Dindi Pt. 04


My mouth was open to protest, but then I was silenced by his tongue getting inside it. I felt the full weight of his naked body over mine. His hair fell like a curtain around his face. My skin started to prickle with heat, but we had no time. I had arrived two hours earlier ready to leave for his mother's house, when he dragged me to his room and got rid of my clothes as if they were on fire.

"Mhmm." I moaned, protesting against his mouth, but he misunderstood my meaning and kissed me harder.

I tried to stop him, but my hands betrayed me, clutching at him instead of pushing him away. When he went down to kiss my breasts I had a window of opportunity to speak.

"Travs..." I began, breathless. "We have to go. Come on. We'll be late. I'm never late."

He responded by biting on one nipple. I should've pushed him away, but I arched my back to meet his mouth. Fresh moisture leaked out of my already pulsing pussy.

"You're always late to meet me." He pointed out.

"Well, that's...ah...mmm" His mouth was kissing down my belly, creating a shiver that went from my scalp to my toes. "That's on...hmmm...purpose...ah, god. Stop it!" I tried to wiggle away, but he held me in place with his big hands on my hips.

"Stop it, uh?" His voice was pure menace. "You want me to stop? What happened to 'Oh, Travs, don't you fucking bloody stop fucking me!'"

"I don't say that, mate." I forced my face into a serious mask, despite the urge to laugh.

"Oh, don't you?"

"No. Too many fuckings in one sentence. Also, I don't mingle the fucking with the bloody. It's either one or the other." I tried not to laugh, but failed at it.

"Let's see if that's true." He said.

Before I knew what was happening Travis grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over. I landed on my knees and elbows on the bed.

"You've got a really nice ass. You know that, Dindi?" He said, caressing one of my asscheeks.

I was still wet from Travis's previous ministrations, now it was just embarrassing how ready for him my body made me. His voice alone had me afraid my need for him would flow down my thighs. He pulled my hips up and positioned my ass in the air, right where he wanted. His thumb made a slow circle around my remarkably wet clit.

"Oh, fuck! Now you're just being evil, Travis!" I cried only to have him laugh at me.

"You're the one who's being a little tease. Maybe what you need is a dick in your ass." And with that he pushed his hard cock all the way inside my wet, still swollen pussy.

"Jesus!" He hissed, stilling himself for a second before putting all of his effort into moving his hips inward.

My head dropped to his pillow which muffled my agonized cry. His invasion of my body was so intense, my eyes watered. Travis was pounding so deep into me that he sent air out of my lungs with every forceful thrust. It seemed like my pussy had molded itself to his cock. It greeted him, holding him as if welcoming him back home.

I propped myself on my elbows and began to circle my hips, rubbing myself on him. It was so good to be thrown under his mercy, letting my body be moved by the sheer force of his thrustings. The slapping sound of Travis's pelvis against my ass filled his room, and just as he'd wanted I began to plead with him for my release.

"Mmm, god! Travis, pleeease!" I cried. Then the bastard stopped. I could've cried with frustration.

"What was that, Dindi?" Even though I couldn't see his face I was sure he was smirking. I heard it.

"Fucking bastard." I whispered against his pillow.

He gave me one single harsh thrust almost causing me to hit my head on the headboard.

"Ah!" I gasped.

"What, Dindi?"


"I said please." I turned my head to give him a sour look and answered as flatly as I could manage considering his cock was throbbing inside me.

Travis rolled his hips torturingly slowly, teasing at my engorged clit. "If you don't tell me what I want to hear, then I won't give it to you." He said sounding serious, but I knew he was making fun of me.

I huffed. The bastard. He would get what was due to him soon. Right now I needed him to finish what he had started more than I needed my pride.

"Travs, please." I impersonated my coy inner slut. "Please, don't you fucking bloody stop fucking me."

He laughed, content with his victory, then his cock resumed its hammering inside me. Swallowing my pride never felt so good.

I was panting and screaming muffled, unintelligible words against his pillow in no time. The thought of the bus we were in risk of missing a million miles away from my mind.


Travis didn't drive. At least not anymore. So we had to go all the way from New York to Staten Island by bus. Two buses and two hours later we were dropping our bags in his mother's living room.

"Mom! We're here!" He shouted.

Suddenly I felt out of place. The mantra of my relationship with him was: It's just sex. It's just sex. But there I was, about to meet his mother, who would see right through me when he introduced me as a friend.

"Travs," I called. "You did tell your mother I was coming with you, yeah?"

"Of course, Dindi." He stepped toward me and kissed my forehead. "I told her I was bringing a friend."

"And did you tell her your friend has a vagina?"

He smiled, turning his back to me. "She won't mind your vagina. Relax."

"Travis?" His mother called from somewhere in the back of the house seconds before she emerged wearing gardening gloves.

She was a short, pear-shaped woman, probably in her late fifties, though her hair was still as gold as his. When she saw him, she brought her glove covered hands to her mouth.

"Oh! Travis!" She shrieked, before he engulfed her in a bear hug.

"Hi, Mom." He bent down, folding himself over her.

I stood behind them, studying the scene. Travis had told me he avoided coming home. Clearly, by his mother's reaction, she didn't blame him for his father's death. No one did but himself. Now that I saw the woman sobbing at the sight of him, I wondered just how serious his estrangement from family had been.

"Oh, my boy, look at you! You look so handsome!" The little woman said. "I missed you so much!" Travis's tall body hid her from my view. And me from hers.

"I missed you too, Mom."

A little jealousy stung me. My mom was an ocean away and I hadn't seen her in months. I missed her like a limb.

"Mom," Travis stepped aside, revealing me. "This is my friend, Morena. Morena, this is my mother, Evelyn."

Mrs. Keegan's first reaction as her eyes landed on me was infinitesimal. I doubted Travis would've noticed, but I saw it. Growing up I saw many looks like that. I was used to them. It was as quick as it was subtle. She stepped towards me and took a little bow.

"Oh, hello, my dear. Welcome." She gave me a sweet smile. "I won't hug you, I might dirty your clothes. I was tending to my roses, you see." She held up her gloved hands to me, covered in dirt.

"Oh, hello." I said carefully. "That's alright, Mrs. Keegan. Thank you for having me." I offered her all of the politeness my mother had taught me.

"Oh, you have an accent! How unusual!" She giggled. "I prepared your old room for you, honey." She said, turning to Travis. "And the guest room for your friend."

Friend. Yep. She saw right through me.

Of course I wouldn't sleep in the same room as Travis. Here I was his friend not his...what was I? His fuck buddy?

"Go on up. I'll get dinner ready. You brother and sister are coming!"

Travis gave his mother a sad smile at the mention of his siblings. The only thing I knew about his brother and sister was the fact that they existed. I made a mental note to ask him about them later.

I took my little bag and followed Travis up the stairs when his mother disappeared into the kitchen.

"She likes you." He said with genuine conviction.

"Oh, yes. I could tell."

Oh, why had I agreed to this again?


Travis had showed me to the guest room, then gone into his old room in order to get ready for dinner. After two hours in a bus, and the two hours of sex before that, I felt dirty. Literally. I had just exited the shower and wrapped a towel around my still wet body when Travis entered the room, startling me and almost causing me to drop the towel.

"Don't you knock?" I chided him.

He looked fresh wearing a white shirt unbuttoned to his stomach. His long hair was combed back, still wet. He moved towards me like a cat preying a bird.

"You do know you're not going to sleep in here, don't you?" He put his long arms around my waist, pulling me to him, allowing his large hands to slid down until they rested on my ass.

"No, I don't. This is precisely the room I'm sleeping in."

He raised his blond eyebrows, pursing his lips, all thoughtful. "Well, I suppose that's a better idea. It will be easier to explain things to my mother if she finds me wandering the hallways early in the morning." He bent down and kissed me.

"Uh-hum," I pushed him away. "Travis. We are not doing this here."

"Why not?"

"It's your mother's house for fuck's sake!"

"So? I lost my virginity in my room when I was fifteen." And his mouth was on mine again.

I was going to say something, push him back, but his mouth felt so intoxicating on mine. I twisted my fingers in his wet hair and kissed him back until he groaned lowly in his throat. His fingers found their way down and under my towel. I thought better to stop him while I could still resist him.

"Go away and let me get dressed." I broke the kiss and pushed him towards the door.

"Don't take too long. I'm hungry." He said, offering me a smug look that suggested he didn't mean food.

"Bugger off, Travis." I said in mock annoyance before closing the door on him.

Finally alone, I sat on the bed and ringed George up.

"Gee?" I said when he picked up.

"What happened, Mo." He knew something was wrong instantly.

"Gee, I should've have listened to you." George had advised me that coming with Travis might not be the best of ideas. I, unwisely, had disregarded his advice.

"What is it, darling?"

"His mother gave me the look." The 'you're a black girl' look. I didn't have to explain it to him. He knew just what I meant.

I grew up seeing that look on people's faces whenever I went out with my very white dad. And later on in life with George, because he liked to tell people I was his sister.

"Oh, to the bloody devil with her!" He said "Did he tell her you're together?"

"We're not together, Gee." I insisted we were not.

"Whatever, Mo. You know what I mean."

"He told her we're friends, but of course she knows we're sleeping together."

"You know what to do, Mo. Head up, shoulders back and fuck her."

"Yeah. I know." I sighed. If only things were that easy.

I trusted she would treat me with enough civility, because Travis's relationship with her was fragile enough without me making it worse.

"I'm getting ready for dinner. Any fashion advices?" I asked, moving the subject away from unpleasantness.

"Did you pack your blue dress?"


Once I was ready, wearing the vintage, light blue dress Gee had suggested, I left the room and stepped into the hallway to see Travis closing his bedroom door.

"Hey, you. I was going down to-" But when he turned I saw he wasn't Travis.

The man was just as blond and just as tall as Travis, but his hair was shorter and neatly combed, his beard closely shaved. Where Travis was lean, this man was bulkier.

"Forgive me. I thought you were Travis." I said, apologizing.

He eyed me with undisguised curiosity. "No. I'm Max." He said.

His brother.

He stepped closer and extended me a hand, which I took. His shake was firm. An involuntary shiver raised the little hairs on my arms. He shared the clear, blue eyes with Travis.

"You must be Morena." He said, smirking.

He knew of me? How very interesting.

"I am, yes. And you're Travis's older brother."

"The one and only." He smiled, and the resemblance between the two brothers was astonishing. They had the same smile, the same uncanny hooded blue eyes. And he was just as handsome as Travis. "You're going down?" he asked.


"Let me escort you?" He said offering me his arm.

I decided I liked him, so i took it. "Why, thank you, Max."

"You're welcome, Morena."

And Max and I marched down for dinner.


Travis sister was also beautiful. A family trade, obviously. However, I don't think I've ever seen a woman look so tired. The dinner table was complete with Travis's nieces and nephews. Three from his sister's side (2 boys and 1 girl), and one (another girl) from his brother's. Plus, his brother and sister in law.

"So, Morena." Travis's sister, Charlotte, began. "What brings you to this side of the atlantic?"

Charlotte sat across from me in the table, both of us adjacent her mother, who sat in the head of it. I had a nagging feeling Mrs. Keegan had purposely sat herself close to me after Travis had chosen the chair beside mine.

"Well, I was offered a teaching position in this fancy gallery. One I couldn't refuse." I felt like a bug under a microscope.

"That's great. What do you teach?" Charlotte seemed to be genuinely curious about me. I was able to tell, by the way she greeted Travis earlier, that they were close. Or at least had been.

"Art history." I responded.

"Oh, so you're an artist? Like Travis?" It was Mrs. Keegan who asked.

I turned to face her and she wore such a sweet, naive expression I found myself smiling at her.

"Not at all. I only teach about art. I have no talent for doing any."

"Oh, I see." She said. "Do you like the chicken? It's Travis's favourite!"

I gaped at her, not knowing how to tell her I wouldn't eat her special dish.

"Morena's a vegetarian, Mother." Travis answered for me.

I turned to him, smiling gratefully. I could've kissed him. He put his hand, discreetly, on my knee giving me a little reassuring squeeze and leaving it there.

"Oh, I see." She mumbled.

The subject shifted from me to Travis's nieces and nephews, who were making a mess out of dinner.

"Teresa! Come back here, little girl!" Charlotte called to one of her children. A little blond girl who looked more like a doll than a child.

She jumped off her chair and was circling the table coming right at me. She stopped at my side, between Travis's chair and mine.

"Are you ucle Trabis girlfriend?" She asked me, brown eyes wide.

"TERESA!" Her mother chided, and the little girl was completely unfazed.

Without even looking, I knew all eyes on the table were on me. I looked at Travis who smiled the biggest smile I had seen so far, and that's saying something. The clatter of a fork being dropped into a place called my attention, and I turned my head to see his mother was the color of a red chilly pepper.

"Oh, me? Oh, no. No. I'm his friend, that's all." I told the little girl.

She pouted her plump pink lips and looked curiously up at me. "You're pwetty." She said.

I laughed. At least she liked me.

"I think so too, Tess." Travis said, and I could've punched him this time.

"You speak funny." She giggled.

My face was burning with the weight of everyone's attention. Mrs. Keegan's disapproval was like a punch in the gut. Charlotte came to pick her daughter up and sit her back in her place.

Taking a sip of my wine I was glad when everyone's interest was drawn to Charlotte's husband the moment I felt, more than noticed, Mrs. Keegan eyes on me. My smile was already painted on my face when I turned to see she wasn't even looking at my face, but at my lap, where Travis's hand laid dangerously far up thigh. My smile dropped. She moved her eyes up to mine and didn't even bother to fake niceness this time. She gave me a stern, hard look and focused on slicing her chicken. I was sure she was picturing my face on her plate.

I avoided looking in Mrs. Keegan direction for the rest of the night, but when I looked at Max he was barely containing his knowing grin.

If I had a flashing warning on my head saying Travis's girlfriend it wouldn't have been this obvious.


In dire need of a distraction to take my mind off the sudden regret I felt for coming with Travis, I had insisted with Charlotte she let me help her with the dishes. Her mother had retired herself, alleging an unexpected migraine.

"So," She began. "How long have you been sleeping with my brother?"

Charlotte's eyes weren't blue like her brother's. But brown and sparkling with wit. I opened my mouth, and choked on a gasp. She was a woman who knew Travis very well. Of course she had figured it all out. The thing was pretty obvious.

"Two months, give it or take." I said with a resigned exhale.

She stopped cleaning the plate she had on her hands and sat it down on the sink. "Two months? Uninterrupted?" There was no mistaking her surprise.

"Uh, yeah."

"Phew." She whistled, returning to her plate. "He must really like you."

Two months meant he really liked me? Had he never had a long term relationship before?

I had the immature urge to question her about him, like a girl with a crush. I gave in to it.

"He's never brought anyone here before?" I asked, trying not to sound so damn interested.

Charlotte gave me a suggestive smile. "You mean a girl? No. Not ever. He's never really had a steady girlfriend."


I was so stunned by the new piece of information I didn't even bother to tell her I wasn't his girlfriend. How come he'd never had a steady girlfriend? He was in his mid thirties and he's never had a steady relationship with anyone? George had said he was always dating some leggy model...

"No. Not since high school, anyway. But I suppose that doesn't count." She said.

"Oh." I forced myself to stop my questioning there.

His sister dried her hands on her april and laid her cold hands on my arms. I turned to see her looking at me tenderly.

"Did he tell you about dad?" She asked, to which I just nodded. "My brother is a baby, but he is a good man, Morena." It sounded more like a warning than an affirmation. "I've never seen him look at anyone the way he looks at you. He deserves someone who's good to him. Are you good to him?"

Charlotte was just looking after her brother. I recognized her care and worry. I did it with George.

I had to tell her I wasn't his girlfriend. We were just sleeping together. It wasn't my place to take care of him. But in that moment it hit me. I was in his childhood home, meeting his family. I was there because I had wanted to be there with him. I wanted to be with him. No matter how many times I told myself everything was all about the sex, I knew I felt more. The sex itself was more. George was right. I was falling for Travis. At this point, I didn't think I could stop.

"Yes, Charlotte. I am. I promise you I am." And if I wasn't already, I was going to be.



"So," I turned to see Max's bulky frame taking shape in the dark behind me. "You've finally brought a girl home."

After dinner I had meant to steal Morena away and lock her in my room, but when I saw her laughing with Charlotte I decided to take some fresh air in my mother's garden instead. Max sat in one of the old swings beside me. Those things had been there for thirty years. It was amazing they could still support us.

"Yeah. I did."

"How long have you been together?" He asked.

Together? Was that the word she would have used?

"Two and a half months."

"Wow." A grin split his face. "Going steady?"

Going steady? Even I didn't know the answer to that. Morena did her best to keep the it's just sex barrier on. But then again, she was here with me. That meant something. It had to.

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