tagIncest/TabooDinner at Jenny's - The Preparation

Dinner at Jenny's - The Preparation


This is a spin-off from Sexual Education - Hands On


Kristen ran straight to the toilet after talking to Jenny, determined not to let any of her friends see her crying. There she spent 15 minutes calming herself down before leaving to catch the bus home. The whole trip was spent pondering and checking out the other girls on the bus: their bust sizes, haircuts, eye colours. One woman continued to cross her mind though, Jenny. She couldn't wait to get home to start preparing for the dinner.

Upon arrival home her mom greeted her with a normal hug and kiss on the cheek. Kristen had always known her mom was a stunner but had never thought about her sexually before. Her legs and butt were still firm, her rack was still large with minimal sag and her smile was gorgeous. "No," she thought to herself trying to shrug off the sexual thoughts she was having of her mother. Quickly she rushed upstairs to her bedroom closing the door behind her as she entered.

Trying to put the thoughts aside for a moment she emptied the contents of her underwear draw onto her bed, making available all the sets of lingerie she could wear for Jenny tonight, incase things went as far as she hoped they would. Removing her school uniform, like she did earlier in the afternoon during sex education class, she stood in front of the mirror naked. Inspecting each part of herself she was quite happy with what she saw: her breasts were largish, her body toned from cheerleading. However, there was one part she wasn't satisfied with, her hairy pussy. She wanted hers clean shaven, just like Jenny's.

Kristen moved to her personal bathroom and pulled out her shaving kit. She loved the look and really wanted it but she was too scared of nicking herself. For five minutes she sat on the edge of the bath trying to coax herself to do it with absolutely no luck. Kristen knew if it was going to be done there was only one person that could help. "MOM!!!" she yelled, poking her head out of her bedroom door into the hallway. "Just a minute honey." Kristen retreated to the edge of her bed, stunned at what she was about to do. She was sitting on her bed naked and was going to ask her mom if she could shave her pussy. Slowly the minute began to pass, Kristen began to get anxious. She hadn't really talked to her mom about anything like this before but she always knew she could if she needed to.

The door swung open and her mom, wearing a short denim skirt and tight white singlet clinging to her tits, scurried in after realizing her daughter was naked inside. She took a seat next to her beautiful naked daughter on the bed. "What's up dear?"

"Mom," she paused, "do you shave your pussy?"

"I sure do." Despite hoping that she did a slightly shocked look came across Kristen's face. "Would you like to see?"

"Um I guess I would," she stammered. Her mother, Janine, hiked up her skirt and pulled her black panties to the side. What was revealed was a hairless pussy, not a single hair around the lips, but just above it Kristen noticed a tuff of hair. "What's that up top Mom?" Moving her panties further to the side she showed Kristen a tuff of hair in the shape of a love heart.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it Mom, it's so cute."

"What's brought all this up anyway honey?"

"It's just that Kayla was telling me how she did hers and I was curious," she lied, remembering that Michael and Jenny had made them promise not to disclose anything that had happened earlier in the day. "Well I'm glad you came to me. Would you like me to do yours for you?"

"Well that would be great. I was actually going to ask you."

"Lets go to the bathroom, it will be easier there. I wish my tits were firm like yours," she proclaimed, rolling one her nipples between her fingers as they walked to Kristen's bathroom.

With her shaving kit already out Janine began to strip, sliding her singlet over her head, her breasts jiggling as she brought her arms back to her side. Next she slid down her skirt and panties in one movement, stepping out of them to become fully naked like Kristen. "What do you think of your mom's body? Pretty hot aye."

"Wow! Yeah defs mom, your super hot," stammered Kristen as Janine was caressing her body, hands roaming over her breasts and flat tummy. They both made their way to the tub, Janine clambering in behind Kristen, her pussy pressing up against her daughter's ass and her tits against her back.

Into her ear she whispered, "spread wide for mommy, give her some room to work with." Kristen did just that, spreading her legs like she had a few hours to get the first root she had ever received. Head tucked into her neck and arms reaching around and under her armpits Janine began to massage the cream into her daughter's pubic area, lathering up the foam, occasionally brushing her clit, soft but audible moans escaping her lips. Once she was satisfied Janine began to pull her skin taught, gliding the blade across the skin removing all the unwanted hair.

Happy that it was complete several minutes later she washed off the remaining the foam, feeling around for any remaining stubble. Finding none Kristen began to shift her body to face her mother before being stopped. "Hold on there's still one more step to go." Beside the tub she had placed a bottle of baby oil. Squirting some of that on her hand she applied it to the skin of the newly bald pussy.

Teasing her she began to run her slick hands up her daughter's thighs. Back down again they went towards to her pussy as Kristen taking several deep breaths as she slumped back into her mother. Her right index finger began to rub her slit, moving the oil around her pussy. "Please put in me mom, finger my pussy." Janine obliged pushing her finger into the tight love hole. In and out it went, slowly getting deeper with each inward push. After getting the finger as far as she could she inserted her middle finger as well. Yelping at the sudden increase in pleasure she turned to her mother and kissed her. Not like the normal after school kiss but a passionate kiss, like lovers. This didn't faze Janine though as she continued to thrust into her daughters tight hole, her body beginning to shake as she approached her orgasm. "Faster mom, faster." She felt Kristen tighten around her fingers, her daughter screaming in pleasure as an orgasm swept through her.

Janine withdrew her fingers, covered in love juices that were now dripping down Kristen's ass. Her mother began to rub the sticky juices over Kristen's nipples as she turned to her said, "I love you mom."

"I love you too dear. Now wash up and get ready for wherever you are going."

"How did you know I was going somewhere?"

"You've got the entire contents of your underwear draw over your bed. It wasn't hard," Janine told her, kissing her again.

"Thanks mom," she said as her mother got out of the tub, grabbing a towel and leaving the bathroom. Kristen turned on the shower to do her hair and wash herself.

Half an hour later she emerged from the bathroom into her room to find a whole outfit to wear laid out on her bed ready to wear. A matching pink lace underwear set was chosen to go with a short, mid thigh length pink dress with white diagonal stripes across it. It was stunning. Her mother had bought it for her nearly a month ago but she hadn't had the chance to wear it. She still had a few hours to go before she had to leave so she made her way downstairs naked, knowing her dad wouldn't be home from his work conference for another week.

She noticed her mother in the kitchen cooking dinner for herself, also naked. Sneaking up behind her she wrapped her arms around her waist, her hard nipples pressing in her back. They stood in the embrace for a couple of minutes, Kristen's hands roaming her mother's naked body before Kristen kissed Janine on the cheek and made her to way to the couch to relax after the long day.

As the clock chimed at 6.30 Kristen moved from the couch and began to get ready for her dinner date. She stood in front of the mirror, admiring her now perfect body with its shaved pussy. She slipped into her bottoms first; spending time adjusting the g-string until it was comfortable then placed her bra over her breasts and hooked it up. She decided she was going to wear this set again, at the next sexual education class, knowing she would be the envy of every girl in the class. Next went on the dress, hugging her body in all the right places. She felt so sexy in it. Kristen then went to the bathroom to apply some makeup and do her hair. She emerged at 7.10 strutting down the hall and stairs to the dining room where her mother was eating dinner. Her mouth dropped. "Stunning dear, stunning. I knew it would look good on you." She kissed her on the forehead, grabbed the keys and went to the car.

Realizing she was still naked Janine quickly ducked inside and slipped on a dress for the trip. As she pulled out of the driveway Kristen placed a hand on her thigh, rubbing it, tempted to play with her pussy that was in clear view as her mother's dress had hiked up when she entered the car. Janine looked over at her daughter and smiled while placing a hand on hers, guiding it to her dripping wet pussy. Kristen began to play with it, just like her mother had to her in the tub. "Come on just fuck me please darl." Promptly Kristen did, immediately thrusting two fingers into her, pumping them in and out, her fingers causing a sloshing sound with the juices from her mother's pussy. Janine began moaning, finding it hard to concentrate on the road, in process nearly running a red light. "Yeah that's the way Krissie, finger my pussy." She threw her head back as she completed the stop, her moaning increasing when noticed out of the corner of her eye a car full of guys pull up beside them.

They had realized something was going on in the car next to them and they had all clambered towards the window facing the car to catch a glimpse of the action. Noticing this Janine pulled her daughter in towards her and planted a large wet kiss on her lips. Kristen reciprocated and in response to the cheers they were getting Janine slipped one of her large breasts from her dress. Looking up she noticed that the light had turned green but there were no other cars on the intersection so she continued with the show.

She guided Kristen to her breast where she began lapping at the nipple, sucking on it in the same fashion she had done when she was young. As the light changed from green to amber and amber to red Janine opened the door to reveal to the guys in the backseat what they were thinking, she was getting fingered. Jeers of "one more, one more" came from the car and Janine whispered into her daughter's ear, "come on darling put one more in for the boys, mommy can take it." That Kristen did and she was now finger fucking her mom with three fingers in front of a car full of boys at an intersection! Janine popped her other tit out and Kristen attacked the new one.

The light changed back to green and noting the intersection was still empty continued her fun. Janine felt bad for her daughter who was receiving no attention so she reached around her daughter, slid her panties to the side and slipped two fingers in her young pussy. Kristen accidentally bit her mother's nipple as she became overcome at the unexpected sensation causing Janine to yelp like a dog. Again the light changed to red meaning the boys got another minute of viewing pleasure. Kristen pulled her head up from the nipple she was sucking to smile at the boys. Moans from both mother and daughter had become shorter, sharper and louder as they both approached their climaxes. As if they counted down to it Janine and Kristen simultaneously had orgasms, juices flowing from their love canals. Bringing her sticky fingers to her mouth Janine sucked them dry and Kristen followed her lead. They shared a final kiss, their juices being transferred between each other. As the light turned green they drove off, the boys honking their horn.

"Now that was so hot mom! We gotta do that again sometime!"

"Darling what we are doing isn't exactly legal so we are going to have to be careful. But you are right, that was fun and I would certainly love to."

"I love you so much Mom, you're awesome."

"I love you too dear. Now could you please pop these big boobies back in incase we see someone we know." Kristen leaned over and placed her hands over her mother's tits, rubbing her hands all over them before covering each one of them up with the dress. They drove for another five minutes until Janine pulled up at the address. "Have fun dear," she said as her daughter leaned over to kiss her goodnight, their tongues probing each other's mouths. "Would you like me to pick you up?"

"It should be right mom. But I'll give you a call if I do." She leant back in for another quick kiss, grabbing her bag out of the back, making her way across the front lawn to the large front door.

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