly turning you on," she snapped back. "It might explain the lackluster sex WE have anymore."

I was so mad, I stormed out the door and stared walking down the street. How DARE she accuse me of such a thing. She had NO idea where my mind was going. I stewed over this, not really calming down at all, as I circled the block and saw our car pulling out of the driveway.

"Get in!" Nellie shouted.

I complied without even thinking about it. I didn't say a word.

Nellie was more composed now as she very matter-of-factly said "I replied to some of those guys. We're going to meet up with them."

"WHAT?"...I shrieked..."the FUCK!?"

"Settle down, gay boy. We're going to the porn store that has the video booths. They have gloryholes. We'll be in one booth, they'll stick their dicks through the hole. Then you can blow them."

My jaw dropped. I didn't even know what to say. She just kept driving with a smug look on her face.

Finally, I said "Turn the fucking car around."


"Fuck you," I replied.

"Fuck your MOUTH!" she snapped back.

We continued down the road with me pounding my fists on the dash and shouting things like "There's no FUCKING WAY..." while she just kept driving and snapping "la la la can't hear you". This kept up all the way to the book store. She pulled in and parked. When she tried to open her door and undo her seat belt, I was literally fighting her.

"How many did you invite?" I asked.

"Maybe a dozen. Who knows how many are actually local. The rest are probably goddamn cowards just like you."

She got out of the car, slammed the door, and marched into the store. I called her bluff and stayed behind. She'd be back out, yell at me some more, and that would be it.

Except she wasn't coming back. And guys kept going in and out.

Several minutes went by, what seemed like an eternity. I was getting more and more upset. Finally, I lost my temper and stormed into the store.

Nellie was nowhere to be seen. There were customers browsing videos and sex toys, and a clerk. He seemed to recognize me...or at least my rage...immediately. He pointed to the arcade entrance. "You're already paid for," he said. Go to booth 4."

I glared at him for a moment, shrugged, and entered the arcade.

There were ten booths, each numbered, five on each side, in a dark corridor only lit by party bulbs. Booth 4 was open, unoccupied. Where the hell was she?

I entered and locked the door behind me. The booth was a small space with a chair, a video monitor that took cards, and two of gloryholes, one on each side wall.

I felt sick. Or nervous. Was I just nervous? Excited nervous?

A hand holding a prepaid card slipped through the right gloryhole. It was Nellie. She was in Booth 5, the end booth on this side of the corridor. "Put the card in the video machine," she whispered.

"No," I replied. "Let's just go home."

I snapped the card from her fingers and slid it onto the reader. It swallowed it whole and showed a 70 minute countdown. How long were we going to be here? As if Nellie were reading my mind, she whispered "We'll be here as long as it takes."

As I flipped through the channels and found a safe straight sex scene, somebody entered Booth 3. I was suddenly terrified.

"What's he doing?" Nellie whispered, peeking through her gloryhole.

I wasn't about to find out. She stuck her hand through, poking my leg. "Take a look! Come on!"

Finally she said "You dumbass chickenshit."

You know what? Fuck this. I'm leaving, and we're divorcing. But then I DID find myself peeking over. The guy in the next booth had his pants down, his cock out, and was jerking off. He had an impressive long skinny cock. I found myself surprisingly excited.

I leaned in to get a closer look and slipped a bit off the chair. I instinctively braced against the wall and my fingers slipped through the tip of the hole. Oh shit, I hope he didn't see that.

But he was apparently looking for such a move, and immediately thrust his cock through the hole.

"Oh my GOD," Nellie whispered.

My brain locked. My face was inches from this thing, and there was no question I was getting turned on by it. What the hell had Nellie unlocked in me?

My hand, seemingly working on its own, grabbed the anonymous member, and a twitch of excitement shot through me.

I could hear Nellie take a deep breath.

I jerked him for a bit and got more comfortable with the whole idea. Nellie was stunned silent, but watching through the hole. The more I played with this cock, the more I wanted to taste it. So I opened my mouth, slid out my tongue, and tasted the head. Musky. I licked around the tip and slid it in. A feeling of intoxicating warmth swept through me.

I forgot everything else but the cock in my mouth. I moved up and down the shaft. I took it as deep as I could until I gagged, then got used to it and took it deeper. I did what I would want done to me. Not that Nellie was ever into doing that.

My inhibitions gone, I just kept working that cock. I bobbed up and down and occasionally backed off it to take another look with jerking it manually. He was rock solid and had to be close. I increased my pace. Soon, he groaned and I felt his warm cum hit my tongue. My God, it tasted incredible. I took it all, holding it in my mouth to savor it. I slowly kept bobbing on him until he pulled out. He quickly dressed and left. I swallowed. How had I gone this far into my life without doing this before?

I got back into my chair and was startled to hear Nellie's whimper, "Okay, we can go home now."

"Fuck that," I replied. There's still nearly an hour of video time."

A few minutes passed and somebody entered Booth 3 again. I leaned over to have a look. This guy was a bit older and a bit chunkier. He dropped his shorts and briefs and stood at attention, jerking close to his video screen. His cock was thicker, especially at the head. I wanted it. I stuck my fingers through the hole and he came right over. I suddenly remembered Nellie claiming she'd invited guys to come, so I leaned back to the other hole and asked "Hey! Do you recognize this one?"

"OH MY GOD," she replied.

I wasted no time taking him in as if I were suddenly an expert at this. I was easily able to handle his entire length and loved the feel of his thick head on the back of my throat. I worked his shaft, keeping the head in my mouth, sometimes moving back and jerking the shaft with my hand. That's how I finished him...jerking him with his head submerged as he shot his load. Wasn't as big a load as the first guy and it tasted different. Didn't make me any less addicted to my newfound kink.

At this point, I was more than ready to cum. I dropped my pants and started playing with my cock.

"Don't you fucking dare point that at me," Nellie muttered. Wow. I'd completely forgotten she was here.

Another guy entered Booth 3. I stuck with jerking myself, hoping he'd make an offer. He did.

I stuck my cock through, and he gave me the best 30 second blowjob of my life. I exploded quickly. The load felt enormous, like nothing I'd ever shot before. This was fucking heaven!

I got dressed and sat back down. The door to Booth 3 hadn't opened. I peeked over and he now had his cock out. I gave the signal, and he slid it in. He took awhile to cum, but it was the best tasting load yet. I was hooked.

Finally, I got up and exited the booth. Nellie followed. This time when we got in the car, I was the one with the satisfied look and she was the horrified one.

"We're getting divorced," she muttered.

I was fine with that.

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