tagErotic CouplingsDirty Again in New York, New York! Ch. 2

Dirty Again in New York, New York! Ch. 2


It has been a few weeks since I've been in NYC. My last trip included a sexual coupling with my company's new business partner, Ted, an older yet sexy man in his 50's.

The first afternoon I was in town I made a call to Ted to let him know that we arrived and that the meeting was confirmed for 10AM the next day. He immediately began to tell me how much he missed me and how much he's been thinking of me since my last visit. Without hesitation, I invited him over to my hotel room. All of my friends knew about Ted and how much I liked fucking him, even though it was only one time. I also liked the fact that he was married too. No real attachments I guess. The only thing is now my company is going to team up with his and things can get complicated if we aren't careful. My boss encouraged me to hang out with him, being that he knows how I know how to "handle" the male clients. And I handle them well.

Around 8PM Ted was calling my room from the hotel lobby. I had just finished showering and drinking a few glasses of wine before rubbing baby oil all over my body. I had a Brazilian bikini wax 2 days before I left LA, so my pussy area was totally bare and smooth. I couldn't wait for someone beside myself to touch me down there. I hadn't had sex in over 3 weeks being. I have been boycotting all of my male partners in LA because they were all a pain in my ass and physiologically stressing me out.

I opened the door and walked into the hotel hallway wearing nothing but a short, see through robe. He had the biggest smile on his face as he exited the elevator and saw me standing there, almost like a kid who just got a new toy. My robe was left open on purpose, exposing my tits and shaved pussy for all that could see. There was no one else in the hallway, but if there were, I wouldn't care. I grabbed him by the tie and kissed him hard on the lips. He leaned me against the hallway wall and grabbed one of my breasts as we tongued each other. I took his hand and led it down to my soaking wet pussy. I slid his finger inside. "I remember that". He said with a cocky grin. I took his finger out of my pussy and brought it up to our mouths and we both sucked and licked my juices off of it.

Suddenly the elevator door opened and a man in a suit got off. I smiled at him as he walked towards us. "Never mind us". I said with my robe wide open. "My pleasure" he responded. Ted took me by the hand and pulled me into the room as I kept eye contact with the stranger who couldn't get enough of my almost naked body.

Once inside the room, Ted took no time with tearing off his clothes. His pretty cock sprung out once he removed his boxer shorts. I grabbed him by the dick and led him to the bed. His dick was so hard and hot. I could feel the blood making the veins on his dick jut out.

I fell backwards onto the bed as he hovered over me, admiring my body. "Give it to me" I told him. He rubbed his dick across my juicy pussy lips, mixing his pre-cum with my sticky juice that dripped from my excited slit. With one stroke he slid inside of me. I moaned in pleasure as he filled me up. Slowly he pumped in and out of me. I felt like I was going to cum right away. I was that horny!

He began going faster and faster. My toes started to curl and I screamed out in ecstasy. I began to cum hard and furious. It seemed to last for at least 3 minutes. When I finally came down from my orgasm high, I was sweating and panting like I just ran a mile. I pushed him off of me and laid him on his back. I squatted over his rock hard cock and slowly slid his dick into my ass. Being that I was so wet and my body was covered in baby oil, his fat dick slid in with no problem. My ass loosened up, taking him all the way in with one long stroke. I am sure at that point, he had no idea that his cock was in my ass because he just started humping me just as hard and fast as he was a few moments ago. I whispered in his ear, "Fuck my ass baby!" I leaned back, revealing to him my sopping wet pussy and a clear view of his cock buried balls deep inside of my ass. This set him off and within seconds he started moaning and fucking me harder. With one loud grunt, he came, flooding my ass with his hot and juicy cum. I felt my canal getting wetter and wetter with each spurt of his delicious sperm.

After a few moments, his cock went down and I lay next to him for a few moments trying to regain my breath. It was around 9PM or so. I had my whole night ahead of me and all I wanted to do was to sleep. He had to leave to go home to his wife, so I kissed him goodnight and fell asleep. I will have to party another time.

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