tagBDSMDirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret


"Are you done yet Millie?" Victoria called from the living room.

"Almost finished ma'am." The petite young woman hurriedly loaded the cups in the dishwasher and looked around beneath the sink for the detergent. She was a pretty girl of only twenty four. However, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, cheeks with a light coat of blush, sky blue eyeshadow, and pink lipstick, she looked nineteen.

"Hurry, you're embarrassing me in front of my friend."

"I'm sorry ma'am." Damn these people. Where was the fucking detergent? Her duties were trying at the best of times. Watching Victoria's brat of a son had been bad enough. Worse, now she was forced to be Victoria's personal servant. But to expect her to be able to work in a strange house was impossible. Not to mention, her tight form fitting uniform and high heels made work even more difficult.

Finally! She found the detergent, poured it in the dishwasher, and set it to running. Soon after, she set herself to running - running back to the living room, before she was any deeper in trouble.

"About time," Victoria sneered. "What took you so long?"

"I couldn't find the detergent ma'am."

"Idiot." Victoria said. To Sandra: "Good help is so hard to find these days."

Millie hated being talked about like this. More so, she hated listening to the two rich bitches go on about her like she wasn't even there.

"Yes, isn't it terrible," Sandra said. "Just last week, I had to let Maria go. I heard those people were hard working - well not from my experience. She was constantly making up excuses about having to stay home with a sick child or some such nonsense. Well, I had her sent back to Columbia pronto."

"Well, luckily I don't have to put up with that from my Millie," Victoria said. "But sometimes I don't know who does more work her or me constantly having to keep my eye on her. Isn't that right Millie?"

Millie's face burned a humiliating shade of crimson. "Yes, ma'am."

Victoria once again turned to Sandra and whispered conspiratorially, "You see, my Millie has some issues with self control. She is a petit voleur."

Sandra arched a curious eyebrow.

"A little thief," Victoria said. "Is that what took you so long Millie? Were you busy stealing her silver?"

Millie's eyes widened in fear and a fresh sheen of sweat broke out on her forehead. "Oh no ma'am."

"She could have gone straight to my bedroom and have her pockets full of my jewelry," Sandra said. "I can't believe you would bring this into my house."

Millie hated the way Sandra said, "this" and nodded in her direction as if she weren't even a person.

"Don't worry dear," Victoria said, patting Sandra's knee to comfort her. "Her pockets are merely decoration. There are very few places for her to hide any jewels."

"I can think of a few places."

Old Bitch. Millie hated her already.

"Show her Millie," Victoria said. "Take off your dress."

The young maid blinked back her tears. She tried to tell herself that she was in her senior year of college. She tried to tell herself that this wasn't forever. She hated the gray dress she was wearing. It was a one piece utilitarian garment that screamed domestic help. She hated how people looked down on her while she wore it, but at least it afforded her a little protection. Her fingers fiddled with the top button, she looked imploringly at Victoria to spare her this indignity.

"There's always the alternative," Victoria warned.

The tears Millie had struggled to contain streamed down her cheeks, leaving trails of dark mascara. Her fingers trembled as they fumbled with the buttons of the dress. Her smooth young body slowly came into view, and a shake of the hips left her dress in a heap at her feet. With a hand over her pert breasts and another over her sex, she did her best to hide her privates from the lecherous gaze of this strange woman.

"A thief and a slut," Sandra said, her eyes hungrily devouring the naked girl standing trembling in front of her. "She's not even wearing underwear. What is she, some sort of prostitute as well?"

Victoria took it all in with a knowing smile. She supposed Millie was an attractive young woman, if a person was so inclined. She stood there obediently, clad only in a pair of black heels and sheer black stay-ups. She had a narrow waist and a plump ass. Her round breasts were pert in the way only a twenty-four year olds could be.

"She isn't allowed them," Victoria said. "It makes it very easy to inspect her to make sure she hasn't taken anything.

"Closer thief," Sandra sneered at Millie. "Closer, where I can see you."

"And move those hands out of the way," Sandra said. "How can I tell if you've hidden anything with those paws in the way?"

Millie meekly stepped forward and resumed her humiliating display in front of the two older women, one of which she didn't even know. Her chin trembling, her tears flowing freely down her rosy cheeks, Millie hated herself for allowing all this to happen. Hated how Victoria could turn her from a strong-willed young woman to a crying girl in the blink of an eye. She took a deep breath and moved her hands to her sides.

"Nothing hidden," Victoria said. "Satisfied?"

"Not quite."

To Millie's horror, Sandra reached down, and there could only be one place her hand could be going. "No," she cried out, her hands grabbing Sandra by the wrist.

"That bitch attacked me!" she rubbed her wrist where Millie had grabbed her. "Call the police, call them right now."

"No," Millie begged. "Please ma'am. I'm very sorry ma'am."

Things had gone from bad to worse. She was already guilty of stealing and now she could be charged with assault. She moved her hands out of the way, and turned her head to the side in submission.

Sandra smiled her face shining from her victory. Her hand resumed its trek between Millie's trembling thighs. Sandra took her time, making sure Millie suffered maximal humiliation. She pulled at her pink labia, investigating as if it were possible to hide something behind them. Then she dabbled around the opening to her sex. Millie cringed in horror, she tried to put her mind somewhere else. Tried in vain to keep thoughts of her situation, of this rich bitch groping around her sex, out of her head. Tried to keep from reacting. It was useless.

"She's wet," Sandra said. "The little slut's getting off on this or maybe - or perhaps she greased up her cunt in order to stuff my best jewels up there. Which is it you stupid girl? Do I arouse you or have you stolen my jewels?"

To Millie's dismay, Sandra now had three fingers pushed into her sex and pushing them all around. Worse, Sandra looked intent on forcing another finger or even her whole hand into Millie's already sore and painfully stretched sex. Millie took a look at the wicked old bitch tormenting her. This fifty year old spinster. This rich old bitch with her facelift and expensive clothes. She wasn't pretty by a longshot. Millie wasn't gay, and even if she were, she wouldn't be attracted to this old bitch.

But, she couldn't deny the betrayal of her body. She hated herself for it, but she was aroused. This old bitch, if not her look, then the way she was treating her, was turning her on.

"You-you arouse me, ma'am," Millie admitted, her face flushed from sexual excitement, her legs dancing like some sort of human puppet attached to Sandra's hand. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to say, but it seemed to be the only thing way to get the old woman to leave her alone.

Sandra smiled and withdrew her four fingers from Millie's sex. She sat, idly teasing the young woman's pink folds and distended clit.

"I guess she doesn't have them in here," she admitted. "Turn around girlie."

Millie was eager to get away from Sandra's hand, before she was forced to orgasm in front of the old bitch. However her relief was short-lived. The old woman's hand snaked up her thighs then slipped between the cheeks of her bottom.

"Please ma'am," Millie sobbed. "I swear I didn't take anything. I was only in the kitchen."

"Shush girlie," Sandra said, lightly trailing her finger along the pucker of the young woman's rosebud. "You act as if you've never taken it in the ass before."

"I've . . . never . . . ugh."

Sandra pushed a fingertip into Millie's tight virgin ass. The young woman tried to pull away, but Sandra took hold of her pubes and held her fast.

"Just relax dear," Sandra said, and pushed her finger in further.

"Ouch," Millie yelped in discomfort at her ignominious treatment.

"That's a good girl," Sandra said. "Just relax. Open up that tight little ass. Good girlie."

Millie grunted in discomfort as the finger wormed its way further - working in and out of her virgin rosebud. Sandra seemed to have actual sympathy for her, which was something Victoria lacked over the year of her employment and even more so for the two weeks of her virtual enslavement. There was only one problem, the sympathy seemed condescending. It was the sympathy one would have for a small dog, not a person.

"Almost done." Sandra thankfully withdrew her finger and began to fumble around through her purse. "Now where's my keychain? Ah, there it is."

Sandra her keys with one hand and pushed at the small of Millie's back with the other. "Lean forward dearie," she said.

The young woman leaned forward, unsure and slightly frightened what else this woman had in store for her.

"Now open up and let me see inside you," Sandra said. "We've got to make sure you haven't hidden any of my valuables up there."

Surely she couldn't be suggesting. Millie looked behind he in alarm. The old woman was there, penlight in hand, fully intent on looking inside her bowels! Millie clamped down on her asshole. Never!

"Are you being shy or sneaky? Hmmm?" Sandra asked. "Is little Millie shy and obedient? Or is she a thieving little sneak?"

Shy and obedient, Millie thought. "Please don't. I didn't take anything. I swear to Gahhhd."

Millie wasn't southern. It was at that moment that Sandra picked to reinsert her finger into Millie's tight young ass all the way to the hilt.

"No matter," Sandra said. "We'll know soon enough."

Millie took the intruding finger as best she could, but the lubrication previously afforded by her secretions soon faded, and the dry digit began to abrade her sphincter. "Ouch!" She flinched and tried in vain to pull away.

"Am I hurting you girlie?" Sandra asked. "Am I being a mean old auntie to you girlie?"

"Yes!" Millie's legs danced, but Sandra held her fast by her pubic hair and firmly in place.

"Just tell auntie the problem and she will make it all better."

"You're too rough- it's dry- and my - and my" Millie kicked her knees up uselessly. It only served to cause her pubes more discomfort.

Sandra tugged the young girl's short and curlies twice. "Shut up," she said. "A young lady should be respectful, shouldn't she Millie? Now, address me as Auntie, and tell Auntie the problem."

Ow - ow - ow! No way was Millie going to go along with this madness. Her name wasn't even Millie, it was Margaret Lily. She had a degree in business and no way would she submit to this indignation. Yes, she had been caught stealing and it was on tape. Yes, she had agreed to be Victoria's virtual slave for two years to avoid jail. Yes, she agreed to work for her for twenty four hours a day with no pay.

But she had sure as hell never agreed to this.

The dry pain in her ass and the painful tugging of her pubic hair on her sensitive flesh soon convinced her otherwise.

"Ouch Auntie," said a defeated Millie. "You are hurting me. I'm dry. My ass is dry."

"There - there girlie," Sandra soothed the young woman, caressing her bottom intimately. "Auntie Sandra will make it better."

Sandra stopped trying to force her finger into Millie's ass, causing the young woman to foolishly hope that her ordeal was over. However, Sandra placed her fingers on the inside cheeks of her bottom, pulled them apart, snorted, and spat into the pucker of her ass.

Millie bucked in response. She would have clamored away, but for being held tightly reigned in by her pubes.

"Settle down girlie," Sandra said, giving a warning tug on her pubes. "You said you were dry. Well, now that's taken care of."

Oh never never never. Her virgin asshole was never meant for such abuse. She wanted out. She wanted to go home. "Victoria, please," she pleaded, looking vainly for assistance from her employer. "Help me."

"It's your choice," Victoria said. "There's always the tape." Victoria hated herself even as she said it. But a deal was a deal, and Millie wasn't the only one who had made deal.

"There's only one choice girlie," Sandra cackled, buggering the young woman with a rough fingertip. "Which is it, wet or dry?"

Not at all, thought Millie, but that wasn't an option. "Wet," she begrudged.

"Lean forward girlie," Sandra cackled. "And spread those fat young cheeks of yours."

Millie leaned forward, her sobs rising up in her chest as she reached back and pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart. She could hear the old bitch snort and spit again, this time dead on the rosebud of her ass. It clenched uselessly in response.

"Good girlie." Sandra pushed her index finger home. But, she wasn't content to just insert it in the young woman. Instead, she pushed it in and out. Fucking her with it. It hurt at first, but as much as Millie's dismay, the sensations grew pleasurable. Her knees grew so weak, she wobbled trying to support herself.

"That's okay girlie. Auntie knows it feels good." Sandra said. "Go on down to the floor. Ass high. Arch your back like a good girlie."

Millie didn't even want to imagine what she looked like. She was being fucked. Plain and simple. Fucked by another woman. Worse, she was enjoying it. She was naked and on the floor, her ass making wet sounds, fucked by a kinky old bitch while her employer looked on.

"Your lovely ass clenches down so very nicely," Sandra said. "So tight - so hungry - with fat spankable cheeks. But Millie must learn to relax. Relax dear and give it up to Auntie."

It was downright mortifying, and yet her body was alive with sensation. Sandra insisted that she relax and stop clenching, but her body involuntarily sought to halt the invaders advance. With all the resolve she possessed, she willed her sphincter not to clench.

Oh fuck. The finger plowed into her. She couldn't help but grunt and groan, but she held fast and obediently took the invader in her ass. She pushed back on her haunches taking an additional finger deep in her ass.

And just when her mind was able to float free from her situation, the fingers were pulled free. Cold air stung her insides. She tried to tighten her sphincter, but it was hard - so very hard.

"Just relax girlie," Sandra said. "Let auntie look inside."

Millie dared to look back. Sandra was there, penlight in hand, intently looking at her most private parts.

"Come on girlie," Sandra cooed. "Let auntie see. Such a cute little brownie. Let auntie look inside now."

Millie buried her head between her arms. She couldn't help but obey, she couldn't maintain the effort to hold her asshole closed another second.

"Such a good girlie," Sandra said. "Nope, no shiny jewels in here. Victoria, would you like to look?"

Victoria shook her head, her nose wrinkled in disgust. "Not my thing. As a matter of fact, let's close this piece of business."

"Not yet," Sandra said. "Be a dear would you and go the kitchen. I have a piece of ginger in the spice cabinet above the stove. Could you peel it and bring it back here? Please?"

Victoria wasn't much for running and fetching things. Ordinarily she would have told the old bitch to go fuck herself, but there was still something she needed from Sandra. Besides, Millie was occupied, and Sandra seemed quite occupied with Millie.

When she came back, peeled ginger in hand, Sandra was still very much occupied.

"Oh you poor dear," Sandra said. "This must be so horrible for you. Such a pretty young girl. So promising. Yet here you are in such a state. And your poor parents. Do they know about your situation?"

"No Auntie."

"And we'll keep it that way, won't we dearie?" Sandra said. "This will all be our little secret. Our dirty little secret."

Victoria shook her head in disgust. It was sick. Such a sick spectacle. Sandra could very well be the girl's mother - her grandmother even.

"Yes Auntie." Millie was hunched over, face pressed against the floor, her plump ass high in the air, reaching between her legs, she had two fingers lodged firmly in her asshole.

Sandra slapped Millie hard on the ass. "Did I tell you to stop?" Slapped her again. "Get those fingers busy. I want that little brownie nice and hot."

Millie grimaced and her fingers resumed their motion, working in and out her already sore asshole.

Disgusted, yet, strangely aroused, Victoria watched the older woman's hands roaming over the young girl, supposedly soothing her, and occasionally pushing a finger or two into Millie's wet sex. Even kissing her cheek and then on the lips, almost lovingly. But, Victoria knew the truth. Knew what a predator the Sandra really was. And Victoria herself wasn't blameless. She had delivered the young girl into the old woman's clutches.

Sandra took the ginger from Victoria and smelled its clean lemon scent. "On the floor with you girlie. Ass high. Back arched. Hop to it, we have to get you plugged up."

Millie felt her indignation rise. Victoria never made her get in such a humiliating position. And plugged up? What in the world did the old woman mean by that? And yet, and yet Millie couldn't bring herself to tell the old woman no. She blushed deeply knowing Victoria was looking on as she went down on all fours with her ass arched into the air. She obeyed. Meekly submitting to the older woman.

Sandra smiled and winked at Victoria. Victoria wasn't sure what to make of it as Sandra pressed the ginger root into the young girl's ass.

"That's a good girlie," she told Millie, then helped the young woman to a kneeling position. "Here, rest your head on auntie's knee, while she talks business."

"She's perfect," Sandra said, while stroking her fingers through Millie's long dark hair. "Do you have the tape?"

"Here it is." Victoria removed the tape from her pocket book and handed it over along with Millie's signed confession. "And my son?"

"There's an admissions form on my-" Sandra stopped speaking to look down at Millie who was frantically patting her on the knee.

"Auntie!" Millie whispered.

"It's rude to interrupt Auntie when she's speaking," Sandra said.

Millie bit her lip. Discomfort was written across her face. She waited for as long as she could.

"Please-" she begged, frantically tugging at the hem of Sandra's skirt.

"Oh bother," Sandra said. "What is it girl?"

"It burns!" Millie reached back for her fiery asshole.

"Did I say you could do that?" Sandra grabbed Millie by the ear and gave a slight twist.

"No Auntie but-"

Sandra's look softened. She let go of the young woman's ear and resumed stroking her hair. "It is hot, isn't it?"

"Oh yes Auntie!" Millie answered. She squirmed. Each time she clenched her ass the burning sensation grew more intense. "Oh God, it's so hot."

"You want Auntie to make it better?"

"Please Auntie?"

Sandra scooted up and slid her dress beneath her hips. She wasn't wearing panties. Millie gasped in shock at the sight of the woman's hairy and very wet cunt.

"Auntie's hot too," Sandra said. "Maybe if you help cool Auntie's fire, then Auntie will help cool yours."

"But - but -" Millie sputtered. "I'm not like that."

"You've admitted already that I arouse you," Sandra said. "Isn't that what you said earlier? You weren't lying were you?"

"No - but - but -" Millie's thoughts were all jumbled. The fact that she was aroused didn't mean she was gay, or did it? And if she were, she certainly didn't want this fifty year old woman. She would pick someone her own age or maybe someone in her late thirties like Victoria.

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