Dirty Daughter


"It hurts bad, Daddy. Would you? Please?" she begged quietly. She opened her legs and placed her hands on her stomach.

"Of course sweetie." Dominic moved closer up the bed; Angie scooted over to give him more room. His hand slid up the skirt, pushing it higher up her legs. When he saw her exposed pussy, Dominic groaned. "Oh Angie," he whispered.

"Does it look bad?" she asked. He glanced up at her and saw her lids fluttering as if she were playing coy. He continued to play along.

"No sweetheart. It doesn't look bad. It looks red though, a bit swollen."

"It hurts when I touch it."

"Fuck," Dominic groaned. "Where baby? Tell Daddy where it hurts."

"At the top," she whispered. He pressed his thumb against the tiny nub of flesh that was slightly exposed between her silky lips. "Mmm..."

"Right there?" he asked, stroking the tender bead of skin.

"Yeah; sometimes, right there." Her hips rolled slightly and he heard her moan as she slowly gyrated on the pad of his thumb. Dominic pressed a bit harder and then pushed his index finger against the two slick lips of her pussy. "Ohh Daddy, right there too," she hissed. Her hips rose to greet him; he ran his finger up and down the flesh, pushing his thumb continuously as he watched her pussy welcome his invasion.

"Daddy. . . it hurts deeper," she whimpered. Dominic looked up into Angie's eyes. He saw the hunger of a woman needing fulfillment. He was her fantasy and she, his. He moved his fingers away and crawled onto the bed.

"Let Daddy have a closer look baby," he told her. Angie spread her legs further apart and Dominic moved between them. He laid down, hooked her thighs with his arms and balanced his weight on his elbows as he gazed at her slippery sex.



"Does it burn baby?" He heard her gasp and knew she wanted what he was suggesting.

"It's so hot, Daddy."

"Daddy's here baby. I'm going to help," he said and then Dominic lived one of his fantasies. He reached out with his tongue and took a long lazy stroke of his daughter's red curls. He gathered up the juice that had beaded around the base of the strands and dipped the tip of his wet muscle between the thick lips. Dominic heard her mutter a curse; he grinned into her and swiped again with the firmness of a man possessed.

His hands moved from her thighs to her ass cheeks. He gripped the firm flesh with hands of steel and lifted her up slightly. His lips rained kisses up and down her pussy; his tongue darted in and out of her wet hole, while his hands massaged her buttocks. "Daddy. . . ohh God, yes. Right there Daddy. Oh don't stop Daddy, please. It feels so good."

"You're so hot baby. On fire," Dominic growled out. He lapped at her pussy, drinking the heady wine that flowed evenly from her sex. He reached up and found the edge of one of her lacy pillows. He pulled it down and pressed it under her raised ass. He then moved his fingers to a new home. One set slipped to the top of her mound, the other found a home at the base. He used two to part her pussy lips, leaving her exposed and free for him to lick, suckle and gnaw. The fingers of his other hand didn't remain idle. As he supped from his daughter's quivering flesh other digits dragged the liquid satin and pushed it down to the puckered entrance below.

"Daddy. . .oh fuck yes, Daddy. I hurt there too," Angie cried out as she tried to press her ass to his ever-seeking digit.

Dominic closed his eyes tight as he heard her words begging and pleading for him to invade every part of her. He pushed into her ass, while pressing his tongue deeper into her hot, velvety crevice. Her body welcomed him and he knew her ass had been played with before. He thought of the toys he'd found and wondered how often his baby girl had used the anal toys he'd seen, held, and imagined using on her. He would one day use them with her as well as claim her with his own cock, but right now, he simply wanted to drink deep of her honey and hear her call out to him.

Dominic thrust fingers and tongue in and out of his daughter's sex and asshole. He moved from her pussy opening, to her clit, bit at it with gentle tugs, sucked on it with determination and then went back to plundering her with the enthusiasm of a virgin. That thought brought him up short and he glanced up at Angie. "Baby girl," he whispered, then flicked her clit with his tongue.

"Yes, Daddy?" she muttered breathlessly.

"I know you play with those toys, but have you ever. . ." He pressed a kiss to her stomach. The understanding of his unspoken question rested easily on her flushed features.

"Just toys Daddy. I've never had a real cock inside me."

Dominic sighed with relief and then felt a wave of disappointment sweep through him as he realized that the innocent fantasy of his daughter was ruined, because he'd asked an adult question.


"Yes baby?"

"I still hurt..." Dominic grinned and lowered his face back to her welcoming home. Her hips ground into him. His nose drove up and down on her clit, while his tongue massaged a path of sin up and down the inner walls of her sex. He pushed his finger deeper into her ass. The clenching of her muscles suddenly locked in on his fingers and he knew his little girl was going to come for him. He opened his mouth, freed his finger from her pussy and waited for the exploding nectar he had craved for so long.

The juices poured into his mouth and he slurped his way through the thick liquid. Her cries ricochet through the room and rang in his ears. He pushed deeper, easing the honey out and coaxing several more shudders from his daughter's sex. When he felt her hips drop back onto the pillow, he lifted his face from her curly hairs. "Angie," he whispered and kissed the top of her pussy. "You taste wonderful."

He saw her smile; her eyes remained closed and her face showed pure bliss and relaxation. Dominic grinned and slid up to lay beside her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. He kissed her shoulder and whispered against her ear. "Beautiful Angie." She sighed, turned into him and snuggled against his chest. Dominic kissed the top of her head and closed his eyes.

He held her for a long time, allowing her a moment to collect herself. When he felt the rise and fall of her chest pressed into him, he knew she'd fallen asleep in his arms. He smiled at the knowledge and closed his own eyes. His crotch hurt and he desperately wanted to bury himself inside the slick opening he'd feasted from. However, Dominic instead, eased himself from her side and made his way from her room and back to his own.

Once there he removed his clothes and laid down on his bed. He closed his eyes and remembered the taste of his daughter. It came easy to him, for her juices had dried on his lips and he swore, though time had passed, they still coated his tongue. Dominic jerked his cock with several vigorous strokes. He knew it wouldn't take long for his come to flow and when he felt the surge of heat flutter from the base of his cock and spread through his balls and up his shaft he muttered Angie's name.

He breathed deep and then paused in the slow caressing of his softening tool. The scent of Angie seemed to hover in the air. His eyes opened and he looked toward his bedroom door. "Hi," he said, his voice anything but casual as he took in her appearance.

"Hey," she answered back and stepped inside. "You left," she whispered as she walked toward the bed.

"You got undressed."

"So did you," she answered and sat down on the bed. Dominic scooted over and watched her slide deeper in. Her breasts moved with her, drawing his eyes to their gentle sway. He feasted on the pink areolas, and the line of freckles that dotted her fair skin. It was the motion of her hand rising up that drew his attention from the waving pendulums. Her fingers moved over the thick cream that had sprayed onto his stomach. Back and forth his gaze followed her motions as she spread some of the seed across his belly and then brought a heavy drop to her lips. Their eyes locked and held. He groaned when she put her finger between her lips and sucked his come from it's pink-hued surface.

Her expression was one of examination as she sampled the fruit of his arousal. He saw her tongue move across her lips as she sampled a small glistening drop that had pressed against her flesh. Her brows contorted and he knew she was deciding on if she liked the flavor or not. She scooped up another dollop and cleaned herself again. "It's salty, and a teensy bit sweet," she said.

Dominic nodded his head, fearful to break the erotic spell she was weaving. "Daddy."

"Yes, baby girl?"

"I have another fantasy."

He smirked and placed his hands behind his head. "Do you?" His cock jerked toward her and he felt the warmth of his growing arousal spread through him.

"Uh huh."

"What is it baby?"

She bit down on her lip and sucked it in. "You'll think I'm naughty?" she whispered as she moved slowly toward him.

"Never sweetheart." He saw the look in her eyes and the woman that was emerging from beneath the little girl. He thought she was going to suck him off, but when she spun her body around, presenting him with her pussy and resting her body on his, he thought he'd died and gone to Heaven. "Oh fuck Angie."

"Yes Daddy. We're going to fuck, but right now I want to try this. Please?" she asked with a voice that was laced with feigned innocense.

Dominic's cock jumped when he felt her breath on his shaft and then her timid, gentle fingers wrap around the swelling length. "Whatever you want baby," he moaned. Lifting his hands he found the firm muscles of her ass and lowered her pussy down to his mouth. Once more he was gifted with the curly down of her sex and its musty perfume. This time however as he slid his face over her sticky mound he was lost between frustrated bliss and wanting to savor the touches she was lavishing on him.

He paused in his feasting and enjoyed the later, feeling her mouth's heat blanket the head of his dick and then slowly descend downward to take him slowly inch by inch. "Angie." He sighed against her and leaned back to further enhance his senses, giving his mouth a brief rest from its meal.

She pushed him in deeper. He felt her tongue slide up and down, then wrap around his shaft as if she'd been doing it all her life. "How. . ." he muttered and then felt her chuckle around his dick. She popped off and wiggled her ass.

"Toys Daddy, remember. I've been practicing on my toys. You taste much better than silicon." The giggle that poured from her lips became muffled when she resumed her wanted chore. Dominic became momentarily lost in the vibrations of his little girl sucking and drawing him deeper into her warm heat. He knew as she angled his shaft as well as her mouth that she had indeed practiced on her toys. No way could his daughter have taken his full length if she hadn't been using something as a coach. How long had she been thinking of him? He wondered as he felt the tip of his cock press against the back of her throat.

"Jesus," he hissed; she closed her mouth tighter around him and began to drag herself up and then down. The sharp edges of her teeth managed to make him physically shudder; he sat on the edge of fear she'd bite, and the sensations of pleasure that seemed to come from such a thought. He felt her hips shift and opened his eyes. The pink of her pussy beckoned him back and he dove in with renewed hunger and thirst.

Dominic wiggled his way in and out of her sex, dipped deep, slipped up and then back down the full slit. He paused at her puckered hole, grinned widely and rimmed the tiny entrance. She jerked and the groan of pleasure that erupted from her, wrapped itself around his rod. He grunted his approval, lifted his hips and shoved his dick in deeper.

The sound of their mutual loving filled the room, but Dominic didn't hear it. He was too busy trying to absorb her honey as well as concentrate on her ministrations. His thoughts collided as lust rolled through him. He felt the burning sensation in his balls, signaling his pending release. He wanted to hold back, but knew it was impossible. His little girl had taught herself well on how to suck cock. His come exploded deep in her throat as her's cascaded like a waterfall down onto his upturned face. He grunted long and loud as he was bathed in her juices. Dominic sighed against her quivering pussy and then moaned when her tongue teasingly licked at his now empty dick.

"Mmm... that was nice Daddy," Angie said. He felt her move again and aided her in sliding from their position. He gazed at her with heavy eyes as she snuggled up against him. She tossed one leg over his and looked into his eyes. "Daddy, is it okay to kiss you?" she asked nervously.

Dominic rolled over and pinned her down on the bed. "Always and forever," he said and then covered her mouth with his. He shared her taste as well as his own. He pushed his tongue against hers, swept her cheeks and washed her teeth with long, lazy strokes. She kissed him back, pulling him deeper into her mouth with the urging of her hands on the back of his head. When they parted both were breathless. "God baby. I can't wait to fuck you," he whispered against her ear.

"We can now," she hinted. He felt her hips lift and grind against his crotch.

Dominic chuckled and moved to lay on his back, bringing her with him. He guided her to his side and kissed her forehead. "Daddy's not as young as the men in those movies." He felt her lips move into a smile. "Yeah, I know about those too. I'm a nosy father," he admitted.

She laughed and shook her head in agreement. "We will though, right?" she asked.

Dominic thought for a moment. He could end everything right now and not go too far, then he rolled his eyes at his own thoughts. There was no way he couldn't take that final plunge into his little girl. He smirked at his own pun, felt his eyes close and felt exhaustion slip over him.

When Dominic awoke it was to the sound of his shower running. He opened his eyes fully and looked toward the open door of his Master bathroom. He thought of joining her; the idea of sweeping in and nuzzling her wet flesh as the hot water cascaded down her heavenly form, pleased him greatly.

He closed his eyes and imagined lathering her ass with soap, making it more slippery and wet and then sliding in. Then he thought of her breasts, covered in soapy bubbles and his hands mashing them together, easing more soap along the heavy globes and then tweaking her hard nipples. It was then that he realized he'd not yet felt the hard beads against his lips and swore he would remedy that issue as soon as he was able. The way his cock was tingling told him that it would be sooner than his little girl probably realized.

The water shut off and he heard her moving about in the spacious room. He moved to lay across the bed and was able to steal glances of her body as she took her time drying off and then wrapping her hair in one of the plush white towels. When she stepped back into the room, he greeted her with a smile and a throbbing hard on.

"Mmm. . .that's a nice sight, Daddy."

Dominic chuckled and wrapped his fingers around his shaft. "You ready for that final fantasy?" he asked.

"Oh, Daddy. It's not the final one. I have all those toys remember?"

Dominic smiled wide and nodded his head. "I certainly do. I've enjoyed the images of you and those toys several times. Come here baby girl."

She walked toward him, crawled her way onto the edge and then over him as he laid back. "You sure?" he asked. "I mean about this position, not about us," he clarified.

"I'm sure," she answered back and rose up to straddle him. "I want you to watch your cock slide into my pussy."

"Damn baby. You've got a potty mouth on you."

She laughed softly. "I like those words Daddy. I like it when the men and women on the movies shout them out as they are fucking. Do you want to fuck your little girl's pussy Daddy?" she asked, then lowered her sex to his thick tool. She rubbed herself up and down on his dick; Dominic knew his eyes were slowly growing heavy as he enjoyed her erotic pose and slow motions.

"Yeah baby. Daddy wants to fuck your pussy. It's tight. Hot. Wet. And God girl, it tastes so good. You're gonna let Daddy shove his dick into that hot box of yours?"

He felt her shudder and knew he had hit a small nerve. He pushed onward. "Are you gonna let Daddy fill you up, coat you with his seed baby, make you come with him. You know I can baby. I can fuck you and come deep inside."

He saw her bite her cheek and nod her head. "Yes, Daddy. I know it's safe with you. I want to feel your come inside me. I want you to fuck me so bad." Her gyrating hips ground deeper against him and Dominic grabbed at them. He stilled her and then sat up to face her breasts.

"Your tits, baby. Do you want Daddy to suck your tits?"

"Ohh yes, please Daddy." She cupped them both and offered them to him. Dominic held her hips and lowered his mouth to the pink tipped globes. He captured first the right, sucking it in and then rolling it back and forth with his tongue. He felt her body arch forward in pleasure. His pressure on the tender morsel increased. It popped from his mouth; he moved on to its twin.

Her body shivered and shook as he sucked on her areola, bit down on the hard center and then licked her cleavage, eventually coming to her mouth, which he happily drank from. "I'm gonna fuck that tight little cunt of yours," he growled into her mouth and then tossed her to the bed, positioning himself over her. "We'll fuck your way later, baby. Right now I'm going to plow into you, just like we both want."

Her eyes told him she was thrilled with the thought of having his cock buried to the hilt in her sex. He was amazed at how easy it was to read her, now that their sexual needs had been discovered and fed. Dominic opened her legs, though she was more then helpful by letting them fall apart. He pushed them wider and stared at her leaking pussy. With one hand he aimed his cock to the dark hole surrounded by red curls.

Angie's hands moved to rest on her thighs as if holding herself open in case she tried to back out. He grinned, knowing there was no stopping them now. He leaned down and pushed his dick into the tight entrance.

A sigh of longing filled the air as he wedged his cock into her. He smiled at the sound and shoved further, watching her face relax in a sign of accepted desire. "Open your eyes baby. Watch your pussy swallow your Daddy's dick."

Her green orbs fluttered from his face to the place where their bodies were joined. He felt her muscles tighten around him. "It feels sooo different than my toys," she whimpered.

"I would fuckin' hope so," he laughed. Dominic pulled out and chuckled as her lips formed a pout of displeasure. They returned to the happy 'o' when he drove back in. "You like being fucked by your Daddy?" he asked.

"Yesss...oh yesss Daddy. Harder please. Faster."

"Yeah, baby."

Dominic withdrew partially and then immediately returned to the sweltering heat of his daughter's sex. He pushed hard, but refused to give into the whimpering faster that fell from her lips. He dragged his cock from her depths, plowed his way back in and then drew slowly out again. Over and over he took her pussy, making the inner surface clench and collapse around him. He felt her hips rise up to meet his thrusts. Her breasts bounced and swayed from the motions and he couldn't wait to suck on them again.

"Daddy," she gasped and moved her hands to her glorious mounds.

"Oh yes Angie girl. Daddy's here. Daddy's fuckin' his little girl's cunt."

"God, yes!" she muttered. Dominic knew the word cunt had gotten to her. He locked the knowledge away and dropped lower to embed himself fully and be in a position to bite and gnaw on her ridged areola.

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