tagGroup SexDinner for Three

Dinner for Three


"Hey Hunneee," I called out from behind the shower curtain, "is that you?"

"Now who else would it be, you ass," he replied with a low chuckle.

"Ok, just checking," I giggled as I peeked out from behind the curtain, all wet and soapy, my hair lathered up with shampoo. "A girl can't be too careful these days you know, I mean, when my knight in shining armor isn't here to protect me."

He was standing at the sink, lathering up his face with shaving cream - Old Spice - my favorite.

"Ooohhh....my knight is grooming...love it babe....shave that baby face and make your head all smooth for me...mmm mmm...I am already all smooth by the way, you know, in case you were wondering," I said with a giggle.

"Get your ass back in that shower woman!" he said, emphasizing the 'woman' for effect.

I let out an exaggerated groan in response.

"And don't worry about what I am doing, just get yourself ready!! What time is she coming anyway?" he asked.

"She will be here in 1 hour. We have 1 hour. Ok?" I called out through the curtain. "We just have to decide on the food. What do you think about Chinese?" I asked, giggling to myself, but he couldn't hear me. "How does Dinner for 3 sound hun?" I asked, laughing outloud.

"Oh I am going to come in there and beat that smart ass of yours if you don't stop," he said exasperated.

"But I am serious," I said. "You order it ok? The flyer is in the kitchen. I'll be out in a minute."

"Yes dear," he said with a sigh. "Can I finish shaving first?" he asked, laughing to himself.

After I finished my shower and he ordered the food, he sat on the couch to watch TV and I spent the next hour doing my hair, makeup, deciding what to wear...lingerie or casual....decisions, decisions.

Men, I thought to myself as I did a final wardrobe check in the mirror, shaking my head. They really have no idea how easy they have it. They just have to shave and show up. That's it. I looked around the corner to see him watching TV, looking totally calm and relaxed. He was so incredibly sexy to me. He looked much younger than his 37 year. 5'10. Toned muscular body. Rich chocolate skin. Boyish baby face. He looked so fine in his faded blue jeans and tight Bob Marley t-shirt. We had been together for one year now. And this was going to be our first threesome.

"Hey sexy, don't go to sleep or anything," I called out with a laugh.

"Ha ha ha" he replied. "Aren't you ready yet??" he asked sarcastically.

I came out of the bathroom wearing my lowest cut shirt and tightest black jeans. Being 42 D I didn't really need a push up bra to achieve the push up effect.

"So, how do I look?" I asked him with a smile.

"Totally fuckable," he replied with a grin. "When is she getting here?"

"Hopeless," I said smiling, "totally hopeless."

Before I knew it the food arrived and then very shortly after that there was another knock at the door.

"Omg she's here," I said, jumping up off the couch.

"Ok, calm down," he said, "relax your ass and go answer the door."

"Oh shut up," I called over my shoulder as I made my way to the door.

I opened the door and there she was. So pretty. Long shiny black hair. Sky blue eyes. Fair skin. Seductive lips. A shapely hourglass figure with just a little extra padding. All wrapped up in a hip length wool jacket, cinched at the waist emphasizing her figure.

"Leila," I exclaimed, greeting her with a warm smile. "Come on in," I welcomed her, holding the door open.

I reached out to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I could smell her perfume, obsession I believe, and the faint scent of lavender in her hair. Intoxicating.

"Here," I said, "let me take your coat. Then we can go down to see Levi. We've got Chinese food and white wine, chardonnay. Hope you like wine."

"Oh yes, definitely," she replied as she headed towards the living room. I watched her walk down the stairs. Like me, she was also wearing tight black jeans, but her blouse was sheer pink, falling over one shoulder with a pink lace camisole underneath.

"Wow," I thought to myself, following her down the stairs. I could not wait for Levi to see her.

He was already up and out of his seat greeting her with a hug and a kiss by the time I rounded the corner. I smiled. This night was going to be amazing. But first, we had to eat. It was, after all, the only civilized thing to do. But our eyes kept meeting, his and mine, and we were both in primal mode already. She was so beautiful. And sexy. I had no idea just what he was thinking at that moment, but I was already licking her pussy in my mind. Sweet sweet pussy. Shapely ass. Large round breasts. I could only imagine.

Fuck, I thought to myself, let's just hurry up and eat already. I looked at him again. His eyes had grown darker. He looked....intense.

"How about some wine hunneee?" I asked him cheerfully. "Would you like some wine Leila?" I asked her, reaching out to touch her arm, an affectionate gesture. Women so love to be touched.

"Yes please," she replied sweetly.

He got up to go to the kitchen and I excused myself to 'help' him carry the glasses. When I got to the kitchen he was popping the cork. I told him I thought he might need help.

He smiled at me and whispered, "This woman is HOT. What are you going to do? Do you need MY help?"

"Oh no," I said. "I'll help you with the wine and then I am going to excuse myself to change into something more comfortable. And then I am going to take her into the bedroom for a little while. You come in when you hear her screaming ok?"

His face broke into a big grin. "Ok," he said, "but don't take too long cause I'll be coming in soon whether there is screaming or not. Both your asses will be mine and the first thing I want to see is both of you on your knees sucking my dick."

"Yes hunnee, don't you worry, your dick is going to get sucked tonight," I whispered, laughing softly.

With that I took 2 glasses, one for myself and one for Leila, and headed back down the stairs. He came down behind me carrying his glass.

"I want to propose a toast," I declared with a smile. "Here's to new friends," I said lifting my glass.

We clinked our glasses, took a sip, and then I excused myself again making a beeline for my bedroom.

I quickly got out of my clothes and into my purple teddy. I love how the material feels against my skin. It hugs my curves snugly and just makes me feel sexy. Then I moved a couple things around so I had an open spot where she could stand against the wall. I was going to make her stand until she got weak in the knees.

Coming back into the living room they both looked up at me, silence for a moment, intent stares.

"Wow," she said, "you look great. I love your outfit. Very sexy."

He smiled and said, "I agree, she looks great doesn't she Leila?"

Then he continued to add that we both looked great. He knew we had to put her up on a pedestal.

I smiled seductively at Leila and said, "You need to come with me hun," reaching out to take her by the hand.

She looked at her glass of wine on the table and I said, "Its ok, let me get that glass for you," as I gently tugged on her hand and pulled her up and off the couch. "Come with me," I said, "I won't bite, unless you want me to." Such an old line, but a good one.

I glanced in his direction and said, "We are just going to have some girl time ok hun?"

He smiled and replied, "Sure no problem. Have fun but don't forget about me."

"Oh no, we won't forget about you," I said with a laugh, "will we Leila?"

"No Levi," she said, flashing him a big smile, "we won't forget about you."

I grinned. She was letting him know that she was into him too. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"I'll call you," I mouthed to him before I whisked her into my room and swung the door behind me.

I left it open a crack. I wanted him to hear us. And I knew full well that he would be coming in before I called him. Because I fully planned on making our new friend scream her fucking head off.

When we got into the room I turned around, took her face in my hands, and planted a kiss on those cherry red lips of hers.

Pulling back I asked, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," she replied, looking a little bewildered by the question.

"Good," I said, "I am going to blindfold you. Are you ok with that?"

I wanted to be dominant but I also wanted to make sure it would be received well. This was our first time together. I did not want to scare her away because if I did that before he got involved I knew he would kill me!

"Yes," she whispered, looking visibly turned on already.

That's all I needed to hear.

"Before I blindfold you I need to get this blouse off," I said matter of factly. "Put your arms up hun."

And she did it. She put her arms up in the air waiting for me to take off her blouse and I felt giddy, heady with the feeling of being in control.

First the blouse came off, then the camisole. She was wearing a pink lace bra underneath too. So pretty.

"You are beautiful, you know that?" I asked, my voice thick with desire.

I could feel myself getting wet. Reaching behind me to the dresser for my scarf I smiled at her and gave her another kiss. Just a quick one. This was going to be all about the tease. Then I proceeded to wrap the scarf around her head, covering her eyes, tieing it at the back, asking her if it was too tight. She said no.

"Such a good girl," I whispered.

"Turn around," I told her in a firm yet gentle voice. "Put your hands up against the wall."

I paused for a moment. I understood that part of the excitement of using a blindfold is that you can make your partner wait. Not knowing what is going to happen next, not talking and taking breaks can really build the anticipation and the sexual tension. The higher the tension, the more explosive the reaction would be when it happens.

So I paused for a moment and then I reached out to run my hand through her hair, slowly applying gentle pressure and tugging on her hair to pull her head back. She gasped aloud when I did that. She liked it. I was definitely getting the feeling that she was a submissive. The more reaction she gave me, the more excited I became, driving me to become more comfortable in my dominance, and to push her limits further.

"You like that sweetie?" I asked demurely. "You like it when I pull your hair?"

Her breaths were coming quicker. She moaned softly.

"Do you?" I asked again. "Tell me, do you like it?"

"Yes," she replied in a throaty whisper.

"Good girl," I said in a soothing voice.

Releasing my grasp from her hair I reached around her waist to unfasten her jeans and pull them down around her ankles. Again she gasped aloud. Oh how I love that sound.

"I don't think you need these do you hun?" I asked in a low whisper. "They are just going to get in the way."

No response, except for the raspy sound of her breathing.

Lifting one foot, then the other, I freed her from her jeans and tossed them aside. I took a moment to quickly remove her socks and toss those aside too while I was down there.

Standing back up I paused again for a moment, not speaking, just listening to the sound of her breathing.

Satisfied that she had suffered in silence long enough I reached out with both hands and unfastened the clasps of her bra, pushing aside the straps, leaving her back totally bare, allowing me to gently run my hands up and down her back, giving her goose bumps as I did so. The best way to touch a woman's skin is to barely make contact. Hovering my hands just slightly above her skin and moving my hands up and down, back and forth, tickling and teasing her skin, served to heighten her response, making her ache and squirm, craving full contact.

Then, still not saying a word, I reached around, placed my hands just underneath the swell of her breasts, and slowly started to push the cups up and away from her skin, freeing her breasts completely, open to the touch.

"Stand up straight," I instructed her, making her take her hands off the wall so I could completely remove her bra and toss it aside.

"Ok hun, lean over again, hands against the wall, spread your feet apart," I commanded.

Taking a deep shaky breath she did as she was told. I didn't want to play with her breasts yet. I was still focused on giving her the ultimate tease, to make her squirm and ache and beg.

Getting back down on my knees I decided instead to focus on her ass. Such a lovely ass. Down on my knees I reached up with both hands and began rubbing my hands across her ass cheeks through the silky material of her pink satin panties. Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. She started to moan and leaned over further jutting her ass out further from the wall. Like a cat in heat arching her back. She was getting so excited. So was I.

I started to tease her with my fingers, slipping them in and out of the edge of her panties, then removing them again. First I slid my fingers just inside the bottom edge of her panties where they hugged her tight little ass. Then I slid them inside the gusset on both sides to gently graze her sweet, sweet pussy. I wanted to fuck her with my fingers but I resisted the temptation.

At this point she was whimpering. Knowing full well that Levi would be coming in soon I reached up, grabbed a hold of the waistband, and quickly pulled them down. Again she gasped. Louder this time. Helping her to lift her feet to free her from her panties I tossed them aside to join the rest of her discarded clothing. She was now completely naked, leaning over, her hands braced against the wall, her back arched, ass sticking out, whimpering as if in pain. Her body was aching to be touched.

I was excited too. Very excited. I did not want to be slow or gentle anymore. I wanted to grab her ass cheeks and pry them apart and drag my tongue all the way up the crack of her ass.

"You have such a nice ass, you know that?" I asked, my own voice trembling now, my breaths coming quicker.

She groaned in response.

"Has anyone ever licked your ass hun?" I asked her.

More groaning, "No," she whispered, "no, never."

"Well then you are in for a real treat," I said, laughing softly to myself.

Heavy breathing, whimpering, leaning harder against the wall, her arms and legs were starting to tremble.

Reaching up to separate the cheeks of her sweet, sweet ass, I propped myself up higher on my knees and placed the tip of my tongue against that area where her pussy meets her ass, and slowly dragged my tongue up the crack of her ass, grazing her tight little hole as I made my way upwards.

She was crying out now, tapping her hand against the wall, spreading her legs wider, breathing heavy, moaning, groaning. I kept going. Up and down, up and down, pausing to lick her asshole more firmly. I was moaning myself now. Flicking my tongue faster and harder, harder and faster. She was crying out in earnest, hitting the wall with the flat of her palms.

I did not even have to turn around to know that he was standing at the doorway. He pushed the door open and stepped inside so he could see both of us.

"Oh wow," he said "wow," when he saw her leaning against the wall like that with me on my knees, my tongue in her ass.

I turned to look at you and you were totally naked, fully erect, and the look on your face was pure desire. I knew there was no way you were going to let me continue ravaging her ass. You were too excited.

"Why are you still dressed?" he asked me. "Get that off and get over here," he commanded firmly. "Both of you, on your knees now, my dick needs to be sucked."

With that I reached down to tug on the hem of my teddy and pulled it up and over my head, leaving me in my very damp thong. My breasts were now exposed, large and round, my nipples pale pink and taught.

"Take those off too," he commanded, gesturing to my thong.

Standing up I slipped out of my skimpy thong, exposing my freshly shaven pussy for both of them to see, and extended my arm for Leila to steady herself. Her knees were shaky and her balance seemed off. Then we both lowered ourselves down onto the floor on our knees as he had commanded. She turned to look at him briefly before she got down on her knees and her eyes widened, taking in the breathtaking view of his dick, rock hard, long and thick, bobbing and beckoning to both of us. When I got close enough to him, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to him, holding his dick, guiding it into my mouth. He was not interested at all in being teased. He wanted to feel the back of my throat as he fucked my mouth. Leila was kneeling beside me, quietly watching, drinking in the beauty of his muscular body, smooth chocolate skin, long, hard dick sliding swiftly in and out of my mouth. I felt him reach out to grab the back of her head, so I released him from my mouth and shifted over so she could take my place.

"Where are you going?" he asked me, telling me to lick his balls.

Dipping my head down underneath Leila's I used my tongue to wreak havoc with his balls. Licking and swirling my tongue back and forth, paying equal attention to both, I could hear him moaning. His dick in her mouth, his balls in mine, my hands gripping his thighs, her hands gripping his ass.

"Get behind me and lick my ass bitch," he demanded, looking down at me.

I gladly complied. Repositioning myself behind him, I did to him what I had just finished doing to her. Spreading his steely ass cheeks apart I began licking up and down his crack, up and down, up and down. Now he was really groaning. There is nothing like being eaten from the front and the back, simultaneously.

"Yes, that's it," he whispered hotly. "Yes, yes, that's nice, that's the way I like it."

After a few more minutes of being tag teamed he pulled back and told us both to get up on the bed. But then he sat down on the chair I had brought into the room just for him to watch. He wanted to watch us play with one another. There is nothing more beautiful or exciting than watching two women eat each other out while you sit back and direct their actions. He was about to create and direct his very own porno scene.

"I want to see you two in a 69," he said, in that deep rich baritone voice of his. "Rochelle you get on your back, and Leila you sit on her face. I want to see some pussy licking."

Just the sound of his voice made me melt. It always has. He doesn't really have to do much to turn me on. Just show up. For me, it is like the first time, every single time. In fact, it just keeps getting better.

Being good little subs, I laid down on my back and Leila climbed on top of me as he instructed. Putting my heels together I let my knees fall apart to make it easier for l'il Miss Leila to ravage me. She climbed on top of me, putting her knees on either side of my face, and crawled her way down my body until she reached my pussy. I was facing the head of the bed, she was facing the foot, and he had front row seating to take in the whole show. I grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her back so her sweet pussy was hovering just above my face. Just as my eager tongue started lapping at her hard little clit, I felt her hands on my pussy, gently prying my lips apart, and her tongue flicking gently on my swollen clit. Her tongue felt like warm velvet. I needed to feel her tongue. I needed release. I started moaning immediately. I couldn't see him, but I thought I heard him murmuring his approval. I hoped he was enjoying the show.

The deeper she delved her tongue inside of me, the tighter I pulled her pussy against my face. I couldn't fucking breathe at one point but I didn't even care. Her juices were dripping all over my face. She smelled heavenly. She tasted so sweet. Her pussy was so smooth, velvet, like her tongue, tracing lazy circles around and around my clit, licking up and down my slit. Then I felt her fingers enter me while her tongue still lapped at my clit. She started to pump her fingers in and out. My God she was going to make me cum. I had to stop what I was doing and grab onto her hips. I was cumming within seconds, waves and waves of pleasure washing over me again and again. I cried out, squeezed my eyes shut, bucked my hips, straining to make her fingers go deeper and deeper. I started to growl through my teeth as one orgasm turned into two, two into three. I only have to cum one time, then I will keep right on cumming.

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