tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDiesel Chronicles Ch. 01

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 01


Everyone needs a vacation. This particular trip was for a small group of friends and we were heading to New Orleans for the weekend to celebrate my birthday.

We met at the airport bar at 9:00 on a Friday morning, and started the party then. I'm not sure how many drinks we had before making the 1-hour flight, but suffice it to say that we were pretty wired when we boarded the plane. We arrived in New Orleans about 11:30, and the flight attendants were glad to see us get off of the plane. We found a taxi and headed into town to our hotel.

Once settled in our rooms, we decided to head to the casino and see what Lady Luck was going to start us off with. Actually, it didn't go too bad. We each left with a little more than what we walked in with.

Next was a short walk down to Bourbon Street, and hit the first bar we came to. We ordered our drinks, listened to the music, and laughed at the people dancing. After having a few, we would get out on the dance floor and make complete asses out of ourselves, but who cared? We didn't know anyone and no one knew us. We'd stay around for about an hour or so, then go in search of the next one. There were a few that we really liked and wanted to remember which ones they were so we could come back later, but that's not an easy thing to do when you've had too much to drink.

The day turned to night, and the partying got wilder. We were out on one of the dance floors when the DJ made an announcement and asked me to come up to the stage. Once there, he informed everyone that it was my birthday and that a group of us were in town for a weekend of partying. That just made the crowd wilder, and our whole group ended up with more free drinks. We hit the dance floor again and out of the blue this guy starts dancing with us. He cuts in and gets in the center of us, then starts dancing with each one. The guy was flat out FINE in my opinion. Tall, about 6'2" or so, rock hard body, and a very nice ass. I had seen him at a few other places earlier in the evening, but didn't think much of it. He looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out why. Alcohol will do that to you.

I decided that I needed a break and went outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air. I was leaning against the building when I saw him come out. He came over to where I was standing and introduced himself as Rick. When he spoke, it dawned on me who he was. I could never get enough of that gravelly voice. You know, the deep down, melt your bones kind of voice. I'm thinking to myself, 'No, it couldn't be. No way is this happening. I am not standing here with Vin Diesel. It must be the alcohol affecting my brain.' But when I really looked at him, I knew it was. But he said that his name was Rick. Ok, I'll play along and act like I don't know who he is.

"Hey Rick, I'm Gwen."

"Nice to meet you. Did I hear the DJ right that it's your birthday?"

"Yeah, it's tomorrow so we decided to take a trip and celebrate."

"Cool way to celebrate. By the way, happy early birthday."

"Thanks. We thought so. Time to escape reality for a weekend."

"God, I can relate to that. That's why I'm here too. Well, me and a few of my friends. I guess this is the best place for it."

"I couldn't agree more."

We stood there for a few more minutes talking, then decided to go back in. The girls saw us come in together. Rick headed to his group of friends, and when I got back to our table, the girls were looking at me funny. I explained that I needed some air and went outside, and that's when Rick came out. I decided that I'd keep his secret and not tell them who he really was.

Rick and his friends came over and we all introduced ourselves. Then back to the dance floor everyone went. It was a madhouse out there. Everyone was dancing in a big group, then we'd take turns dancing with different people. It was a blast. The DJ played a slow song and Rick came up behind me and asked me to dance. His voice sent shivers down my spine. I turned around and went right into his arms. He's tall, but not too tall since I'm 5'8". His arms went around my waist and pulled me close. I could have died a happy woman right then and there, but thankfully that didn't happen. His arms were huge, and I loved the feel of his muscles. We talked while we were dancing, about anything and everything. I could listen to that voice forever. I was staring at his lips, wondering what they would feel like if he kissed me, when I realized that he had asked me a question and was waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

"I asked where you were headed after this."

"Don't know, where ever our feet take us, I guess. We've been bar-hopping all day and I don't know if we're even close to being finished."

"Yeah, I noticed that you've been to several places. And no, you're not even close. There are so many places around here that you won't be able to hit them all."

"What do you mean, you noticed that we've been to several places?"

"I've been watching you all evening. Discreetly, of course."

"But of course. May I ask why?"

"Yes you may, but you won't get an answer."

"Why not?"

"You'll find out later."

The song ended and we went back to where the two groups had taken up residence together. We decided to head out to another place, so off we went. I was walking with the girls when one of them asked me, "Why do you have that silly grin on your face? Do you know something that we don't?"

"No, why?"

"Because you look like you have a secret. So, spill it!"

"There's nothing to tell."

"By the way you were looking at Rick during that last dance, I'd say someone wants something that only he has."

"Hell, who wouldn't? The man is gorgeous!"

"Be careful. You don't know anything about him."

"Nothing has happened so there's nothing to be worried about."

"Nothing has happened YET."

While we were walking, I noticed Rick talking to one of his friends. Apparently, he was getting the same interrogation that I was. I also noticed all the women checking him out. I wonder if they've figured out who he is. Let's hope not. Hopefully everyone is too drunk to care.

We finally reached our next destination, another bar just like the last. They all start to resemble each other when you've been drinking all day and night. Rick and the guys head to the bar and bought us a round of drinks, then the next thing I know he's pulling me to the dance floor. He's dancing behind me, so close that I can feel him. I raise my arms into the air, swaying back and forth to the music, and he runs his hands down my arms and sides, settling them on my hips. He pulls me back against him, my back against his chest, and we rock back and forth to the music. The music changes to a slow song, and I turn around in his arms, resting my hands on his shoulders.

"What are you thinking?" he asks.

"You really don't want to know."

"Try me."

"Well, that's one way to put it."

"Really, what are you thinking?"

"What it would be like to kiss those gorgeous lips of yours." Oh man, did I really just say that?

As he lowers his lips to mine, I realize that I must have. Either that or he's a mind reader. Our lips touch, hesitantly at first, but find it to each other's liking. Tongues meet and circle, deepening the kiss. It was a perfect fit. I ran my hands slowly, deliberately down the length of his back, down to his ass, then back up. He pulled me closer to him so I could feel the effect that the kiss was having on him. Good, glad to see that it's working. He ran his hands down to my ass and let them stay there. The song was winding down, so we broke the kiss and came up for air.

"Damn," he said.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, other that the fact that I have a raging hard-on now."

"I guess I should say I'm sorry, but I'd be lying."

"I'm not sorry either. Want to know why I was watching you?"

"I don't know if I really want to or not, but tell me anyway."

"One reason is that I was wondering exactly how long your legs are. The other is to see if your ass felt as good in my hands as it looks in those shorts."

"Oh that's classic! How long did it take you to come up with those?"

"I'm just kidding," he says, chuckling. "Seriously, I was watching you and your friends earlier and there was just something about you. I don't know how to explain it. It's like there's this connection or something."

"So how is your research going?"

"Hell yes, your ass feels great, but I still don't know how long those legs are." That made me smile.

"We'll see what we can do about that part later. Want to find out anything else?" Where in the hell did I get the courage to ask him that? Oh yeah, too many Amaretto Sours.

"Don't put the offer on the table if you're not willing to pay up."

"Oh, I'm good for it."

"I'll bet you are."

We went back to the table and had a few more drinks, then decided to get away from all the noise. I told the girls that we were heading out and I'd see them in the morning. They started acting like MOM, telling me to be careful, but at the same time, have fun. They had hooked up with Rick's friends, so I figured that it wouldn't be too much longer before they started heading off in their own directions also.

We walked around watching the activities, and then veered off of Bourbon Street onto another one, this one much quieter. We were walking along when all of a sudden he stops, pushes me against the wall of a building and kisses me again. It started off slow and sweet and then turned into something else. It was like we wanted to crawl into each other's skins. Our hands were all over each other, then he grabs my ass and pulls me tight against him. We came up for air and he said, "See what you do to me?"

"No, I don't do that to you. With enough alcohol anyone could do that to you."

"Maybe, but you're the one who's doing it right now. I told you that I had been watching you and your friends, and then when I heard that it was your birthday, I thought to myself that this couldn't have worked out any better."

"But why me? There are so many women to choose from out there. I know you don't have a problem getting their attention. I've watched them on the street tonight. So what was it about me?"

"Because you're real. You don't put up a front and act like something you're not. That plus the fact that you haven't asked me why I lied about my name."

With that I had to smile. "I figured you had a good reason to tell me you were someone else. I mean, if I were in your position, I would have done the same thing. I'm sure it gets old when women chase you because of who you are."

We started walking again. "It does, and that's why I wanted to get to know you. I know you knew who I was when I introduced myself to you outside earlier, but you didn't miss a beat with it. I like that in a person."

"The goatee almost threw me. It was your voice that sealed the deal. I was wondering what name you were going to use, but if you want me to call you Rick instead of Vin, then that's what I'll do."

"I guess it would probably be the safest thing for all of us. If anyone heard that I was here, we'd have a mob scene on our hands."

"I'd have to agree with that. Tell me about your friends. How do they fit into the picture?"

"They are some guys that I grew up with and we still keep in touch. I'm in between projects right now and decided I needed a vacation, so I called them up, grabbed a flight, and here we are for the weekend. What about your friends?"

"Same thing. Friends from way back who wanted to get away from it all and celebrate my birthday."

"That's cool. My friends keep me grounded and don't let the fame and bullshit get to me. If it looks to them that it's starting to, they pull me right back down. That's what real friends are for."

"I couldn't agree more. We've gone through a lot of stuff together and it's nice to know that you can call someone up in the middle of the night and they'd be there for you, no matter what."

"That's the way it is with us. If anyone of us ever needs anything, the others are there for him. Ok, enough of the serious shit. Where to now?"

We had been walking for awhile so decided to hit one more place before calling it a night, well, by now it's morning. He led me into this one courtyard and it was nothing like we had been to before. It had a tropical theme and it was quiet - not the loud music that we had been listening to all night. There was a small waterfall at one end next to the bar, then several tables surrounding a dance floor. They were playing what I call "soft-rock", the kind of music I like to unwind with. There were a few people on the dance floor, and Vin grabs my hand and leads me out there. The song was a fast one, so we started dancing and then it switched to a slow one. He grabs me close and said that he was hoping it would be a slow one so he could get me in his arms again. He definitely knows which buttons to push.

We had been dancing for awhile when I told him that I needed to get back to the girls.

"No you don't. They're being well taken care of."

"By your friends I suppose?"

"Yep. Before we left I told them to make sure nothing happened to the girls, or they would have to answer to me. They all agreed that there was no problem in them staying around. They had already picked out which one they wanted for the weekend."

With that I had to laugh. "I guess you did too, right?"

"Hell yeah, but I had already told them that you were off limits, and they had to choose between the other three."

I started laughing. "What would have happened if my friends didn't like yours? Did you ever think of that?"

"Yeah, and I told them that if the girls aren't interested, then it's no big deal. Just have a good time."

"We didn't come down here looking for guys. Believe me, that wasn't even on the agenda. But since things don't always go as planned, I'm not going to tell you to take a hike. Quite the opposite. I may be blonde but I'm not stupid. We're pretty close to my hotel, want to walk me up to my room?"

"Sure. I don't see that there would be a problem with that," he said, grinning. And with that we headed to my hotel.

Once we got into the elevator, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. I wanted to fuck him right there but decided that because I had waited this long I could wait a little longer. We got off the elevator and he picks me up and carries me to my room. I start laughing and he's telling me to be quiet. He set me down long enough to get the key-card out of my pocket, and then snatches it out of my hands, opens the door, and pulls me inside. He pins me to the wall with a kiss, then starts to kiss down my neck. I'm hanging on to him because I can't support myself any more. This is something you always dream about but never expect it to come true.

I somehow manage to pull off his shirt and he pulls me against him again. We're kissing and he reaches around, grabs my ass, and picks me up, sliding me against his hard cock. I wrap my legs around his waist and he carries me to the bed. The muscles this man has are unbelievable! My mind is spinning. I'm in a hotel room with Vin Diesel and he's only half dressed! I smile at the thought of that and he asks, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing's funny. I just realized that I'm kissing the sexiest guy in the nation and he's only half-dressed."

He grins and says "You know what that means?"

"That I'm very fortunate?" I answer.

"No, it means you're way overdressed." He sits down on the edge of the bed, and pulls my shirt up over my breasts and off my arms. He bends me back and starts to kiss my neck and down my throat. In no time he has my bra unhooked and slowly slides the straps down over my shoulders and arms and throws the bra to the end of the bed. His hands are on my bare breasts now, rubbing his palms over my nipples. I can feel them harden at his touch.

He lowers his head again, kissing my lips, working his way down over my neck and collarbone, down to my chest and he takes a nipple between his lips. I arch my back, almost pleading with him to stop. I can't take the exquisite torture. He gives the same attention to the other nipple, gently licking, sucking and biting on it. I moan quietly, trying to catch my breath.

I push him back to where he is lying on the bed while I am still straddling his waist. I lean down to kiss him, and follow the same pattern as he did with me, going over his neck, dipping my tongue into the hollow of his collarbone, kissing down across his chest, licking his flat nipples.

I slowly trail my tongue across his abs, loving the way he tries to stifle a giggle as I trace my tongue around his navel. My hand goes to the large bulge in his jeans and I squeeze it gently. He groans and I start to unbutton them. I lick just above the waistband of his briefs, slowly pulling them down and kissing the skin as it's revealed. He raises his hips off the bed, allowing me to completely undress him. I grasp his hardness in my hand, gently squeezing the shaft as I lower my lips and kiss the head. His eyes are closed and I trace my tongue around the tip, gathering up his pre-cum. He squirms beneath me as I take the whole head into my mouth, sucking gently. I take more and more of him into my mouth until he touches the back of my throat. I slowly pull the length of him back out of my mouth to the head, swirl my tongue around and take it all back in again. All of a sudden, I change the angle of my head as he slips deeper into my throat.

"Ohhhhh, God . . ." he moans as his hands tangle in my hair. My warm, wet mouth moves up and down on him slowly and gently for a few minutes, his breath is coming in short gasps.

"Gwen, you're going to make me cum," he says as I continue sucking him, massaging his balls with my free hand. His whole body tenses up and he groans. Soon his hot white liquid squirts into my mouth. I continue sucking him, tasting his cum as he softens in my mouth. I release him and lick the remaining cum from him. I move up and lie next to him, my hands tracing patterns across his chest, listening to his breathing quiet down. He lazily reaches out and brings my hand to his lips, kissing my palm.

"Damn!" he says to me, finally opening his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Not a damn thing. It's just that usually when I'm with a woman it's all about her. They just want me to get them off. Some won't even go down on me. If they do, most won't let me cum in their mouths. They pull it out right before I'm ready to shoot my load. But like I said before, you are real. You know what you want and you're not afraid to go for it."

"You've learned all that in the past few hours?"

"Being in this business, I've learned to read people. I can tell when someone is out for something, if they have a hidden agenda. But you, you're different."

"I'm just out to have a good time. It's just coincidence that we happened to be in the right place at the right time, and things just clicked."

"I'm glad they did. You know what?"

"No, what?"

"You still have on too many clothes. I'm lying here butt-naked and you're still wearing clothes. I think we need to fix that." And with that he flips me over and takes care of my shorts and panties in no time.

"Damn!" he says, running his eyes up and down my body.

"Now what's wrong?"

"Absolutely nothing. Exactly how long are your legs?"

"Long enough. Thirty-six inches from hip to heel, to be exact."

His hands followed the same path that his eyes did. A trail of kisses follows his hands, up to my stomach, my breasts, licking and sucking each one, then on to my shoulders, finally to my neck and face. His fingers search out the place that he wants to be, finding me wet with need for him. He kisses me deeply, then leaves a trail of kisses back down my stomach, pausing long enough to tug on my navel ring, then lower to my pussy. First licking the lips, then sucking gently. His tongue finds my clit, and he gently sucks on it. I'm going wild. I love the feel of his mouth on me, but I need more. I try to get him to stop, but he won't. He keeps on, licking and sucking my clit, until I cum.

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