Nikki. I should have been concentrating on work, but all I could concentrate on was Nikki. It didn't help that she was right outside my office door at the desk she used as my secretary. It also didn't help that I was more annoyed than usual with my wife for the fact that I knew she was sleeping with our pool boy. She was being more careless about her affair, even though she had never once refused me in bed, probably because she knew our pre-nuptial would leave her nothing if we divorced. I was more tempted than ever to end it, and part of that had to do with Nikki. Physically, she was everything that my wife was not.

You see, Nikki had a body that was absolutely designed for lust. It was as if she had stepped right out of the dreams of an overstimulated teenager. Every inch of her seemed to be either the beginning or end of another curve. Her legs were smooth and shapely, moving up to a slightly flared set of hips. I had fantasized about those hips on a number of occasions. Picturing her on my lap, riding me, as I grasped her hips and pushed her onto me, pulled me deeper into her again and again. Just the thought of it caused my shaft to stir as I gazed on her with intense desire.

She got up to go over to the printer to fix a jam. She leaned over, her heart shaped ass perfectly outlined by her short tight skirt. The lines of her stockings ran straight up the back of her thigh. I began to imagine my hands slipping under that skirt as she leaned over a bit more, so intent on her work that the tops of her stockings were revealed, a pair of black lace garters showing, stretched taut over her smooth milky thighs. As she cleared the jam, she shifted suddenly, her hips undulating under the tight and thin fabric of her skirt.

Nikki sat back down at her desk and I began to concentrate on my favorite part of her curvaceous body. My wife was very flat chested, a problem that Nikki hadn't had since she was a little girl. Her breasts were full and luscious, seeming to be liquefied lust poured into the lovely top that she was wearing today. A tight blue cardigan was stretched over her breasts; the v neck plunging below her breasts. Underneath, she wore a fiery red camisole; so low cut that if she removed her cardigan I was almost positive that the tops of her nipples would be visible. In my mind, that cardigan was already gone. I pictured her standing in front of me, her hands slowly rubbing her breasts, her fingers softly pinching her nipples as they began to poke through her camisole.

"Sir? Is there a problem sir?" I awoke with a start from my reverie. Nikki was standing in front of me in my office, albeit still wearing the cardigan that I longed to see removed. "You had asked me to come in at two to take down a letter." I had completely forgotten, but was glad to have my distraction so much closer to me. She sat down and took out a pad and pen. She sat up straighter and pulled her arms close in to write, pushing her breasts up, almost on the verge of pouring out of her cardigan. I shifted in my seat, trying desperately to give my shaft the room it needed to avoid letting my erection become painful.

I couldn't help ogling her as she dutifully wrote down everything I said. Every motion of her hands caused her chest to tremble. Whenever she made a mistake, she scribbled the offending word out furiously, her motions causing her breasts to come closer and closer to spilling out. I licked my lips unconsciously every time she shifted, my mind unwilling to stop imagining the feel of her breasts, their taste, the luscious pressure they could exert when squeezed around my throbbing shaft.

"Does it seem warm in here?" I was once again ripped from my lustful dreams. "Is it okay if I take off my sweater? It's very warm." I nodded quickly, happy to agree. She leaned over and put down her pad and pen, her cleavage rubbing against the top of my desk. She then stood and slowly undid the buttons of her sweater. If I didn't know better, I would think I was getting a personal striptease. Her shoulders shifted back as she slipped it off of her arms, pushing her breasts forward as the sweater dropped to her chair. Her top was only slightly higher than I imagined. I couldn't see the tops of her nipples, but there was enough cleavage on display that I had to stop myself from drooling. She sat back down, her tits jiggling as I tried not to stare openly. She tapped her pen on her lips as she read over the letter to make sure she had everything. I looked intently as I watched her lips part, the tip of the pen almost imperceptibly slipping between them. Her eyes flashed up and caught mine staring and her lips curved into a small and devious smile. "It's okay to stare you know. I was wondering how long it would take you to give in."

I was stunned. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on as she stood up and leaned over to put the pad and pen down. Her breasts almost poured out of her top as I now openly ogled her lustful body. I could see the small demi cup bra that clung to her full and delicious breasts, amazed that she could show that much cleavage without a push up bra. She walked around to my side of the desk and sat down, crossing her legs so that her skirt rode up her thigh to reveal more of the garter belt I had glimpsed earlier. "I know you've been watching me. But that's because I've wanted you to watch."

She leaned forward, her breasts less than a foot from my face. I licked my lips in anticipation as she reached up and started to grope her breasts. She pulled her top down to fully reveal her breasts, her nipples visible through the sheer fabric of her bra. She playfully pinched and teased her nipples as I watched them grow hard and erect under her ministrations. My cock was fully engorged by this point, painfully aroused as I heard her softly moan in ecstasy at the feel of her fingertips.

Nikki leaned close to my ear, her breasts pressed against me as her lips grazed my lobe. "I know exactly what you want. I've been watching you watch me. You just never noticed because you couldn't resist me." I knew she was right, but I couldn't think of an appropriate response. I just stared down at her cavernous cleavage, longing to feel it but unable to reach up and touch her for fear of making all of this a dream. She reached down and grabbed my cock as she stared into my eyes. As she slowly stroked me, I could feel the precum starting to drip out of me. "I want you to do two things. First, I want you to go into your private bathroom after I leave and get yourself off while you think of fucking my tits. Second, I want you to fuck me very hard after work today. But only if it's at your house and in your bed. I know your wife isn't giving you what you need, so I want you to take what you need where she is unable to satisfy you. Do you understand?" She squeezed my cock as she said that and I could only vacantly nod. Even if this was a dream, I would never forget it. She stood up and pulled one of the cups of her bra down. She leaned her head forward and ran her tongue over her swollen nipple. She then looked me in the eye as she dressed herself and walked out the door.

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