tagBDSMDinner Out (The Preparation)

Dinner Out (The Preparation)



Dinner out with my mistress is a very special event for me. Usually she will go out with her other friends while I clean house and prepare myself for her return, so a chance to go with her to a nice restaurant is a real treat. To get ready I quickly kicked off my high heels and then unfastened my stockings and carefully rolled them down my legs. I just shaved my legs that morning so I didn't need to shave before going out. Oh, I shaved my face of course, but my legs were fine.

Removing my dress and apron, I carefully hung them up on a hanger and then slipped my arms out of the bra straps and spun it around to unclasp it. I then stepped out of my garter and placed it and my bra in the hamper. Turning on the hot water in the shower, I grabbed my razor and shaved my face. By the time I finished shaving the water was warm enough to step in, so I grabbed the soap and began scrubbing.

After cleaning myself I grabbed the soap and lathered up. Touching my fingers to my nipples I toyed with the tiny nubs enjoying the sensation as my bad boy grew hard. I then reached down, wrapped my fingers around my erection and began stroking. As I stroked with my right hand I ran my left hand back and forth between my nipples, rubbing on and then the other. I quickened the pace of my stroking as I could feel the pleasure building inside me. Yes, it felt so good as I got closer and closer to coming. Faster, and faster, closer and...

I suddenly stopped, moving my hand away and gritting my teeth as I dangled on the edge of orgasm, my bad boy twitching, my balls throbbing until, so very slowly the sensation slipped away. I then grabbed my bad boy and stroked, feeling the incredible sensation return almost immediately. Once again, I stroked until I hovered just on the edge.

Then I stopped, leaving my body screaming for completion, my bad boy again twitching, my hands shaking, my balls aching, but, ever so slowly, the sensation faded. I then stepped into the water, rinsed off and turned off the water. My bad boy was still semi-hard as I climbed out of the shower and dried off.

Before getting dressed, I took my towel and wiped down the shower and then dried up any water that may have dripped onto the floor. I then cleaned up my sink and called for my mistress. Leaning up against the door, I waited for her to come in.

My bad boy had not completely shrunk by the time she came in so she reached down and squeezed my balls, doubling me over from the pain. It quickly shriveled up and then she released me. She then ran her hand down my thigh as I held my breath, wondering if my decision not to shave my legs was wise. Fortunately her hand then slid up my chest and ran over my face.

"Very nice, but I'll check your legs again in the morning, they better feel smoother than they do now," she said, holding my chin.

"Yes Mistress," I replied, with a curtsey.

She then looked in the shower, running her hand along the walls. Nodding she looked over the floor and then walked into where my sink and mirrors. I hoped she wouldn't look too closely at the mirrors. They had been too fogged for me to try and clean them.

Quickly glancing over the sink she said, "I see the tag on the hand towel there. Fix it please little Tommy."

"Of course, yes Mistress," I replied reaching out and pulling the towel off the hanger. I carefully turned it so when hanging the tag was hidden. I stepped back, curtseyed and asked, "Will this be good?"

"Yes, that is much better. I think we are ready to get dressed, but first I need to come, will you take care of that my cunt boy?"

"Yes Mistress," I answered, stepping forward and moving my hands to the elastic waistband on her pants. "May I?"

"Please do," she replied

I carefully pulled off her pants and panties, neatly folded them and placed them on my bed. My mistress sat down and opened her legs, so I kneeled on the floor. Crawling up to her I gently pushed her legs open an bit and then began kissing the soft, billowy flesh of her thighs. Moving up her thigh and then to her pussy, I plunged my tongue into her wet opening, tasting the heady, earthy flavor of her cunt.

Working my tongue in and out of her, I savored the taste and fragrance of her pussy before moving upwards to her clit. Running my tongue over it, I felt her fingers run through my hair as she pulled me tight against her. Her hips began to move as she ground herself against me, shoving her clit against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it while my tongue circled around it.

She moaned loudly as she came, throwing her legs around me, squeezing my head between her large thighs. I gasped for breath until her orgasm finally subsided and she opened her legs again. Breathing hard, I remained kneeling hoping she didn't notice how my bad boy had gotten hard.

Usually I can control my erection, but I simply get too turned on making her come. She stood up and said, "Make sure you put my pants and panties away before we go. Oh, and wear your navy pants and the new bow tie I bought you." She then walked toward her room. I quickly closed my door and got dressed while trying to get my erection to subside. We were going to dine out tonight and I wanted everything to be perfect.


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