Dirty Laundry


I had a really hard day and was dead tired by the time I got back to my diminutive apartment, yet I knew my day was not over yet, as I had to do my laundry if I wanted to wear clean clothes the next day. I dropped my backpack onto the couch, changed into shorts and a shirt and grabbed the laundry bag from the kitchen/bathroom and went down to the Laundromat. I was almost there when I noticed that I had left my smartphone at home, which was really bad news as it meant I could not listen to some music.

When I arrived, I saw that the place was mostly empty; an older couple just finished folding their stuff and prepared to leave. At least I could use whichever machine I wanted, a rare luxury you only got here after 10 o'clock. I put my colored things into a bigger one and my white stuff into a smaller one, added the detergent and started the programs. Then I just sat down and closed my eyes, but tried not to fall asleep.

My laundry was almost done when the door opened and a girl in her mid-twenties entered. I saw her on several occasions in the hood and also on the subway, she probably lived somewhere nearby. She was easy to remember, a really cute looking, slender girl with long, mostly blonde hair, but she always had at least a few tufts painted pink, green, blue or some other extravagant color. She was quite flat; she had small breasts that did not even need a bra for support and neat, but not really round bottoms. She was not anorexic at all but she was obviously not an athlete. Normally not my type, but she always smiled when we met and returned my greeting, she even waved once when I missed the train she was on. This time she was wearing a white shirt and a short jeans skirt with low top red sneakers.

We exchanged hellos and I just watched her half asleep as she put her clothes into the machines, using exactly the same method that I did. There was only a single difference, but that was a significant one and it immediately woke me up.

After she put all her laundry into the machines, she simply pulled her panties off and kicked off her shoes to get her socks, then dropped them into the machine too. As she bent down to tie her shoes, the short skirt revealed her ass and her pussy. I didn't know at that point if she did it on purpose, but she did this nonetheless right in my direction.

I did not have too much time to wonder however, as my machines stopped and I had to put the clothes into the drier. I started the program and as I was really hungry, I decided to have a burger while the machine worked. There was a good burger place right opposite the Laundromat and I could keep an eye on what happened with my stuff.

The place was empty just like the Laundromat, the same old couple I met before just left as I entered. I asked for a double cheeseburger with fries and sat down. To my surprise the girl came over as well, asked for a coffee and sat down two tables away from me into the corner. As she sat down, her legs were slightly parted and I could see under her skirt. As I knew she had no panties on, I knew what to look for, but those who didn't know it probably wouldn't have noticed anything.

I had to do it in a most awkward way as she noticed me almost immediately. She smiled with an impish smile and opened her legs a bit more and slid a bit off to kilt her skirt a bit. This way I had a perfect view on her pussy that was tenderly covered by nicely cropped, curly, blonde public hair, showing that she was a natural blonde. I just watched her for a long minute before I managed to say anything.

"Looks like you have a really hot coffee there," I said finally, smiling.

"Yeah, I guess I'll need a stick to stir it," she answered with a glint in her eyes, then added silently, only forming the words with her mouth, "show me your cock!"

I was wondering how best I could accomplish that, but then I got an idea. As I was wearing shorts, I put my hand into my pocket and pulled my underpants sideways to free my cock, then raised my leg and put it onto the stretcher of the chair next to mine. This way she could see my cock as it slowly got bigger and bigger.

We just sat that way for a few minutes as our eyes wandered from under the table to each other's eyes and vice versa. Our little escapade ended suddenly as the guy at the counter called out to us that the place was closing. She just grabbed her coffee and walked back to the Laundromat while I had to put my tray onto the rack first, but then followed close behind.

My clothes were already dry, but her clothes were still far from being ready. She just sat down and when I entered, she invited me to sit next to her.

"I'm Steve. I saw you several times on the subway, you live around here somewhere?" I asked, as I sat down.

"Cindy," she answered. "Yes, I live in the blue house, over the flower shop, and I work 10 blocks away, so usually take the public bike to get there, or sometimes the subway if I'm not in the mood or if the weather is bad. And you?"

"I also live here, across the street, in the house at the corner, top floor."

As I answered, her hands silently slipped into my shorts and soon I felt her soft fingers massaging the tip of my cock.

"I loved the way you reacted when I asked you to show me your cock," she said. "My ex-boyfriend never came round to do anything naughty in public places."

I looked at her questioningly as my eyes searched for security cameras. I noticed one, but it was directed at the entrance door. She just smiled and pecked my nose.

"Don't worry, it's only a dummy," Cindy said. "I was here last week when the guy who operates the place had two police officers asking for the tape."

She put her head onto my shoulder and kept caressing my cock, using her thumb to excite the piss-hole. My hand wandered towards her pussy and her gentle purr showed me that she liked my attention. I softly played with her curly public hair as my hands travelled up and down her slit. She was already wet and I lightly parted her mounds to get some of her juices onto my fingers to make them slippery.

"I like these curls," I said playfully and raised her skirt to get a better look.

"I'm glad," she said as she lifted the skirt with her free hand, exposing her pussy and her nice ass completely. "My ex only liked it when it was completely shaved, but I'm quite proud of my blond hair, so when we broke up, I decided to let it grow back a bit."

"It was a good decision," I said and kissed her, as I gently pushed my middle finger into her pussy. She took a sharp breath and let out a short cry.

"Oooh," she said as her fingers wrapped strongly around my cock.

"You like it?" I asked as I slowly moved my finger in her pussy and used my thumb to rub her clit.

"Uh-huhhh," she said and put one of her legs onto the chair to give me better access. She obviously didn't mind being finger-fucked in a place anyone could see her. This was a bit strange but also extremely exciting for me, something I never did before. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and started sucking her small tit. Her nipple was already hard and just as I ran my tongue around it made her shiver. She moaned as my other finger slipped into her pussy and I kept fucking her this way for several minutes. Her breathing became more and more erratic and finally all her muscles tightened and her orgasm enclasped her body. She held my cock firmly the whole time and her squeeze got a bit painful in the end, but I didn't dare to tell this to her as I didn't want to break the enchantment.

When she regained her control over her muscles, she slowly started to strike my cock in my pants. She collected the pre-cum as it slowly oozed out from my piss-hole and smeared it on the tip.

"Baby, if you keep this going, I'll cum here and now," I said.

"Yeah, I know," she said with a wicked smile and she unzipped my pants to free my cock and kept striking it. "But you can easily change into a clean one..."

I had never received a handjob before in a public place, and was a bit worried of being caught, but I decided that it was really late and probably no one wanted to come in in the next five minutes. Her hands felt fantastic as she pleased my shaft with one hand and the tip with the other. When she felt that my cock swelled, she pushed it down a bit and put her palm under the tip to collect my erupting cum. The first load surprised her, as it shot out with great force and landed on her shirt and on the floor, but the three loads that followed landed in her palm. Then she squeezed the tip a bit to make sure that she got all the cum. I just leant back in the chair and tried to focus on breathing. My legs felt like rubber bands. We remained as we were and she just watched smiling as my cock slowly deflated. Finally she playfully kissed it and placed it back into my pants.

"And you were afraid that you'll get your pants dirty," she giggled, as she used some paper towels to clean her hand and her shirt, while I quickly collected the drops from the ground.

"How about a cold beer and some more fun back at my place?" she asked as she grabbed her clothes and left the Laundromat. I didn't say anything, just followed suit.

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Love it

Good to see women taking charge of sexual play.

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