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Dirty Circumstances


Hi guys! It's my first time posting on Lit so please give me any feedback you can whether good bad or just plain ugly. I feed off criticism and would love to hear everyone's input. Be brutally honest if you want to. Cheers! <3 -I.M


Leona's eyes widened as she felt thick liquid fill her mouth causing her to swallow involuntarily. Molten brown eyes met icy blues and if looks could kill this man would be dead twice over. The man pulled back slowly and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She looked up at him angrily and stood dusting off her designer jeans.

Her mind was still trying to comprehend how she found herself in this situation. Never in a million years did she dream of doing something this degrading. She glanced over at the man who just seconds ago filled her mouth. She felt nauseous. And dirty. And wet.


Leona groaned as banging assaulted her ears.


"Come in mom!"

Leona threw a pillow over her head and peeked out as her step mother sauntered in. She was dressed to impress in a Louis Vuitton pants suit and red bottom pumps. Her hair was fashioned into a cute bob and her blonde hair seemed to catch the light making it almost glitter. Her nails were in a perfect French manicure and black eye liner lined her beautiful green eyes making them appear intimidating, calculating, and stern.

Leona's stepmother Barbara was a beautiful woman who her dad married when she was only four. She didn't remember her biological mother much but Barbara was a great stand in. She was very loving but with her being one of the top lawyers at her firm she was also very stern and took no bullshit.

"You do remember what today is correct?"

"Dad's birthday."

"Yes it is. His 40th to be exact and I want everything to be perfect. I have all the top professionals all over the city coming and I need everything to go well."

"I know, I know."

"I know you know miss missy. That's why I need you to pick up his cake." She dug inside of her bag pulling out a receipt and keys. "And take the Range Rover it's too big to fit inside of your car. What are you wearing?"

"I have something picked out. I have to go pick it up at the mall."

"Well make sure it doesn't look...what is the term hoochie?"

Leona stifled a laugh. Her mom constantly tried to keep up with the lingo her father and herself used. Being that they were black and her mom white she often times was clueless at the dinner table whenever her and her father talked.

"Mom it's far from being a hoochie outfit. Don't worry I will dress extra frumpy for your party guests."

Her mom smiled and kissed her on her forehead. She checked her watched and turned on her heels. "Well gotta run. Make sure you get to the bakery before three!"

Leona glanced at her iPhone and saw that it was already twelve. She rolled back over and snuggled into her comforter.


Leona sped down the street making her way towards the bakery. She got behind in time and now it was 2:45. A red light caught her and she slammed on the brakes.


She drummed her hands on the steering wheel as her knee bounced. When the light turned green she jammed on the accelerator and her car shot forward. She was glancing between the clock and the road. Just two more turns and she would be right there. Her mom would kill her if she didn't get this cake. She saw her speed and slowed down. One turn away she slowed and drove at a moderate pace when blue and red lights flashed in her rearview mirror.

"Fuck, I don't need this!"

She slowly pulled off the road and cursed turning the car off. She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel as she urged the officer to hurry up.

"Come on, come on."

She saw the officer step out and make his way over to her car. She closed her eyes and put her head back breathing in and out. When she heard a tap on her window she rolled it down and was instantly assaulted with his scent. It was manly and heady and smelled almost as if he came out of a forest. She looked up and her eyes connected with icy blues. He was cute. Better than cute. He was sexy. His hair was a midnight black that almost looked blue. It was cut short but still was able to touch the tops of his ears and neck. His lips were pink with the bottom being fuller than the top and looked extra kissable.

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

Snapped out of her thoughts she glanced at the clock 2:52. "Officer—, "She looked down at his name tag, "Prenelli I'm really in a rush. May we get on with this?"

The officer glared at her and she could have kicked herself.

"You were going 45 in a 40."

"Really? Five freaking miles! Can I get a warning or something?"

"Well it would have been only five miles ten minutes ago. But being that school lets out at 2:30 it's officially a school zone making it twenty miles over the speed limit for you."

Leona gulped. She could not get another ticket. She already had two and another one would revoke her car privileges and make her summer leading into college hell. She wouldn't be able to do anything!

"I-I'm sorry. I was rushing to get—"

"It doesn't matter. Rules are rules."

Leona panicked. She could not get another ticket. Her license would get suspended and her father would take away anything he could get his hands on. She took a deep breath and looked back at the clock 2:55.

"Please officer...I have money."

If her heart could stop it would at the scowl he sent her way.

"Are you bribing an officer?"

"No I—"

"Get out of the car."

Fuck. Leona unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door. She jumped out and slammed the door behind her. She stood and noticed her head only came to the officer's chest.

"Hands against the car. What's your age?"


She turned and put her hands against the car. Her heart was pounding against her chest and she felt like she was going to cry. Not only was she about to be thrown in jail on her dad's birthday she also never got his cake. She felt hands on her waist and jumped.

"Stand still."

She nodded her head and let out the breath she had been holding. She felt his hands roam up her side and down her legs. He ran them down her arms then instructed her to turn. She made brief eye contact with him and turned away not liking the look he gave her. He repeated the same actions then told her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth as he inspected it.

"I don't want money. I have enough of that. What else are you offering?"

She stared into his eyes and saw that unfamiliar look that made her uncomfortable.

"I can work for you. Clean, paperwork, anything you name it."

"I have no need for that. Anything else?"

She watched his eyes lazily peruse her body and her mind finally made the connection of what he was asking.

"I-I can't have sex with you."

"Who said anything about sex?"

She gulped and closed her eyes. When she opened them icy blues stared back at her with a look of hesitation. Almost as if he would change his mind. She saw a grin grace his face and the look completely disappeared.

"What do you want?"



She followed him behind her car noticing how the road was eerily empty with not one single car passing as this entire ordeal played out. She prayed he got radioed for a car chase or bank robbery but she knew that wouldn't happen. She tried her best to psych herself out but it wasn't working. She didn't want to be scared so she dug for the only other emotion she could find which was anger. Anger at herself for getting into this situation and anger at the officer for carrying it out. Come on Leona it's just head. No big deal. You've done it before and you'll do it again. He's just like any other dude.

"You have ten minutes I have to radio in soon."

She got to her knees and nodded her head. He positioned himself between her and the road so that if someone passed by it just looked like he was taking a leak. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was pretty. That's the only word that could come to mind at a time like this. It was thick, almost as thick as her wrist, maybe a tad bigger. His length was a little above average and it was a creamy off white color with a fat pink head. She felt her mouth water and couldn't believe she actually was pleased. She looked up and saw his eyes focused on her.

He was already hard and she was not surprised that the sicko may have gotten a thrill out of this. She wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't his first victim. She wrapped her hands around his shaft and pumped a few times. She put the tip to her mouth and licked it. His precum tasted salty. She looked up at him at the sound of his inhale. He still had his eyes trained on her. She put his head in her mouth and started suctioning it like a pacifier. He groaned and ran his hands through her hair. She began to slowly take more of his length as her mouth widened around his thickness. She couldn't remember her mouth being this full.

She began to move back and forth while pumping the rest of his length that couldn't fit into her mouth. She wiggled her tongue on the underside of his cock and moaned. The vibrations shot straight to his balls and he began to move her head. He pushed into her mouth harder and faster until they developed a rhythm. He made sure not to go too deep and gag the poor girl. For that she was grateful. After a while she began to feel him swell. Saliva was dripping down her chin onto her shirt and she looked up into his eyes. He closed his eyes and moaned cumming inside her mouth. Leona's panties were soaked and she couldn't believe being used and blackmailed like this even turned her on.

Her mind still was numb to what happened. As she straightened herself up and stood by her car she waited for the officer to send her on her way. He walked around to her and leant against her car. She could have sworn she saw guilt flash across his face. But it was there then gone within a second.

"You can go. And be mindful of the speed limit."

She nodded and hopped into the car. She glanced at the clock 3:07. Fuck. One problem down another to go. She sped off the side of the road kicking up gravel and dirt. She hoped the officer could see her blatant disregard for the speed limit. Fuck him. A left turn later and she was pulling up to the bakery. She ran to the store and saw lights still on but the door was locked and the open sign was flipped to close. She saw an older lady sweeping and knocked on the door. The lady looked at her and shook her head no and pointed to the close sign.

"Please! I have a very important cake to get."

The lady shook her head again and Leona rummaged inside of her bag and pulled out a $100 bill. She slammed it against the window with a look of pleading and disdain gracing her face. The lady came over to the door unlocking it and Leona rushed in handing her the bill. She smiled and took Leona's receipt.

"I'll have your cake out in a jiffy."

Leona rolled her eyes. She made herself busy by looking around the store. The earlier event played back in her mind as she felt moistness in her panties. She was really sick to be turned on by being used like a common whore. Maybe it was because he was attractive or maybe she just had a kink that enjoyed being dominated. Either way her mind was continuously replaying the ordeal and she felt out of sorts.

The old lady came out rolling the cake. She followed her to her car unlocking the door and helping the lady put it into the trunk. Her mom wasn't kidding about the large cake. It came to her waist. The lady thanked her and she grunted as she hopped back into the car. She eased back out onto the intersection being mindful of the speed limit.



Leona walked into her mom's room to see her dressed in a lovely ocean blue evening gown. It stopped just below her knees and hugged her body while showing an ample amount of cleavage. She didn't really have an ass but made up for it with her sex appeal. Her eyes were done up smoky-like with blue eye shadow decorating it. Her hair was in its signature bob but she added curls to it. She looked stunning and she knew her dad would be impressed.

"Come zip me darling and why aren't you dressed?

People are already arriving and your father will be here any minute."

Leona walked over and zipped her mom's dress. She smiled as her mom put on high off white stilettos to compliment her outfit.

"I'm almost done. I want my outfit to be a surprise."

"Don't give your father a heart attack dear. Please let it be a decent outfit."

"Don't worry mom it's decent."

Leona made her way back to her room and slipped into her dress. She couldn't wait for her dad and friends to see it. It made her look older and sexy but it was also modest. She finished applying her makeup and ran her hands through her curly hair. It was as unruly as ever but she knew it would only add to her outfit. She stared into the mirror a final time inspecting her outfit and make up. She looked for any blemish on her chocolate skin and was finally happy with her appearance. She slipped on some red strapped heels and fluffed her hair a final time before grabbing her father's gift and making her way downstairs.

Plenty of people showed up to her father's birthday celebration. She saw some of his oldest friends and new ones. When she finally saw her father she couldn't wait until he saw his gift. She tapped him on his shoulders and he turned around with the brightest smile she had ever seen.

"Baby girl you look beautiful."

"Thanks daddy."

She hugged him and kissed his cheeks. She pulled his gift from behind her back and watched his eyes widened.

"You bought me a gift with my own money?"

She laughed and pulled him away from his friends he was conversing with.

"No daddy. Remember that job I got at the library. Well I saved all my checks just to get you this. I wanted you to have something special from me since it's the big 4-0 and since I'm going off to college."

"Baby girl you shouldn't have. It's the best gift I've ever received."

He looked down at the custom made Michael Kors watch. There was a family portrait of Leona, Barbara, and him with a small picture of her biological mother in the corner. In the back she inscribed: With your three favorite women with you, love will always be right here. -Leona Her father pulled her into a hug kissing her on her forehead. She smiled into his embrace and couldn't help the few tears that slipped out.

"I love you baby girl."

"I love you too daddy."

"Now, now stop all this crying. Go fix your makeup you look at hot mess."

She laughed wiping her eyes and making her way upstairs to do just that.


"I can't believe the chief commissioner is only turning 40."

Gianni listened to his fellow officers and friends talk as they made their way to the Chief's house. He still couldn't get today's earlier events out of his mind. He couldn't believe the little chocolate brat gave him head let alone that he had the balls to actually go through with it. He didn't know what the hell came over him. It was out of character for him and it made him think maybe his father and he were more alike than he wanted to believe. If anyone ever found out he could be stripped of his title and thrown in jail. But for some reason the thought of that didn't keep him from doing it. He must really be a monster.

"I mean he had to have worked up the ranks fast as shit to only be 40. Man if I put in half the work he did I'd be a dead man."

All the men laughed at their friend's proclamation. Everyone knew chief worked hard to get to where he was at. It helped that he had a smoking hot wife to guide him through the right doors. As they pulled up to the Chief's massive house they parked and made their way inside. His house was huge almost like a mansion. It wouldn't have been a good look for the Chief living like this but since his wife was a top lawyer everyone knew they could afford to live this lavishly and not with the tax payers' money. The place was already packed and the party looked to be in full swing. As they walked inside the Chief's wife greeted them and directed them over to the Chief.

The Chief was an entirely different person outside of work. At work he was a stern no nonsense hard ass but outside he looked to be as jolly as ever.

"Prenelli! Surprised to see these two were able to get you out the house. Welcome!"

"Nice to be out sir."

The chief smiled and shook his hand.

"In the office I'm sir but outside just call me Robert."

Prenelli smiled at the friendliness of the chief not believing this was the same man who chewed him out about the mixed up files he produced just two years ago when he was a rookie. They all began to talk as the chief's wife brought them all drinks.

"Pardon my rudeness fellas. This is my wife Barbara." Everyone smiled and nodded in her direction. "And my daughter is... where is that girl? Oh there she goes. Leona!"

All eyes turned in the direction he called. If his heart could have stopped it would. An icy chill filled his veins. Molten browns bombarded into icy blues for the second time in one day. His mouth was suddenly dry making him gulp down his drink. How and why the fuck was this happening to him? He saw the quick accusatory glare sent his way and then she expertly covered it with a sickly sweet smile.

"Coming daddy."

She made her way down the stairs and he couldn't help but notice her outfit. She wore a simple black cocktail dress that was covered in sequins making her shimmer with every move she made. It stopped mid-thigh and hugged her curves deliciously. It accentuated her ass and hips almost giving her a coke bottle shape her breasts pushed at the top showing a peak of cleavage but not too much. Her hair was unruly and fell around her shoulders and gave her a just rolled out of bed look. Her makeup was nearly non-existent with her lips having only a gloss and her eyeliner made her eyes sparkle and seem a lighter brown. The heels she wore made her legs appear longer and her chocolate skin seemed to beg to be licked. He gulped. Glancing away he noticed his two friends gawking at the girl and couldn't help the pang of fear and anger that welled up inside of him.

She pranced over to where they were brushing past him. Her scent engulfed him and he couldn't help comparing it to lavender. She hugged her dad and ended up between him and her mom—er step mom. He always thought that Chief and his wife had a daughter and was surprised to see that she was a product of his first marriage. She had some features in common with her dad but he could see she clearly took after her mother.

"And this is my baby girl Leona. Leona this is Gary Stewart, Will Wright, and Gianni Prenelli."

Her eyes zeroed in on Gianni and he couldn't help the speeding of his heart. That look said it all and he wished he could go back in time and reverse today's earlier event. She smiled brightly and shook everyone's hand lingering on his. He pulled away first. Conversation flowed freely between the group as he avoided saying anything. After the introductions she didn't acknowledge his presence and seemed to easily get along with Gary and Will and joked with them. He couldn't understand why this fact angered him so.

Chief excused the trio as his wife himself and his daughter walked off. The guys ogled both women openly.

"Oooo man! Chief knows he got some lookers on him. That wife is fine and his daughter is fucking sexy. She got those fuck me now eyes."

Gianni's eyes twitched at Gary's observation. She did have fuck me now eyes.

"Shut up Gary. You can't go talking about his daughter she's barely legal!"

"Well Will she turned 18 a few months ago so it's not like she's illegal."

"Too young for my blood. But old Gianni here is closer to her age than both of us."

Both pairs of eyes turned on him. Gianni was only 24 but the comment only sent his mind into a panic. He looked towards her and saw her laughing with a group of men no doubt important friends of her father. She looked beautiful.

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